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Balance Of Medicine and Sun Exposure (BLOG) 2nd May KW: Medicine

Medicines to balance sun’s exposure According to the survey on skin based cancer, the most common type of cancer that gets diagnosed every time in US (United States). As the basic reaction is caused due to UV (Ultra Violet) rays which are emitted by the Sun and constant exposure to sun rays can affect and cause skin cancer issues. For quality reduction in cancer issues on skin, the person is required to cover the body and face when out or wear long sleeve dresses to cut the risk of getting too much of exposure. With various medicines and creams in today’s medical field, one can cut the causes of unwanted cancer input thus being aware of the issues. Reduction of cancer is an easy task unless controlled by proper clothing and avoidance of sun during a mid-day. There are various uncalled cases of sun worshippers who take and get exposed to sun rays as there is minor level attention towards such facts especially during mid-morning to a period of late afternoon. Remedies to avoid direct sun rays Cancer of skin has become a common case that is getting diagnosed in most of the US. Following methods allow one to cut the risk of getting skin cancer. 1) Avoid staying too long and getting exposed: Avoiding direct and long contact during afternoon time can be of quality help as with little exposure and not too much of the issue of exposure, the issue can be solved without any problem. Don’t stay for a long time outside. 2) Wearing long sleeve dress can help in lesser exposure during outing. A long sleeve dress and pants can allow one to have less exposure to the sun. 3) Medicines to cut the risk: Various medicines in the form of cream and sun screen lotion can aid better health level. These medicines can avoid one from Melanoma which is actually a deadly type of skin cancer. UV (Ultra Violet) rays from the sun and constant outing can cause a person to get affected by skin issues and at times cancer. Mild or minimum exposure to the sun can be healthy and helps in gaining good amount of vitamin D and also boosts the vitamin consideration. Gaining enough amount of vitamin D helps in producing quality health. The medicines involve cutting the risk of becoming more prone to the issues of contracting skin based issues or chronic diseases off late period. It is of high importance to cut extreme sun exposure from an early age so as to have an easy and healthy life.

Balance of medicine and sun exposure (blog) 2nd may  

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