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Geneva Glen Camp Glen Breeze - Fall 2019 Edition DIRECTOR’S LETTER Dear GG Friends, What an incredible summer at The Glen! We kicked things off in June with another memorable Myths & Magic. Approximately 190 of our younger campers were on hand, and we estimate they each took home almost 5 pounds of GG dirt on their skin and clothes… leaving GG 950 pounds lighter! American Heritage was one of the colder sessions any of us could remember. Rain and nightly temperatures in the 40’s caused us to give out spare blankets to many of the campers and staff! We welcomed, for the first time, the Sons of the American Revolution who showed our campers what life was like around the time our nation was born. Many campers participated in our 2nd summer of our track system and several received awards. All their names will be burned into a new wooded structure outside the Council Ring for all to see. By the time Knighthood arrived, our weather had warmed up as we welcomed back approximately 240 campers in each session, many of which had attended GG for 8, 9, or 10 years straight! Knighthood II offered the campers a special surprise in the form of a black bear that decided to roost in a tree by Cabin 2 for about 24 hours. This unlikely visitor caused us to re-arrange some sleeping situations for several cabins on Girls Hill. The bear eventually got bored and left after the first night, so the campers that slept in the Marathon or Chapel enjoyed an unexpected one-night slumber party! We introduced a “passport” this year in World Friendship. Each year a camper attends this session, they will receive a stamp in their passport to represent the country they were a part of, with a page for other campers and their counselors to sign. During their last year at GG, we will present this passport to them as a memento to treasure. The Olympics this year had a new opening ceremony, and many more events. We are now busy doing renovations on the meadow as well as a few other projects. Please read about all the goings-on in this edition of the Glen Breeze! In the Spirit of the Glen,

Casey Klein, Director

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2019 SUMMER RECAP A trail of pixie dust led campers to a Council Ring full of their favorite storybook characters as Myths & Magic opened Geneva Glen’s summer once again. Each day saw campers roaming the magical hills while waving their wands and learning about the local magical creatures from our resident expert witches and wizards. The magic continued into the evening at the Hogwarts Feast as the kids were joined by Harry Potter, along with his friends and teachers in the dining hall filled with floating candles. Beyond building dragon nests and searching for signs of gnomes, the Myths campers slept under the stars after enjoying s’mores that were left by a bumbling pirate, performed under the Big Top at the Circus, and of course, rolled through mud, Jell-O, flour, sand, and more at the Dirty Derby! Crowned as this summer’s Mud Pie King and Queen were Peyton Tamblyn and Alex Brown!

Our American Heritage campers were welcomed with a wonderful rendition of “Rawhide” by the GG staff as we were all transported back to the Old West for two weeks of fun! Once again, the cabins and dorms were organized by “Family Groups” which were, from youngest to oldest: Tommy Knockers, Buckaroos, Prospectors, Arapaho, Pioneers, Scouts, Mountaineers, Revolutionaries, and Ute. We were filled with gratitude as the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution donated a new

flag pole that sits at the top of the meadow, between Cabin 1 and the Lodge. Not only did they lead us in an official dedication ceremony, but they also spent a few days leading the campers in programming, teaching them about the ways of life during the Revolutionary War. Many thanks to Shara (Slay) Castle and Cathy (Gordon) “Flash” Rudmann for helping organize this event!

The final two days of the session were once again celebrated with The Wild West Show and a Rendezvous in which each Family Group brought something to be shared with the camp, including dances, games, and snacks. There was pemmican, apple pies, panning for gold, a rock monster that was battled and then befriended by the Tommy Knockers. The Rendezvous closed in the Council Ring as we recognized the American Heritage award winners, as well as the following campers who completed their American Heritage tracks: Trailblazers, Level 1: Preston Sullivan, Witt Young, Quinn Booth, Michael Tidd, Ashely Acton, Sam Holland, Kayla Calvert, Mason Voogt, Nico Chinea

Buckskinner, Level 1: Casey Jones J/M All tokens collected: Brooke Krier, Reed Ralston, Ridge Taylor-Westwood, Henry Smith The final act of the evening is the presentation of The Spirit of America award, with the following definition: “During American Heritage, we strive to instill a deeper appreciation of the history and culture of the great Americans that created our country. Our country’s foundation comes from a diverse melting pot of people all blended together to form our great nation. At Geneva Glen, we recognize one camper and one counselor each year during American Heritage that displays outstanding leadership and devotion to these ideals. This person’s acceptance of all cultures, ability to teach others these traditions, and enthusiasm for American history is evident to all those around them, and inspires others to follow in their steps.”

Each Family Group nominated one camper to be considered for this award, and the nominees were: Nora Butler, Tyler Mendenhall, May May Condlin, Sarah Ewy, Louis Walker, Teddy Rauchway, Anna Christensen, Preston Sullivan, and Matthew Peters. Preston Sullivan was selected as the recipient of the Spirit of America award for campers and Program Coordinator Levi Gribas was selected for staff.

Headliners, Level 1: Zach Phelps, Adele Tversky Headliners, Level 2: Zach Phelps, Sam Hewetson Range Riders, Level 1: Teddy Rauchway, Eliza Lennox, Margaret Trujillo Naturalists, Level 1: Kate Todd, Anna Christensen

The Spirit of America award recipients are presented with American flags flown over the United States Capital Building

2019 SUMMER RECAP The Jolly Band brought forth the Orders of the Glen as we kicked off another fantastic summer of Knighthood! Ken, Nancy, and others set the stage with stories of Merlin, Arthur, and their counterparts. The songs “Witchcraft,” “Rose,” and “Follow the Gleam,” once again filled the Council Ring with that magical spirit. John Vogt and Tim Hogan reprised their roles as special guest speakers for our Sunday Vespers services. John dug deep into Knighthood stories from the Mabinogion, while Tim spoke to different facets of fidelity and loyalty within Knighthood. Merlin’s Masque was highlighted by the performances this year’s Merlins: Taylor Tamblyn (Merlin, the Child), Logan Ambroggio (Merlin, the Boy) and Ian Jenkins (Merlin, the Enchanter). The dancers all showed off their grace and strength, capped off by a beautiful performance of the classic Lady of the Lake dance by Lauren Schulman. Pulling of the Sword was as enchanting as ever with Blake Schimmel raising the sword from the stone and handing the rose to Mia Gonzalez as they became Geneva Glen’s 82nd King Arthur and Queen Guenevere. Their court included Stella Addis, Margot Bender, Carter Hoops, Sloan Hurley, Mary Malone Johnson, Parker Murane, Waverly Reeves, Grace Romero, Lily Urban, Tess Wallace, Seamus Cassidy, John Cunningham, Blake Duris, Jake Jent, Riley Kidston, Taggert Lees, Luca

Maffoni, Reed Nixon, Cedric OrtonUrbina, and Will Klein, along with alternates Nora Rassman and Grant Cruzan. There was much to celebrate at the ends of both sessions as Cooper Eisman, Alex Skibby, Cameron Todd, Remy Allen, Jack DeStefano, Blake Duris, Sam Kanewske, Luca Maffoni, Brendan Murphy, Reed Nixon, Jackson Podgorski, Jacob Sampson, Reed Westnedge attained the rank of Sir Knight as campers; James Kohler, Landon Cramer, Brad Emrick, Ethan Meyer, Bobby Meagher, and Noah Schwalger were awarded Silver Spurs; Dana Coren, Grace Campbell, Caroline McHugh, Annie Cunningham, Jordan Clouse, Madison Griggs, McKenna Nading, Emily Kastner, and Cristina Thayer received Roses; Christmas Sidwell, Alex Izbiky, Levi Gribas, and Reid Byrne were recognized as Gold Stars and Mikaela Jacoby, Lauren Clarke, Caley Moon, and Kellie Warren joined the venerable ranks of the Ladies of the Bracelet. The abundance of awards was a true mark of the quality of the 2019 staff and campers!

The colors of the world’s flags dotted the meadow and Council Ring while sounds of Austrian Yodelers and Kookaburras rang through the area as World Friendship’s celebration of cultures took over. The Olympic Theme was prominent from the start as each cabin and dorm represented a country that competed for Olympic points throughout the session.

GG Alum Bob Flory helped to design an active evening Vespers program designed to show the older campers the difficult situations and decisions that many residents of poor countries face. Campers (and counselors) of all ages took part in the classic Musical Revue for the penultimate evening of the session that included songs from Grease, Annie, Chicago, Lion King, Rent, and more!

Chautauqua was filled with great food, songs, and performances during and we presented our final awards of the summer that evening. Hannah Hammond, Brady Allison, and Montie Mabil were recognized with Geneva Glen’s Sportsmanship Award and the Peace Prize nominees were filled with veteran GG campers. Natalie Wadwha, Maggie Gesler, Devyn Schaefer, Brynn Barlow, Aidan Rogers, Blake Duris, and Clayton Baldwin were all nominated while the Peace Prize was awarded to Ainsley Dodson.

We were grateful for all of our returning campers and counselors and even more grateful to welcome in all of the new members of the GG camp family in what was another wonderful, memorable Geneva Glen summer!

2019 Summer Theme - “Awe” Our campers and staff put us in a state of total amazement with their love, creativity, and passion for Geneva Glen. The Spirit of Glen is alive and well!

ON-THE-DOG-BEAT Hi everyone! Other than meal times in the lodge, there’s no better time to be at camp than on the 4th of July! I get up extra early to be a part of the wakeup ride, but those horses always manage to get way out ahead of me somehow. Everyone spends all day singing patriotic songs, and the flag raising after breakfast is always cool, especially with the shiny, new flagpole we had this year. Nothing beats the 4th of July Carnival though! The meadow is filled with music, dunk tanks, and games, but best of all, it’s filled with snacks! Sometimes I find cotton candy, melted root beer floats, popcorn, and other things, but as long as it looks like food, it doesn’t matter to me! The Banjo Man had the kids dancing and singing in the meadow before they handed out sparklers to everyone and set off some fireworks. The kids loved the fireworks, but I definitely prefer the snacks.

Hi! I’m new here! There’s so much to love about camp, but my most favorite thing so far, other than romping through the meadow with Gus, was Camp Kindness Day! They told me that camps all over the country took a day to spread kindness throughout their communities, how great is that? I know I was glad to see all of the campers and counselors being so kind to each other, but the best part about this place is that it seems like they do that every day! Woof! Woof! Gus, Nala, and Maisie

STAFF SPOTLIGHT Anne began work at Geneva Glen as the accountant in 2012. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in accounting, Anne spent several years in both public and private accounting. Anne’s role at GG is all of the accounting and/or finance related tasks and has currently been helping with the annual budget. When Anne isn’t at GG she can usually be found enjoying the Colorado outdoors and water skiing.

I check out all of the guests that come in to camp, and there aren’t many that I enjoy seeing more than the Schwalger family when they come up for the Island Dancing night during World Friendship! I get to see them take the kids all around camp while they teach them games, explain the traditional symbols, and show them how to do the Haka and the Hula! At the end of the night, the kids get very quiet (which I love!) when they Happy Trails Jett turn the lights down low for the incredible Fire Knife Dance in the Council Ring! I can’t wait to Sad news from the G / Barn as ol’ see the Schwalgers back again next August! Jett headed off to the pasture-inthe-sky. Jett was a camper favorite and spent many summers working in both the arena and on the trail. His “Old Codger” buddies Jasper, Thunder, Kiowa, and Dakota will miss him greatly. Jett was 30 years old - thanks for your service!

HUMBLE SERVICE We are truly grateful to all who donated their time to GG this year! In addition to the volunteers listed below, we want to thank all of the Members of our GG Committees and Members of the GG Round Table! Not to mention our Year-round GG Staff that work and organize many of these volunteer projects: Airport Runs , Hay Trucks & Barn Help, Orientation Trainings, Pendragon Workdays, Photography, Session Check-Ins & Check-Outs, Strawberry Pancake Breakfast, Vespers Speakers, Volunteer Work Day. Cody Allen Brady Allison Ford Allison Millicent Ambroggio John Arigoni Blair Austad Emily Austad Will Austad CJ Backus Beth Baldwin Kendall Baldwin Debbie Becker Joseph Bogucki Andrew Bourke Maisie Bowdouris Ben Brasch Kyle Brinkman Carly Broady Ellie Broady Trish Campbell Andrew Carlson Jane Carlson Lauren Clouse Jordan Cohen Kristin Cox Jackie Crone

Morgan Crosse Charlotte Dean Annie Eidenschink Bradford Emrick Missy Fagerstrom Carlee Flynn Marty Galloway Lauren Goettge Levi Gribas Harris Griswold Debbie Grylicki Jamie Hall Jeremy Hall Vicki Hand Cody Haun Mike Hazel Fran Held Oscar Held Dana Heller Mike Hinds Hayley Hiner Emily Jacobs Emma Johnston Kylie Kachmer Riley Kidston Sean Kidston

John Kirton Matthew Kirton Mikaela Kirton Natalie Kirton James Kohler Nick Kolomitz Dana Kopper Henry Korneffel Kayla Kutler Dominique Lacroix Pete LaFleur Anna Lawrence Emilie Lederer Matt Lederer Austin Lee Dave Lee Latrice Lee Cody Lubchenco Kris Mackey John Mahan Katlyn Maloney Attila Martonosi Daphne Martonosi Kim Martonosi Sophie Martonosi Aiden Massey

Erin Massey Cooper McCleery Caroline McHugh Nate Miller Jamie Mitzo Brendan Moon Lisa Moore Olivia Nelsen Mara Nichols Reed Nixon Abbey Obourn Joy Pearson Coza Perry Aspen Peterson Brooke Peterson Everett Redford Wyatt Redford Dan Ritchie Rick Roadruck Nora Rowe Jack Ryan Emma Sajsa Matai Schwalger Noah Schwalger Troy Schwalger Joseph Snowhawk

Xander Sommers Carol Stall Amy Stanesco Nick Thomas Randy Thomas Tanner Thomas Jackson Thomas Emma Thompson Will Thompson Charlie Thornton Kevin Ulibarri Evie Vogt John Vogt Ethan Wadhwa Becky Weinberg Scott Wert Davis Wert Cathie Williamson Red Williamson Troy Witonsky Bill Wood Colin Yakely

Geneva Glen is grateful to Connor Triplett (10’s) who completed his Eagle Project at camp this past Spring. Connor along with members from Boy Scout Troop 633 built this beautiful fire pit and gathering area at the Shrine campsite. This was a popular spot for smores and enjoying the night sky during overnights. Connor served on our Dish Crew this past summer. Thank you Connor and Troop 633!

ALUM PROGENY FOR 2019 457 of our campers that attended Geneva Glen this summer were progeny of alums! This is not even including our staff! About a fourth of all staff members are also progeny of GG alums. We are one big happy family! Cherishing the past, nurturing the present, seeding the future! Beckett Addis Stella Addis Douglas Allen Remy Allen Brady Allison Henry Allison Samuel Allison Brody Ambroggio Holden Ambroggio Logan Ambroggio Jake Ammann Murphy Ammann Elizabeth Anderson James Anderson Julia Anderson Corbin Anno Ravi Apte Bingham Ashley Chase Atamian Owen Atamian Petra Augustine Emily Austad William Austad Ashlyn Bailey Georgia Paige Bailey Clayton Baldwin Jack Bambalas Jake Bambalas Zeke Battersby April Beasley Zegen Beasley Fiona Bell Lachlan Bell Zachary Bell Aila Benavidez Gabriel Bertoli Joshua Bertoli Poppy Borus Nya Borwick Alex Brown Lila Brown Willa Brown Caroline Brownson Connor Brunger Jackson Brunger Charles Bruno Grace Bruno Christopher Bryant Alexander Buhr Stella Buhr Allison Burkhart Matthew Burkhart Erin Burns Madden Burns Avery Busch Gabriella Butera Isabella Butera Nora Butler Ethan Buxman Caroline Cain-Weingram Vivian Cain-Weingram Kayla Calvert Connor Capoot Brigid Cassidy Seamus Cassidy Calvin Cecil Everett Cecil Margaret Cecil Nico Chinea Sydney Chivers Elise Christman Grace Christman Logan Christman Reid Christman Lucy Clanahan-Kuhn Joe Clark Josephine Clark

Lily Clark Margaret Clark Sophie Clark Andrew Clifton Caroline May Condlin Jon Condlin Byers Corrigan Cici Corrigan Colin Cortez Keira Cox Caroline Craft Caroline Cramer Grant Cramer Elaine Cross Grant Cruzan Anna Cunningham John Cunningham Nathaniel Cunningham Brannum Cyphers Clara Cyphers Katie Dahlen Zoe Davenport Will Davila Kagneyann Davis Tate de Roos Logan Decker Lily Deem Ella Deiner Jack Destefano Sophia Destefano Riley Devlin Connor Droy Kaylie Droy Cassidy Dugdale Reese Dugdale Kaelin Dunn Blake Duris Hayes Dwyer Miles Dwyer Madeline Easdon Aramis Ebro-Becker Emma Elkjer Hudson Elkjer Will Erkelens Riley Estes Sarah Ewy Christopher Fable Adler Fedrizzi Avery Fimple Teagan Fimple Drew Finley Presley Finley Inara Freeman Roan Freeman Karoline Freitag Maximilian Freitag Lucy Frenkel Harrison Fullerton Piper Fullerton Cadence Gamba Dempsey Gamba Thatcher Gamba Rhyllah Gay Desmond GeeWolvington Arden Gerlach Emory Gerlach Ava Gonzalez Mia Gonzalez Nahum Gonzalez Brooks Good Emmitt Good Lindsay Grey Lula Gripka Willa Gripka Molly Grylicki Everett Gulick

Maclaren Gulick Carter Guyott Keely Haas Macie Haas Henry Haith Emilio Canete Hand Eloise Hansen George Henry Hanzel Miles Hanzel Trey Harris Rhea Harrison Reese Hart Taylor Hart Cole Heiman Eleonore Heiman Oscar Held Ava Heringer Stella Hermansen Emily Hewetson Samantha Hewetson Eve Higgins Rye Higgins Hadley Hodgson Harper Hodgson Brianna Hogan Jace Holtzman Mina Holtzman Carter Hoops Finn Howsam Davis Hummel Anton Isaacs Payton Isaacs Ginna Jacoby Robert Jacoby Jake Jent Charlotte Johnson Jasper Johnson Mary Malone Johnson Sophia Johnson Aidan Jonas Casey Jones Dillon Jones Jackie Joyce Elaina Kaczmarek Zora Kaczmarek Sam Kanewske Emma Kaplan Max Kaplan Piper Kean Thatcher Kean Macy Keating Carter Elizabeth Kelly James Kendrick William Kendrick Jackson Kennell Riley Kidston William Kiley Remi Kingdom Riley Kingdom John Kirkhuff Reid Kirkhuff Soren Kirkhuff Matthew Kirton Asher Klein Astrid Klein Lucy Klein Maggie Klein William Klein Brody Kopper Cameron Kopper Mia Kurtz Noelle Kurtz Kayla Kutler Claudia Lacey Avery Lankford Mia Lanpher Finnegan Larkin

Casey LeBlanc Sarah Leczo Samuel Lee Cooper Lees Taggart Lees Ryder Levin James Lewis Charlie Lewis-Clarke Maggie Lichtenfels Owen Lichtenfels Claire Linden Oliver Linden Charles Lipsius Dorothy Lipsius Elizabeth Locke Owen Locke Alex Long Andrew Long Lauryn Long Stuart Lucks Grace Maffoni Luca Maffoni Zachary Maksymov Anya Mangle Braden Mangle Lena Manheim Tessa Manheim Molly Manning Jace Martin Daphne Martonosi Aiden Massey Hattie Matley Levi Matley Ashley Matthews Taylor Matthews Beau Mazal-Rider Dollie Mazal-Rider Caroline McCarty Isabelle McCarty Meredith McCarty Tegan McCarty Niall McDermott Lucille McGee Jacob McKinney Beckett McKnight Dylan McMahon Kelly McMahon Lucas Meier Bowen Meyer Georgia Meyer Levi Meyer Lucah Meyer Lucy Meyer Aria Michael Cadence Michael Daphne Miles Rowan Miles Jessie Miller Isabella Mitchell Ella Molinary Maci Molinary David Mondrus Jonathan Mondrus Ryan Mondrus Avery Moss Claire Moss Ellie Moss Zach Moss Lucien Muck Brendan Murphy Cullen Murphy Maryn Murphy Claudia Nelsen Olivia Nelsen Savanna Nelsen Miles Newmyer Brogan O'Connor

Jasper Ooms Tobias Ooms Cedric Orton-Urbina Abby Palmer Jack Palmer Santo Parras Aiden Pass Josephine Pass Quinny Peikin Aspen Peteranetz Braiden Peteranetz Trennon Peteranetz Geneva Peterson Vinh Peterson Zachary Phelps Hannah Podgorski Jackson Podgorski Benjamin Pontow Rebecca Pontow Timothy Pontow Emerson Porter Kaitlyn Potts Mackenzie Potts Amelia Purdy Nico Ramirez Gonzalo Ramos Sebastian Ramos Everett Redford Wyatt Redford Alexandra Reeves Camden Reeves Waverly Reeves Bryce Richards Isabella Richards Landon Richards Maximilian Richards Emma Ricketts Macy Ricketts Rosie Risch Sawyer Risch Sophia Robnett Abigail Romero Grace Romero Finn Rork Jackson Rork Eleanora Rowe Leah Rudmann Emily Rudnick Samantha Rudnick Ben Ruedebusch William Ruedebusch Cormac Ryan Owen Ryan Abby Sampson Isabelle Sampson Jacob Sampson Finnley Sansone Colby Sarsfield Skylar Sarsfield Kathleen Sawyer Connor Scheffel Riley Scheffel Evan Schmela Kate Schmela Grady Schulze Weston Schwartz Isabelle Sease Leo Senerchia Scarlett Shaughnessy Parker Shepard Emma Shimonek Owen Shimonek Alex Skibby Wyatt Sladic Graham Smith Henry Smith Madeline Smith

Molly Smith Molly Smith Reed Smith Caroline Smits Katherine Smits Jed Solomon Reese Steinberg Eleanor Stevens Miles Stevens Nora Stiles Cecilia Stroud Brian Sullivan John Sullivan Michael Sullivan Adele Swanson Peyton Tamblyn Taylor Tamblyn Luke Taylor Carson Tennery Connor Teter Logan Teter Sophie Thoene Jackson Thomas Blake Thurman Finley Thurman Michael Tidd Philip Titus Cameron Todd Kate Todd Lane Todd Annabelle Torgove Vivian Trusler Josip Turk Tallie Turk Harlan Tust Kaia Tust Lily Urban Nico van Doorninck Zea van Doorninck Odin Van Horn Maile VanDerWege Jace Vasbinder Jaxon Vasbinder Charles Vidal Samuel Visitacion Evelyn Vogt Emma Walker Fynian Walker Kaeden Walker Quentin Wallace Tess Wallace Tess Ware Ava Westerheide Ellie Westerheide Hattie Westnedge Reed Westnedge Adeline Whitney Chelsea Wilhelm Lindsey Wilhelm Keegan Wills Christopher Witwer Bowen Wood Jackson Wood Eleanor Woodward John Woodward Amanda Woolley Sophia Woolley Lisa Wootten Magnolia Worley-Morse Sophia Wright Evan Yakely Charles Young Sloane Zanotti

• October 14, 2020: Tuition and fees will be posted (tuition payments made online by eCheck or credit card only) • Monday, October 21 - Wednesday, October 23: The Winter Workshop application link and tuition will be emailed on October 21 to eligible families (veteran campers currently in 9th - 11th grade) • Monday, October 28—Friday, November 1: Summer 2020 application window for veteran families, out-of-Colorado families, and GG Alums - you may apply at any time during this window to be included in the first applicant pool • Applications received after November 1 will be reviewed on a rolling basis after the first applicant pool is enrolled • January 7, 2020: Online application opens to new, non-alumni, in-state families Login to Camp-In-Touch www.genevaglen.org/forms Confirm/Edit contact information before the application window (application will be sent to primary email)

Monday, Oct. 21 - 23, 2019: Winter Workshop Application Window

Monday, October 28 - Friday, November 1: Application Window for summer sessions

Confirmation of Enrollment: Please allow a few weeks for confirmed enrollment after your application is submitted

February 3, 2020: 2nd payment and paperwork is due

April 3, 2020: Cancellation Deadline

April 6, 2020: Tuition is due for all sessions

Application Questions: Contact Christa Redford at christa@genevaglen.org or 303-697-4621 ext.25 Tech Support: Contact Johnny Domenico at johnny@genevaglen.org or 303-697-4621 ext.13

Trainee Program A Trainee is a camper selected for a leadership role all summer. We generally choose between 8-10 campers to participate in this program. They are able to enjoy the fun of being a camper with some of the responsibilities of being a staff member at GG. There is a high expectation of the camper's leadership abilities and loyalties to the values they've learned through our teen programs. At Geneva Glen, a camper who will be 16 and entering 11th grade in the summer may apply for Trainee. Keep in mind that it is a full summer commitment — which will be June 7 through August 8, 2020. Applications and program information will be available online by November 1. Applications are due by January 31, 2020.

NOTE: If you apply for the Trainee program, you still need to complete your regular camper application for the camp sessions of your choice. Please remember you should apply, not your parent!

ALUMNI NEWS Extraordinary news from Libby Bourke Eberhardt (‘90s & ‘00s) as she and her hubby, Kory, announced from a Baby Moon in Hawaii that they will be welcoming their first baby in November. Uncles Matt (‘90s) and Andrew (‘90s & ‘00s) must be ecstatic! Our dear friend, Marci Jacobs Jarog (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband, Jon, are expecting baby #3 in October! Marci sent this exciting news as to why she would not be attending our fall weekends. The newest Jarog will be joining a family of blonde beauties.

Late August brought a stork visit to Katie Richardson (‘00s) and Ben Hale (‘90s & ‘00s), as Margot Rose joined their family. The two met while working at camp in 2004 and sparks flew. Big sis Millie must be tickled pink! Congratulations to all! We are so thrilled for Bridget Alexander Riley (‘10s) and husband, Ian, as they welcomed a beautiful girl, Marion, in May!

News that Morgen Warner Villegas’ (‘90s & ‘00s) family is growing as she and her spouse, Mario, are welcoming baby #2 this year. New baby and big brother, Henry, are Wendy Cutler Lowe (‘80s & ‘90s) and husband, Steve, in for some great adventures with aunt Rosia Warner proudly introduced little Jack to the world in April. We Parrish (‘90s & ‘00s) and daughter Harper! cannot wait to meet baby Jack and watch him and Chloe Lambert Mopas brother Sam tromp around camp. We hope they will (‘90s & ‘00s) and show him off to us soon! partner, Jason, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first baby girl this fall. Chloe is beaming as she is showing off her baby bump! We hope to get a photo of their new bundle of joy. Casey Carr (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Jen, are over the moon with the announcement of their 2nd little bundle who will be arriving this winter. Baby will be joining big brother Andy in travelling the world with their family. Bruce Gallagher (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Tricia, are expecting baby boy #2 at the end of September. Older brother Grayson must be on cloud 9 waiting to meet his little brother! Kevin Schadt (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Amy, are expecting any minute now! We can’t wait to hear about their bundle of joy. They reside in California. We wish the three of them the best!

Knowing the genes in this family, little Turner Carpenter, is blessed with talent and electrifying hair. We are happy for Sarah Barrett Carpenter (‘90s & ‘00s) and Drake Carpenter, as Turner joined their abode in July!

Ozzie Baron (‘00s & ‘10s) popped the question to his fiancée Reshma Pattni. We wish the best to the happy couple! Word arrived that the lovely Lainey Tick (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) is betrothed to long-time beau, Sam Fallon.

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Sarah Wyman (‘90s & ‘00s) is engaged to her sweetie, Thomas Wallace. It will obviously be a GG style wedding filled with camp friends galore! Congratulations!

Zach Lewis (‘90s & ‘00s) was married to Leah this June on top of Vail mountain. Zach’s sister, Amanda (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s), was cheerful and grateful to be part of her brother’s special day.

John Sampson (‘90s & ‘00s) popped the question to Emily Pritchett in August. We are sure the entire Sampson Nathan Ramirez (‘00s & ‘10s) married his family is overjoyed for the happy couple! sweetheart Jules Dave Ruedebusch (‘90s & ‘00s) proposed to Dawn Garcia in early McCord in April. September. Several Marty Whalen (‘90s & ‘00s) will wed fiancée Patrick members of the GG Kenney. With all the musical talent in the family, the family made the trek wedding will hum with a stunning melody. to Walsh, CO to witness this special Wes Patrick (‘00s & ‘10s) event. Corey Dickter pulled out all the stops (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s), Nick for his proposal to Kolomitz (‘00s & ‘10s), fiancée, Danielle Miller. and Jeff Gowin (‘90s & He popped the question ‘00s) proudly stood with Nathan as groomsmen. We on a beautiful day in Italy! wish them the best! Congratulazioni! News on the street that Naveed Easton (‘10s) will marry Natalie Harrison. His father Pete Easton (‘50s & ‘60s) has only wonderful memories of camp.

In September, Cody Lubchenco (‘00s & ‘10s) said “I do” to Henry Hoyt (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) at a GG style wedding. The two met at camp when they were on staff together. Many GG alum attended the wedding including motherof-the-groom, Heidi Hummel Hoyt (‘70s & ‘80s) and several uncles, aunts, and cousins. The infamous Max “Moose” Muller (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) officiated the ceremony with his strong presence.

Sean Kidston (‘90s) married Alicia Stuckenschmidt Oates at stunning Mt. Princeton in July. Sean was beaming the big day as his proud son, Riley (‘10s), stood by his side. Jen Miller Baygell (‘90s & ‘00s) married her beau, Aaron Baygell, in a fairy-tale ceremony in New York. Cheers to the newlyweds! Social media let us know that the rabble-rouser Johnny Ryan (‘90s) found his match in Morgan Behrendt. They tied the knot in August. Best wishes on this wonderful journey!

Former Queen of the Glen Claire Nordeen (’90s, ’00s) Latrice Lee (’90s & found her prince! She married ‘00s) and Kellen Douglas Kenter in September. McInerney Carris Davis (‘90s, 00’s) spoke celebrated their at the ceremony referencing nuptials with a camp- the 13 Charms. The happy filled wedding in July. couple is headed to their new Best wishes for a fun- home in Bozeman. filled future together! Social media informed us that Jess Laub Sangiorgio Megan O’Donnell (‘00s) (‘00s & ‘10s) tied the married Hamza Usmani. knot with Joe Sister’s Aryn (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) Sangiorgio in August. and Molly (‘00s & ‘10s) were She was beaming on all smiles with their beautiful dimples. the day of her Congratulations to wedding and is off to new adventures with her hubby!

Send us your news! alumnews@genevaglen.org


AROUND THE PROPERTY Currently, our meadow is a mess! We are completely re-grading the meadow which includes installing a full court basketball court, dodgeball and tetherball, water fountain, buried electrical wires, and new grass. One added feature will be the new amphitheater seating at the basketball court. Should be a new gathering area for some of our drama productions, dances, and other all-camp activities.

This Fall, we fixed the foundation for the C/D/G dorm. The building had to be lifted-up while new concrete walls and supports were poured. The trail up to Boys Hill between the dorms has also been re-designed.

Those of you that attended Knighthood II probably remember our friend in the tree. We have since purchased new bear-proof trash cans to replace the ones by Marathon, the swing, Council Ring, and other areas. The new cans have left our bear friend discouraged and rummaging elsewhere for daily snacks. So sorry campers, but it is doubtful you will get to see our friend again next summer.

Notes from the Board of Directors The board has spent the last year, in part, updating its bylaws, operating procedures, and committees. The following is a sample of our committees’ work: The HR/Risk Management Committee, in conjunction with Casey, has made great progress reviewing and updating policy, procedures, benefits compensation, and other business processes. The Camp Family Engagement Committee continued their meet-ups after Check-Ins this summer. Every year these grow a little bigger. This Fall, the group wants to expand to enhance communications and opportunities to connect. The Budget and Finance Committee meets regularly and has continued its strong support of camp. The Stewardship Committee has worked with Casey on water rights and the waste water treatment plant. We look forward to introducing the camp family to the Board’s updated committees and to the increased opportunities for members of the camp family to participate.

AROUND THE PROPERTY After over a year and half of planning and construction, the new Geneva Glen Barn was officially opened on June 1, 2019. The Board of Directors, former Head Wranglers, as well as key stakeholders gathered to the celebrate the high-falootin’rootin’-tootin’ new facility. Following remarks by Casey Klein and Reid McKnight, GG Alums Barb Wise-TenBrook and Dan Warner cut the burlap ribbon to officially open the barn! Tremendous thanks go to everyone who contributed to the project including Brian Fagerstrom (architect), Chris Mattson & Bob Sarlo (construction), Amanda O’Connor (civil engineering), Scott Wert (structural engineering), as well as major donors Barbara Wise-TenBrook, Glenda Wise-Rosenbloom, Daniel Warner & TWC Foundation, and Valerie Gates. We are very proud of our brand-new Barn! The 9000 square foot facility features 36 feeding stalls, 2 interior stalls, 2 exterior stalls, an interior working aisle, an office, siloed grain storage, and expansions to the hay loft, tack room, and tool storage. Our new barn is bigger, better, more efficient, and safer which will enhance our program for the animals and wranglers, but most importantly, will help us succeed with our mission to provide our campers a safe and enjoyable relationship with horses for years to come. Follow the GG Barn on Instagram @ genevaglenbarn.

EVENTS The fall calendar continues to fill up at camp as we welcomed The Cube School from Park Hill for three days of community building, camp activities, and fun in the outdoors. The Cube School opened their doors for the first time this school year with around 80 ninth graders and their trip to camp was organized by Dean of Students, and GG Alum, Ben Brasch. The trip was a great success for both students and Geneva Glen staff alike and we hope the partnership continues well into the future!

The Upward Trail Run couldn’t have been planned for a better day as a number of Geneva Glen alumni and their friends, family, and significant others took advantage of the crystal clear sky to get out on Geneva Glen’s beautiful trails. Alum Alex Eurich’s beau, Nate Bond, crossed the finish line in first place conquering the challenging course. It was an impressive display of athleticism and endurance from all participants!

A number of runners and their friends and families stayed overnight for our Wellness Weekend, and the weather continued to provide a perfect setting for a leisurely GG camp experience. Songs, s’mores, In addition to The Cube School, eighth graders from St. Anne’s Episcopal School made use of the Geneva Glen ropes course for two and stories accompanied the standard Geneva Glen activities and the weekend provided a great opportunity for alumni to reminisce days while on a retreat at their nearby property, St. Anne’s in the and introduce friends and significant others to the place that is so Hills. A number of current GG campers were happy to spend some special to them, as well as for camper parents to get a taste of the time back at camp even after the school year started! We were experience that their children rave about! By the end of our Parents happy to open up our facility to organizations whose values and goals match our own and look forward to finding more opportunities Weekend and Fall Equinox Council Fire on September 21-22, we expect to have had over to make use of our beautiful property after our summer season 100 overnight campers ends. and as many additional Following the school day-only attendees to groups, Geneva Glen’s have experienced our Fall second season of Fall Family Weekends and Family Weekends opened Events! As the meadow’s with the Homecoming facelift is completed this Weekend! Over 50 family year, we look forward to campers stayed overnight welcoming many more of for all kinds of GG fun you back next fall! including Trail Rides, Archery, BB’s, Rifles, Crafts, Magicology, hikes When the snow begins to fall, we’ll be getting ready for the 2019 to Merlin’s Rock, and the Winter Workshop! If you’re currently in 9th-11th grade, then you will Shrine. The Ropes Course be eligible to apply. We expect a strong delivery of snow this year, so was a favorite of our family campers as parents and kids alike took make sure all of your winter gear is ready, and we’re hoping to debut advantage of the opportunity to enjoy our giant swing (Oh Mama!), a brand new ice rink! A few notes on this year’s Winter Workshop: Climbwall, and Upper Elements as well as numerous trips down the • The online application window will be open from October 21-23 Zipline! The Saturday evening Council Fire featured a number of • If you are eligible (current 9th-11th grade), your parents will receive camper-favorite songs, a an email with the application link on October 21. classic skit from the GG staff and a Knighthood story told by • If you do not receive this email, contact johnny@genevaglen.org none other than Nancy and he will provide the link. herself. Ken and Nancy • Tuition for this year’s Winter Workshop will be announced on Atkinson led the fellowship October 14. circle at the end before all of • Please note, we will not be able to offer airport runs for Winter the attendees enjoyed Workshop. Out-of-state campers will need to arrange their own delicious s’mores. transportation to and from camp.

Geneva Glen Young Alums! The Geneva Glen Young Alum's are gearing up for two upcoming events; a Volunteer Day @ GG on October 6th & the 7th Annual Great Glen Beer Festival! The Beer Festival will be held on Saturday, October 19 at GoSpotCheck (1500 Market Street, Denver, CO), and is open to any and all alumni, as well as non-camp friends and family! The event is 21+ and will feature home-brewed beer, cider, and liquor from over 10 GG alums. Tickets include food, non-craft beer, and wine if craft beer isn't your cup of tea for $35. Email ggyoungalumni@gmail.com for an invitation! As always, the event will include a silent auction - so if you have any old-school camp memorabilia, extra sports tickets, or anything else (maybe a weekend trip to your family's cabin during ski season) we would love to add it to our auction items. Join us for a fun evening raising money for camperships! If you have any questions regarding the evening, don't hesitate to reach out to ggyoungalumni@gmail.com

GG PHILANTHROPY We are so grateful for the generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure from our Camp Family!

Mark your calendar: pre-schedule your donation beginning November 1st! www.coloradogives.org/2020Camperships The generosity of our Camp Family shines bright on Colorado Gives Day! This year we will join together to raise $150,000 to award camperships (partial- or fulltuition) to families who are experiencing a financial hardship. Thanks to your support, 74 campers were awarded camperships to attend GG this past summer!

Volunteer to join the Pendragon Society! Want to put some volunteer-sweat-equity into camp, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones? Pendragons are a group of men and women who volunteer service to steward the camp property through construction and maintenance projects (i.e. painting, treecutting, cabin/dorm improvements...etc.). All are welcome and work days are planned for all skill levels to attend (volunteers under 16 must have a parent present). Pendragons make a significant contribution in cost savings to camp by providing labor which would otherwise need to be hired. Questions? Contact Pete: pete@genevaglen.org or 303-697-4621 x15 For more information visit: www.genevaglen.org/pendragons Find us on Facebook for specific event information: www.facebook.com/GGPendragons Upcoming Work Days: October 5, November 9, December 14

All you have to do is link your SooperCard to Geneva Glen and then swipe your SooperCard (or enter Alt ID) when you purchase groceries! Register your SooperCard at www.kingsoopers.com/communityrewards 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Select “Enroll Now” Sign In or Create a New Account Choose “Community Rewards” from the left menu Enter “Geneva Glen” under “Find an Organization” Click “Enroll”

*King Soopers will pay up to $125,000 per cycle to participating organizations based on their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating King Soopers Community Rewards organizations.

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