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In these pages, the students, professors, alumni and staff listed below tell you in their own words what accepting the challenge means to them. Come to Geneva and find out what it means for you. Lynsey Auell

Kylie Gardner

Tyler Oates

Dr. Rodney Austin

Jordan Harbison

Jason Panella

Ji Yun Bae

Zachary Hayward

Kristen Rendulic

Ann Burkhead

Patrick Johnson

Prof. Stephanie Schindel

Ben Butler

Cheryl Johnston

Dr. Melinda Stephens

Brittany Clark

Leah Kiehl

Jason Stoffel

Christian Coleman

Robert “Jesse” Lambert

Chris Strangfield

Cally Cooper

Caleb Leibee

Serumun “SeSe” Ubwa

Jonathon Cosgrove

Jonathon Mathoslah

Gwen Ward

Theodora “Lacy” Davis

Melanie McLallen

Greg Wise

Bethany DeLuca

Jill Miser

Micah Yarger

Are you ready to push yourself? To go further than you dreamed possible? To become everything God means you to be? That’s what can happen when you accept the challenge of a Geneva education. Now, hear from those who’ve already accepted that challenge—the students, professors, alumni and staff who make up the Geneva College community. They can tell you everything you need to know about our Christ-centered campus life, God-honoring student activities and rigorous faith-integrated academics. So, are you ready? Then come to Geneva. Accept the challenge.

in the classroom

My classes have challenged me to dig deeper. It’s no longer about learning to pass a class—but

exploring a passion to learn. ”

“ Students are

embraced as part of an

academic and

cultural community

where they discover the excitement of learning.�

Not only are the professors caring, but they’re accomplished, too. Like Dr. Miller, who won a Book of the Year Award from Christianity Today.

Semester in Rome

Spending a was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It quite literally changed my life and I will never forget it. (And being able to eat delicious Italian food every day didn’t hurt, either.)


It is a real blessing to interact with students who have a sincere desire to learn

through the eyes of faith.�

glad Geneva “I’m is teaching us about

our calling, vocation and worldview. We need that.

prepared “Geneva me for this job, not

just educationally, but in every area of my life. The perspective

Geneva has on

business, life and faith— and how they are all integrated—has shaped

my approach to my job and my daily life.”

of the best things about Geneva is “ One that the professors know my name and

they make an effort to get to know me! �


The small class sizes make even the most challenging courses manageable, and the Christian professors make sure

you’re getting more than just a diploma.�

Science and the Christian faith are sometimes thought to be in conflict. That is not the case at Geneva College.

The biology department is where

You’ve never seen a rat do a threefoot standing long jump? Then you need to

check out the Psych Department’s


academic excellence meets career preparation.They are great doctors who teach, and they help you plan for the future.

in your faith

“ Some schools may say

they’re authentically Christian. But here,you know that’s not just something people say…

that’s exactly what we are.”


Geneva College gave me the tools and opportunity to


stand up for what I believe.

Upper Room

“spiritual growth.

The student-led ministry group provides a great atmosphere of The challenging messages and great praise make for a wonderful place to fellowship with other believers every week!


It’s great to see Geneva’s student body and surrounding communities come together in Metheny Fieldhouse

a group “We’re of Christians whose goals are to praise the Lord. to have ” fun and

spread the stoke of longboarding!

I’ve made close friendships, gotten to know amazing professors and grown in so many aspects of my life. It’s not arguable—

I’m where God wants me to be!


Geneva is more than just an academic institution—it is a community that

learns together


how to best to serve God.

on the field

“gives glory to God.

It’s exciting to see how the volleyball team always They are a good

example what a Geneva sports team looks like.

“ My teammates have become my second family.

I love being part of a team at Geneva College.


“my athletic abilities to honor God, ” It’s always been important for me to use

and Geneva gives me the opportunity to do that.


I grew up dreaming of playing for the Golden Tornadoes…


there’s more tradition here than anywhere.

around the campus community

My Generation Night is the best talent show I’ve ever been to— and you never know what’s going to happen.

Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea is the most unique coffee shop I’ve ever been to. You’ll find me there nearly every day after classes sipping on an iced mocha.

“ great atmosphere. The Brig and Riverview Café have

They’re places where you can hang

out with friends before and after class,

watch TV, and eat some great food.


How many colleges have an indoor climbing wall on campus? The PISGAH program is pretty awesome.


The Pisgah Program promotes unity and develops leadership skills through adventure-based activities like ropes courses, backpacking, caving and more.

“I love the music ensembles.

There are so many talented people involved—it’s incredible!

My first year at Geneva was the best experience of my life. I have made memories that I will never forget and, even better,

I have made friendships that will last forever.


The environment at Geneva is like none other. A genuine, supportive network of people is at this college, and I am positive that Geneva was where God wanted to grow and mold me during my college years.

We’re a close communnity here.

The smiles I see across campus every day

bring joy to my life in such a simple way.

There’s great opportunity for students who want to make a difference—students who say,

‘I see something I can make better.’

I often ask students what attracted them to Geneva College. They may answer in different words, but their implication is always the same—

it’s the people. ”

a group of “ We’re Christians whose

goals are to have fun and spread the stoke of longboarding!


ptur i r c s g

s e s r e ing v n

uri o c s lly

ica t n a r F nd. e i r f for den d o r t wn o d r fo


g a r encou


“ There’s always something to do

and somewhere to go.”


“ We believe God has plans for

U.S. News & World Report identified Geneva College as a 2014 Top 20 North Regional College. And based on academic performance and affordability, Geneva is also recognized as a Top 10 Best Value. In addition, for the second year in a row, we have one of the nation’s Top 100 Engineering Programs.

G eneva Colle ge Office of Admissions 3200 College Avenue Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 800.847.8255

2014 Geneva College Viewbook  

Discover what makes Geneva College such a unique and vibrant campus community.

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