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2012 Annual Report

Empowerment: To equip or supply with an ability

President’s Message As the final act of my presidency at Genesis Home, I write this letter with a plethora of emotions that range from my initial fears of helping to lead an amazing Board of Directors that serves our community’s homeless families to the immense gratitude and overwhelming support that I received throughout my tenure that quickly put those fears to rest. I look back on the last two years and I see more clearly the magnetism to which each person is drawn to Genesis Home. • Parents who are unable to find stable employment. • Tireless management, staff, and board members who work around the clock. • A student volunteer who has a passion for community engagement. • A loyal donor who has faithfully stood with us. • That donor who has reconnected with us after attending one of our Lunch and Learns. • A church who is hosting one of our Circles of Support. • A funder who acknowledges our stewardship by supporting our mission. • Partner agencies and county officials that value collaborative efforts. • A 10-year old who credits his tutoring for recent successes in school… NONE of what we do at Genesis Home could be accomplished without the commitments from each of these players. The multiple layers of service, sacrifice, and advocacy embody our 2012 theme of “Empowerment.” Our empowerment is manifested through our signature programs: Family Matters, Turning Point, and Circles of Support. Family Matters addresses the whole family by assessing the pushes and the pulls of housing instability; and offering training in areas such as life skills, parenting practices, financial literacy, and community building. Turning Point focuses on individual disabilities that create housing instability for families. These disabilities range from mental health deficiencies to substance abuse problems that prevent individuals from sustaining their housing. Through intensive case management in off-site housing, we are able to work with families to maximize their potential toward independent living. Our third, most recently added support layer is Circles of Support. Here, we demonstrate our belief that by purposefully partnering with others, we can all be empowered to achieve our goal to end homelessness.

Genesis Home

2012 was filled with uncertainty in global and local economies as the U.S. faced the fiscal cliff; unimaginable violence in the massacre at Sandy Hook; and devastation caused by natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy and extreme weather events. For those directly affected by these calamities, most are seeking to come to terms with their loss. Similarly, families who come to Genesis Home are dealing with their own traumatic events that led them to our services. We depend on the support of our donors, funders, partner organizations, and government agencies to address the psychological, emotional, educational, and financial assistance necessary for successful housing. Donor funds provide direct services to our families such as school tutoring, health and wellness, and enrichment programs as well as one of our most exciting endeavors, the Great Human Race in which we raise monies to help fund a summer camp for all of the school-aged children at Genesis Home. I humbly ask that you continue your support if you are a current donor and consider giving if you are a new friend of Genesis Home. Other ways to support our efforts are through our wide array of volunteering activities where one can always find a place for her/his unique talents. Check out our website at for more detailed opportunities. Understanding that we all choose to give wherever and however we can, I sincerely thank you for your gifts of dedication, support, kindness, and understanding toward our vision of a safe and sustainable community. I am blessed to accompany you on this journey.

Board of Directors Sherri Lawson Clark, Ph.D President

J. Graham Fitzsimons Vice President

Tammy Dickens Secretary

Kimberly O’Neil


Phil Bartos

(through April 2012)

Alison H. Edie, DNP, FNP-BC (from December 2012)

Marjorie Diggs Freeman (through January 2012)

Elizabeth Forshay Autrice Campbell Long (from September 2012)

Tracy Mancini Jack Moore Dorothy Powell, Ph.D (through July 2012)

Michael Todd Rosenberg Leon Sabarsky Barbara Smith (through March 2012)

Jen Snider

(through April 2012) Sherri Lawson Clark

Cindy Streett Angela Terry, Ph.D. (from June 2012)

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The Leadership Society Gifts of $3,500 and above

Anonymous Gift Bank of America Blacknall Presbyterian Church Bright Horizons Foundation Carolina Hurricanes Kids’N’ Community Foundation Concern of Durham The Congregation at Duke University Chapel

Director’s Letter

Duke University Office of Durham & Regional Affairs Fox Family Foundation

Dear Friends, Over the course of the summer of 2012, Genesis Home updated its strategic plan to ensure that the agency’s programming continued to be aligned with best practices and new federal goals related to the national Opening Doors initiative to end homelessness. As part of this effort, Genesis Home has updated its outcome goals for all three programs and has implemented a new case management curriculum that details the programmatic interventions that are most correlated to our desired outcomes. While our process and timeline have changed, our primary goals – to increase the income of our residents and to move our families from homelessness to housing – remain the same. The biggest change with our programming relates to our attitude toward the work and the families that we serve. No more discussions about “readiness” for housing. Housing is a right and all of our families come into the shelter deserving to be housed as soon as possible. Housing is not a reward for meeting someone else’s expectations. It is in itself an intervention that yields improved employment, physical health, mental health, substance abuse and scholastic outcomes. This philosophy by its very nature moves us away from traditional notions of service that put the caregiver at a higher level than the client. We are not saving anyone at Genesis Home. We are helping people help themselves. This is a partnership, not a project. As we continue the work of implementing our new client curriculum by revising our housing guidelines, creating forms, updating policies and training staff, we are striving to be clear in our expectations for staff and for current and incoming families. The first step in empowerment is expectation: expecting more for yourself and your family. When our case managers work with parents to set realistic, attainable goals, they see that good things come to those who put in the work. Success breeds confidence. As our families participate in programming that is designed to build their skill sets and to promote stability, they are empowering themselves with the knowledge and information that they need to make a better life for themselves. This process does not end when families leave the shelter. We have seen firsthand that many of our families continue to need ongoing support and services as they transition from homelessness to housing. This reality led to the creation of our Circles of Support program and it is the reason that we are formalizing our aftercare case management for program graduates. Empowerment does not mean going it alone. We have an obligation to ensure a successful

Genesis Home

Macy’s Foundation

transition when families leave our program. Housing retention will be an important indicator of whether our new approach is working.

The Oak Foundation

Empowerment isn’t just something that we strive to foster in our residents. It’s a mindset that should envelop the entire agency from the board to the staff to the families that we serve. Much of 2012 was spent educating the board and staff around the new federal standards for homeless programs. I feel strongly that our updated strategic plan takes a proactive approach to meeting these new expectations and I have been impressed with the staff’s engagement and attitude as we define the philosophy and processes that we utilize to create positive outcomes.

Triangle Community Foundation

While I know that some of you may have been more comfortable with our old model, let me assure you that these changes were made primarily with our families in mind. We owe them our best effort and that entails using new models and practices that have been proven to be more effective in ending homelessness than traditional transitional housing. I hope that in sharing the reasons, the process and the promise of our new approach over much of the last year that we have empowered you with the information that you need to feel that Genesis Home is a sound investment. Our families deserve your support. Thank you for making our work a priority. Sincerely,

The Stewards Fund The TJX Foundation United Way of the Greater Triangle Watts Street Baptist Church Westminster Presbyterian Church

1989 Society Commemorating the year of Genesis Home’s Founding; gifts of $1,989 - $3,499

B.I.N. Charitable Foundation CBC/WRAL Community Fund Norris Cotton and Tracy Mancini Duke University Health System Durham Congregations in Action Durham Merchants Association Roger and Sandra Fehrman Jubilee Fund of Triangle Community Foundation Kimberly O’Neil Presbytery of New Hope Leon & Anastasia Sabarsky Towering Pines Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Ryan J. Fehrman Executive Director

Yousef Zafar & Fatima Rangwala

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Donors $500 – $1,988

A Common Thread Shifting to Trauma-Informed Care for Homeless Families The families who come in and out of Genesis Home are, in a word, diverse. They arrive from different places, have varying backgrounds and bring distinct personalities to the house. But there is one common thread among them – at some point in their lives, the families who enter Genesis Home have experienced trauma. According to an article from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, 90 percent of homeless women have been abused by their intimate partners and 50 to 60 percent of mothers became homeless because they were fleeing a violent relationship. Moreover, homeless children are exposed to violence at very high rates.1 However, trauma is not limited to physical violence. Through the loss of stable shelter, family connections and accustomed social roles and routines, the event of becoming homeless also can lead to trauma.2 These findings have led to a shift toward “Trauma-Informed Care” (TIC) for the homeless population, where the focus is on identifying and addressing the trauma that led to and could prohibit a homeless person or family from securing long-term housing stability. What exactly is TIC? A recent study defined it as “a strengths-based framework that is grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors, and that creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.”3 While the concept is fairly new and continues to evolve, a review of research literature by the Homelessness Resource Center found that it has promising results. Programs that incorporate TIC show better outcomes, improved self-esteem and relationships for children, a decrease in psychiatric symptoms and abuse, and a positive effect on housing stability, all while being cost-effective.4 Genesis Home has embraced this philosophy. Our staff is trained to get to know each family on a deeper level to identify the trauma that would prevent long-term housing stability and a higher quality of life. Once we achieve this, we work to empower our families through five key interventions identified within our Strategic Plan, which serve as the strengths-based framework to understand and address the impact of the trauma: Housing, Income, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Financial Literacy, and Family Health and Wellness.

Genesis Home

For each family in Genesis Home, we create an individualized plan based on a needs assessment that maps out the required program elements within the five key intervention areas. We then link each family to resources, both external and within the program, that address key needs and provide targeted support. For example, once steady income has been secured Genesis Home provides permanent housing assistance for expected housing expenses within the housing intervention. Additionally, we can draw on resources such as the Community Empowerment Fund for assistance in resume writing, financial literacy, and matched savings plans to address needs related to the financial literacy and income interventions. By providing training to our staff, evaluating and improving our programs and rethinking the way we communicate with our families, we hope to create a more efficient program based on Trauma-Informed Care that reduces the length of stay and empowers our families to achieve long-term housing stability. Trauma may be a common thread among our Genesis Home families, but it is our goal to cut that thread and in its place build a strong foundation for future success. 1. Trauma Informed Care for Mothers Experiencing Homelessness, United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, (February 13, 2013). 2. Addressing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Caused by Homelessness, National Alliance to End Homelessness Solutions Brief, addressing-post-traumatic-stress-disorder-caused-by-homelessness (October 17, 2012). 3. Elizabeth K. Hopper, et al., “Shelter from the Storm: Trauma-Informed Care in Homelessness Services Settings,” The Open Health Services and Policy Journal 3 (2010): 80-100. 4. L aura Winn, et al., Trauma-Informed Care: What Do We Know? Homelessness Resource Center, (February 13, 2013).

Laura Balance Christopher and Amanda Barnes Fund BenAdd Fund of Triangle Community Foundation BJ’s Charitable Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Larry & Nancy Bumgardner Kyle & Christina Chenet George & Christine Cianciolo Sherri Lawson Clark & Penelton Clark The Damela Fund Deborah & James Dobbins Carroll Enterkin Kurt & Carolyn Euler First Presbyterian Church Elizabeth Forshay Marjorie Diggs Freeman Martin and Nicola Gafinowitz Alison & Brian Gatherum Joseph Hall Richard & Lonna Harkrader Stan Holt Mark Hopkins Andrew Horne I.B.M. Charitable Contribution Campaign Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Robert & Diana Jackson Elizabeth Kizakevich Elaine McVey Merge Media, Ltd. Cassandra Melvin Horst & Ruth Mary Meyer Jack & Robin Moore Cecile Noel Nathan-Groves Fund of T.C.F. William & Tess O’Brien Parker & Otis Joseph & Marie Pasquale Terrie Reid Payne & Richard Payne Jeffrey Petrou Pfizer United Way Campaign Research Presentation Strategies Nancy Rosebaugh & Charles Nordon Joel & Jessica Sadler Kim Saunders Craig & Virginia Schmith Desiree Simpson Barbara & Joel Smith Brian Stull & Sejal Zota SunTrust Foundation SunTrust United Way Campaign Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A. Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church U.N.C. Department of Pharmacy Walmart Foundation Gordon Whitaker & Bob Hellwig Widmark Family Fund of T. C. F. William & Mindy Wigger Charles Wood

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The Loyalty Circle

Donors who sustain Genesis Home by giving monthly

At-a-Glance: Coordinated Intake Program

2012 By the Numbers

A Client-friendly System

At Genesis Home:

We are fortunate to have a network of family housing agencies in Durham, but the search to find the right place can be overwhelming for families in need of assistance. In an effort to create a more client-friendly system, Durham’s family housing providers worked together over the past year to create the Coordinated Intake Program. This process empowers the agencies to serve families whose needs match each organization’s unique set of programs and services.

The Coordinated Intake Process: • Homeless families call or are referred to the program’s phone number: (919) 560-8014. • The family is scheduled for a face-to-face or phone interview. • If the family is deemed eligible for transitional/permanent housing, emergency shelter, rehousing programs or emergency funds, a referral is made to the most appropriate program.

(after school tutoring) for a total of 136 days of academic assistance provided by 40 volunteers

Durham County Department of Social Services

12 families moved into permanent housing 4 in subsidized rentals 6 in unsubsidized rentals 2 in permanent supportive housing

Community Partner Agencies: Genesis Home Urban Ministries of Durham Durham Interfaith Hospitality Network Housing for New Hope


Durham Crisis Response Center Opening Doors City of Durham and Durham County

Genesis Home

93 children were served 43 from 0 to 5 years of age 23 from 6 to 10 years of age 27 were 11 or older 31 children participated in The Learning Program

Program Coordinator:

Alliance Behavioral Health

15,500 shelter nights were provided 46 families served 136 individuals served (89 female and 47 male)

Did You Know...

20 famililes were referred

to Genesis Home from Coordinated Intake in 2012.

Average income increased from program entry to program exit


Average age of clients was years for Family Matters and years of age for Turning Point


787 volunteers provided

4,147 hours of service

Phil & Tonya Bartos Blacknall Presbyterian Church Chris Brown Larry & Nancy Bumgardner Deborah & George Christie Sherri Lawson Clark Christopher Cramer James & Deborah Dobbins Nicci & Martin Gafinowitz Robin Hogan Elaine McVey Terrie & Richard Payne Nancy Rosebaugh & Charles Nordon Joel Sadler & Jessica Slice Sadler Jen Snider & Erin Kimrey Jutta von Steiglizt Cindy Streett Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church Westminster Presbyterian Church Charles Wood

Friends & Sponsors

Joanne Abel Jonathan & Kimbery Abels Doug Abrams Linda Addison Lamona Adkins Moore Anne & Robert Aitchison Karen Albright & Douglas Kadan Kendall Alford-Madden & Richard Madden B.Titus & Thelma Allen Alllstate – The Giving Campaign Juan Alonzo David & Cynthia Ammons David Angeles John T. Archer Edward & Sylvia Arnett Kathleen Arnold Melanie Arocho-Hernandez Louisa Avent Suzanne Avery Robert & Lola Ayers Lisa Bailey & Larry Rosenfeld Courtney Bailey Peggy Baker Mank Bala Tucker Bartlett & Kathleen Wurth Bartlett Darla Bartos Phil & Tonya Bartos Dorothy Bassett David Bassett Gail Batson Fowler BD Matching Gift Program Duncan & Sara Beale Chaz Beasley Lucy Beatty Victor & Lenore Behar Boykin Bell Laura Benedict & John Morris Sara Benjamin-Neelon & Brian Neelon Kerry Benoit

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Spotlight on Genesis Home Graduate Hafiza Marshall Wearing a 1,000 watt smile that shines even brighter when talking about her family, you would never know Mrs. Hafiza Marshall has experienced significant trauma over the past two years. In 2011, Hafiza and her husband Lawrence were working and raising two boys in a town north of Philadelphia when the unthinkable happened – Lawrence was laid off from his job of 14 years. Then just a short while later, the police department where Hafiza worked downsized its staff due to budget cuts, leaving her unemployed as well. “We just didn’t have enough,” said Hafiza. “We got evicted.” Lawrence’s uncle invited the family to stay with him in Durham, but just a few weeks after arriving, they had to seek shelter elsewhere because there just wasn’t enough room. Fortunately, Hafiza found her way to Genesis Home. Tammy Mauldin, the Genesis Home Family Services Coordinator for the Marshall family, recalled the first day that she met Hafiza. “I was coming into work one morning, and I saw Hafiza standing at the door with headphones on,” said Tammy. “She must have been there at 5 a.m. just waiting to talk to someone. She was determined to move her family into Genesis Home.” And Hafiza did just that. She, Lawrence and their two boys Devin (age 9) and Isaiah (age 3) moved into Genesis Home’s Family Matters Program in January 2012. In working with Miss Tammy, Hafiza revealed that the trauma of losing both of their jobs, their housing, their car and suddenly finding themselves in a brand new place without shelter was impacting her both mentally and physically. For Hafiza, the five key interventions identified by Genesis Home (Housing, Income, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Financial Literacy, and Family Health & Wellness) played a crucial role in empowering Hafiza to address the impact of the trauma she experienced and to move forward. “We were just losing stuff, one by one,” said Hafiza. “When you can’t provide, you feel like you’re failing your children, your marriage, yourself. It takes you into a depression.” A tenet of Trauma-Informed Care is supporting consumer control and choice. Trauma often strips a person of control over their own life, and one way to give that back is by providing clients with the opportunity to have a say in their own care. For Hafiza, that choice came from Tammy after getting to know her and seeing the depression manifest through unhealthy behaviors. “I told her to choose—either probation or therapy,” said Tammy. “Hafiza chose therapy, and it has worked out really well for her.” Hafiza agreed. “I’m dealing with everything a lot better. My therapist and Miss Tammy have helped. Miss Tammy gets to know you as a person—not as a homeless person—but as a person. She gets to know you on a human level. She knew something was wrong and helped me get help.” But the challenges didn’t end there.

Genesis Home

In addition to Hafiza being diagnosed with depression upon entering Genesis Home, her youngest son Isaiah was diagnosed with a mild case of autism. “I noticed Isaiah wasn’t talking as much,” said Hafiza. “At first, they diagnosed him with just a speech delay, but we took him back and he was diagnosed with autism. My depression got worse after that. You blame yourself. Where did I go wrong? But I have learned that wasn’t the case.” The autism diagnosis and treatment plan for Isaiah was part of addressing the Family Health and Wellness intervention. Isaiah is attending a special needs preschool and Hafiza and Lawrence have been learning specific parenting techniques to address his needs. “Genesis Home gives you that little tap for you to go forward, but you end up pushing yourself forward,” said Hafiza. “The self-sufficiency I learned here was very important for me. I learned parenting skills, budgeting and how to adapt to a different type of environment. I learned responsibility, even as an adult.” The Marshall family has now graduated and moved into a rental home. Hafiza says Isaiah is talking more and is much calmer, and their oldest son Devon has been excelling academically, making the honor roll at school. She credits our after-school tutoring program for helping him achieve this success. When asked what her hope is for her family’s future, Hafiza has her sights set on being an entrepreneur. “One day, I want to own our own home and start a daycare business,” she said. “I just want us to keep moving forward. And I’m going to come back to Genesis Home and volunteer.” According to a recent study, nearly 90 percent of participants in programs based on Trauma-Informed Care have either remained in Section 8 housing or moved to permanent housing.1 With the skills they have gained and the innate determination of both parents, we are confident that the Marshall family will be in that 90 percent. And we look forward to seeing Hafiza’s smile back at Genesis Home as a volunteer, supporting our mission to end homelessness for families with children. 1. Laura Winn, et al., Trauma-Informed Care: What Do We Know? Homelessness Resource Center, http://homeless.samhsagov/Resource/Trauma-Informed-Care-What-Do-WeKnow-50016.aspx (February 13, 2013).

Friends & Sponsors (cont.)

Overcoming the Trauma of Homelessness

Ray Edward & Elizabeth Benson Kenneth & Katherine Berger Amy Bernard Tina Bessias Bethany United Methodist Church Susan Bianchi Jennifer Bills Joy Binkley Bonnie Birch Jennifer Biringer Birkenstock USA Barbara Birkhead Henry & Janice Blinder Lanier Blum Mary Boatwright Clay & Leigh Bordley Maria Bowie Kenneth Boylan Deborah Brame Alice Brey Margaret Brill Kerry Brine Kim Broschinsky Bobby & Ora Brown Brown Elizabeth & William Brown Christopher Brown Coluette Brown Hicks Celia Brownrigg Anne Brussock Clarence Burke John Burness & Anne D. Williams Bruce & Tammy Burnett Michael Busam Steve Byrd Mariana Byrd Charles & Evelyne Byrd Aaron & Stephanie Cain Robert & Lydia Califf Autrice Campbell Long Walter Cardwell Danielle Carman Carlyle Carr Carrington Middle School Liz Carroll William Carroll Michael Case Glen Cerny Sanjai & Madhavi Chandra Richard & Kathy Chaney Clifford Charles Mukesh Chhajer Mary Jane Chiado Alex Cho John Christensen George & Deborah Christie Carol Clapham Tiffany Clark Dan Clavijo Andrew Clement Barbara Clowse Corey Coble Josh & Sarah Cohen Katherine & Charles Collini Sheila Colosimo Jack & Terrie Connelly Richard Connelly Paul & Elizabeth Conroy Mark Constantine Gretchen Cooley Arlene Corrigan Lloyd & Gwenette Cort Carlos Cotton Carlene Cotton Brian Cramer Christopher Cramer Larry & Sharon Crane

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Ryan Fehrman


Government 252,638 Foundations 136,802 Individuals 119,911 Earned Income 55,422 Workplace Giving Campaigns 32,728 Congregations 33,585 Special Events 29,528 Corporations & Businesses 38,863 Civic Groups 11,368 Other Income 15,326 Unrealized Gain on Investment 21,510

Total Income 747,682

Executive Director

Mary McGuigan

Director of Development

Claire Denning

Director of Programming

Tasha Melvin

Volunteer & Circles of Support Coordinator

Janae Brown

Family Services Coordinator

Tammy Mauldin

Family Services Coordinator

Selma Johnson


Payroll Expenses 449,158 Facility Repair & Improvements 60,239 Leasing 33,808 Utilities 44,015 Client Assistance 25,598 Insurance 31,475 Professional Fees 26,477 Mortgage 23,222 Copying, Printing and Postage 12,303 Household, Office Supplies & Software 6,862 Fundraising & Advertising 6,929 Furnishing and Equipment 2,896 Food 2,391 Staff Development and Appreciation 2,413 Subscriptions and Dues 3,639 Miscellaneous Expenses 3,426 Background Checks 518 Automobile Expense 2,336 Taxes and Licenses 200

Total Expenses 737,905

Genesis Home Staff

Growth Fund Value: $233,446 as of 12/31/2012 *All financial information is unaudited. An independent audit will be available after May of 2013. For a detailed accounting of Genesis Home expenses, please contact our offices.

Genesis Home

Facility Manager (through March 2012)

Tim James

Facility Manager (from February 2012)

Frank Bryant

Program Associate (from August 2012)

Almaree Gordon

Program Associate (through July 2012)

Rodrick Heath

Program Associate (through August 2012)

Ykeisha Lunsford Program Associate

Annie Paylor

Program Associate

Desiree Simpson Program Associate

Hazel Spruill

Program Associate (through October 2012)

Wanda Teel

Program Associate (through August 2012)

Peggy Walker

Program Associate (from September 2012)

Friends & Sponsors (cont.)

Financial Report

Ann Cranford Edith Creasy David and Anne Cremons Jay Cunningham & Rhonda Cohen Brian Curran Jaime Danehey Daughters of Dorcas Roster Tania Dautlick & Jeffrey Hughes Deborah Debourg-Brown Jennifer Deer Tiffany Dempton Claire Denning Shea Denning Susan Deter Sarah Deutsch Tammy Dickens Marie Dickens Nathaniel Dickerson Kenneth & Cindie Diehl John & Pat Dirito Diana & Theodore Dominick Margaret Donnelly Scott & Mia Doron Marna Doucette Leanne Draudt James & Anne Drennan Mary Driebeek Susanne Dudash Durham County Register of Deeds Gabriel Eber Cynthia Ebner Hoyle & Holly Eggleston Susan Egnoto Robin Eisenbeis Edward & Lesley Emerson Gretchen Engel Judy & Curtis Eshelman Katherine Esquivel Sherry Essig Johnifeur Evans John & Dorothy Faulkenbury Ryan Fehrman & Robyn Schryer Fehrman Paul & Maria Feldman Caitlin Fenhagan Shirley Few David Fial Jim & Jane Finch Mike Fioravanti First Presbyterian Church Women Peter & Barbara Fish Tara Fisher Zenobia Fishman Joseph & Corrie Fitzsimons Graham & Elaine Fitzsimons Sundar Fleming Laura Flicker Elizabeth Flint Donald & Pepper Fluke Joanne Forbes Denise Forbes Kayce & James Ford Paul Forte David Foushee Jean Fox O’Barr Jane Frankel Margaret Franklin Robert Free John & Nan Friedman Herbert & Mary Lou Fritz Dale Gaddis Michael & Katie Galbraith Kaitlyn Galdo Jane Gallagher & George Lucier Carol Gallione & Paul Luebke Carmen Garcia Gary Gartner & Susan E. Saenger

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tel: 919.683.5878

300 North Queen Street Durham, NC 27701-3446 children by providing housing and supportive services to foster independence .

G enesis H ome works to end homelessness for families with

2012 Genesis Home Annual Report  

2012 Annual Report for Genesis Home

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