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Designed for Living SM Today, there is a clear need to extend the reach of traditional care monitoring services both technologically and geographically. Medication adherence and mobile help solutions are key to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Today’s seniors no longer wish to be tethered to their land-line based care systems; further, statistics show that 40% of fall-related injuries happen outside the home.

Tellicare offers cost-effective solutions for connecting members to 24-hour live nurse, emergency response and care center services. Our technology allow us to communicate as well as locate clients anywhere across 90% of the inhabited United States*. Tellicare addresses the limitations that exist with traditional medical alert and compliance systems currently on the market, namely the problem of the current technology only working in the home. With our system, individuals are no longer confined to their homes, and can have help when and where they need it.

By leveraging mobile data technology Tellicare has tightly integrated medication compliance and location monitoring solutions that are not only mobile but fully connected with the care network. This enables caregivers, family and physicians immediate and regular reporting as to the clients regiment compliance, location and daily activity.

Tellicare enables professional care organizations to offer instant locate and tracking, 2-way emergency communication, 24-hour live nurse and medication compliance reminder and reporting in a simple and cost effective manner. By partnering with Tellicare your organization can benefit from increased client satisfaction and retention, reduced liability and lower HR costs.

With our redundant CSAA Five Diamond and UL Certified care centers and with over a century of telecommunication and data networking leadership experience you can rest assured in our reliable and scalable solutions. * Service where available on the one of the largest US Wireless Networks.

Without Wires •

Mobile Personal Help Button works where you are

Monitored Medication Adherence & Reporting without the need for phone lines

Our technology connects wirelessly across 90% of the inhabited United States and abroad

Designed For Partners •

Limit liability and clearly delineate responsibilities

Differentiate yourself and offer unique acquisition tools

Add meaningful incremental revenues with solid rates of return

Solid and reliable technology

Low entrance costs and meaningful monthly recurring margins

Professional enrollment and ongoing support

Our 24/7 Care Center Network From the push of the button that summons live assistance to friendly medication reminders from real people our Care Center Associates make the difference. Why do we call it the Care Center? Because it represents what we are all about. Care is the essence of what we provide. Whether we are calling for assistance, providing reassurance, or are just a friendly voice, we're there when others can't be.

The Care Center will always be there when you need them. Tellicare offers two monitoring facilities at all times and all our critical systems are triple redundant. Our buildings receive power from two different power companies and two different telephone central offices. We also have generator power at both sites. Our staff can get to our back up site in minutes and calls can be re-routed in seconds if there is an emergency. In short, you can feel confident that even in if a disaster arrives the Care Center will be there for you.

Don’t just take our word for it, Tellicare Central Stations are Five Diamonds CSAA member. Being a CSAA Five Diamond monitoring center means that 100% of our operators are central station certified by the CSAA, maintain UL/FM Approvals and operate to the highest industry standards. In addition to excellence in monitoring, our solutions leverage carrier grade communications carriers for resilient data and voice connectivity, redundant hosting and off-site critical storage and leading fulfillment and logistical companies for best-in-class customer care and equipment sourcing/re-sourcing capabilities.

Everything has been engineered for peek performance and maximum reliability.

Tellicare Responder Device Price meets performance—our Tellicare Responder Device combines sought after features in an economical package without compromising quality. We’ve combined the most essential elements including GPS location, two-way communication, 24/7 Care Center and live nurse service in a simple to use form factor. The Responder Device is available direct to consumers under our eCaregiver™ brand as well as via wholesale distribution partners.

This compact and rugged Mobile Personal Emergency Response Service (mPERS) unit combines both GPS and Cellular positioning technology, an active feedback SOS button, visual status indicators and voice feedback for clear and simple operation. The unit comes standard with both belt and lanyard accessories. Simply press the SOS button to immediately connect with the Care Center for 24hour live nurse assistance, to reach emergency services or even if you’re unsure. Care center operators can establish a two-way conversation and send the help that is needed via a direct connection to local 9-1-1 centers in the US.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, Tellicare Members have near immediate access to live registered nurses. If only to ask a question or to suggest if additional care is appropriate the team is standing by to assist. Live Nurse service is accessed via the Tellicare Responder by pressing the button and being connected to our Care Center.

In addition to professional care center monitoring and web-based supervision, future enhancements will include a convenient self-care feature that allows preauthorized phone numbers to send a text message* to the unit and receive an automated Google® Map link to their phone. (anticipated Q2-13) Family members could then check in on the location of their loved ones anytime without being intrusive. Phone numbers will be able to be pre-authorized for automated SMS response as well as auto-answer dial-in capability. *Standard SMS message rates apply. Subject to service terms. Feature not yet available.

Networked Medication Adherence Monitoring & Reporting Medication non-adherence is one of the healthcare’s most daunting and costly challenges. Health plans, home health agencies , senior living residences and multitude of healthrelated organizations are all dramatically impacted by the subsequent financial loss and compromised health outcomes. Tellicare is proud to introduce iMiNDER™, iMiNDER a novel cost-effective, turnkey medication management system that finally offers a lasting solution to this critical healthcare problem.

iMiNDER prompts the patient to take medications or refill his/ her meds, through a series of optional pre-programmed visual and/or auditory alerts.

For example, if a medication cup is not removed from iMiNDER at the scheduled time, the right compartment will start flashing. If the cup is still not removed, after a period of time, other alerts, such as beeps, phone calls, emails or text messages can also be initiated. If the medication is taken on time, Tellicare’s central server will be informed and no alerts will be provided.

Notifications to Caregivers Caregiver can elect to receive real-time email or text message notifications about the patient's dosage activities (for example: if a medication cup is not removed at the scheduled day or time, or the wrong cup is removed, or a refill is missed). In addition, caregivers can subscribe to weekly reports summarizing the patient’s dosage activities. Caregivers who monitor multiple patients can opt to receive aggregate notifications and reports.

iMiNDER Connects Wirelessly To The AT&T Network

Designed with ease of use in mind, iMiNDER combines the simplicity and familiarity of a standard plastic pill box; the power of Internet and proprietary technology to provide a solution that is completely seamless to the patient. No digital read-outs, buttons or the need for programming. Those who may be resistant to technology or new devices will feel at ease. iMiNDER uses an internal wireless communicator to connect with Tellicare’s central server network; there is no need for a computer, router, phone line or any other form of Internet.

Remote Programming & Monitoring


iMiNDER is equipped with a self-contained wireless modem that links to Tellicare’s central server network. Using a web interface, the patient, pharmacist or caregiver can easily program the compartments’ access schedule remotely. Alternatively, caregivers can call Tellicare or fax/email us the registration form and we will do this for them.

Many chronically ill patients are on complicated drug regimens, typically taking more than ten pills a day. Correctly filling each medication compartment is challenging and high-risk for any individual.

iMiNDER reports the patient’s compliant or noncompliant behavior to the Tellicare server. At anytime, the caregiver can access this information via our secure web portal.

We offer two easy options to fill the compartments: Manually: Simply lifting the lid opens all 28 compartments, allowing pills to be placed in the proper cups. Pre-Filled: iMiNDER is designed to accept Tellicare’s trays, pre-filled by a pharmacist or caregiver. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of medication errors and ensures all prescriptions are correctly filled.

Health & Safety Solutions

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Tellicare Health Care & Safety Solutions  

By leveraging mobile data technology Tellicare has tightly integrated medication compliance and location monitoring solutions that are not o...

Tellicare Health Care & Safety Solutions  

By leveraging mobile data technology Tellicare has tightly integrated medication compliance and location monitoring solutions that are not o...