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“Generation Y-NOT?” symbolizes the fact of life that you can have everything, yet fail, or nothing, and still succeed, the determining factor is the “attitude.”

Why is this important for our youth to understand? Because our youth have already begun a life, hearing that they “cannot” do this, or “won’t be able to” accomplish that. Generation Y-Not? Challenges our youth to live a life always asking “Why Not?”

Every nine seconds, a high school student drops out of high school in the United States. As our nation scrambles to address this youth epidemic, UNIDAD of Miami Beach has taken a progressive approach in tackling our local truancy dilemma. Adhering to research conducted by Harvard University and learning from Programs like Ten9Eight, our Social Entrepreneurship BizPlan Competition not only allows for our youth’s natural competitive spirit to flourish, it also utilizes this vehicle to teach them financial literacy, self-awareness, accountability & social responsibility, all awhile, significantly decreasing their probability of dropping out of high school. Regardless of creed, nationality or religion, the future workplace is more complex than we can imagine. The global market has now pinned our youth against other youth from around the world for Education, Opportunity, Access to Opportunity and even employment. Thus this inevitable move towards a global connectedness brings along with it a myriad of new challenges and blessings.

They have financial smarts. After witnessing the financial insecurity that beset earlier generations stung by layoffs and the dot-com bust, today’s newest entrants into the workforce are generally savvy when it comes to money and savings.

Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword. Unlike boomers who tend to put a high priority on career, today’s youngest workers are more interested in making their jobs accommodate their family and personal lives.

Change, change, change. Generation Y’ers don’t expect to stay in a job, or even a career, for too long. They’ve seen the scandals and they’re skeptical when it comes to such concepts as “employee loyalty.”

They don’t like to stay too long on any one assignment. This is a generation of multitaskers, and they can juggle e-mail on their BlackBerrys while talking on cellphones while trolling online.

They believe in their self worth and value enough that they’re not shy about trying to change the companies they work for. They walk in with high expectations for themselves, their employer, and their boss.

• There’s Gen Y’s total comfort with technology. While boomers may expect a phone call or in-person meeting on important topics, younger workers may prefer virtual problem solving.

N S A N T I AG O @ U N I DA D M B . O RG This coming year, we have plenty of great activities and surprises for our students. Our students go on field trips, learn leadership, financial literacy and even compete for a 1st place prize of $1,500 during our social entrepreneurship BizPlan competition, they even get PAID to participate in the institute for the month of June. They enjoy guest speakers, field trips to Orlando, the FAU Boca campus & Miami Dade College for a career day tour & we even buy every single youth participant a tailored business suit for their graduation ceremony. I wish I had one of these institutes around when I was in High School.

What can a High School Student Expect From Your Program?

First and foremost, we thank the City of Miami Beach & South Florida Workforce for funding our program. This year, we have been honored to have the support from companies and organizations like VISA, TD Bank, Costco, WLRN (NPR) Pollo Tropical, Terrero Films, John Casablancas Miami, Florida Atlantic University, Miami Dade College, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and AMPS International, to name a few. This year, we expect this list to double.

Who are some of your supporters?

There are some exceptions made in few cases, but our career advisors work closely with both the student and their guardians during the eligibility process.

Our current economic situation in itself justifies the need for financial literacy training. The concept behind financial literacy is to not only know how to manage money, but more importantly, how to make money and spend it responsibly.

Why Financial Literacy?

This year, we continue to use the great teachings of individuals like Dale Carnegie’s: Leadership Mastery and Stephen Covey’s: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. They were beyond their time, and yet now, their teachings of Humanity are so timely. We have seen our teens not only learn effective habits and master leadership, but more importantly, they have embraced the value of it.

What kind of Leadership do you teach? Why?

It has been proven time and again in studies conducted by Harvard, Stanford and others, that High School students that are exposed to entrepreneurial learning during their high school experience significantly increase retention rates and directly address the growing concern of truancy in our nation. The “social” part of our entrepreneurship teachings, is to not only promote excellence and self-sustainability, but also more importantly, promote the value of a giving spirit and creating a new generation of socially conscientious leaders.

Why ‘Social Entrepreneurship’?

N S A N T I AG O @ U N I DA D M B . O RG

Q & A WITH THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: MARGARITA CEPEDA What is the history of the New Generation Leadership and Workforce Institute (NGLWI)? The New Generation Leadership & Workforce Institute (NGLWI) is going into its 6th year of inspiring work. NGLWI was first started to serve the Hispanic students in the Miami Beach area. We quickly learned the dire need that exists in the lives of teens of all backgrounds for leadership learning, social responsibility and work-readiness training. NGLWI adapted its mission to be inclusive of all youth, knowing the progressive nature of this new generation. Little did we know 6 years ago, how ‘New’ this generation would be.

How does a High School Student Participate in your program?

Currently, our funding requirements ensure that the eligibility process is both clear and precise. Some of the requirements are that the student be a junior or a senior in High School, comply with income guidelines, and be currently living in Miami-Dade County.

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Generation Y-Not Summer Youth Program Press Kit of UNIDAD of Miami Beach


Generation Y-Not Summer Youth Program Press Kit of UNIDAD of Miami Beach