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HEALTH (HLTH$) Breeding for improved health and longevity. Creating cows with proper body condition, low SCS, excellent locomotion, lower predicted blood BHBA, and fewer cases of metritis and lameness.

31% Prod. Life 27% Locomotion 18% SCS 6% BCS 6% FH 6% SCK 6% MTR

5 Sub-indexes Enable You to Narrow Your Genetic Emphasis



Pinpointing genetics that result in high yielding cows with lower feed costs. Emphasis is on pounds of Protein and reversing the trend for taller cows.

Emphasizing reproductive efficiency through genetics that result in optimal age at first calving, reduced days open and shorter calving intervals.

36% 36% 18% 10%

Marginal Feed Costs Protein Yield Fat Yield Milk Yield

GENEX Holstein Sires  

GENEX Holstein Sires

GENEX Holstein Sires  

GENEX Holstein Sires