2021 Spring Breeze

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The Glen Breeze Spring 2021 Newsletter

Letter from the Director, Casey Klein Dear GG Friends, For the first time in our 100-year history, our campers and staff have missed a summer at GG. They are now anxious and excited to return! They want to see their friends, smell the trees, and feel the Spirit of the Glen. The staff and I are working hard to prepare for their return: a return that will include a summer full of the traditions, friendships, and growth. It has been a challenging year for all of us, but thanks to the generous support of our Camp Family, Geneva Glen survived 2020. Now we are busy preparing for 2021! Below is a brief update on what is going on here in Indian Hills… I have been fortunate to be involved with the Colorado Camps Network, a group of Colorado camp directors, that come together to speak as one voice on behalf of camps. Since December, we have been working on developing guidelines for camps to operate this summer. In late March, we were notified that the state is going to push camp guidelines to the counties. While I feel this could be beneficial come this summer, I am nervous that exact guidelines could now be pushed off until late April or early May. Once these guidelines are final, I can assure you we will notify our camper parents. Until then, here is what we are anticipating: • •

• •

Meals will change: Instead of everyone eating together in the lodge, we will be splitting up our dorms & cabins into two groups, half eating at a time. Cohorts: We will most likely not be able to have the entire camp in one place. We will have a dorm and a cabin going around to areas together in a cohort (just like in previous years). This cohort will not be able to do activities directly with another cohort, so some of our evening plays will be adjusted and spaced out, but we are planning on keeping all your favorites along with our traditional events. They just might look a little different. Masks: Masks will need to be worn when coming into the lodge or other inside gathering areas. They will not need to be worn while eating, sleeping, showering, or swimming. Since our campers are outside most of the time, they might not need to be worn while outside with their cohort. Covid testing: As of now, Campers will need to be tested within 72 hours of coming to camp.

While I am sure there will be other items that we will need to update our parents about, the staff and I are feeling optimistic that we can all enjoy a safe summer filled with friendship and traditions. Since changes from the state/county level are frequent, please pay attention to our Covid webpage that will provide parents information as soon as it is made available to us: www.genevaglen.org/covid-19. See you soon! In the Spirit of the Glen,


return home! Myself on the other hand I cannot wait for them to be back but also, to be able to run back up to the Ropes Course and go back to Oh Mama and the Zipline because those are for sure the best views from Boys Hill. This summer is just going to bring so much fun and excitement as we will finally have everyone return home to GG for the first time in a while. We are already wagging our tails and dreaming about the days when the campers are giving us the best belly rubs. Oh boy! It is just going to be a blast!

Pup reporters Maisie and Gus here! Coming to you from very snowy Geneva Glen as we move into spring, but it seems that the snow keeps on coming! As Camp has been very quiet this year with no camp last summer, we are eagerly awaiting the return of our campers to finally chase them around camp to all of our favorite activities. While the snow took a bit of time to get here this year, it knew that we were wanting to go on all our snowy hikes with Christa this spring. We are making sure all the trails are ready for the campers to be back running down them come June!

We had to show GG as much love as we possibly could because we knew how much we would miss the campers and we know camp does too. I (Gus) challenge Maisie to a game of dodgeball every day even in the snow to get some good use in our new dodgeball court. Maisie likes it better when we go down to the pool to see if it's open for us to go for a swim. I have to keep telling her that it's only March and the pool isn’t quite ready yet… we just got back from a run down to the barn and made sure everything was just as our horsie friends left it. Gus told me (Maisie) that the horses love the new barn and that he misses his favorite horse pals and cannot wait for them to

We wanted to extend a warm welcome to our new campers with a paw-high five to all we have yet to meet! About 370 will attend Geneva Glen for the first time. We love sniffing out the new campers and are eager to learn about all the new smells you bring to camp. Gus loves to frolic around the campers and be right in the middle of everything. He loves to run up and down the Meadow, and his short legs are perfect because campers can keep up with him. Maisie enjoys running around the trails of camp searching for animals living in the wilderness. We know so many of you are excited about camp too! With the excitement also comes the feelings of being a little nervous. These feelings are normal! When we meet the counselors at the beginning of the summer, they make us feel comfortable by scratching our necks, throwing sticks, and sometimes slipping us treats. The counselors at GG are so excited to meet each of you. Several of the counselors were once first-time campers at GG, so they know what you are feeling. They will have so many fun activities and adventures ready for you. Plus, they will introduce you to new friends. You get to do so many awesome activities at camp, which you do not get to do at home. We love watching our friends swing from the ropes course. We like to try and catch the dodgeballs, but we are never fast enough. The horses always keep a keen eye on us when we mosey to the barn. Our favorite place to run into you is the store. We sit patiently outside and wait for a pet from our friends. We are delighted to meet you, and we will try not to give you a sloppy doggy kiss. See the next page for more news & tips from the pups

On-The-Dog-Beat... Continued The magical creatures of Geneva Glen are preparing for this summer! The forest has been humming with enchanting noises since the day the campers left. They have had months to prepare, and they are ecstatic for the new Seedlings & Stardust campers to arrive. We have been able to sneak into places where humans cannot go to get a peek of all they have been preparing. We heard a lot of banging around the Fairy Garden and Treehouse. Our doggy sense tells us there is a charming community being built. We found out that each cabin/dorm will represent a magical creature from Geneva Glen’s natural surroundings. We have played with all the critters, and we are all friends! We know the Sprites, Gnomes, Fairies, Sylphs, Pixies, Elves, Hobbits, and so many more. At camp, you will get to explore the wonders of nature with your new friends. Be ready to search for fairies and leprechauns in our forests (your counselors even know how to read the Language of Fairies!), experience a fantastic treasure hunt, ride horses, swim in the pool, explore our Treehouse, make muck and sludge, soar through our ropes course, create a craft for your family, participate in a Big Top Circus, and enjoy a carnival. Our counselors are so eager to meet you, and we are too! Be sure to give us a pet when you see us. That’s about all for now—can’t wait to see you all this summer! For the best time possible this summer, remember to keep washing your hands before and during camp and also make sure you are getting your favorite water bottle ready to bring to GG for all that water you will be drinking this summer. We prefer drinking straight from Merlin’s Spring, but camp has plenty of water stations to fill your bottles on the hot summer days! Woof! Woof! Maisie & Gus

Staff Highlight—Fun Facts! Anne Baalman is the accounting guru for camp and knows of all things financial. Fun fact: Anne is very competitive in ...most everything… Christa Redford has a deep-rooted history with GG spanning over decades and remembers so many campers and staff. Fun fact: Christa hikes the GG trails every day with Maisie & Gus... rain, shine, or deep snow! Grace Campbell the youngest of three and is an Auntie to four nephews and one niece. Fun fact: Grace has become an expert Covid vaccine hunter and has found over 100 people a vaccine! Jimmy Dickson is brand new to GG yet has many previous connections throughout the Camp Family and years of summer camp experience. Fun fact: Jimmy is an active volunteer in Rotary and the Kittredge Civic Association! Nick Kolomitz has been enjoy the Indian Hills winter but its ready for campers to return to Geneva Glen. Fun fact: Nick loves lives music and is learning to play guitar. Pete Mahan is celebrating his 20th summer at Geneva Glen. Fun fact: When Pete can get away from camp, he loves to go fishing in northern Colorado. Reid McKnight has been on the Geneva Glen Staff since 1997. Fun fact: Reid is a certified Ice Technician with USA Curling & the World Curling Federation - he dreams of making ice at the Olympics someday.

A Summer of Hope & Healing The past year has been difficult and challenging for everyone. Our campers have had to develop resilience in a way never expected. We know that time at camp experiencing The Magic of the Glen will reward that resilience by inspiring healing and hope in our campers and staff. This summer, we want emphasize that hope will help our campers see their future can be better, and that they have the power to make it so. Geneva Glen’s mission remains resolute in empowering our campers to demonstrate courage, to create, to grow, to experience the outdoors, to make friends, and to be part of a community of love and support that will allow them to thrive in their lives back at home. Camp will look different this year. Our goal is to create the same loving, accepting community, through outdoor fun, traditions, and adventure while keeping our campers safe and healthy. The COVID-19 pandemic creates a unique situation that calls for community response. The safety of camp this summer depends on a partnership between Geneva Glen and our camp families. What happens outside of camp is just as important as what happens within it. Please stay up-to-date by reading our emails and checking our Coronavirus Plan at www.genevaglen.org/covid-19. Geneva Glen will have updated safety guidelines, but the essence of the experience will remain the same: providing a sense of belonging, opportunities for challenges, and immersive experiences—all under the supervision of role models in a safe and supportive environment.

New Camper Tour - Saturday, May 15 On Saturday, May 15, we will be hosting our New Camper Tour for all our new campers. New families will pick a time to tour camp. You will get to see where you will eat your meals, participate in program areas like archery, horseback riding, swimming, etc. Your tour guide will show you where you will sleep (dorms for boys and cabins for girls), point out where the restrooms are located, and you will get to visit some of the unique places around camp like the Council Ring and Campitheater. Please look for the invitation emailed to new families. Remember to reserve your spot for a tour using the SignUpGenius link provided in the email. We look forward to meeting all the brand-new Geneva Glen campers! If you have any questions about coming to camp for the first time, please call Christa 303-697-4621 x 25 or Important Note to Parents christa@genevaglen.org.

Trainee Garden Congratulations to our 2021 Trainee group - we’re looking forward to working with these future camp leaders! In March, we highlighted past Trainee groups on Facebook and Instagram with our #traineetuesday campaign - you can revisit those posts on our Instacamp section at the bottom of www.genevaglen.org

Parents are reminded that we discourage sending expensive items to camp, as they easily can become lost and Geneva Glen cannot accept responsibility for lost items. Cell phones are not allowed. We will hold out-of-state camper cell phones in the safe. Our policies prohibit any drugs, or any kind of medication not checked in with our camp nurse. Other items not allowed include: tobacco of any kind, alcohol, marijuana, fireworks, matches, lighters, personal sports equipment, gum, personal safety gear (helmets), vehicles (boards, bikes, scooters), and weapons of any variety. Finally, to help reduce lost-and-found mysteries:

Thanks for your help! For first timers, there’s lots of information including a more complete packing list, and much more. See the camp’s Parents Place page on our website at:


The 2021 Staff Zoo! During this past year, we have all learned how to adjust and live our lives in creative and healthy ways. We have been conducting interviews with our staff and prepping them for an amazing summer. Many of our staff looked surprisingly different when we saw them on Zoom calls. We realized that they were starting to channel their inner animal. Some of them had grown different lengths of facial hair, some were speaking in various animal tones, etc. We began to think about the animals all over that either crept into camp last summer when all was quiet or the lonely animals at the zoo who did not see a visitor for several months at a time. One March day, we took a trip to the Denver Zoo in a safe, socially distanced, and masked way to pay tribute to these animals. We were chatting with one another while walking around the zoo and we realized how much our 2021 staff connects, acts, and even resembles some of the animals we encountered. Here is what we saw on that breezy day…

Our first stop was Predator Ridge. The African Lion den was prominent and stood out immediately. The king and queen of the beasts were striding around their den and these two reminded us of our Heads of Hill, Harris Griswold (Harris has grown quite the pointy moustache) and Jordan Clouse (the expert flora & fauna identifier). Next, the African Wild Dogs were howling in a series of wailing hoots to keep their pack together, similar to our Heads of Counselor Development, James Kohler and Charlotte Dean who have been working tirelessly since January to orient all of our new counselors. Near them, the true “animal whisperers” Lauren Clouse and Landon Cramer, Head of Trainees this summer, were rounding up the adolescent dogs and modeling proper doggy behavior. As we rounded the corner, we heard an uncontrollable laugh, high-pitched and a little off tune. It was coming from the Hyena duo and we pictured our very own Emily Kastner and Annie Rudnick who will be our Crew Bosses for the summer. We spent a great deal of time at The Edge visiting the felines. The sleek Panthers, elegant and sly, prowling around resembled Aubrey Crawford and Caitlin Estes. Laying near a big rock were the Spotted Leopards, waiting for an opportunity to pounce. These creatures love climbing, playing, and even have a keen appreciation for scents. They resembled Nick Thomas, Sophia Bird, and Steven Soltes. The spunky Tigers, gold and black, purring with grace and confidence reminded us of Ryan Porter and Phoebe Fanganello. We meandered over to the Red Pandas. They are known as escape artists and even have a false thumb. These little tricksters were acting like Ben Fitzpatrick and Ryan Kauffman. We grabbed some popcorn and headed towards the Zebras. One of the striped and perky creatures began to look like Will Morland who will be running the GG barn this summer. Our most exciting time was visiting Primate Panorama. We spotted the Gorillas, Orangutans, and Ring-Tailed Lemurs. But… we had the best time at Monkey Island! Their gregarious hoots and pranks, swinging from limb to limb had to be some of our silliest counselors like Zach Triplett and Sam Bryson. These two are running GG’s Ropes course.

Welcome to all our former campers who are on staff for the first time!

At the Northern Shores, we stopped by the playful Harbor Seals climbing and honking as they played in the pool. If you just add whiskers and a ball on their noses you will have Izzi Bryson and Tanner Thomas, who will return as lifeguards at the pool this summer. The Sea Lions love to play. Will Flynn, Sally Johnson, and Connor Triplett were passing the ball to one another with their noses while splashing around the water. The lovely Flamingos, coral-colored and striking, were standing near the Aviary. We thought of our Midwest gals

The 2021 Staff Zoo! returning for their second summer at GG, Kennedy Cox and Regan Beyers. The zoo had a lovely Hummingbird exhibit and here we envisioned the buzzing and return of staff members from the past Hannah Matthews, Kat Huang, Amanda Lisle, and Colin Yakely. We watched the African Penguins for a long time slipping and sliding in their little social groups and we noticed two partners in crime messing with the other penguins- just like our Bracelets and Shields Heads Lucy Grylicki and Caden Cramer. The Outback was quite a sight. The Tasmanian Devil look cute and cuddly, but they are not. We thought of our sweetest staff members and thought it was hysterical to envision them as these creatures. It would be a sight to see Ozzie Froelich and Aspen Reeves, and in this light, but fortunately for us, they are all too beloved to have that title. Ozzie and Aspen will co-head our WILD program, ensuring the campers are hiking the trails and learning about the beautiful land. Hopping about with that motherly gleam and a gathering of littles was the Kangaroo just like Cooper McCleery (Program Coordinator). Noah Schwalger reminded us of the cutest little marsupial, the Wombat. Did you know their teeth continually grow just like Noah’s hair? The Kookaburra sitting up in the old gum tree was just like Zoe Halax who will be helping with our special events this summer. We saw the gentle herbivore who loves to snuggle and wallow in the eucalyptus, our fuzzy Koala Bear, Abby Dugan. We ended in the Rocky Mountain section, which is like camp’s environment and observed all the animals that represented us, the year-round staff. The best way to describe Nick Kolomitz (Facilities Director) is as a Cutthroat Trout! He spends most of his time in nature and particularly enjoys catching trout and hanging by a river. The bears are always a comical sight. Christa Redford (Assistant Director) is our resident mama bear and nurtures the staff, the campers, and everyone in between. Pete Mahan (Property Manager), the Grizzly, is bellowing and gruff on the outside and soft and kind on the inside. Grace Campbell (Interim Program Director) can be described as one of the Wild Turkeys that are often seen running around camp. The GG turkeys are a happy bunch that like to bring joy and billow their gobble sound to bring everyone together. The Polar Bear is playful and enjoys interacting with all the humans just like Casey Klein (Executive Director). Reid McKnight (Administrative Director) can be described as a Bull Elk. Bull Elk grow their antlers in the winter, so they are ready to joust and prepare camp for the summer. Our newest addition to the year-round staff, Jimmy Dickson (Development Director), is more like the Sun Bear. He has a frolicsome nature and is always ready to learn about GG, jump in and help, and is eager to take in his first GG summer. Anne Baalman (Accountant) is like the Mountain Lions that will lurk around the mountains throughout the summer. You may not see her every day, but her presence is always known. Finally, the camp dogs also can be represented in the animal kingdom. Gus, our favorite doggie that looks like a Hippo will be seen around camp looking for a snack. Maisie is like the Fox and likes to play with Gus and chase bunnies and deer around the property. Keep on the lookout for these creatures when you come up to camp this summer! We will do our best to keep them wellfed and ready to spend an unforgettable time with each of you!

News from the Board of Directors There are some exciting things happening at Geneva Glen, and the Board has been busy preparing for the future. We have revamped our committees, in order to better support the staff moving forward. Our committees now include: Budget & Finance, Stewardship, 100th Anniversary, Diversity/Equity & Inclusion, HR/Risk Management, Health & Wellness, and Alumni & Development. If you have some expertise in any of these areas, and are interested in helping, please contact me at the email address listed below. The Board also recently decided to enter into a Capital Campaign to address many of our facility needs. We will officially kick-off this very important fundraising effort at our 100th Celebration on Labor Day weekend of 2022. We will share more information about the projects, costs and plans with the camp family over the next 12 months, so stay tuned on some exciting projects we will undergo in the next few years.

Ford Allison, GG Board President; ford@genevaglenbod.org

Around the Property With the mild winter we had at the end of 2020, we were able to complete some renovations to cabins 9 and 11 on Girls Hill. Both cabins received new windows, doors, minor repairs, and a much needed exterior facelift. As soon as temperatures allow they’ll receive a fresh coat of paint and be ready to host campers this summer.

After last year’s interior renovations to the Council Ring, our attention went to the exterior, and and a walkway/standing viewing area was added to the east side. The extra space will help us to be able to spread out a little more and to provide an elevated viewing area for events inside. As soon as the snow and mud dry up, we are preparing for the final touches to the meadow improvements. The new volleyball court will receive it’s fresh sand, the new Ga-Ga pit will be installed, and several shiny new tetherball poles will spring up around the meadow. We can’t wait to hear the laughter and see campers in these spaces.

Forest management planning and trail work will continue through the summer and into next year as we as we begin to plan the next phase of fire mitigation and tree-thinning. Phases 1 and 2 covered areas on Vespers, Ropes, Marshmallow Meadow and the Outlook. The next phase we are expecting to complete to the north of the Outlook heading towards Black Canyon and on the west side of the Shrine. New roads and trails will be added to the west side of the property giving us new and improved access for hiking and horseback riding. The fire mitigation work will help to protect central camp areas and improve the health of the understory of our forest.

The herd is itching to get back to Geneva Glen and start riding again! Campers can look forward to meeting our yearling fillies Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane. Did you know you can meet our herd on our website at genevaglen.org/horses? Each horse has a wonderful backstory and some insight into the personalities around the stables! We’d love to hear about your favorite horses or stories from the barn! Direct Message the barn at www.instagram.com/genevaglenbarn Happy Trails to Chapita (1992-2021). Chapita or “Chaps” was a long time veteran of the G/ Herd going back to 1995. Over her life, she developed into one of the most reliable horses at camp. Whether leading on the trail, galloping on a wakeup ride, jousting during Knighthood II, or playing Polocrosse, Chaps was an elite horse and will be sorely missed!

The Pendragon Society Interested in coming to help out around the property at GG? The Pendragons are a group who volunteer their time to help with stewardship to camp facilities and property. Past projects have included staining the Health Center, fire mitigation around cabins, building a deck at the Rifle Range, helping to decorate for Winter Workshop, assisting with renovations, demolition, and much more. All are welcome to join and work days are planned for all skill levels (volunteers under 16 must have a parent present). Membership does not require attendance at all work days, come when you can!

Sign up to join the mailing list: https://genevaglen.org/volunteer Questions? Contact Pete: pete@genevaglen.org or 303-697-4621 x15 For more information visit: www.genevaglen.org/pendragons

Upcoming Events “Remember the times you’ve had here, Remember when you’re away, Remember the friends you’ve made here, and don’t forget to come back some day...For you belong to Geneva, and Geneva belongs to you!”

Please come help open camp for the 2021 season - clear out the cobwebs, pick up the trash, sweep, paint, garden, and general waking-up of the Glen! Plan to join us around 10:00 am on Saturday. RSVP to Nick Kolomitz at nick@genevaglen.org

Are you so excited for Geneva Glen’s 100th Anniversary that you just cannot wait? We have great news for you! If you are a past camper or staff from the past 99 years, you are cordially invited to attend one (or more) reunions for the decade(s) you attended. We have six weekends this year to gather with fellow alumni, rekindle old friendships, and celebrate camp! Registration can be found at www.genevaglen.org/reunions

Come Join us this fall for our Family weekends! We have 3 fun packed weekends packed with lots of camp activities and a Council Fire to spend the night singing songs with those we love most. These weekends are unique because the whole family gets to come to camp not just the kiddos!

Dates 1960’s & Prior Alumni Reunion: October 9th-10th 1970’s Alumni Reunion: September 11th-12th 1980’s Alumni Reunion: October 2nd-3rd 1990’s Alumni Reunion: September 25th-26th 2000’s Alumni Reunion: October 16th-17th 2010’s Alumni Reunion: August 21st-22nd

Cost: (Intended for Alumni and spouses 21+ only) • Saturday Only: $35 (includes Saturday Dinner Banquet) • Saturday and Sunday: $70 (includes Saturday Dinner Banquet, Lodging, and Sunday breakfast) Highlights (subject to change) Saturday 3:00 PM Arrival/Activities/Social Time 4:00 PM Bar Opens at Marathon 6:00 PM Dinner Banquet 7:30 PM Council Fire/Fellowship 9:00 PM S’mores Sunday 8:00 AM Bell Rings/Breakfast 10:00 AM Check-out

Family Weekend 1: August 28th-29th Family Weekend 2: September 4th-5th Family Weekend 3: September 18th-19th Learn More and Register at www.genevaglen.org/fallweekends

100th Anniversary! During Labor Day of 2022 we will celebrate the Geneva Glen Camp 100th Anniversary! Mark your calendars now for the 3-day celebration. Plans are now being developed to allow for as many of our alumni as possible to attend. If you are interested in volunteering to organize this event, please contact our 100th Anniversary chair: Rick Roadruck at 100years@genevaglen.org.

Alumni News Amy Stanesco (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) and Tom Robbins and are expecting a little girl in April! Amy shared that big brother Keegan is excited, though he really has no idea what is coming. They cannot wait to get them both up into some of GG's fresh mountain air. Ciara Gay Moriarty (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband, Richie, announced that a stork will visit their family. They are over the moon to welcome a little girl to their family this spring. Big brother, Devlin, will share the spotlight with is baby sister.

Sarah Jackel Pardikes (‘90s & ‘00s) and Tom are joyful to announce the birth of Nola Pardikes. This little cutie joins big brother Jamie- who always steals the show! Megan Campbell Barley (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband, Matt, were thrilled when George joined the family on New Years Eve. Megan and her sister, Hayley Campbell Hiner’s (‘90s & ‘00s), kiddos will keep us on our toes as they begin their camp adventures with Seedlings & Stardust. Aunty Grace (‘00s to current) keeps us giggling with all of the fun and silly stories she shares.

Claire Nordeen (‘90s & ‘00s) and her hubby, Douglas, announced the arrival of Nadine Kenter on February 23rd. Claire is loving the cuddle time with Nadine taking walks on nice days. She is an invaluable member of our Health & Wellness Committee. Her expertise has been so helpful as we navigate through this time. Aaron Goldhamer (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Tess added a wee little one this winter. Georgia “Gigi” was 4lbs 12oz! All are healthy, happy, and tired! Aaron volunteers for Staff Orientation giving us his legal wisdom!

Bridget Alexander Riley (‘10s) and Ian added a boy to their growing family. Simon Kolbe made quite the entrance arriving a week late and weighing a whopping 9lbs 1oz! Sister, Marion, is delighted to have a playmate. Kelsey Nibbelink ('00s) and her partner Jonathan welcomed their first future member of the Golden Hearts, Miss Isla Marie, in October 2020! Congrats! Lindsay Wall (‘00s) welcomed an adorable baby boy Cooper! She stated that he will be a future GG camper because her life was bettered by Geneva Glen!

Former Head of Girls Hill, Emma Johnston (’00s & ‘10s) found her soulmate in George. Congratulations you love birds! Aviva Sonenreich (‘90s & ‘00s) was proposed to at one of her favorite places- Red Rocks! Josh popped the question with a sparkly rock.

Serena Woods (‘90s & ‘00s) looked beautiful on her wedding day to Colin Schipper. The memorable January day looked like a snowy globe! We wish them a fun-filled life together! Caroline Ward Willard (‘00s ‘10s) tied the knot with Evan Willard on Feb. 20th. The celebration was a good ol’ Texas shindig with lots of BBQ and two-stepping (Covid friendly of course!). Caroline even wore blinged out cowboy boots that matched her mask and dress. She cannot wait to send any future little ones to GG someday as 4th-generation campers!

Send us your news! alumnews@genevaglen.org GG Staff - Alum Progeny A copious conglomeration of GG genes will join the 2021 summer staff - 38 staff members who are progeny of GG Alums represent over one-third of the staff! • Brady Allison (Crew) - Mom, Jen Brady Allison & Dad, Ford Allison • Kendall Baldwin (Counselor/Head of Archery) - Mom, Beth McDowell Baldwin • Izzi Bryson (Counselor) - Dad, Chris Bryson • Samantha Bryson (Counselor/Head of Ropes) - Dad, Chris Bryson • Seamus Cassidy (Counselor) - Dad, Pete Cassidy • Jack DeStefano (Crew) - Dad, Sam DeStefano • Abby Dugan (Counselor) - Mom, Jeannine Pfluger Dugan • Kenna Dugdale (Counselor) - Mom, Heather Hunt Dugdale • Miles Dwyer (Crew) - Mom, Kelly Pate Dwyer • Caitlin Estes (Counselor/Head of Magicology) - Dad, Dale Estes • Phoebe Fanganello (Counselor) - Mom, Kate Ross • Luc Filion (Counselor) - Mom, Raili Mood Filion • Will Flynn (Counselor/Head of Sports) - Mom, Jennifer Lee Flynn • Harris Griswold (Counselor/Head of Boys Hill) - Mom, Gentry Miller Griswold • Lucy Grylicki (Counselor/Head of Bracelets) - Mom, Debbie Becker Grylicki • Molly Grylicki (Crew) - Mom, Debbie Becker Grylicki • Sally Johnson (Counselor) - Mom, Margaret Gavin Johnson • Harper Kane (Crew) - Mom, Megan Kenny Kane • Riley Kidston (Counselor) - Dad, Sean Kidston • Casey Klein (Executive Director) - Mom, Nancy Fisk Atkinson, Dad, Kelly Klein

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Claudia Lacey (Crew) - Mom, Sara Christensen Lacey Avery Lankford (Counselor) - Dad, Anders Lankford Orson Lankford (Counselor) - Dad, Anders Lankford Noah “Chewy” LeBlanc (Counselor) - Mom, Paige Meyer LeBlanc Christa Diederichs Redford (Assistant Director) - Mom, Janet Helmstaedter Aspen Reeves (Counselor/Head of WILD) - Dad, Zak Reeves Waverly Reeves (Counselor) - Dad, Zak Reeves Annie Rudnick (Head of Crew) - Mom, Molly Bryan Rudnick Emily Rudnick (Counselor) - Mom, Molly Bryan Rudnick Weston Schwartz (Crew) - Mom, Tracy Collins Alex Skibby (Cook) - Mom, Heather Clark Skibby Preston Sullivan (Crew) - Mom, Heather Kullas Sullivan Jackson Thomas (Crew) - Dad, Randy Thomas & Grandparents, Betty Alexander & Dave Thomas Nick Thomas (Counselor/Head of G-Smash) - Dad, Randy Thomas & Grandparents, Betty Alexander & Dave Thomas Tanner Thomas (Counselor) - Dad, Randy Thomas & Grandparents, Betty Alexander & Dave Thomas Lily Urban (Counselor) - Grandpa, Tim Urban Colin Yakely (Counselor) - Dad, Shawn Yakely Evan Yakely (Crew) - Dad, Shawn Yakely

GG Philanthropy We are so grateful for the generous contributions of time, talent and treasure from our Camp Family!

At the Beginning of 2021, we began looking at new ways (and old ways forgotten!) that GG Alumni, Parents, and Friends can contribute their time, talent, and treasure to support our Annual Campership efforts and improve facilities and programs for present and future campers. After several months of research, testing, and input from the Camp Family we are excited to announce all the various ways our generous supporters can contribute to camp, while fitting their own giving capacity and preferred methods of donating to 501c3 organizations.

Would you like to memorialize the life of a loved one or recognize a fellow member of the Camp Family for a birthday, wedding, engagement, birth of a new family member, job promotion, anniversary, or after a Knighthood achievement? Memorial Gift Funds, Tributes, and Recognitions can be set up in any name.

For a $1000.00 donation, we are also pleased to add your loved one to the Geneva Glen Memorial Wall.

It is never easy to decide who you would like to benefit from your estate. We hope you might consider Geneva Glen if camp left a lasting impression or benefited your life in some way. We encourage you to think of us in your will, codicil, and life insurance policy. We also accept donations of securities, IRA accounts, stocks, or bonds. If you have a Traditional IRA and are over the age of 70-1/2 this year, you might consider a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA, which is tax-deductible and a great way to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising (P2P for short) is a multi-tiered avoid tax penalties from withdrawing directly from your method of raising money that allows individuals (meaning bank account. you!) to raise awareness and funds on behalf of camp. This As this is a delicate and important matter, we urge you to option is great for those who may not be able to make consult with a financial advisor, tax consultant, or attorney large donations to camp, but are tech savvy and have a for information. Planned giving is a meaningful way to great online network of friends and family. Facebook offers protect your legacy and ensure that our mission continues this service to our supporters at no cost by going to long into the future. We appreciate any consideration you www.facebook.com/fundraisers, Select Nonprofit, and give towards Geneva Glen and are happy to speak with you search “Geneva Glen Camp,” in the Nonprofits search box. about the process with no obligation.

As a licensed child care program, Colorado taxpayers who donate more that $1000.00 annually to GG may be eligible to decrease the after-tax cost of their donation by 50%! Contact GG’s Development Director, Jimmy Dickson, or go to genevaglen.org/donate-ways for more info.

Many companies and businesses provide their employees with the opportunity to give additional contributions to nonprofits by either matching their donations or donating for volunteer service hours. If you already give to Geneva Glen through financial contributions or volunteer, you may qualify for one of these grants. If you are a member of The Your Amazon purchases support GG Pendragon Society, the Time Grant may be perfect for you! Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases Please contact us to see a list of companies that provide to Geneva Glen. these opportunities or contact your employer’s Human Resources Department. You can find a sample of some When you first visit smile.amazon.com, you will login with companies that have traditionally offered a Matching or your same Amazon account info and you will be prompted Time Grant incentive program on our website at to select Geneva Glen from their list of charities. www.genevaglen.org/donate

GG Philanthropy While we have accepted donations of Vehicles in the past for camp use, GG has a new partnership with Cars Helping Charities. This exciting development allows for camp to accept Cars, Trucks, Trailers, and even Boats! Do you have a vehicle in decent condition or trailer that could be used at Geneva Glen? Most vehicle donations will be directed to our partner, Cars Helping Charities, which will pick up the vehicle, sell it, and send the proceeds from the sale to Geneva Glen. You will also be able to deduct your donation on your taxes. In some cases, we may have a need for trucks or trailers that fit camp’s needs. In that case, please contact us prior to filling out the online form, which is easily found at www.genevaglen.org/donate-car

If you get a state income tax refund in 2020, you will have a new opportunity to donate some or all of it to support our ongoing work in the community.

“The process of donating was extremely easy. They took care of everything, and were easy-going and patient when I needed to put them off for a couple weeks to get things sorted. It feels good to be able to help camp, and I'm really glad I went down this route.” Tim Swanson, GG Alum

The new program described by the ReFUND CO initiative puts you in charge of where your donation goes. It’s as simple as 1,2,3: 1. Decide how much of your refund to donate. 2. Enter Geneva Glen Camp, Inc.” and our registration number “20033002688” in the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund line on your state income tax return or tax software – or just give this info to your tax preparer when you share your tax documents. 3. Smile knowing you’ve helped a cause that matters to you! With this new program, you can re-energize our important work for another year. Learn more at RefundWhatMatters.org.

Help us earn up to $125,000 per cycle! All you have to do is link your SooperCard to Geneva Glen and then swipe your SooperCard (or enter Alt ID) when you purchase groceries at King Soopers in Colorado! Register your SooperCard at www.kingsoopers.com/communityrewards 1. Select "Enroll Now" 2. Sign In or Create a New Account 3. Choose "Community Rewards" from the left menu 4. Enter “Geneva Glen” under “Find an Organization" 5. Click "Enroll"

As part of our strategic plan, we have been working to better organize and streamline Geneva Glen’s volunteer engagement process. As a part of this, we are excited to introduce our new volunteer website.

www.genevaglen.org/volunteer Here you can learn all about the different volunteer opportunities and express your interest to volunteer. From there, a GG Staff member will contact you and get you involved!

Thank you to our generous 2020 Donors! While we highlighted some numbers in the 2020 Fall Breeze, we wanted to thank our donors once again for their incredible support during a truly difficult year. Listed are those who gave in the amount of $500 or more during the 2020 calendar year. We want to extend our gratitude to those who contributed less than that amount as well, as we appreciate everything the Camp Family was able to contribute. Please forgive us if we have inadvertently omitted your name. Those that requested to remain anonymous in publications have been omitted from this list. 1968 GG Hilltop Gals A Moot Point Construction Tara & David Acton Amy Ahlfeld & Jed Wallace Jen & Ford Allison Lorie Amass Millicent & Luis Ambroggio Kathy & Rob Ammann Elisabeth & Joe Anderson Mary Ellen Anderson Rebecca & Dave Anderson Rebecca Arbuckle John & Ashley Arigoni Marsha Armentrout Ruben Arquilevich Merrell Aspin & Mark Fallon Ken & Nancy Atkinson Christine & Merle Atkinson Lisa & Leigh Augustine Abigail Aukema & Shane Williams Blair & Craig Austad Maia & Carlton Babbs Diana & Dave Bailey Beth McDowell Baldwin Ball Corporation Barker Family Ozzie Baron Renata Bauman & Nick Rosen Danielle & David Beasley Leslie Beasley Vidal & Armando Vidal Ellen Becker Cindy & Adam Bedard V. Claire Bennett Nicole Bennett-Smith & Patrick Smith Kristen Berg & Ty Amass Erin & Jesse Bertoli Christine & Jeff Biegert Allison Blaue-Lennox & Gary Lennox Anne & Jon Boris Tonya & Noah Borwick Ann & Jonathan Boyer Katie & Bryan Bozeman Claire Braam Jo Brannan-Burns & Brian Burns Amy & Blair Brennan Sarah & Jeff Bridich Karin & Adam Brown Dana Bryson & John van Doorninck Kelly & Martin Buhr Andrea & Jim Bunn Lisha & Keven Burnett Jennifer Butera & Joan Lederhos Carole & Bill Buyers Rachel Byrne & Greg Tamkin Cadence Victoria Cain & Seth Weingram Heather & Blake Calvert Donise Calvin & Donald Ghella Louis Caplan Julie Carey Carey-Conway Family Fund Mary & Terry Carr Carson Foundation C Carter Cindy & Stephen Cartwright Amee & Pete Cassidy Anne & Collis Chandler Michelle & Thomas Chapin Virginia Chase Sara Christensen Lacey & Richard Lacey Rebecca & Mike Clark Sarah Clarke & Dan Lewis Allison & Ian Clifton Donald & Therese Cohen

Cohen Family Sabrah Collar Carrie Collins Colorado Chute Company Inc. Jack & Sarah Conner Patricia & Peter Cooper Kristin & Quinn Cox Emily & George Craft Sarah & Don Cunningham Jen & Alex Cyphers Candace & Andrew Dale Lisa Damour & Darren Keefe Sally & Michael Davis Heather & Dirk de Roos Lisa & Ray Decker Meredith & Brian Deem Shelly & Dru Deiner Kelly & Eric Devlin Ali & Bradley Dodson Samuel Dodson Shannon Dreher Podgorski & Jeff Podgorski Laura & Dan Droy Heather & Jeff Dugdale Sydney Dunbar Jeff & Sydney Dunbar Kara Duncan & Steve Ashley Amy Dunkelman & Jeff Mahler Sarah & Ted Dunn Julie & Matt DuPree Carol Duval Kelly & Brian Dwyer Nan Earle Lindy Eichenbaum Lent & Jason Lent Meg Elkjer-O'Connell & Brian O'Connell Chelsea Ells Manheim & Jonathan Manheim Sandra Suzanne Elmer Caroline & Dale Estes Melissa Etheridge Sarah & Craig Everson Leslie & John Ewy Margot Fahnestock Lena & Christopher Faulkner Adler Fedrizzi Alison Fielder Finley & Tom Finley Debbie & Craig Fimple Ely Fishkin Rita & Thomas Fitzpatrick Regan Flanigan & Joel Burns Courtney Fleming & Tim Amass Bob Flory Marty & Bev Flynn Kristin & Heiko Freitag Jennifer & Brian Frenkel Robert & Virginia Fuller Jennifer & Kyle Gamba Mika Gans & Ryan Matley Heidi & Bradley Gassman Genesee & Wyoming Inc. Diane Genova Alison George & Eric Voogt Hilary & Graham Gerlach Mark Glasco & John Wolforth Kathleen Glynn & Richard Bogucki Nathan Godsman Niamh & Noel Goggin Kristen & Patrick Golden Dan Goldhamer & Sara Hazel Deborah & Ernest Gonzalez Corie & Jake Good Google Anita Graham Cyndi Penberthy Graham Great-West Financial Heather & John Grubbs

Debbie & Matt Grylicki Kate & Ryan Gulick Megan & Alexander Guyott Donna M Hacker Jen & Mark Halboth Katie & Ben Hale Dent Hand Erika Hand Vicki Hand & Alan Tennery James Hankins Julia & Jacob Hansen David Harbaugh Dane & Andrea Harbaugh Pam & Gib Harris Natasha & Glen Harris Missy Hartley William Hartman Jill Haug James Haug Michael & Diane Hazel Don Henderson Jen & Cody Henderson Jill & Charlie Hibbeln Jennifer & Marley Hodgson Todd & Morgia Holmes Mary Hood Rebecca & Alan Hoskins Bruce Hoyt Karen & Martin Hummel Sarah & Scott Humphreys Gloria Wolvington Hurdle Laura & Davis Hurley Katie & Jesse Irwin Tom, Alex, & Claire Iseman Kim & Chris Jacoby Leigh & Wm. Oliver Jenkins Alice & Steve Jennison Tony Johnson & Krista McNamara Joliet Foundation Kailey & Randy Jonas Christel & Stuart Jones Thomas & Alison Jones Alix Joseph & Timothy Bell Nancy & Sam Kaplan Elli Kaplan & Jason Solomon Christy & Jonas Keating Leslie & Jim Kendrick Rob & Tracy Kesselman Kesselman Family Foundation Keybank Sean Kidston Stephanie Kiley Kate Kilgore Cihon & Matt Cihon Lew & Sally Kingdom Kristy Kingdom-Westnedge & Brian Westnedge Ashley & Bob Kingsley Liza & Don Kirkpatrick Natalie & John Kirton Casey Klein Chip & Susan Klein Alisa & Brad Knepper Dana & Peter Kopper Christine & Kevin Korenthal Laurie & Peter Korneffel Kosanovich Family Karen & Steve Kosten Gaylan Kraft Ronda & Todd Krier Heather Lamm & Alex Ooms Alexa Lanpher Jenny & Sean Lavey Anne Laye Cross & Jerry Cross Don & Janice Leach Paige & Todd LeBlanc Bob & Marlene Lederer Ben Lederer Megan Lederer & Dan Teter Dave Lee

Rae Lees Jessica & Troy Lerner Kent Lewellen Heather Lichtenfels Monica Liley Skok & John Skok Amanda & Matt Linden Linda Appel Lipsius Pia & Brian Lisle Amy Livingston, Alex, Olivia, Savanna, & Claudia Nelsen Debby & Owen Locke Cora & Owen Locke Hillary Locke Mujica & Duane Mujica Amy & Jeremy Long Chealyn & Dan Long Tom & Beth Long Toni Louwagie Rebecca Lovvorn & Corey Ryan Jean Ann Lowry Hillary Maclean John Mahan Susannah, Olivia & Ben Malek Kim & William Mangle Cathy & Bill Marlin Christopher Martel Lisa & Jarod Martin Jamie Martin & Kyle Kunkle Jenna Martin & Tal Tversky Erin & Jonathan Massey Derek Mauzy Vanessa Mazal & Clark Rider Jennifer McBride & Charles Huang Margaret & Derek McCandless Christine & Jeremiah McCarty Briana & JD McCrumb Edwin McDowell Peter McHugh Maura McHugh Nancy McKeever Lindsey & Chip McKeever Randy & Gail McKnight Larissa & Blake McLean Laura & Paul McMahon Kris & Jay McMullan Pat & Roger Medors Joy Douglass Melsen Melissa & Alex Menter Merrill Michael & Frances Peter Family Fund Jennifer & David Miles Beth Miller Christine & Nate Miller Amy Miller & Ron Amass Martine Minnis Maire Minnis Turk & Scott Turk Laura & Vishnu Mitchell Jamie & Christopher Mitzo Kendra & Robert Jr Molinary Jeanne & Nathan Mondrus Jan Moor Carrie & Mason Moore Rory Moore & Chris Terch Catherine Mouton Tidd Beth Moyski Ann & Christopher Muehling Bill Mueller Maggie & Kevin Murphy Matt & Julie Murphy Robert Nagel Kimberley & Mark Neilio Natasha Nielsen & John Porter Kathleen & Ned Nixon Claire Nordeen Allison Nuanes & Charles Locke Meg & Marmaduke OBrien Amy & Ryan O'Brien Brooke & Brady O'Donnell

Trece O'Donnell Adam Offenhartz Raechel O'Kelley Hart & Mike Hart Erin O'Kelley Muck & Chris Muck Cheryl & Kevin Ormston Amy & Matthew Palcso Katherine & Bert Palmer Ali Pass Smits & Brian Smits James Pearse Walter & Saranne Penberthy Geneen Pipher Boyd & Alfred Boyd Plateau Technologies LLC Robert Pontow & Christy Balentine Cori & Cameron Pope Sarah Propeck Leah & Michael Pytel Sarah & Ryan Renz Kate Richardson Lucks & Brendan McCormick Dana & Will Ricketts Becky & Mark Risch Marion (Mimi) & Ashley Roach Rick Roadruck Mary & Eric Robertson Whitney Robertson Peteranetz & Jay Peteranetz Lindsay Rocks & David Smith Brian Rogers & Stephen Hipp Liz Romer Margaret & Dwayne Romero Allison Rosenthall Jennifer Rothschild & Julien Izbiky Kerstin Lajla & David Rowe Suzanne & Steve Roy Cathy & Dan Rudmann Lindsey & Ken Sain Matt & Erin Sampson Stacie & Leonard Sarsfield Amy Scanlan & Dave Gesler Kate & Otto Schmitz Anna & Bret Scholtes Holly & Troy Schroeder Evan Schwartz Jessica Shade & Jake Meier Brad Sheehan Holly & Brett Shrewsbury Stacie & Todd Siegler Hilary Silver & Brendon Pardington Kirklyn & John Simonton Emily & Kerry Sims SM Energy David Smith & Lindsay Rocks Suzanne Soares & Craig Luthy Xander Sommers Sally Spencer-Thomas & Randy Thomas Staff of the MCV Foundation Amy Stanesco & Thomas Robbins Alodie & Dan Steinberg Lark & Brett Stewart Jaime & Mack Stiles Beckett Stokes & Andrew Seelaus Amy & Jordon Storfa Kim & Jeff Streblow Leah & Ken Stroud Jessica & Brian Stutz Kristi & Sean Sullivan Fiorella & Tim Swanson Katie & Chad Swats Diane & Dan Sweeney Lauren & Tobin Sykes Tamblyn Family Erin & Edmund Tatar

Matt, Allison, Luke & Grace Taylor Susan Taylor & Bruce Darby Taylor Family Fund Barbara Tenbrook Betsy & Andy Thamert Alison Thayer & Ross Pulkrabek The Peikin Family The Thorntons Kelly & Jason Thoene Betty & Dave Thomas Julie Thomas Phelps & Larry Phelps Cassie & Andrew Todd Lori & Ken Tolle Terry Tomsick Ian Tracy Robin & Phillip Triplett Jennifer Tucker Visitacion & Joshua Visitacion Meghan & Rob Tust TWC Foundation, Inc. Barb & Mark Van Hare John Vogt Lana & Ed von Tersch Ashley & Anthony Walker Jean Wallace & Craig LoSasso Laird & Jeannine Walton Dan Warner Michele Warren Shanna & Florian Weber Kristin & Joe Weber Tanya & Andy Weinberg Kristen Welsh & Michael Malarney Laura & Steven Werner Davis Wert Scott Wert Erin Wester Moss & Taylor Moss Virginia & Chuck Westerheide Colleen Wheeler & Jonathan Bowser Michael Whitney Robert Williams Dave Williamson Cathie & Red Williamson Graham Wilson Rob & Heather Witwer Kristen & Michael Wolf Megan & Shane Wood Bill Wood Elizabeth & John Woodward Jennifer & Benjamin Woolf Matt Wright Rodger Wunderlich Wyman Family Charitable Foundation Cynthia & Shawn Yakely Michael, Derek, & Kimberly Yakely Thorn Kristina & David Yarrington Fran Yerkey-Held & Jeff Held Yetter Family Justyna & Rob Zack

SAVE THE CRC CABIN Please Join us in the Restoration of one of our most Cherished Cabins

The Costume Room, also known as the CRC, or past offices, or crafts (the building between the lodge and the Council Ring) has seen better day and is in dire need of restoration. It is still something we can fix, but we are looking for help! We are hoping to raise the necessary funds by August, so that we can get it repaired in the fall prior to another winter. We have been able to raised $54,000 out of a $150,000 goal for this project, and proceeds from the Inaugural GG Dodgeball Tournament and if necessary, the Fourth Annual Golf Tournament will be used for this as well. If you are interested in helping us save this building full of memories, please mail in the attached pledge card, donate online, or contact Jimmy Dickson at jimmy@genevaglen.org.

Pledge Card? What’s that and how does one fill it out? 1. Choose what you want to support. 2. Choose an amount you want to donate monthly, customized time, one-time, or if you simply want to pledge an amount to be paid at another time. 3. Choose whether you want to pay by check, credit or debit, or have GG send you a bill at a later time. 4. Fill out all the information about yourself. 5. Please sign and date! 6. Mail back in an envelope with a 55 cent stamp, or Forever stamp. 7. If you don’t want to mail in the card, you may donate online or by using the Venmo app. 8. Smile! You’re awesome!

The Geneva Glen Breeze Newsletter PO Box 248 Indian Hills, CO 80454 www.genevaglen.org