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CEO Foreword

I am very proud to front yet another hugely positive report for Generator; looking back over the previous 12 months it is definitely the case that we have delivered more than we could have hoped for. This year was one of entering new territory in various ways: delivering a full package of support in another region; launching our Managing a Music Business Enterprise course (MMBE) into the national market place; establishing our own Urban Music Training Academy and taking significant strides towards a full artist development package have all again led to the expansion in our remit and indeed our partnership base. Generator is by far the leading music development agency in the UK and this report outlines why and how we have earned that accolade. In terms of highlights I can point to some real successes in all the three territories. This time last year in our home territory we were devising ways to apply the most appropriate support mechanisms for music businesses with a wide range of partner support including European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). From access level seminars and business planning clinics right through to mentorship and our Business Collaboration Networks we have had a real effect on the North East music business community even in these very challenging times.

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We have further drawn on our knowledge and experience using our wide and varied contacts to apply specific development strategies to artists who have shown real chance of success. Alongside steady business growth, our artist development programme is a crucial element of Generator’s work that will generate heightened attention for the region. In the wider North our partnership with Higher Rhythm and Screen Yorkshire to produce a music business network for the region proved a real success. Over 500 members achieved full membership status and attended varied business led events throughout the year, culminating in our first Music Futures conference which not only paved the way for an increased appetite from those producing music in Yorkshire but also established the partnership that aimed to secure increased resource to emulate achievements reached in the North East. Elsewhere in the wider North we partnered with Liverpool Sound City and Yorkshire music agencies to produce the first ‘Northern Day’ at SXSW, the world’s largest music conference. We continued this partnership by supporting the growth of Liverpool Sound City to be the most important event of its type in the North by providing content for both the conference

and live elements of the programme. We finally launched MMBE into the national market place. It took nearly four years to establish this unique qualification that aims to assist those starting or wanting to establish their music business. Now being rolled out into all regions of England this course was only made possible by the ongoing support and championing of UK Music, the patience of our accrediting body NCFE, the partnership of Gateshead College and the determination of the Generator team and Board to make it happen. Furthermore we have continued to offer increased support to our partners in the Music Industry Development Association (MIDA) by firmly establishing activity in other regions and adding weight to conferences in the South West, East of England, North West, Yorkshire and the South East.

Generator is by far the leading music development agency in the UK and this report outlines why and how we have earned that accolade.

It is vital that we continue to build on all of this. In these times of economic difficulty and reduced public sector funding we must work in closer partnership not only to provide cost effective and value for money solutions to support artists and music businesses alike but also to look at developing ways and means to support our expanding client group that can produce new revenue streams for Generator’s increasing influence.

Music is still our future, let it be yours. Jim Mawdsley Chief Executive Officer

We believe that Generator is now in a strong position to work alongside other development agencies and digital funding organisations to provide tools and activities that can be accessed by anyone in the UK. We can work with those who also want to connect with and raise the profile of emerging talent – providing a development angle to ensure this strong UK talent is industry ready. Finally, we are in a position to act as an interface with all ‘music-using’ entities of the Creative Industries and assist greatly in the breaking down of complex licensing issues through the production of training and events in this field. In summary, we will continue to apply what we are learning to support artists and music businesses and those wishing to use the music that these artists and businesses produce in the UK. Page 5

Chair’s Report

It is my belief that the music industry, a sector that grappled early with the digital challenge, is now beginning to see the benefits of that experience.

Page 6

The last year has, as we all know, seen huge economic challenges across all sectors; and the music industry has been no different. The level of creativity and innovation remains high, digital strategies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and social media platforms are enabling a more direct and interactive dialogue between artists, music businesses and the public than ever before. It is my belief that the music industry, a sector that grappled early with the digital challenge, is now beginning to see the benefits of that experience. As artists and businesses see revenues now derived from a myriad of sources we are increasingly becoming a creative and logistics industry. If we as artists, music managers, venue owners, labels, synch companies, bookers and digital strategists are to make sense of this and do the best for our artists we have to be looking for examples of best practice and sharing that knowledge. This is where Generator’s approach is deservedly receiving industry wide acknowledgement. Our methodology of bringing practitioners together in a forum ensures aspiring artists and businesses can see how successful people and companies are meeting these new challenges head on and competing in what is an increasingly crowded entertainment industry.

At this point I should once again acknowledge the incredible contribution that our diverse cast of industry partners makes to our programme of seminars, clinics, courses and events. It is their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm that plant the seeds for our industry leaders of tomorrow. And it is appropriate to mark the fact that these partnerships and collaborations have grown substantially in the last year. In 2010-11 we have fully rolled out the MMBE course, expanded our UMT offering and improved our elite artist development programme. That has increased our reach across the UK and has also prompted a stimulating and positive debate within the sector as to how we ensure best in class development of artists and businesses in our industry. It is clearly the case, given the current position in terms of public finances, that we as an industry need to speak to government with one voice. In that context we at Generator have been pleased to see the consistent acknowledgment by our industry peers of our position as “market leader” in terms of music industry development initiatives. As a result we are now working more widely across the UK with partners in Yorkshire, the North West, the South West, the South East and

the East of England on both joint programmes but also in building the capacity of our fellow industry development organisations. It is through this and an increased focus on e-delivery that we aim to remove the postcode lottery that has existed in terms of availability of informed and relevant music industry development knowledge.

I should also say that all of the above can no longer be achieved with purely public money, be that from government direct, from other funding bodies or from Europe. We all have to work smarter and I have been pleased to see an increased commercial awareness throughout Generator this year. We are constantly developing activities and brands that can drive commercial revenues and attract support from sponsors and partners. In this way we make our public money go further and are able to help more artists and businesses make their way in the music industry. Again we are helped in this regard by our track record of consistent delivery. Put simply we do what we say we will do. This is clearly of the utmost importance to individuals and companies attending our events; but it is also key for any partners and sponsors, as well as funders and the broader industry as a whole. We simply could not do this without help from all of you across the music sector, without the continued hard work and enthusiasm of the Generator team and also without the wise counsel and strategic insights of our Board whose varied but complimentary backgrounds and experience makes my job and Jim’s a lot easier and a great deal more pleasant.

So now we look forward to 2011-12 with optimism. Our main activities are reaching an ever broader constituency of participants, our partnerships grow stronger and there is undoubtedly a more determined industry focus on coordinated action to ensure the continued health of our sector. Generator is pleased to be an important part of this ongoing process.

Graham Thrower Chair


So now we look forward to 2011-12 with optimism. � Page 7

National Outlook

During this year, Generator has firmly established itself as the leader of the music development field in England. Having secured a contract to deliver a music business network in Yorkshire, our partners Higher Rhythm are on the verge of securing a European Regional Development Fund grant to roll out full music business support in the region. Our work in the North West with Liverpool Sound City has seen this crucial Northern event increase in scope and reach while support for both Norwich Sound and Vision and Music South West has further increased our presence.

‘Industry’ to its title to become the Music Industry Association or MIDA for short. This word was inserted so it was clear that the organisation was recognised as one that is concerned with developing talent and music business in the UK regions and nations.

However, it is in the partnership with the trade associations that make up the membership of UK Music where we are making a really significant impact. Not only are we leading on support mechanisms such as our MMBE training and Business Collaboration Networks that require input from the specialist areas but Generator and MIDA members are now recognised as the conduit for regional support – a channel through which recruitment drives, dissemination of information and cost effective reach can be gained.

The last 12 months have seen consolidation as all organisations in receipt of public money to fund activity have faced extreme difficulty. With solid sharing of best practice and a partnership base all of whom are highly regarded within the music industry, it has become even more important that MIDA uses this position to its advantage.

Generator remains at the helm of the Music Development Association which recently added Page 8

The quality of music still produced in the UK is testament to the resourcefulness and resilience of its producers and ecology of businesses that support it. MIDA members have played a crucial and increasing role in ensuring that this ecology grows and thrives in all corners of the British Isles.

We are proud of the position we have achieved in the music industry this year and will continue to expand our influence and assistance throughout the next year.

Home and A way: Conferences

Photo by Jazzy Lemon

Generator’s presence at key music industry events expanded in 2011 to include SXSW in Texas, The Great Escape in Brighton and Liverpool Sound City. The organisation led a North East Invasion to these events this year, with Lanterns on the Lake, The Chapman Family, Let’s Buy Happiness, Cattle & Cane, Vinyl Jacket, Polarsets and Mammal Club performing official showcases at the UK based events. Each showcase was attended by key music industry targets and press reviews show how successful the Invasion was – all artists forged key relationships at these events. Generator also worked in partnership with each conference to produce cutting-edge panel sessions featuring the most relevant names in the industry – a compilation CD was distributed to over 5,000 industry delegates, featuring 13 tracks from the North East.

Lanterns on the Lake & Let’s Buy Happiness made Drowned in Sound’s Top 10 Acts to Catch at The Great Escape.

Last year’s presence at SXSW in Texas was followed in 2011 with our first official showcase at the British Music Embassy as part of ‘Northern Day’ in partnership with Liverpool Sound City and Timeless Music Project – Yorkshire. Viva City and Little Comets performed alongside Pulled Apart By Horses and Dinosaur Pile-Up and the North East presence was felt elsewhere with Lanterns on the Lake performing official showcases and through 1,000 dropcards being distributed to delegates. Press and industry feedback proves that our impact was felt and demand for involvement next year is extremely high.

One of the joys of SXSW is discovering a brand new band… Such was the case for Little Comets, a totally-unknownin-the-states UK four-piece playing only their second US show… charming, Kooks-ish pop rock abetted by unusual percussion and frontman Robert Coles, cheerydispositioned and beautifully voiced, but still dynamic and expressive — this is radio-friendly rock music that’s instantly, perkily accessible without being cloy or coy

Hollywood Reporter Page 9

Business Support

Outside of our ERDF delivery, Generator successfully completed year-long business delivery to the Yorkshire music network in partnership with Higher Rhythm which culminated in the Music Futures conference in Leeds. As a result of the success of the Music Futures event, we will be bringing the conference back to the North East for the first time later in 2011. Other commercial activity includes our Managing a Music Business Enterprise (MMBE) qualification, tested and launched in the region and currently being rolled out throughout the UK.

Photo by Idene Roozbayani

Page 10

Generator’s Business Support programme continues to develop North East based music SMEs and benefit the development of the regional music industry as a whole. Moving into the second year we are beginning to see the impact from year one and establish a new range of interventions focused on the demand and needs of our beneficiaries. Now that the programme is established we have a greater awareness of the development requirements of our client base and the methods of intervention that work for them. We have responded to this demand to launch the Compact series; introduce new Business Collaboration Networks (BCN’s) which offer assistance in digital marketing, live music events, brand partnerships and synchronisation; and expand our bespoke mentoring services.

Music Futures was developed as a focused conclusion to the end of the first year of Music Futures Yorkshire network that Generator completed for Screen Yorkshire. We delivered the event as a one day conference in Leeds in March 2011 in partnership with Higher Rhythm, providing opportunities for businesses to develop and expand mutually beneficial networks and partnerships. The conference was a paid for event and applying a pricing point for the first time served as a gauge for future revenue models for the Yorkshire network.

The panelists included Steve Mayall (Music Ally), Caroline Elleray (Universal Music), Aaron Bogucki (Polydor), Scott Cohen (The Orchard), Chris Carey (PRS for Music) plus many more and featured a keynote speech from Alison Wenham, Chair of Association of Independent Music (AIM).

The sold-out event saw representation from industry organisation PPL, regional BBC DJs, Screen Yorkshire and Arts Council North West.

Music Futures: Leeds

“ What a great conference. Excellent speakers and engaged audience. Thanks for inviting me. � Scott Cohen, The Orchard

Page 11

MMBE: Commercial

MMBE: Commercial Generator completed the final development and debut delivery of its accredited training course Managing a Music Business Enterprise (MMBE). Through our partnership with Gateshead College and with secured funding through the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) we can now deliver this in any location in England.

It is the only bespoke fully accredited qualification for those looking to establish or expand a music business. MMBE is a 13 week programme designed to support those who want to be an artist manager, a promoter, a booking agent, run their own record label or publishing company. As well as learners achieving a full Level 3 Diploma they will develop their own business plan that they can implement when they leave the programme.

Our first course in Gateshead was fully subscribed and we already have a waiting list for the second run in April 2012. This has surpassed all our expectations in terms of demand. MMBE will be delivered in Leeds, London, Birmingham and Norwich during the rest of 2011 with regional delivery partners such as Higher Rhythm and AIM; we are currently securing other delivery opportunities and partnerships throughout the UK.

Before we launched the full commercial training package of MMBE we pilot tested the content and delivery methodology through a series of seminars for our business development clients. This provided a complete package of business support across the full music industry supply chain for key emerging music enterprises in the North East.

Page 12

Photos by Jazzy Lemon

MMBE: Pilot


Compact is Generator’s new series of concise business development seminars that will offer support to regional music enterprises at all stages of evolution. Opening with Music Business Kick Start we will target pre-starts and provide an opportunity for individuals to generate ideas, and locate a business model that works for them. Further in the series, newly established enterprises can gain a deeper understanding of their role in the supply chain with sector specific seminars covering new models for releasing music,

live music promotion, artist management and music publishing. Additionally, the region’s more established music businesses are encouraged to take a more strategic approach to their development. Seminars such as ‘Making the Most of Digital Marketing Platforms’ and ‘Monetising Everything but the Music’ examine new revenue streams and identify strategies for growth. Each unit brought in a guest speaker to the region to give an inspirational talk relevant to their sector.

The artist management seminar saw Steven Braines from Crown Music share his knowledge and experiences with a group of new managers. Steven himself is one of Generator’s success stories, as an attendee of a similar event five years ago he was inspired to represent Newcastle band Freerunner (now better known as Little Comets). From there he has since gone on to manage Tricky, producer/DJ Maya Jane Coles as well as the North East’s own Nadine Shah, who Steven believes will bring him his first Grammy. Page 13

Music Futures Network

Formerly known as ‘Plugged In’, the Music Futures Network is Generator’s music business network which links the region’s key players and emerging enterprises. Among the benefits of membership are exclusive seminars and networking events which are held regularly in Newcastle. The seminars feature presentations from guest speakers who are experts in their field, giving opinion on a key topic in interactive exchanges with the audience. The events are free to attend for members.

As well as hearing from leading industry experts, members benefit from the opportunity to network among their peers which has led to collaborations between regional music publishers and animators as well as businesses from the area licensing material internationally following meetings at recent network events.

Music Futures Network Where possible we aim to leave a legacy for our Music Futures events. For example at the Mobile Marketing Masterclass a mobile app was created for regional artist Hattie Murdoch on the night by guest speaker Stephen O’Reilly from Mobile Roadie. Other speakers on the night were Music Ally’s Steve Mayall and Seth Jackson of PIAS. Page 14

Music Futures Network Case Study: Hattie Murdoch

Through our wide and varied activity Generator assists the development of many regional businesses and artists and Hattie is a great example of an individual that has moved through different strands of support. At the Music Futures network event ‘Mobile Marketing Masterclass’ guest speaker Stephen O’Reilly from Mobile Roadie selected Hattie’s application from the dozens submitted and generously developed an app for her – which has the equivalent cost of around £1000. “Mobile apps are the next logical stage in online marketing and more consumers are using their mobiles as a source to find and access music that they are interested in – to have a presence in the app market is a distinct advantage and will soon become essential. It has definitely made me think of inventive ways to use content – to link to regular and interesting content which can often be pushed aside when you get busier with other aspects of being an artist.”

Hattie also performed at both Evolution Emerging and the UMT:Emerging stage at Evolution Festival. She released her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Ocean Floor’ through recently established Newcastle record label Portable Magic, who are also network members. Generator has helped Hattie to develop both artistically and professionally:

To listen to a sample of this music and for more information: hattie-murdoch

“I think you do get to a point where you can’t do everything – I’ve certainly had to relinquish some of the control and have had to have a huge amount of trust in what the people around me are doing – I went to many of Generator’s events in the early days of setting up our own label, and it stood me in great stead for where I am now.”

Hattie Murdoch Page 15

Business Collaboration Network

The Business Collaboration Network The Business Collaboration Networks (BCN) group businesses that share a need and desire to improve activity in a distinct area of their music business operation. By assembling groups of workable size, concentrated time gained from engaging with formally procured industry experts has led to significant impact for participating businesses.

Page 16

To ensure quality of delivery, places on each BCN were limited to representatives from eight companies. Two full day seminars covered the subject area in detail, fortified by six hours of one to one mentoring. The BCN’s offered assistance in areas such as digital marketing, live music, brand partnerships and synchronisation for record labels and composers.

Clinic / Business Clinics were hour long, one-to-one sessions in which businesses received advice from a music business advisor. These clinics were often the first engagement a business had with Generator; from this initial consultation we identified beneficiary business need and signposted them to the relevant programmes within the Generator portfolio that would assist growth.

Photo by Idene Roozbayani

Music Futures Network Case Study: Sapien Records

Sapien Records Generator assisted Durham based label, Sapien Records in helping to attract new business, create new partnerships and improve performance. David Smith, Managing Director attended a number of Generator events such as Business Collaboration Network, The Know How and Music Futures network. “After attending Generator’s Business Collaboration Network on synchronisation in Teesside and receiving feedback and mentoring from the agents I was able to submit music to the

‘right people’ in the ‘right way’. I received a brief for Pinkberry, a franchise of upscale frozen dessert restaurants in the US stating the kind of material their stores played and I had a few artists which I thought would be suitable. The pitch was successful, now one of our published artists can be heard in over 100 stores from LA to New York along with a number of other promising opportunities. Elsewhere on the Sapien horizon, one of our artists We Are Knuckledragger have been over in Chicago recording their debut

album with Steve Albini, and as always we are constantly looking for new music either on the label or the publishing side of things. The Know How event with Martin Mills earlier in the year was very informative, giving great food for thought regarding options in how to release their album. I am also developing other revenue streams for the business through mobile marketing and event promotion services and the Music Futures network Mobile Marketing event was the impetus to create what is proving to

be a really successful and important app for one of our bands. This is a great marketing tool especially in a live setting, allowing fans to easily connect with the band via the app in an instant. Generator has helped provide the knowledge and guidance needed on sometimes quite complex issues in the minefield of the music industry. They have helped with contacts and opened doors in areas I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of or pursued.”

Page 17

‘Business of…’ Seminars

The ‘Business of…’ seminars were designed to encourage stronger links between Generator’s Musician Support and Business Support activity by producing content relevant to all areas of the music industry. The Business of Songwriting featured a panel discussion between songwriters Martin Brammer and James Flannigan, Jamie Gilmour from BASCA and Polly Comber, Creative Director at B-Unique Music who examined how regional songwriters and composers can create a business from their craft. The event was delivered in partnership with PRS for Music who hosted a networking session afterwards offering an ideal opportunity for attendees to talk to those with specific knowledge around rights protection and gaining revenue from these rights.

Page 18

‘Business of…’ This was quickly followed by The Business of Music Production which brought together renowned producers Danton Supple (Coldplay) and Stephen Harris (Kaiser Chiefs) and respected producer managers Jill Hollywood (Big Life Management) and Ros Earls (140db Management) to discuss the increasing profile of the producer in the music industry and how aspiring producers can take their skills from the bedroom to the boardroom. Many attendees of these seminars have since gone onto participate in the Compact programme to further develop their creative flair for business.

In previous years, The Know How has featured owners and founders from Domino Records, XL Recordings, and Rough Trade and this year we secured our highest profile guest to date – Martin Mills, founder and Chairman of the Beggars Group. Once again, Tony Wadsworth (Generator Board member) chaired the session with Martin whose group now takes worldwide position as the largest owner-run group of labels in the independent sphere. Generator’s own CEO Jim Mawdlsey chaired a session involving Fiction’s managing director, Jim Chancellor, Maximo Park’s Paul Smith and The Vaccines manager, Cerne Canning; they spoke about the different ways in which they discover, nurture and develop talent and looked at where investment for artists might come from in the future.

Photo by Jazzy Lemon

Experts from across the industry, including Jeff Smith, Head of Programming from Radio 2 and Huw Stephens, (Radio 1) discussed both traditional and new methods of broadcast and the different sources of income available to artists. Bill Brewster joined Luke Una and Ralph Lawson for lively discussion around how emergent scenes rise and what they owed, by influence or outlook, to the original operators.

The Know How

The Know How Page Page19 8

Musician Support

Musician Support The huge disruption the industry has seen over recent years as a result of the transfer to digital has in no way compromised the quality of music being produced in the UK, and specifically, in the North East. At Generator we are made aware of this on a daily basis, from when sound-checks start up downstairs in the Cluny to hearing half a dozen bands practice nearby as we leave the car park at night. With musical genres emerging, splitting and re-splitting on a constant basis the challenge we have met at Generator is devising and delivering appropriate support that generates long term future gains. We have thought hard about how this support is configured and where the entry and exit points are; this in return is not exclusively tied to the artist, but the sector, industry, region and audience. With our central commitment to artist development and a (future) increase in resource from Arts Council England, this year has seen us test piloting and developing new packages of intense support which will not only provide immediate and wide exposure to an increased number of artists, but strengthen partnerships and the artists they represent in other UK Nations and regions.

Page 20

This musical output has not only triggered growth in the sector but informed how our music and creative businesses develop. Music and business are now more diverse than ever – Generator will continue to ensure that the support we develop and deliver is forward thinking, fit for purpose and best in class.

Generator will help in brokering key live opportunities and support around releases

Artist Development Over the last year, and from a national standpoint, Generator’s CEO has plainly stated the case and need for effective artist development which is currently severely under-resourced due to the diminished revenues

from UK’s recording companies. Consequently, the agency has devised strategies that will inform the ways in which our provision is developed and delivered. As a body which is ultimately accountable to our partners, we will always be risk-aware in our work; however, we also subscribe to the idea that a certain amount of speculation is required if we are going to live up to the reputation that the UK enjoys of providing the best in new music. At Generator, we have worked hard on refining this package of support test-piloting it with Let’s Buy Happiness last year and now have a progressive multitiered artist development strategy with a number of key service strands. In Elite Artist Development, long-term mentorship and support will be offered to a select number of artists where Generator will help in brokering key live opportunities and support around releases. A Singles Club will provide a digital release platform and a Seminar Series will help develop skills-set accelerating creative and professional development. On a daily basis, The Tipping Point will tip the best tracks, videos and tour news to our extensive industry networks, whilst establishing a ‘Tippers Network’ of reliable tastemakers across the UK.

Photo by Jazzy Lemon


Musician Support

Generator can confidently state that it has a selection of the region’s finest music producers leading on the three different strands of UMT (BEATS/ PLAY/VOX) which continued to be fully subscribed over the year. With a healthy dose of professional rivalry, the VOX producers worked hard to create industry standard tracks with young vocalists, rappers and songwriters. Collaboration was increasingly seen, and not just in the events that were held jointly between BEATS and VOX strands, but in subsequent work between the participating emerging artists. Zoe Hakin went on to release the track ‘Polaroid’ on Coded Music with her mentor, Phobia. Lulu James continued to work with Dom P and will support Mercury nominated artist ‘Ghost Poet’ in late 2011.

UMT Academy Following a period of extensive market research Generator has developed a suite of products comprised of high-end electronic music training provision that we are preparing to sell to a private client base. Based at our Hoult’s Yard studio, the Academy is a centre where electronic artists can pick up the skills needed to create compelling new music alongside the knowledge which will show them how to generate interest and income from this new music. Page 21

To listen to a sample of this music and for more information: amy-holford

Amy got involved with UMT:VOX primarily because she wanted an opportunity to be creative independently – “to have a space to imagine and produce.” Amy worked alongside Mark Lowry, lead tutor for UMT to create quality original material.

“The VOX course exceeded my expectations and working with Mark has made me more productive generally. I was stuck in a rut: without the facilities to play and experiment with my own music, I was struggling to make progress. Partnered with Mark as my mentor, I could take advantage of working with someone who had a fresh approach and future outlook.

It really pushed me to work harder, but the mentorship was well balanced and he listened as much to me as I did him. It felt like I got respect back which is just the kind of support you need when moving out of your comfort zone. Mark gave me the space to put forward my musical ideas – most importantly, he listened. The event was one of the best gigs of the year for me; the calibre of the other singers was high but this only made me up my game; that’s what I needed at the time – a challenge. Since that gig, people have approached me about using my vocal on tracks and generally it has encouraged me to work harder and write more. It’s made me find my musical identity too: VOX and Generator really pushed me to get a move on, without actually ever saying that. It’s good to know Generator is going to help me along the first and hardest part of that journey.”

Amy Holford Page 22

Photo by Jazzy Lemon

Musician Support Case Study: Amy Holford

Photo by Jazzy Lemon

Musician Support

Generator was fortunate in securing the support of two of the UK’s leading broadcasters, Tom Robinson (6Music) and Huw Stephens (Radio 1) who have been champions of the Transmission programme from inception.

Transmission Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, this is a young person led programme that looks at the history of popular music broadcasting in the North East region and the new opportunities and platforms available in the digitized world. A series of events and seminars link the programme which encompasses research and multimedia production at prestigious museum venues across the region, The Discovery Museum, Newcastle and The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. Transmission will continue to run into 2012 and a productive partnership with the media department at Gateshead College will lead into a documentary charting Transmission and its findings. In the future, this will feature interviews with key broadcasting figures such as Malcolm Gerrie, executive producer on the legendary show ‘The Tube’ and show the changing nature of music consumption.

Page 23

Musician Support Case Study: Ajimal

To listen to a sample of this music and for more information: ajimal

Generator worked with artist Ajimal who went on to record and perform as part of The Roundhouse’s ‘Rising’ and ‘30:30’ schemes in partnership with EMI. Ajimal was involved with Transmission, Sound + Vision and performed at Evolution Emerging, gaining critical experience in building his live show and engaging with new audiences. “Generator have been superb in advising me about how to develop my profile as an artist and how to get my music out to more people. Staff have always been happy to help and advise whenever I had questions or needed guidance.


Page 24

I feel I have managed to develop audience and public interest in Ajimal, and feel the calibre of my songs is at a level where I am happy to perform, record and release them. With support from Generator, I have actively sought collaborators and feel my own music has benefited greatly from this.

I have received a number of plays on national radio, including Radio1, 6Music and Amazing Radio, and with direct support from Generator’s Musician Support team, received an award for songwriting through the Alan Hull bursary. Live shows have been particularly rewarding – It was a new challenge to re-work a number of songs and approach them in a new way, writing for strings. Shows at The Sage Gateshead and the Roundhouse were sold out and were received very well by the audience and critics.

My approach to the music industry has changed considerably over the last year; I have begun to get experience of meetings and discussions with labels, lawyers, promoters and agents. It is important not to approach these situations naively and it is largely through advice and support from Generator that I have been able to approach them with measured expectations.”

Sound + Vision

Clinic / Musician

Sound + Vision tracks an extremely productive relationship between screen agency Northern Film & Media and Generator who built the project to encourage collaboration between musicians, re-mixers and filmmakers in the region.

The Clinics continue to be a popular access point for artists, business and entrepreneurs; Generator staff use them to run a quick diagnostic and if appropriate, route them to a particular service. Advice sought includes information about release strategies, revenue streams, digital marketing and guidance on dealing with media.

The process involves multiple levels of creativity starting with identifying the right artists and track to work with; we then allowed access to all parts of the recording and invited producers/remixers to reinterpret the music.

In the past year we have advised over 100 artists and many have gone on to access and benefit from other areas of our Musician Support programme, including Vinyl Jacket and Ajimal.

Photo by Jazzy Lemon

The resulting remixed tracks were outstanding, leaving an extremely difficult decision for the panel when it came to selecting which production would be used for the artist’s video. For the first time ever, the programme followed the full creative process from artist to producer/remixer to filmmaker and in early 2010 legendary director Dick Carruthers provided mentorship to both Jimmy & The Sounds and Villing Chong, together creating a high budget music video for the project.

Musician Support

Page 25

Musician Support Case Study: Vinyl Jacket

To listen to a sample of this music and for more information: vinyl-jacket

“Our first meeting with Generator gave us the ideal starting block; a solid platform of advice and support upon which we have been able to build a succinct strategy going forward.” Vinyl Jacket began their relationship with Generator when selected to play at the Transmission showcase – “an event which became the integral platform for every other major achievement we had over the following 12 months.” Two singles recently released through independent label ‘The Calico Print’ have received national airplay on Radio 1 and BBC 6Music and they were recently invited to record a live Maida Vale session for Huw Stephens.

“We feel incredibly proud and lucky to be from a region where the whole network is so cohesive and supportive of one another and this is largely due to the unrivalled core support that Generator provides. Before working with Bob at Generator, we had a ‘play at all costs’ approach but a different strategic look at our development has opened up some incredible live opportunities including Evolution Emerging, Liverpool Sound City, the BBC Introducing stage both at Glastonbury and at In The City in Manchester.

Vinyl Jacket Page 26

It remains an interesting challenge to keep up with the evermore synthbased mainstream pop market, balancing new technologies with the desire to stay true to our guitar-based roots. Generator has certainly helped us become more industry-conscious and results are most evident in our live performance. Prior to receiving support at Generator, we had plenty of creative ideas musically but had no concept of how to progress through the industry and get our music heard, particularly outside of the North East. Over the year, we have worked hard to refine our character in a bid to become as marketable as possible whilst staying true to ourselves as musicians. I firmly believe that marketing our band as a brand has been an integral part of our successes this year and Bob has offered particular and invaluable support in the release department. Each release has acted as a platform for the next, and we hope to continue to build a team around us in this way. Unlike this time last year, we now have clear goals and know what we want to achieve over the next 12 months. We have learned that you can’t take anything for granted in such a fast-paced industry and that hard-work and dedication is the absolute key.”

Evolution Emerging

UMT Emerging at Evolution Festival

Evolution Emerging is the biggest event for emerging music in the region, with 27 performers playing across six venues in 2011.

UMT Emerging 2011 gave 38 artists the opportunity to perform at the region’s biggest music event, Evolution Festival.

This year saw record attendance with two of the six venues reporting it to be their busiest ever event. It included three headliners – The Chapman Family, Lanterns on the Lake (who have gone on to release their debut album through Bella Union), and Hyde & Beast (who received critical acclaim for their album this year and multiple plays on 6Music). The profile of Evolution Emerging grew considerably this year and there have been many success stories following the event.


A number of graduates from Generator’s UMT programme performed alongside other emerging artists and DJs and the event was planned and managed alongside 12 young volunteers. Emerging hip hop artist Baron Von Alias also played BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend and standout performances came from future indie-popsters Mausi, Sunderland’s supremely talented singer-songwriter The Lake Poets and Teesside math-rockers Toyger. One slot was also allocated to singer-songwriter Hattie Murdoch.

Tomahawks for Targets were selected to play Reading and Leeds Festival and their single ‘The Total Collapse Of It All’ has been playlisted by BBC Radio 1. Vinyl Jacket’s opening set proved to be a suitable warm up for their performance at Glastonbury Festival, and Polarsets have released critically acclaimed singles through Kitsune and Neon Gold.

Evolution 2011 Page 27

Future and The Way Forward

It has been a theme throughout this report and indeed throughout the nation that we look to be resilient and seek ways to ensure that we can not only be sustainable but build for the future. Generator is in a unique position which one might say can give us a competitive advantage. We have a full understanding of what is happening with the continuing developments and shifting sands of the music industry. We also have thorough knowledge of what is needed for music development in the regions and nations of the UK – this is underpinned by strengthening partnerships with the music industry trade associations as well as an understanding with UK Music to assist each other wherever possible. Alongside all of this, we have road tested a suite of effective support mechanisms that can both assist business growth and nurture talent. In the sector of business development we produced a Music Business Network in Yorkshire on behalf of Yorkshire Forward and Screen Yorkshire with a modest budget. This enabled us to deliver our programmes in an additional region and the results were highly effective, attracting over 500 member businesses and culminating in an oversubscribed Music Futures conference. This year, our partners in Yorkshire, Higher Rhythm,

Page 28

are applying for their own European Grant. It is their intention, with support of the Department of Communities and Local Government to draw in Generator’s lead services to their region in the knowledge that delivery will be to a high and effective standard. For the future we will look to our other partners and work towards were we can adopt our services in other Regions with the purpose of strengthening business activity throughout the UK. In addition to this we intend working more closely with our partners in the Music Industry Development Association (MIDA) to create assets that can be used to strengthen this partnership, bring increased revenue to the individual organisations and forge closer ties to the UK music industry while providing additional tools for skills building and business expansion. This will only lead to a stronger development sector with a more unified and national reach in England that works constructively with our partners in the Nations. Revenues that can be reinvested into talent development by the recording industry are becoming scarcer. While we can point to some amazing successes this year, it is the case that the record labels are signing less artists. They want to see talent that is more fully developed,

talent that already have a fan base, are selling their own music and have built media awareness. This we believe creates a gap, one that Generator with its experience, knowledge and industry contacts is best placed to fill. This year we will embark on an artist development strategy that aims to ensure that emerging talent is industry ready. We can work closely with our industry partners to establish a ‘tipping network’, unearth talent from all corners of the UK and ensure a team is built around it that provides the best chances of success. To do this we intend to extend our partnership with existing funders but also find new revenue streams. There are an increasing amount of ‘brands’ out there who see that an association with emerging music is a pathway to increasing their customer base. They not only have a desire to be associated with this talent but are rightly seeing that there is a strong fit with their target market. We believe that we are best placed to be the conduit between the brand and the artists involved, ensuring the right demographic is reached while the strongest talent is unearthed. It is a new direction of securing a private revenue stream for what Generator has always been strong at, working with musicians. It will lead to increased recognition for the agency, strengthen our programme and develop the life blood of the music industry – the creative talent.


We believe that we are best placed to be the conduit between the brand and the artists involved, ensuring the right demographic is reached.


Evolution 2010

Page 29

Late in 2010, Generator began to develop an application to become a National Portfolio Organisation alongside numerous existing Regularly Funded Organisations (RFO’s) and other bodies. The Arts Council England (ACE) intended to support this newly established system under its new funding guidelines, a position for which competition was incredibly high.


Going forward, our two chief core funds will be ACE and ERDF which perfectly represent our dual commitment to the artist and the business – the creative process and the economic impact.

Page 30

Our bid was developed with confidence in our strong governance and proven ability to leverage additional funds. We also had faith in our ability to make a strong contribution to their new and existing goals. We were acutely aware of the difficult decisions ACE had been forced to make so we were overjoyed to receive notification that we had been awarded NPO status along with an uplift in the funding we received – we feel privileged to move forward with their positive investment. It was no time for celebration however, given how many organisations had either lost their funding or suffered cuts, so we did as Generator has always done and just got on with it.

Their feedback provided a ringing endorsement of both our commitment to artistic development, an understanding of our business development work and an approval of our own new business model. Going forward, our two chief core funds will be ACE and ERDF which perfectly represent our dual commitment to the artist and the business – the creative process and the economic impact. For every £1 that ACE invested, we generated £6 during last year – we are confident that Generator is recognised by many parties as a growth story. ACE has confidence that we are a financially sustainable organisation that will benefit from increased investment and it is Generator’s intention to prove them right. We are of course aware, that to become complacent in light of this positive decision would be irresponsible. While we received an additional award from Heritage Lottery Fund and hope to continue a positive relationship with them, the landscape has been irretrievably altered by the recent public funding cuts and finding new revenues is undeniably a challenge.

However, as has been noted earlier in this report, Generator is interested in its own sustainability, the sustainability of the sector and ultimately the artist and businesses it supports. To this end, we have developed a suite of different products and services that will build additional revenue streams: the accredited ‘Managing a Music Business Enterprise’ (MMBE) course which will become the bespoke qualification for music SMEs and the UMT Academy which see new commercial products converted from our market leading provision in electronic music training. Generator will continue to use its extensive partner network to maximise the value of its collective funding sources whilst levering further public and private investment. While we must be logical and realistic about where we can drawn additional sources of revenue from we can certainly be confident with one distinct aspect of our delivery – it is value for money that we provide.

Learning and UMT Zone Generator’s Learning Zone is now compatible with our NCFE accredited course Managing a Music Business Enterprise and boasts a facility that provides a learning environment for each course cohort and includes; course content, industry resources, business planning tools and forums for peer support as well as an online submissions tracking system for assessment and guidance purposes. The permission based system allows access for students, tutors and external assessors in compliance with NCFE assessment procedures. The UMT zone has been created specifically to meet the needs of our UMT provision – including course information, engagement through social media and opportunities for developing and displaying Rich Media content developed by UMT participants. The site is designed to drive uptake to our UMT Academy offering bespoke courses and first class training by our dedicated team of industry professionals.

The Gen The Gen is Generator’s flagship promotional tool. This fortnightly newsletter that provides up to the minute industry news and offers insight for our audience including links to explanations of the topical stories allowing new subscribers a complete overview of industry developments. The Gen’s readership includes an extensive list of key industry figures and heads of departments, within all the major recording and publishing labels, an extensive list of independent labels, live agencies, promoters, management companies, industry bodies and a substantial selection of regional press and PR companies.

Our articles are regularly featured, reprinted and have appeared on BBC introducing pages, The Unsigned Guide and Music Week. Further digital developments have been a Gig Guide for bands and artists appearing in the region and beyond along with a Festival guide. Both facilities are searchable by area and have become the de facto site to discover live music in the UK ranking on page one of Google searches. This facility has encouraged the uptake of new members of Music Futures, Generator’s music industry network, allowing users to update gigs and publicise their own tours and events. Both the North East and Yorkshire music business networks have increased their membership on a weekly basis.

Information and Communications

I really like The Gen, full of good stuff, The Gen and CMU Daily do me nicely thank you.

Art Rocker

CRM system The Generator’s bespoke client relationship management system (CRM) is now in a position to be licensed to third parties in the music and arts development arena, allowing close tracking of client activity and participation within our programme, project planning facilities and tools.

Page 31


Woodwork Music Music Ally Studio Lobster Orange Bus Worldbeaters Grooverooms Swansfield Music Good Lizard Media Transmit Tees Music Alliance The Bunker Ten Feet Tall

ERDF Arts Council England Big Lottery Fund Northern Rock Foundation Youth Music NE Generation Heritage Lottery Fund PRS for Music Foundation Newcastle City Council Middlesbrough City Council


UK Music AIM AIF MIDA Arts Council England Musicians Union BPI • CC Skills NCFE • DCMS UKTI • MMF MPA • BASCA PRS • PPL Music Tank






Screen Yorkshire Bristol Music Foundation The Great Escape Creative Barnsley Higher Rhythm Liverpool Sound City Northern Net Sensoria Timeless Music Project Scottish Music Association Welsh Music Foundation Community Music East Music South West North West Vision & Media Merseyside ACME

e rs

Northern Film & Media Business Enterprise Group One North East Codeworks Games Horizon Gateshead College Evolution Festival Northern Stage NARC. Keep Your Eyes Open (KYEO) Trend Business Research (TBR) Sailor Girl Decibel Pictures

No r t h E a s t P a r t n e r s

Page 32


Re g i o n

d e rs

i st s

a l Pa rtn





e Sp

l cia



The Generator Family

Facts and Figures

Live Music Events

Evolution Emerging UMT:Emerging Conference Showcases Transmission Sound & Vision UMT:BEATS UMT:PLAY UMT:VOX SPEAR North East Unsigned


Artists Participating

6 2 3 2 1 4 4 1 10 12



UMT:BEATS UMT:PLAY UMT:VOX Transmission Sound & Vision Clinic Evolution Emerging UMT:Emerging International Conference Showcases SPEAR North East Unsigned

60 60 6 44 5 104 114 80 54



Evolution Emerging UMT:Emerging Conference Showcases Transmission Sound & Vision UMT:BEATS UMT:PLAY UMT:VOX SPEAR North East Unsigned

2,000 16,000 850 300 120 800 300 150 370 1,560



67 48

Musician Support Development advice and guidance sessions

Business Support Development advice and guidance sessions

Advice and Guidance sessions attendees


Music Futures (Leeds) Music Futures Network (Yorkshire) MB2MB (pilot) MMBE commercial COMPACT Music Futures Network Music Futures Conference (Newcastle) BCN Clinic Business The Know How The Business of Songwriting The Business of Production

7 15

146 42 18 72 393

64 7 4 1 1

Music Futures (Leeds) MB2MB (pilot) MMBE commercial COMPACT Music Futures Network Music Futures Network (Yorkshire) Music Futures Conference (Newcastle) BCN Clinic Business The Know How The Business of Songwriting The Business of Production






96 80 125 6 4


23 13 4 15 4

184 28 30 460 84 78 Page 33

Summary of Accounts

Generator North East Limited Extracts from accounts for the year ending May 2011



Balance Sheet











Creditors: amounts due within 1 year



Net current assets



Total assets less current liabilities



Net assets Capital & Reserves Restricted Restricted reserves Shareholders’ funds



— 40,897 £40,897

38,208 £38,208

718,789 (716,099) 2,690 (1) £2,689

411,979 (405,406) 6,573 (9) £6,564

38,208 2,689 £40,897

31,644 6,564 £38,208

Fixed assets Current assets Stocks Cash at bank and in hand: Unrestricted

Income and Expenditure Income Administrative expenses Excess income over expenditure Taxation Retained reserves for the year

Statement of Retained Earnings Retained reserves brought forward Retained reserves for the year Retained reserves carried forward

Notes Accounting policies: The accounts have been prepared under the historical cost convention and in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective April 2008). Income: Income represents Grants, Fundraising and Management Fees, excluding VAT. Status: The Company is a non-profit making Company and is limited by Guarantee, by having no Share Capital Page 34

Accountant’s Report We consider that the company is exempt from an audit for the year ended 31st May 2011. We have acknowledged, on the balance sheet, our responsibilities for complying with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 with respect to accounting records and the preparation of accounts. These responsibilities include preparing accounts that give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company at the end of the financial year and of its profit or loss for the financial year.

Director’s Report The company’s principle activity during the year continued to be that of an agency for music development. The companies retained reserves will be used for the continued development of the agency.

Staff and Funders

The Directors in office in the year were:Damian Baetens David Cross Claire Dupree Stacy Hall Jim Mawdsley Melanie Shee Jo Thornton Graham Thrower Tony Wadsworth Robert White Staff Jim Mawdsley Chief Executive Officer Jo Thornton Director: Resources Damian Baetens Director: Business Development Martin McAloon Information Manager Peter Matthews Administration Manager Mike McClure Monitoring Officer Joe Frankland Musician Support Manager Bob Allan Programme Assistant: Musician Support Jonny Gray Programme Assistant: Business Support Wayne C. McDonald Consultant Paul Reed Editor, The Gen Page 35

Generator Cluny Annex, 36 Lime Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2PQ 0191 231 4016

Generator Annual Report 2010-2011  
Generator Annual Report 2010-2011  

Annual Report for Generator - the UK's leading Music Development Agency.