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OUR M A NTR A All of our thoughts, beliefs, desires, and hopes

are centered on the ideology

that with the proper knowledge and support,

children can do anything. We strive to push the boundaries

of what students believe they are

able to do and ultimately be. Our hope is to walk alongside the youth as memories of our hands on, minds on challenges

fuel their

spirit of courage.

We hope

they will say it was with Generation Infocus that they first began to believe that there are no limits

to what they can accomplish. As a result, we expect our children to be

BOLD in the pursuit of STEAM careers, tackling the world’s toughest challenges

and believing they can start now.

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Studio Camps For Girls




STEAM Your Way


We are a social Innovation organization implementing School Day labs, after-school and summer activity programs for students K-12. We use project-based STEAM learning to engage young minds and foster career champions. Our mission is to provide each child with equal, rigorous, relevant, and engaging opportunities that will prepare them to enter into 21st century STEAM careers.

Inspire. Empower. Influence. For questions about our programming, please email us at: contactus@generationinfocus.com www.generationinfocus.com



Our learning experiences encourage children to think critically and make a positive impact on the world around them. Hands-on

and in-depth learning opportunities through inquiry & discovery-based activities


subject matter in the key areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math


connections through foreign language literacy inclusion


curriculum to Georgia Milestones, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards



Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.




We’re committed to providing learning opportunities and career exposure that bolster students’ interest in STEAM focused 21st century job opportunities. Our strategic approach to creating and strengthening STEAM driven learning experiences that will address the need for a STEAM connected workforce include: • STEAM Lab workshops that are standards aligned • Tutorial support to increase student achievement in math and reading • STEAM career workforce exposure • Parental inclusion that supports the whole child • Social and emotional education

We give more so that children can learn more

Other after-school providers charge for each individual elective class - we don’t. Our all-inclusive program structure allows students to participate in ALL of the provided electives for the price of one.



We partner with schools to fit program needs while expanding STEAM learning development.

During The School Day After School Summer Camps

We offer a wide range of studio elective courses that can be modified to accommodate programs: • All year long • four 12 week sessions • single session studios



So what makes GI different?


-1 5x




We have created a proven method for incorporating STEAM into supplemental educational programming - we call it our STEAM Worksďż˝ Curriculum. Our stepby-step process provokes innovation among both students and teachers alike.

1 Pre Data Analysis The pre-test that students take


to measure their knowledge of the STEAM content being taught during the lesson.



A STEAM challenge in which students are provided a real world scenario that they solve through

Career Connections

project based hands-on activities.

The possible career option and college degree a student could


receive to attain this STEAM career.


Creation Students use their imagination to create and make their STEAM projects with specific materials and defined instructions.


Comprehensive Data Reports Every semester, data reports include student progress in alignment with Georgia Milestones, Common

Post Data Analysis

Core and Next Generation Science

The post data analysis assesses

Standards, bi-yearly parent survey

the students increased knowledge

results, and a detailed description of

as a result of the project.

program goals.



School Day Labs School Day STEAM Lab programming is where we create makers’ spaces in schools. Teachers are able to drop their students off during their planning time while we provide educational workshops that are a part of the school day curriculum. We are replacing specials with STEAM!

PROGRAM INCLUSIONS: • All supplies needed for STEAM lab lesson • STEAM coach • STEAM Works� Curriculum

After School Programs Our STEAM After School Programs are very different than the typical after school program. Our programs immerse students into a STEAM-filled interactive curriculum Monday through Friday from school dismissal (around 2:00PM to 6:30 PM), giving us over 20 quality contact hours per week with our students. Throughout the semester, students engage with assorted STEAM inspired subjects, such as Wearable Technology, Circuits in Motion, PreMed, Dance, etc. In each subject area, the students work collaboratively on projects of various calibers and difficulties, ranging from recitals to creating a smartphone app, to constructing an all recycled material article of clothing.

PROGRAM INCLUSIONS: • All supplies needed for STEAM lab lesson • STEAM staff • Dedicated site director • STEAM Works� Curriculum • Full program management, registration & payment processing • Pre / post data assessments

Studio Elective Classes For organizations/schools that already have a structured after school program, we offer to provide our STEAM studio elective classes. Our teachers pop in to provide skill driven STEAM courses such as wearable technology, water robotics, martial arts, etc. in a 1-3 hour studio class. Often times organizations will have us come in and teach a round of STEAM classes so that we teach one or multiple courses throughout the day to serve as many students as possible.

Summertime Programs In addition to after school and studio classes, Generation Infocus also offers various summer camp opportunities to students in our local area. All of our summer programs are conducted using our STEAM Works curriculum that engages students in STEAM filled activities and lessons throughout the program.



• All supplies needed for STEAM lab lesson • STEAM coach • STEAM Works� Curriculum • Pre / post data assessments • On-site manager (Optional)

• All supplies needed for STEAM lab lesson • STEAM staff • STEAM Works curriculum • Full program management, registration & payment processing • Pre / post data assessments



3x5 5/8+1/9

-1 5x



Our menu of studio experiences are listed on the following pages. Turn the page to peek into our fresh, cutting-edge learning opportunities that provide authentic experiences for each special STEAM child.


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s


Ready, Set, Go!: Real Life Physics

From Newton’s apple to your smart phone, physics is an important part of life. Students will have an opportunity to explore the broad topic of physics in this course including how it connects to other science disciplines (Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology, and Engineering, etc.). Students will learn the wonders of motion, electricity, energy, and heat by creating projects like DIY roller coasters and manipulating elements like magnets, light and sound.

Veterinary Medicine Students will explore the wonderful world of veterinary science by dissecting the lives of pigs, cats, dogs, and fish throughout the project. Students will learn how to perform basic tests, analyze testing samples and learn essential techniques for maintaining animal health. Each student will create a GI lab book to document all learned techniques. This would be a great class for students who have a passion for science or a love for animals.

Marine Science: Water World

Crime Scene Investigation Can you find the clues and solve the crime? Our Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) studio is a fun and exciting hands-on learning opportunity that teaches children the techniques and methods used by forensic scientists, crime scene technicians and detectives to solve real crimes*. During the culminating event, students will use their detective skills and forensic abilities to solve a case at a GI crime scene. They will explore fingerprinting, chromatography, how to collect evidence, and conduct interviews Join us as we discover if everyone is as innocent as they look! *We are extremely mindful of age-appropriate content for this elective and each studio is catered to the age group.

During the Marine Science: Water World studio, students will explore the lives of the ocean’s most mysterious creatures. From microscopic phytoplankton to larger-than-life whales, students will understand the key components of marine life. Our “water world” class is perfect for those who are naturally curious and love the outdoors –especially oceans!

Hatchery Science:

Evolutionary Biology & Metamorphasis Ahhh the wonders of life. Curious about how tadpoles turn into frogs, how catapillars turn into butterflies or how fish hatch from eggs? Students will wistness the process of transformation over the course of this exciting new elective! * No animal will be intentionally harmed.


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s




In this studio, students will be introduced to fundamental computer programming concepts. Students will learn how to create animations, computer games, and interactive projects using Scratch, a graphical programming language developed at MIT. Scratch was designed to teach children how to code easily without any programming experience. They use the drag and drop feature to snap pieces of code together like building blocks to investigate the technical nuances of coding. This studio encourages students to Imagine, Design, Program, and Contribute by sharing their projects with other Scratch students on an open source portal.

If you child is always discovering the hidden beats in the world and can sing all the lyrics to the hottest songs on the radio, Earsketch is the studio for them. Students will be able to channel their love for music by producing their own beats through Earsketch, a Georgia Tech created program.

Kodu Game Design

Makey Makeys

Microsoft describes Kodu as a visual programming language made specifically for creating games. Kodu teaches problem solving, creativity, storytelling and programming while expressing advanced game design ‘concepts’ in a simple, intuitive manner. Programs are expressed in physical terms, using concepts like vision, hearing, and time to control character behavior. Introduce your child to the magic of IT by enrolling them in this studio class today!

Makey Makeys were inspired by the budding Maker’s Movement (a technology-based extension of DIY). These “invention kits” allow students to “make” their future and begin to envision themselves as change agents. Students will begin the studio by learning the principles of electricity and conductivity. They will explore by using odd household items such as ketchup, pencil graphite, finger paint, and lemons to generate energy. Join this studio to see your creation BUZZ, chirp, and Whizz!

Earsketch fuses user friendly code language with music elements created by some of the music industry’s leading professionals. It is designed to enable student imagination, to encourage collaboration and leverage the draw of popular musical forms. At the end of the course, students will upload finished music productions to a website that celebrates youth music.


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s

Project Raspberry Pi

Ruby Wizardry

The Raspberry Pi is a micro-controller that has the ability to do anything a computer can do. Students will learn basic Python code, the preferred language for Raspberry Pis. Once students grasp the fundamentals to coding, there are endless possibilities for what they can create. From creating an arcade game to a motion sensitive camera, this studio provides a fun way to learn computer programming and hardware hacking.

Ruby is a computer programming language formatted to incorporate less code to make coding effortless. In order to learn Ruby, students will follow the adventure of two young heroes, Ruben and Scarlet, who live in a world full of wizardry. Ruben and Scarlet guide students through magic filled modules that help them learn essential programming skills such as variables, symbols, arrays, and strings.

App Inventor In this studio, students will use MIT’s App Inventor, a blocks-based programming tool that allows everyone to jumpstart their computer programming ability and build fully functional apps for Android devices. Students will learn about basic mobile computer science principles. Teams of students will identify a challenge within their community and will build an app in response to that need. By the end of the studio, students will learn how to implement the creative development process for creating an App on their own. For tomorrow’s greatest thinkers, this intense critical thinking course is just the right fit.

While learning computing techniques such as controlling program flow with loops, students will be introduced to wacky characters like the “Royal Plumber.” With knowledge of coding basics and the ability to write a magical interactive story, students will end the studio by being crowned mini wizards of coding.

Drone Aeronautics Our Aerospace studio introduces our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct airplanes, rockets, helicopters, and more!

Water Robotics

Word Processing

Keep cool by joining us for our water robotics studio. During this studio, students will build their STEAM skills by learning to perform technical procedures for creating a remote operated vehicle (ROV) that can survive and thrive in water.

As the world moves from on paper to online, an essential 21st century skill is word processing. Students will learn the components of a personal computer and the technical vocabulary associated with it. In addition, participants will learn formal technology skills like mastering keyboarding, creating & organizing content, and revising & formatting documents.

After learning the basics of creating and controlling ROVs, students will work in teams to solve a recent, critical challenge surrounding our most precious resource - water. Projects may include finding ways to quickly save sea animals during oil spills or transporting water to communities during a drought. Building a ROV will give students an opportunity to get an in depth understanding of the naval engineering process, learn about STEAM careers and build their critical thinking skills!


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s


Project Arduino

Environmental Engineering

The Arduino is a micro-controller that has limitless capabilities for students to create an array of innovative projects. This studio will provide exposure to the basic elements of mechanical and electrical engineering. It is an awesome way to learn how to automate everything. Cool projects such as creating a drawing robot to a clap on, clap off light will be at your child’s fingertips after participating in this class.

Students will experience an immersion into the multidisciplinary process of engineering by studying the areas of electrical, structural, mechanical, and construction by participating in this class. Students will learn how renewable energy sources (wind, biomass, geothermal, water, and solar) are leveraged in the engineering field to make our world more Eco-friendly. Join us to watch your youth transform into mini-engineers as they try to solve the world’s greatest energy problems. This class is perfect for students who enjoy tinkering with selfdesigned projects or who are aspiring champions for environmental causes.

Circuits-in-Motion Tired of playing with just Legos? Circuits-in-Motion is the cooler version of regular Lego robotics. Students will go further than just snapping toy bricks; they will dive deeper into robotics by adding circuitry boards to Legos. In the 21st century, students are expected to be more technologically advanced. This studio will allow students to get their first taste of the ever expanding fields of STEAM by immersing themselves in the new innovations in engineering and technology education this studio offers. Join us as we construct all sort of creative projects. You may even get to make a piano made out of fruit!

Biomimicry What does nature teach us about agriculture, sustainability and energy efficiency? Why does a termite mound facilitate a gas exchange in the below-ground nest? How can we translate this invention in modern day architecture? In this course, we empower students to explore nature-inspired solutions for a healthier planet. We believe that by adopting solutions found in nature, our youth will catalyze a new era in design and business that will benefit both human beings and our planet.


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s


Musical Theatre

Wearable Technology

We are excited to provide our all new music theatre studio! This studio is a fun-filled, drama class that is coupled with singing and dance to provide participants with an introduction to key skills in acting, singing, and dancing.

Tinkering girls and boys are invited to participate in this studio to learn how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics all can be used to transform the things we wear. This design-based studio will immerse students in the techniques surrounding garment engineering, circuitry, and computer programming. Students will be equipped to compete in construction challenges like creating a superhero themed e-textile cuff. Families, art & fashion lovers, and the business astute are invited to the mock “Shark Tank” event at the end of each studio where student creations will be exhibited.

Please be aware that students in the Musical Theatre studio will be expected to be committed. Regular attendance and reviewing lyrics, scripts, and choreography at home will be essential to assuring a dazzling performance at the end of the semester. Never miss another beat, never miss another note - sign up for our exciting Musical Theatre class now!

Creative Design & Technology Students will enjoy making electronic art projects such as illuminating neck ties, buzzing book marks and funky, light-up bracelets. In addition, students will also enjoy engaging in creative art projects with clay, paper mache, and other art mediums. Students will also learn the critical principles of financial literacy by creating a simulated store as a means to improve mathematical skills and encourage entrepreneurship. Jumpstart your student’s creative career today!

Video Production “Lights, Camera, Action!” During the video production studio, students will be introduced to the industry’s leading filmmakers while learning techniques of still filmmaking. Writing skills and various technical skills will surely be improved after the rigorous workshops and editing sessions students will take part in. Teams will be responsible for writing, directing, shooting, and editing content for a STEAM-centered YouTube channel. Will your child be the next YouTube sensation? Equipped with the skills that this studio offers, the sky is the limit for your child!


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s

Martial Arts


The study of martial arts brings more than just physical rewards; students also develop discipline, focus, respect for others and goal-setting skills.

Students who are interested in cultivating their singing skills will benefit greatly from our chorus studio elective. They can expect to be challenged and enriched through a combination of vocal instruction, ensemble training and musical interpretation. They will then perform a concert at the end of the studio to showcase their skills in a one-ofa-kind performance for family and friends!

In this studio students will learn the basic strikes, blocks, kicks and stances used in karate training. They will also learn how to work with others and follow directions from their instructors through positive social and emotional development. In addition to developing physical fitness, self-defense and safety skills, our martial arts program also helps build confidence, focus and respect for oneself and others. Instructors provide training that is interesting and challenging while reinforcing these important values.



Students interested in piano will have an opportunity to engage in a collaborative-style learning environment with an experienced music instructor.

Got a student who strums at the beat of their own chord? Enroll them in guitar lessons and watch their confidence, creativity, and ambition grow!

In their lessons, students will learn various techniques such as proper hand and body posture, finger speed exercises, counting notes, and ear training. Who knows, we may come across the next Elton John, Alicia Keys or Lang Lang!

Using professional acoustic instruments, children will learn the basic skills of finger placement as well as how to hold and tune thier guitars. They will be introduced to the 5 major chords and how to play some of their favorite tunes. Practice makes perfect as they work their way up to a captivating performance for family and friends! *Guitar equipment must be rented. Students are welcome to bring their own.


STE A M STUDIO E l e c t i v e s

Math 2 1 = y 5 2x +

Minecraft and 3D Printing

Food Science: Vegan Chef

Let your youth’s creativity roam by joining our Minecraft and 3D Printing studio. Minecraft is a space where all community members are able to create the impossible and the unlikely. In the class, students are encouraged to explore their individuality by building custom worlds that fit their interest.

If you want your child to stop begging for potato chips and sugary drinks, this vegan-inspired, no bake studio is perfect for you.

Students will become familiar with fundamental concepts of architectural engineering and mathematical topics such as ratios and volume by using images created in the Minecraft world to 3D Print in the real world. Whether it is creating custom rides for a wacky amusement park or building a new village, participants will be well prepared to conquer both the virtual and the real world.

We created this course to address the critical problem of childhood obesity in an easy, hands-on way. This studio will encourage students to reach for carrots instead of candy by exposing children to easy recipes that they can make on their own. Through culinary arts, students will explore measurement and basic algebra. We would say that you are welcome to sample dishes like carrot cake balls and coconut cream ice cream, but we are sure that after each class, there will be no leftovers! *Recipes may include nuts.



Studios & Camps for Girls WE ARE THE

Inspiring the next generation of female professionals.

Fashion Design & Technology For the fashion and gadget lovers, we invite girls to our fashion program to learn how Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design, and Mathematics all permeate the fashion world! Students will engage in project based learning opportunities about garment engineering, circuitry and computer coding. Students will also compete in construction challenges with traditional and unconventional materials such as snack wrappers. At the conclusion of the studio, students will learn how to produce fashion events when they participate in a tech-chic exhibition. Showcases are centered around a theme which may encompass a Maker’s Faire, robotic fashion show, or mock Etsy campaign.

Cosmetics Science Ever want to make your own lip gloss, facial mask or body scrub? In the Cosmetics Science studio, students will learn how to create natural body products from some of the coolest recipes. Seize your chance to scientifically engineer great cosmetic products that smell heavenly and are all natural.

FAMEmiss Dance Squad Join our FAMEmiss Dance Squad to learn popular dance moves and technical form. Ballet, jazz, and hip hop are some of the genres that will explored in this energetic, glamorous studio. Dance is a great way for children to express themselves while staying active and fit.

Shoe Wars We are excited to announce one of our newest initiatives: SHOE WARS. If you are a school or organization looking for a one-time event, this is the event for you! Students will engage in a studio workshop to learn about accessory engineering, 3D printing, and robotics. Teams of budding mad scientists will reveal their shoe designs and 3D printing and robotics skills when they compete in the culminating activity – the SHOE WAR battle. Anything could happen in a student’s pursuit of “shoebot” supremacy, so be ready to hit the deck. With that being said, LET THE SHOE WARS BEGIN!


STE A M E v e n t P A C K A GES


3D Modeling & Printing Party 2 hrs

STEAMettes Jewelry Engineering Party 1.5 hrs

Have you heard about 3D printing and are interested in creating something cool!? At our 3D modeling and printing party, we’ll teach you how to create a 3D object using high-tech modeling software. Everyone will have the opportunity to develop their own 3D printed creation! The suggested time for this party is a minimum of 2 hours due to the nature of the activities.

Become a professional jewelry designer for a day! You and your party guests will pretend to be the personal jewelry designers of some very important super stars. You will be able to make a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, or another jewelry piece using our GLAM materials.

Please Note: *The 3D printers can take a long time to print depending on the size and complexity of the object. If we are not able to print everyone’s creation at the party, we will ship objects to your home free of charge (U.S. shipping only). **Three 3D printers and ten laptops will be brought to the event. If you have more than 10 children, each additional child should bring a computer of their own. The required software will be emailed to you prior to the party for you to download.

Scientific Adventure Party 2 hrs This party gives children the opportunity to explore scientific fun! They will enjoy forensic experiments inspired by the hit TV drama, Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) to learn how to investigate a mystery and solve it with science.

Craft your own unique masterpiece with cool beads, wires, and semiprecious stones at your next event by booking this party today! Be the first to wear your GI glam jewelry proudly, after all, you have been a designer to the superstars!

Toy Hack Party 2 hrs What if your old toy could take on a new life? Can you imagine what it might look like? With toy hacking, you can transform your old toy with silly fun things like foam, fabric, googly eyes and more! Party attendees will also have the opportunity to incorporate technology (LED lights, motors, buzzers) into the toy. You and your friends are guaranteed to leave with a party favor they won’t soon forget!


STE A M E v e n t P A C K A GES

STEAMettes Natural Beauty Party 2.0 hrs

Sweet Victory Vegan Chef Party 1.5 hrs

Pedicures, manicures, and facials, oh my! Girls will have the opportunity to create their own natural body products from body scrubs to lip gloss. Choose this party and your girls will be sure to have the most relaxing and enchanting scientific experience of their lives. Your homemade cosmetic products will be a great gift for guests to take home!

There is no denying that children love sweets! What if we could offer youth a healthy alternative to their candycoated requests? Well now you can! Leave your sugary ice cream and cake at home. Children who attend this party will create vegan ice cream, a bite-size cake, and a smoothie to enjoy. Book this party today to give your child a healthy and refreshing birthday party.

Note: Only 10 feet soakers are available.

T-Shirt Hack Party 2 hrs Tired of wearing the same boring t-shirt? Ever wish that your favorite t-shirt did something cool like glowed in the dark? Now it can! During this party, children will bring a brand new or gently used, washed t-shirt to incorporate technology into. We suggest party attendees bring tees that feature super heroes, cool sayings and anything fun! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your t-shirt to life!

Candy Sushi Chef Birthday Party 1.5 hrs How about some fun with sushi?! Guests will learn how to change sweet treats into the essential ingredients used to making sushi. All children will make candy sushi while wearing the coveted Hachi-maki headband. How many confections will your child be able to make with Rice Krispies, Fruit Roll-Ups, marshmallows and more? Choose this party event and discover just that! Pictures will be displayed on a video projector for creation inspiration throughout event time. After all that mess and fun, all will enjoy eating their edible masterpieces!


STE A M y o u r w a y

We’re your partner for all your STEAM enrichment initiatives. Parent Workshops

Homeschool Groups

We host various parent workshops on how to incorporate STEAM activities and learning into homes. These workshops range in topic from Financial Literacy to Stress Magagment and better equip parents as they continue to support their students in their educational journeys.

We support those who choose a homebased educational alternative. Workshops and training sessions on how to bring STEAM into homeschools will be provided for small groups. Studio classes can be turned into weekly clubs for homeschoolers and with just a few families, we can fulfill all extracurricular needs for your child.

Professional Development Seminars Our seminars provide professionals with fresh research based STEAM strategies that are engaging, innovative and relevant in the 21st century. In addition, we support educators in expanding learning experiences for students that are aligned to Georgia Milestones, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Our experiences include but are not limited to 3D Printing, Computer Coding and MicroController Technologies.

Family Events Our studio classes can be crafted into fun, learning power-packed one time events for birthday parties, family reunions and play dates!

Corporate & Community Outreach We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with organizations that are interested in developing corporate or communitycentered STEAM education events. We tailor all events to align with the objectives and/or campaign of the organization.

STEAM Sitter Services For busy parents that need a sitter and are looking for more than just a nanny, we provide our skilled STEAM professionals as an alternative. Let us bring the fun to you with STEAM-infused activities such as Drone Aeronautics, Martial Arts and Wearable Technology!

Interested in joining our STEAM team? We offer college students: • Hands-on, practical career experience • Option for part-time, semester long internships or full time 8 week summer internships • Paid work-study opportunities at participating universities

Visit our website to upload your resume today!

Connect with us! @Generation Infocus @GenInFocus @generationinfocus


404.525.5561 250 Georgia Ave. Suite 207D Atlanta, Georgia 30312 contactus@generationinfocus.com


Profile for Generation Infocus

Generation Infocus Catalog  

Peek into our fresh, cutting-edge learning opportunities that provide authentic experiences for each special STEAM child.

Generation Infocus Catalog  

Peek into our fresh, cutting-edge learning opportunities that provide authentic experiences for each special STEAM child.