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LITERARY Autumn Walk

Mental Breakdown in the Woods

by Pratyush Joshi

by A.B.

Weak gray rays of yellow Puncture the tired Lazy weeds dawdling At the feet of tall brown pillars. In the damp opening, A carpet of bronze Skeletons lie undisturbed Gleaming like pennies. Dark arms welcome me With tiny sparkling copper Hands that shiver. A cool blunted sigh Its waves washing over me Numbs my face with the Smell of rain dried leaves. And so I step onto the virgin Tongue of that forest trail.

The life of man is often ruled by heart. Fallacy is the curse of those in love. Deep down inside he must search for the rhyme, and listen for the words to his heart song. Alone at home he sits so he can think. To heaven he looks, to ask for mercy. “Dear Lord, I ask for you to give mercy,” He cries out, for help with his aching heart. Throughout the night he has much time to think, the pain of loss makes him want to scorn love. It is not long before he hears a song, off in the distance, he hears the soft rhyme. Out of his house he runs to reach the rhyme. Could it be that God granted him mercy? He stops outside to listen for the song, the melody warms up his soul and heart. He vows to never be tricked into love again when he doesn’t know what to think. He goes to the field where he likes to think, the wind wraps him up in the peaceful rhyme. “I vow to never again fall in love!” His voice rings out to the Lord of mercy. Inside, he can feel his repairing heart, angelic voices heal his soul with song. His lungs fill with the air to sing a song, “Tell me forest and birds, what do you think?” Alone no more, with his sad broken heart, the birds and squirrels surround him and his rhyme. The forest sounds provide him with mercy, taking pity on he who’s out of love. At last, he lets go of his old dear love. His forest friends sing to the Lord their song, “Dear Lord, we thank you for all your mercy!” He turns to head inside for he must think. Behind him sounds the long awaited rhyme, filling his soul to the brim of his heart. Day showed him how to be hurt by heart’s love, while night took him to find his old rhyme song. He wonders what led God to think mercy.

White Dress photo by Liz Flyntz

They Will Never Go by Corey O’Brien When I look at my life All I can see Is all of my friends Through the misery

I’m curious so When they say they don’t care it Means they will never go Means they will never go Means they will never go

I’ve had my falls They’ve picked me up I stand up and smile And wipe off all the dust

Some people stab And claw up to success But they got no one To tell that they’re the best

When I feel like I’m just a big failure They tell me they love me And boost me higher

Because they don’t have anyone By their side Without a wingman They will never fly

So even by myself I’m not alone I can always talk to someone Face to face or on the phone

So I stand up here Because they’re so near It’s a feeling I cant seem to describe Even if we’re upset And one of us needs it Help will be there in five. Because There’s a little bit of truth behind every Just kidding And whit every idk there’s a little knowledge showing And all the Just wondering’s mean I’m curious so When they say they don’t care it means they will never go Means they will never go Means they will never go

So when I feel like Im gonna tip The people around me give me a lift That’s when you know you’ve got a great life Through all the problems in the world and the lies Because There’s a little bit of truth behind every just kidding And with every IDK there’s a little knowledge showing And all the Just wondering’s mean

by C.P.H. That white dress still hangs in her closet. Threads of hate, deceit, and lies still tightly sewn together Despite her best efforts she can’t throw it away. The dress remains like a lingering cloud, A reminder of the storm. Its scent seeps through the cracks and back in to her mind. That happiness she yearned for. That union, that marriage, Now hangs like a memory. But what did she expect from something like this? A union with substance Just something, Not someone real. But along with that terror, she remembers that high She remembers that feeling of being alive. Wrapped in that dress, Dancing in ecstasy. That soft thread flowing...blowing…flowing. She felt beautiful. Once it’s back on, she won’t take it off. Once it’s back on, she can’t take it off. | 21

Generation Magazine Vol 28. Issue 7  

Issue 7 of Generation Magazine, and SBI student publication at University at Buffalo.