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This is a quarterly magazine that will celebrate each season with our visions of fashion, art, music, food, and lots more. This is our number zero dedicated to the sweetest season of all: SPRING. This is a time for renewal in all aspects of life, get ready to be new again, to restart your life and lead in new directions. The models and contributions have some traits in common: professionalism, hard work, continuous research and dedication. What you will see and read will reflect their personalities. Thank you to the models and staff at THE PROFESSIONALS International Model Agency, I couldn't do this without your support and fun. Genevieve Kamala aka Antonella Vicini

CONTENTS SPRING FASHION by Lucemia Leeazah Kaddour Payton Heron Special guest model Miaa Rebane SUMMER PREVIEW Genevieve Kamala ART Tiepolo Revisited by Antonella Vicini FOOD Spring Suggestions by SM INTERVIEW Luis Vasconcellos by Antonella Vicini

INTRODUCTIONS It is customary, as well as polite to introduce ourselves during the first meeting: here we are THE PROFESSIONALS a dedicated, professional, no nonsense, stylists and lovers of life who have met in Second Life as models. Our virtual experiences continue, but we felt the need and pleasure to share some of the incredible creativity of these years with a larger audience, since we are sure that the fashion created in our “game� will become the future fashion on ours streets. But it doesn't stop here, we have a lot more to offer, and we proceed to do so adding art in all its forms, food since we love eating, photography by our resident photographer Luis. Editorial on fashion Genevieve Kamala Articles on art, music, photography Antonella Vicini Food suggestions Shakuntala Merlin


Lucemia is a young and energetic model who has just recently been invited to The Professionals. Perfectly groomed and with an innate sense of style, Lucemia represents a fresh outlook on sl fashion, she doesn't wear clothes just to impress, but in order to create her own unique style. You will get to know her in these pages with her ever evolving style. Here she presents her vision of spring, a soft knee length dress, perfect for a stroll in the park, a perfect embodiment of spring.

The second outfit is a cute mini dress with a heart motif, spring after all is the season of new love....

Last is Lucemia's take on a formal gown in blue and black, she is ready for the ball. Style cards 1 -outfit Spring 2014 Hair - * Amacci Hair Flowers ~ Orchids (Estra) / Amacci Hair Estra ~ Natural Brown Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - Europa 06 Shoes - HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos Dress - Mesh_MI Strapless Dress With Flouncing Outer Skirt S - Texture by LuceMia Makeup - MONS / Makeups - eyeliner bottom -red-/ MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Daily (pink) / MONS / Makeups - lipgloss (strawberry) Jewelry - Passionate Heart Ring L - Passionate Hearts Bracelet L/ Passionate Hearts Necklace Hands - Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 Eyelashes - *GA* Mesh Lashes Divina

2 . Outfit Cocktail Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - Europa 07 Rav Dress - PARIS FASHION DRAPED DRESS CUPIDON ADD S / earring necklace and bag (Vendome) Hair - Salon de GLOW <hairpieces> M-05 (Dark Brown) Shoes - Similar Messina Shoes Black Jewelry - DRAPED CUPIDON set Glasses - cupidon glasses (TGA DESIGNER) makeup: MONS / Makeups - eyeshadow dominant pink / MONS / Makeups - Lipgloss Shane rose 3 - Outfit Formal Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - Europa Clean Rav Makeup - MONS / Makeups - lip gloss (candy pink) / MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series8 / MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - blue / Hair - Baiastice-Pistols hair attachment-BROWN-porc/tan/dark Jewelry - Lazuri MVW 2014 Eva Luxury Set Dress - Chrysalis - Grace - Mesh Gown - XS attachments: Giulia Design Hat : Giulia Design Bow: PM Eyelashes - *GA* Mesh Lashes Divina


Leezah is a great model, her blog is always full of new ideas and innovative choices, for this reason she jumped at the opportunity of having her say on the pages of SEASONS. Her first outfit is a fierce black and white, here is her styling card, if you dare! Trend Black & White: Skin:Kyxe Walnut Tone Clutch: Bens Beauty - Paris Clutch Bag Right - Black-White Makeup:+Nuuna+ Azen makeup Black (F)+Nuuna+ Neuro (F) White v2 ::LS:: Glossy Lips - DARK Hair: Tukinowaguma Turban (reptile) Chocolate Pants: [VM] VERO MODERO / Joly Pants Top: [LeeZu!] Scarf Poncho /stripes black Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat Shoes: Ingenue :: Mila Flats :: Noir Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 Nails: Kyxe Slink Diamond and Pearl FingerNail & Toes Appliers Jewelry: Boho Bangles - Laquered Etched Silver (right arm) Eyelashes: ::je::suis::Apparence::Lashes:: No.001

Her second contribution is a hymn to all the colors that make life vibrant and shining, have fun with this fantastic outfit:

Bright Street Fashion: Skin:Kyxe Walnut Tone Clutch: BeloD_Classic Clutch_PINK Makeup: Kyxe Vixen - Barbie eyeshadow, Kyxe Glamour II -Bubble Gum lipstick Hair: booN MIE355 hair black Pants: Ricielli Mesh - Summer Minishorts //hawaii Top: *CASHMERE*Amelia Top (pink) Feet: Slink Womens Medium Barefeet Shoes: Leverocci - Suede Curved Wedges_Spiked_Magenta Nails: *Sexy Mamas* Prim Nails Jewelry::::LP::: Le Primitif - The Dictator..Ring 24k Gold


Necklace Aurora [Gradient 01], Swallow - Groupie Gold Earrings, ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Face Jewels Sidh Humble {Gold} Eyelashes: ::je::suis::Apparence::Lashes:: No.001


Payton Heron is one of the most experienced and respected models in sl, she has been in fashion longer than I can remember. She has been my teacher and I am honored to work with her in my agency and in other agencies as well. For this spring Payton has chosen a total black and white in two very elegant versions, so you can choose what you feel more at ease with.

Style notes 1. Coat - GizzA Trench Coat [Black&White] Pants - GizzA - Fusion C H I C Pants [Black] Shoes - BAX Ankle Boot Black+ Suede Jewelry - +plus *Plastic Earrings* Black Hair - Vanity Hair:Irina-Jet Black Hat - GizzA - Trench Coat [Black&White] Skin - Skin Elly red lips black smokeyes CARAMEL Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual 2. Jacket - GIZZA Blazer Suit - White and Black Pants - SHIKI-JURA WHITE pants PEARL Shoes - BAX Ankle Boot Black+ Suede Jewelry - je suis...voyante *gemstone* earclip; je suis...voyante necklace long *plain*; *CG* chunky bangle (black) Hair - Vanity Hair:Minuet-Jet Black Skin - Skin Elly red lips black smokeyes CARAMEL Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual


MIAA REBANE Elegant and stylish, with an incredible knowledge of beauty and fashion, Miaa Rebane, a former Miss Virtual World, has always been for me an example and a great teacher of style. I can still remember my first class with her, I the novice model and she at the top of her game sharing with us her ideas and tips on how to be unique and go our own way. Miaa has done it all, her blog is exquisite and always full of new ideas, unusual mix and match. It was a great pleasure asking her to be with us for this zero number of SEASONS, an even bigger one when she accepted to send us one of her outfits for this coming spring. Here it is in all its warm softness: Style notes: Hair / Lamb Skin / Skinnery - Ming Makeup - Rozena Top / Faenzo Pants / Emery Shoes / Belgravia Hat / Chapeau Tres Mignon

A Summer Preview When I started to look at summer, from so far away (cold February), my first reaction was colors, then space age, so here is my take on the summer to come, balanced between vibrant colors put together like in a caleidoscope at sunset.

Then I turned to futuristic materials and cuts, so that the Ivory dress I have chosen seems to float around the body, even the hair and jewels are reminders of sci fi movies and all the speculations on fashion in the future.

The last outfit is a cross between a baby doll and a fun bikini with an added starry veil, it is silver, a color very often associated to fashion speculation about the future. These are my summer dreams, not necessarily realistic, but fun nevertheless.... The clothes are a mix and match of many items already present in my inventory, as well as some new pieces, from Fellini couture to Redgrave, from Enzo to Finesmith to Violator, from Collabor 88 to poses by many different makers, skin is brand new by BLUSH Skins. I hope you have enjoyed this journey, see you next issue for a preview into autumn. Genevieve Kamala

Style cards: 1. Redgrave liquid mesh metallic pink jeans, Fellini Couture corset from Jardin secret, Luxuria shoulder shrug from Andromeda dress, Monso hair. 2. Faenzo Mirte Structural dress in Ivory , Violator blue hair helmet, Aleida Meru boots (no longer available), Finesmith Deco-Ra earpieces and brooche 3. Katatonik Starry baby doll in grey, balloons by Decoy and pose by Exposeur, Magika hair Blush Skins new skin Meja available at the Skin Fair 2014

I hope that you have enjoyed our visions of fashion, let us know what you would like to see on our pages, while we keep exploring we are always happy to find new avenues into the future of fashion. GK

GIOVAN BATTISTA TIEPOLO an artist and his world of light By Antonella Vicini

In March 1696 a great genius was born, a magician of light and soft colors the prolific and imaginative Giambattista Tiepolo. He also died in March 1770, after an illustrious career made of great paintings and frescoes that still adorn some of the most beautiful palaces and villas in northern Italy (Veneto).

I am no art expert, but I have always been charmed and attracted by the stories told by the Tiepolo family (Giambattista had two sons Giandomenico and Lorenzo who continued his trade) with such grace and poise.

The beautiful women, the ardent men, the arms and jewels, all conspire to create and enchanted world climbing up stairs, walls and ceilings, transporting us into a different elegant and forever lost world of harmony and quiet opulence. Even the soft colors agree with the season ahead of us, I really invite you to take a virtual, or perhaps a real tour of these paintings, you will feel different after watching the dances forever happening in an eternal present. AV

Some music to accompany your vision of Tiepolo's masterpieces could be: Images accompanied by Mozart piano sonata N18 in E flat major Metropolitan Tiepolo music by Roberto Cacciapaglia

FOOD CORNER by Shakuntala Merlin

Let's start this column from what I like best: Italian food, since this is our spring issue I will comment on some typical spring food over here in the old continent. The first rule of good food is : follow the seasons, that's why in spring so many fruits and vegetables are suggested not only for their fresh taste, but also for their detoxing and nourishing properties. This is a good time for a complete cleansing of our bodies, while we prepare for the summer to come, we allow our bodies respite from the heavier (and more caloric) winter foods. Fennel, carrots, celery, asparagus, apples, pears, later in the season

strawberries, apricots, peaches and herbs will help us on the way to a lighter body. I am not going to suggest a recipe this time, just two images that underline the great power of vegetable in this season. Shakuntala Merlin

Enjoy your veggies!

PHOTOGRAPHY Luis Vasconcellos interviewed by Antonella Vicini

Our resident photographer is Luis Vasconcellos (Hermes Kondor in sl), who will tell us a little about his life as a witness of his times: Portuguese Democratic Revolution – 25 of April 1974. I always dreamed to be a journalist, and much more to work as a field reporter, so the best way to be “inside” the news was working with my camera, taking photos of the decisive moments. I had the chance to live, with my camera, very important historical events in Portugal during our liberation from 50 years of a fascist dictatorship . So, I worked for more than 30 years as a photojournalist, and as a photo editor, in editorial and travel photography. Photography, for me, is a way to discover the world in many different ways. I also had the great, and very rewarding opportunity to teach photography and photojournalism, in ETIC – a very prestigious Portuguese photography school. Then I

realized that teaching is, most of all, learning. Now, almost retired, I work as freelance photographer, for some magazines and organizations, I also have the great pleasure of taking photos for cruise ships, thus I travel a lot for leisure these days. Hermes also shares his preferences about the activities connected to photography that he likes the most. In this moment of my life, what I really enjoy in photography, is travel photography. I like to travel and photograph places, in order to discover different realities and cultures. Now I have discovered the wonderful world of cruising, and cruise ships, and how relaxing it can be the crossing of the seas in an excellent floating hotel. I take thousands of photos in my cruises, and a lot of them inside the ship, of the ship itself. The last cruise I took with my family was last June, from Barcelona to Barcelona, visiting Monte Carlo, Rome, Naples (where I made the wonderful trip around the Amalfi coast), Kotor in Montenegro (what a wonderful surprise – really a MUST ), Venice (with all its magic), and Dubrovnik, Croatia. I took more than 5000 photos in that journey. Now, I am a very lucky man – I have TIME ! As I live by the sea, in a small town, near Lisbon, I love to walk on the beach with my camera, taking photos when something captures my attention – the waves, the surfers, the people around, the beach, and also when something captures my eyes, no matter where or what. For that reason I never leave home without carrying my Canon G11, an excellent small camera, for daily life photography. A photographer is ALWAYS a photographer ! Since I know that Hermes teaches photography in rl , I have asked him to tell us about the challenges of this aspect of his work: Teaching is always the greatest challenge, for any professional. To teach is most of all to share. To share knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. My classes are always very practical, based on my experience as a professional photographer. So, for one theory class, I have 2 practical classes, followed by 2 classes to deeply debate the work done. The best way to learn is DOING and developing critical thinking about the work done. Teaching was an excellent experience, but very demanding. To teach represents the great responsibility of working with people that expect a lot from us - so they have the right to have it, and the teacher has the duty to give it. But it was wonderful to see the final result of my classes, in the work of my students at the collective photography exhibition, that they are required to organize, at the end of each course. The responsibility to show their work in public is very important for them

to work at their best... And that part is always very rewarding for me, of course. Hermes has also explored Second life extensively, both as fashion photographer and abstract artist, here is his take on this subject: Second Life photography is a totally different kind of taking images, and it’s not correct to call it photography. It’s to play with your mouse, in front of your computer screen, creating images of a non real graphic world, where you can manage composition and virtual “light”. We can call it creative “screen shots”, if you want, but not photography. It’s much more a work of graphic art, and that’s the reason why the most well recognized “photographers” in Second Life are, most of all, excellent graphic artists. So, very good photography skills, like image capture, are not important in Second Life, where the client wants a different kind of images, where post production and Photo shop work is the main part of the creative process. In real life professional photography, we have to work with complex and very expensive equipment, that must be very well known by the photographer. And of course, Photography is, most of all, to work with REAL LIGHT and COMPOSITION. Photography is the ART OF SEEING. Real life photography, in the way I work, reflects reality in all its aspects in the best way I can, in order to make an event, or the complexity of daily life, captured forever in a single image. A good real life photography must be unique. What is real difficult in photography is to find different ways to show what everybody sees. That is how we can find best photographers. Photography has changed a lot in the last 10 years, Hermes has lived through these changes: In SL photography, the development depends on the evolution of the virtual world itself, and on the changes of the graphic software, that creates Second Life. But I believe that most of all it depends more and more on the skills of the SL image creators as graphic artists, mostly in the fashion photography market. I believe that, with the international economic crises, more and more graphic artists will come to Second Life, to try is chance, not only as “photographers”, but also in other areas of design, such as fashion design, but of course, the prices will fall down dramatically. In real life professional photography, we have to work with complex and very expensive equipment, that must be very well known by the photographer. And of course, Photography is, most of all, to work with REAL LIGHT and COMPOSITION. Photography is the ART OF SEEING.

Real life photography, in the way I work, reflects reality in all its aspects in the best way I can, in order to make an event, or the complexity of daily life, captured forever in a single image. A good real life photography must be unique. What is real difficult in photography is to find different ways to show what everybody sees. That is how we can find best photographers.

Whatever world you portray you can make a work of art of it, as the cover photos show of Luis's vision, as well as the photos in this interview. Thank you Luis/Hermes for your constant friendship Antonella Vicini Luis Vasconcellos continues succesfully his rl activity especially in the cruising world, Hermes Kondor also has a studio in sl. You can contact him in both worlds. GK


to all the great people who have spent much time making this magazine Lucemia, Leezah, Payton

for their outfits and ideas Miaa for the great fashion preview,

Luis/Hermes for sharing his spring flowers with us, Janina and Rhonda for participating in our meetings (while preparing the next issue)

Thank you to all our readers! See you in June!

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