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Parting Shots Gaga, Biebs, and Ke$ha, Oh My! By Kathryn Przybyla With nominations having just been announced in early December, people in the music industry all have Grammy’s on their mind. Eminem is leading the pack in 2010 with 10 impressive nominations from what I consider a comeback from his Slim Shady days. His album did incredibly well with good collaborations to bring him back to the top. Songs like “Love the way you lie”, which is a collaboration with Rihanna, have blown up the airwaves. That song is also up for Song of the Year. A veteran writer in the business, but newcomer to the radio, Bruno Mars came out of the nominations with 7 to his credit. Mars who performed at Fall Fest this year here at UB is up for many awards including Best Male Pop Vocal for “Just the way you are”. Our other Fall Fest performer, B.o.B is up for Best Rap album for “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” and a co-award with Mars for “Nothin’ on you”. It’s nice to see the guys who made it out to our university get some recognition for their talents. Buffalo represent!

Following the boys, Lady Gaga came up with 6 nominations including Album of the Year, Best Pop Collaboration, and Best Dance recording. There’s no doubt that she will come home with at something. The woman has been a tidal wave of entertainment all year. If not for her talent, many people will be tuning in for her now infamous fashion sense and awe inspiring outfits. I don’t know what can top a dress made of meat, but I’m sure it can be done. A dress made of fish? Live animals? Late night snacks? Anything is possible at this point. On the country side of things, Lady Antebellum completely blew up this past year with hit after hit on their latest album. “Need you now” smashed records and was a successful crossover from the country market right onto Top 40 pop radio. They made an impact on everyone. It’s nice to see this kind of success from a group who back in 2005 weren’t even a band yet. Five years later, they are up for 6 Grammy nominations. That is success at its best. I’m pulling for them to win Song of the Year.

Besides the music veterans this year, the Best New Artist category has a lot of interesting nominees. Justin Bieber, Drake, Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Suns, and Esperanza Spaulding will have to work it out to see who can come out on top. Seeing Drake listed under this category seems strange, since the Degrassi alum has been around for years I feel like. Or maybe that’s just the effect he wants to give off. In the love run, his relationships with Hip Hop and Rap talent have already prepared him for a long lasting career. Regardless of if he wins this or not, Drake will be fine. And I’m not even going to get into Bieber. One interesting nomination didn’t even go to an artist per say. Glee’s rendition of “Don’t stop Believin” is up for a Grammy for Best Pop Performance for a group. While the song completely kicked ass and took over iTunes, many are concerned that the Glee cast shouldn’t have been nominated. In my opinion, the song was a lot better than what other artists put out there, and therefore deserves the nomination. Plus I’m a gleek and completely biased.

Although it may seem that everyone and their mother is up for some sort of award in the business, I thought there was one snub that should be mentioned. Susan Boyle was not nominated for Best New Artist. While I don’t rock out to her music often, the woman definitely has talent and took over the world this year starting with her Britain’s Got Talent original audition. If anything, she should have been placed in that category & showed Justin Bieber who’s boss. Every year there are always some expected wins and expected losses, but I’m just not blown away by the material. We had a great year for music, but isn’t that what you say every year? I mean someone has to be the best every year the Grammy’s are awarded. The quality of talent compared to years past really doesn’t really matter. I’ll be tuning in to watch the 53rd Grammy Awards on February 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, but only if there’s not a new episode of House on. Oh and Ke$ha got snubbed this year too, but I think the only one who is going to be upset about that is Ke$ha.

Dear Spectrum , I Have a Bone to Pick With You By Ally Balcerzak Back when I was looking at colleges, I made a point to pick up a copy of the newspaper of every school I visited. Why? Because a school’s newspaper tells you a lot about what is going on in and around campus, and it tells you a lot about the kind of people there. To be honest, if I were a perspective UB student and picked up a copy of The Spectrum from the past few weeks, I’d cross the school off my list immediately. It seems that every time I pick up a copy of The Spectrum there is either a sexist comment jumping off the page at me, or an ad for another school screaming “transfer here!” Personally, I find something wrong with this on many levels. Let’s start with the slew of sexist comments that have been gracing the pages of our newspaper lately. Prior to Thanksgiving break, the sports editor decided it would be a great idea to write an opinion article titled, “Never Date a Girl Who Can Read.” Now, I can’t speak for every female on campus but I think it’s safe to say that the article pissed most of us off. Thankfully, someone on The Spectrum realized putting the article online was a bad idea, but unfortunately, the article still went to print. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but our newspaper should exercise some discretion when it comes to

printing opinions that come across as sexist, racist, and/or insulting to a large group of people. Of course, one lapse in judgment can be forgiven, especially when it was an opinion column, not an actual news story. But with a second sexist comment, well, I tend to hold grudges. Did you catch the line in the front page article on the banning of Four Loko? If you didn’t, don’t feel bad, neither did I the first time around. In the article a male student was quoted as saying that the sweetness of Four Loko makes it more attractive to females and that we (apparently) are unaware of just how much alcohol we are consuming when we drink one. I think that the student who responded to the article in last Wednesday’s issue said it best. “What? I had no idea that my possession of two X chromosomes made me unable to taste the presence of alcohol when it’s mixed into a sugary beverage. How very impressive of me.” Once again our newspaper posted a sexist point of view with no apology in sight for those of us who don’t have a Y chromosome. It makes me wonder what the editors over there have been doing while sitting in their office. Is it really that difficult to monitor the comments your reporters are making in their articles? Because it’s kind of your job. The Spectrum is a newspaper, which means we as students have a right

to expect unbiased and factually correct articles when we read it. If you want to run your mouth and rant, come write for the Generation. But then again, we check our facts and make an effort not to alienate half the student body. Moving on, has anyone besides me noticed how many ads there have been for other colleges in The Spectrum this semester? Wednesday’s issue alone had three. In case you wanted to get out of UB, Daemen College is hosting “Instant Transfer Days” over break. If you attend one you’ll know by the time you leave whether or not you’ve been accepted and what your financial aid is. How do I know this? It’s not because I’m looking to transfer. I’m quite happy in the UB English department. I know this because I read it in The Spectrum. Maybe you’d like to get out of Buffalo before the snow gets any worse. In that case, Hofstra is offering winter session classes and accepting transfer students. I’ll give you three guesses as to where I found this. On the left side of page three it says, “The Spectrum is provided free by the Undergraduate Mandatory Student Activity Fee.” We as students pay for The Spectrum every semester whether we want to or not. Granted, every publication needs advertisers to supplement its budget. We at the Generation are no different, so it’s understandable people are trying to sell

us stuff. But when a school publication receives money from its students to help support it, it should at least do them a favor and be selective over who gets to advertise. Why would our newspaper publicize transferring to a competing school? In the real world, newspapers are their own businesses. Papers such as The Buffalo News and the New York Times are not associated with a specific business such as McDonald’s, so when they accept ads from competitors, i.e. McDonald’s and Burger King, it is completely acceptable and expected. But for a school newspaper to promote a competing college and print ads encouraging us to transfer, well, talk about a lack of school spirit. Maybe I only feel this way about our school newspaper because of how I was raised. I grew up being told that the news is supposed to be factual and free from bias. I was raised to believe it’s important to have pride in your school and to have an open mind towards everyone no matter how different they are from you. If that makes me out of touch, then so be it. It still doesn’t make it acceptable for The Spectrum to belittle women and tell us that we should transfer to Daemen. | 23

Generation Magazine Vol 28. Issue 7  

Issue 7 of Generation Magazine, and SBI student publication at University at Buffalo.

Generation Magazine Vol 28. Issue 7  

Issue 7 of Generation Magazine, and SBI student publication at University at Buffalo.