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The Facilitator Spring 2011 Volume 2, Issue 5 Facilities Services ~Dedicated to a spirit of service

Inside this edition: A Word from Assistant Vice-President for Facilities & Planning


Environmental Health & Safety


Promotions & New Hires


Facilities Planning Teamwork


Sustainability Grounds


Central Stores Facilities & Planning Staff


What is Sustainable? If you look long enough, you can find more than ten meanings for sustain, the main ones being to “maintain," "support," or "endure.” We typically think about sustainability as it relates to our environment and human sustainability on this planet, but there are other ways to view sustainability. If one listens carefully, the use of sustainable has become common in the discussions regarding our current economic plight and the impact it has upon us all. We discuss “is that practice sustainable?” quite frequently and with just cause. It is the three meanings I outlined at the outset that come to mind as we look back on this academic year with commencement ceremonies quickly approaching. It is just those three words: “maintain," "support," AND "endure” that our staff in Facilities & Planning exemplify on a daily basis. In spite of operating in the face of the toughest economic climate seen in years, our Facilities staff, the members of the Geneseo campus community that clean, maintain, reconstruct, and support our facilities, have sustained operations quite successfully this past academic year. In this issue we capture some of the highlights, and we introduce new or newly promoted staff. All areas of the campus are impacted with the ongoing cuts even in the face of encouraging events. We have an on-time budget—only the second time in the many years I have worked within SUNY. We can focus on what has been, or we can look forward and plan for what we can sustain. I would like to take this opportunity to thank two specific segments of our campus community. Thanks go out to you, the faculty and staff in the campus community that we support, for your patience and more importantly your understanding and support. Also, a huge “Thank You” goes out to all of the members of Facilities and Planning for the way you have endured through these times but never once stopped supporting the mission of the campus. What is more remarkable is that even when certain work groups were running short handed, one specifically at approximately 50% strength from this time last year, the positive “can do” attitudes were the standard of the day and not the exception.

—George F. Stooks

Environmental Health & Safety Facilities: By the Numbers

Aerial Lift Training Provided for Facilities Staff

Work Orders Completed in 2010: 6,598 Gallons of gas pumped in 2010: 22,766 gallons Gallons of diesel pumped in 2010: 4,153 gallons Tons of salt spread in Winter 2010/11: 265 tons Tons of mulch spread Spring 2011: 900 yards

On January 14, 2011, Bob Stevens from Occupational Safety Consultants provided OSHA/ PESH compliant aerial lift training for operators of the boom lift. The training consisted of classroom training as well as hands on training for the safe operation of the boom lift. Each participant received a certification of completion.

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Spring 2011

Promotions and New Hires Rick Canarvis

Vicki Amidon

Years of Service: 25

Years of Service: 13

Previous Positions: Cleaner, Janitor, Moving Crew, and Maintenance Assistant

Previous Positions: KBS1, KBS2, Clerk 2, Secretary 1

Promotion to: Locksmith

New Position: Facilities Planning— Secretary 1

Mike Jones

Tim Carey

Years of Service: 29

Years of Service: 1

Previous Positions: Cleaner, groundskeeper, laborer, maintenance assistant, general mechanic

Previous Positions: Maintenance Assistant Promotion to: Electrician

Promotion to: Core Supervisor

James Elly

Lance Andolina

Previous Employer: Kodak (1982)

Years of Service: 25

New Position: Electronic Equipment Mechanic

Previous Positions: Cleaner & Janitor Promotion to: Custodial Supervisor

Lon Peck

Dean Johantgen

Years of Service: 4

Years of Service: 4

Previous Positions: Cleaner

Previous Positions: Cleaner

Promotion to: Janitor

Promotion to: Janitor

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The Facilitator

Facilities Planning Facilities Planning & Construction Delivers New College Planetarium The College has a new planetarium in room 107 of Newton Hall. This planetarium, under the direction of Dr. Aaron Steinhauer of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, replaces the antiquated planetarium in the lower level of Bailey Hall. The new location was required due to the renovation project scheduled for Bailey Hall which eliminates this use from Bailey. Newton Hall has the advantage of an internal connection to the science departments. The space has undergone asbestos abatement of the existing flooring, the installation of an accessibility lift and the installation of a 20 foot diameter projection dome that was assembled and finished within the space. All work was accomplished for under $200,000.

Teamwork Kudos to Facilities staff members: I want to take the time to recognize the efforts demonstrated by members of our Facilities Department over the past few months. As with many departments, we are still dealing with fall-out from last year’s retirements. Yet I need to cite several accomplishments of Facilities that were realized through a total team effort with the added bonus of cross training employees in various trades/skills. The accomplishments: -Completed what seemed to be an insurmountable task with the cleaning out of Erie north basement. Turning the space from years of unorganized, underutilized storage to a well lit, clean, work space that now can be utilized for both storage and certain types of shop work. The real accomplishment with this task was witnessing the team effort and collaboration between the members of the Heating Plant, Grounds, Core and Zones. None of this work was easy by any stretch of the imagination, yet the rewards were and are even greater with experience gained by those involved.

-The Custodial and Grounds staff put in a lot of effort and hard work removing usable and unwanted furnishings from Monroe to prepare for full renovations under the direction of Facilities Planning. They were working in a building with no utilities such as lights and heat as those systems were shut down for energy conservation. At times the temperature was actually colder inside the facility than the outside temperature. The key to the success of this task was the collaboration of Custodial and Grounds in completing a labor intensive job. -The Grounds staff members assisted in completing a data project within Lauderdale over spring break and well within given deadlines. They pulled 38 pairs of data lines to various offices per work request from C.I.T. The three Grounds members working under the lead of our Core shop not only received cross training but accomplished the entire project within two weeks. —Kirk Spangler, Associate Director of Facilities Services

Spring 2011

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Sustainability Doty Building Renovation Project Excels in Sustainability Efforts by Recycling Building Material Waste The Doty building renovation project is well underway. As you drive by the screen-fence area and hear the bulldozers, jack hammers and cranes, some folks may be wondering where all of the building material wastes such as drywall, wood, metal and concrete is going. Boon and Sons, a sub-contractor who manages construction waste for the project has recycled/salvaged/diverted approximately 880 tons out of 959 tons (92%) of building waste to date. Waste that cannot be recycled/salvaged/diverted is sent to a landfill.

There are several dumpsters located outside of the Doty building where the scrap material is kept separate. After the dumpsters are full, the contents are hauled away to various recycling centers to be salvaged and recycled. For example: Drywall/Ceiling tiles are shredded for animal bedding. Wood is ground into mulch and manufactured into press board. Metal is sent to a scrap yard and melted for remolding. Hard fill or concrete from walls and stairs is crushed into small aggregate pieces and used as under asphalt.

Grounds This winter, outside of its regular snow removal and storm management duties, the Grounds department took on a few other projects around campus. Large stump removal was completed campus wide. At least twenty-five stumps were ground out of lawns and bedding areas, which improved both the landscape appearance and campus safety. As part of the renovation of Doty Hall the Grounds department oversaw the transplanting of several mature trees that were slated for removal because of the installation of the geothermal field. These ten trees were transplanted to various parts of the campus. If you didn't notice, then it was a job well done.

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The Facilitator

Central Stores Central Stores Has Entered the Late Twentieth Century! The shipping and receiving function of Central Stores installed package tracking software in mid-January called Smart Track. Prior to Smart Track, when Central Stores would receive a package from a shipper, the package would be recorded on paper and inputted into Microsoft Excel. This was cumbersome and inefficient. Smart Track provided Central Stores with the capability to scan the barcode of each received package and record the package information in Smart Track. It also has the capability of sending an automated email to the package recipient when their package arrives in Central Stores. Upon the delivery of the package, the recipient signs for it on a mobile device. The entire life of the package is stored in Smart Track and is easily accessible for future reporting purposes. Total packages delivered in February: 890 Total packages delivered in March: 1014 Percentage of Packages received from FedEx and UPS: 90% We would like to say thank you to Andy Camidge in C.I.T. for the excellent technical support during the installation of Smart Track and to Tom Underwood in Purchasing for informing Facilities Services of the Smart Track product.

Facilities & Planning Management & Support Staff In light of the significant number of retirements and the new hires since our last issue of the facilitator, we feel that it would be prudent to provide an updated contact list including each individual’s responsibilities. George Stooks, AVP, Facilities & Planning, ext. 5663

Chuck Reyes, Env. Health & Safety Director, ext. 5512

Dawn Rowe, Secretary 2, ext. 5663

Darlene Necaster, Env. Health & Safety Officer, ext. 5812

Kirk Spangler, Associate Director of Facilities Services, ext. 5662 Areas of Responsibility—Custodial, Zone Maintenance, & Core Trades

Jeffrey Kaplan, R.A., Dir., Fac. Planning & Const., ext. 5511 Areas of Responsibility— Capital Construction/Management

Bill McDevitt, Asst. Dir. Grounds and Landscaping, ext. 5681 Areas of Responsibility— Grounds and Garage

Dave Norton, Project Manager, ext. 5511 Areas of Responsibility— Construction Contract Administration.

Craig Ross, Business Manager, ext. 5918 Areas of Responsibility— Customer Service, Fleet Vehicles, and Central Stores, Sustainability Task Force Co-chair

Bryan Jackson, Site Representative, ext. 5511 Areas of Responsibility—Construction Site Rep.

Administration & Finance John Haley, Systems Manager, ext. 5548 Area of Responsibility— Access Control and Maintenance Management System

Customer Service Center - ext. 5662 Diane Cuozzo, Sec. 1— Beth Standish, KBSII— Victoria Amidon, Facl Pl—

The Facilitator  

The Facilitator

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