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Weird and Strange Things Found in School Lockers

Animals - Alive or Otherwise • In Singapore, at the end of the 1986 school year an 18 foot python was found in the locker used by the principal’s office. • In Colorado, in the 1960s a locker, which had been unused for years, was found to be full of the nest for termites. • In AlAzar School in south Jakarta, a school locker was found to be occupied at night by bats and by a student in the day time. The bats had evidently found their way into the locker via a hole in the wall adjacent to the rear of the old rusted out locker.

Strange & Very Smelly Fruits • In South East Asia, students planted new Durian fruits into a couple of unused lockers. The ripening of this fruit forced an evacuation of the school and classes could only resume 2 days later. • In Japan, some students put spoiled Sushi and Sashimi into their lockers that caused the school to close temporarily.

Dangerous Items • In Chicago it is not unusual for locker searches to find guns and bullets hidden in lockers. The students claim they are needed for protection when they head home after school. • In Pakistan and Afghanistan, a school locker can be a preferred location for planting explosive devices.

Disturbing Things • In the U.S.A., a small child was once found stuffed into a locker. • In Fort Collins Colorado, in the late 1980s, police found hundreds of pages of horror drawings of mutilated bodies, including a drawing of a girl from the school that had been killed the month before. • In Wyoming, the head of a horse was found in the school principal’s locker.

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Weirdest Things Stored & Found in School Lockers  

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