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Greater Wenatchee ParentParent - Child Preschool

C o o l T u n e s F o r K i ds Free Community Concert For 25 years, The Greater Wenatchee Parent-Child Preschool has hosted a children’s concert as community. This year we have the key fundraiser for our preschool as well as a service to our community revitalized our Sponsorship Opportunities to offer greater value to our Supporters including a solid promotional and crosscross-community advertising and recognition. recognition

Presenting Sponsor:

$1750 (1 only)

Dominant Position in all advertising and collateral and recognition in all concert publicity as a production partner. (i.e. “…Cool Tunes for Kids presented by Your Awesome Company....”) Logo on stage banner at event and largest sponsor logo (full color) on all collateral (Flyers, Signs, Program) as well as recognition in paid newspaper, radio and online advertising and live during the concert. Mention on social media sites, newsletters, websites and e-mails. You’ll also have your company image and bio in our program featuring your company in the community as well as the opportunity to have a table in the lobby and offer sample product to attendees.

Sustaining Sponsors:

$750 (4 only)

Color Logo on Flyers, Signs and Program; recognition in paid newspaper, radio and online advertising and live during the concert. Mention on social media sites, newsletters, websites and e-mails. Presenting and Sustaining Sponsors above also receive: four (4) Priority Level Tickets if registered 15days prior to event which can be promoted/given away online or used internally, have right of first renewal, and industry exclusivity across all Sponsor levels.

Supporting Sponsors:

$450 (6 only)

Medium Sized Logo on Large Signs and Program, Bold listing on Small Signs and Flyers. Mention on social media sites, newsletters, websites and e-mails.

Your Support Will Make The Difference !! Please make a generous donation to a wonderful cause and feel free to contact us for further information.

Ticket Sponsor: $450 (1 only) Full Color Logo on Ticket Website and Printed Ticket plus up to three sponsor ads embedded into e-mail reminders sent to registered guests. Recognition on program. Hospitality Sponsor: $450 (1 only) Full Color Logo on Back of Program (key position) and on Concessions Stand as well as on all Hospitality Cards (changing station, food and beverages, VIP gifts, etc.) (Brought to you by: Your Awesome Company) and follow-up thank you e-mail. ♥ Associate Sponsors $250 Bold Text listing on program and listing on larger signs and publications; mention at concert, on social media and newsletters. Corporate Supporters $150 + Text listing on program; mention on social media and newsletters. In-Kind Supporters * $50 -$500 + You can support the GWPCP and our Free Community Concert in-kind by offering a service or product for inclusion in our Raffle, Gifts and Promotional activities. * Contributions commensurate with Associate or Corporate levels will receive similar recognition. ♥ Family Supporters $25+ Each of our sponsors is greatly appreciated and support is welcomed at a denomination of your choosing. Each family supporter will be listed in the program as a family or individual name (as opposed to business names)

For Information E-mail: or Call 860-1494

Greater Wenatchee ParentParent - Child Preschool

Concert Support Pledge The Greater Wenatchee Parent-Child Preschool, a WA State Non-Profit and 501c(3) Organization thank you for your support of our school and greater community by supporting our annual concert. Please review and complete this form and feel free to contact us with any questions. You may direct questions to Drew or Sarah Zabrocki at 860-1494 or It’s important that all Supporters receive the greatest benefit and recognition in a fair and consistent manner; we ask that you please complete this form, then fax or mail it back to us. PLEASE SIGN AND FAX TO 293-4900 OR VIA MAIL 1103 5TH STREET, WENATCHEE, WA 98801

Please Tell Us About Yourself Name: ____________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________

Business Name (As you’d like it listed): ___________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ E-Mail Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Website: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please Select Your Level of Support (Details on Front)  Presenting Sponsor @ $1750

 Sustaining Sponsor @ $750

 Supporting Sponsor @ $450

 Ticket Sponsor @ $450

 Hospitality Sponsor @ $450

 Associate Sponsor @ $250

 Corporate Supporter $150 +

 In-Kind Supporter $50+ (*)

 Family Supporter $25+

* If an In-Kind Supporter; please describe the product and/or service(s) you’d like to contribute. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Donation Information  Payment Enclosed of: $___________  1/2 Paid Now & 1/2 Paid __________

 Please Invoice Me

(Payments in Full Are Appreciated by 3/1/13. Please Check All That Apply) The Greater Wenatchee Parent-Child Preschool is a 501c(3) Tax Deductible Non-Profit Organization. Donations are Tax Deductible in accordance with IRS Regulation. Tax receipts are provided for cash donations of $100 or more or in kind donations in excess of $250. Some sponsorships are limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis. All sponsors will have first right of refusal for subsequent years if confirmed with cash deposit by November the year prior. Industry exclusivity offered for Presenting and Sustaining Sponsors only. Competitors may still support the concert just not at a Sponsor level. By signing, I/we agree to make payment as pledged. AGREED By: (Signature Please)

ON: (Date Please)



INTERNAL USE:  Print Ready Logo File  Confirm Spelling/Name  IRS Tax Deduction Receipt  Deposit Paid  Paid In Full ASSOCIATE: ____________________________________________ DATE ______________________________________________

2013 Concert Sponsor Opportunity  

Greater Wenatchee Parent-Child Preschool