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New treatment attenuates pain diabetics New treatment attenuates pain diabetics New treatment attenuates pain diabetics Photo Reuters In the fight against pain in diabetes a new treatment proves very effective. It involves spinal cord stimulation, in which an electrode is inserted against the spinal cord which emits pulses to the nerve fibers. This Program a Kyle Leon Scam According to research by PhD student Cecile Fox of the University of Twenty Diabetics may have a burning or stabbing pain in the feet, legs and sometimes the hands. That pain is difficult to treat with painkillers. However, in spinal cord stimulation, the intensity of the pain dropped from 8 to 2, on a scale of 1 to 10. Fox did the study in 60 patients, all other forms of analgesia had tried. Already unsuccessfully The pulses which issues the stimulator, ensure that the pain signals, for example, be issued from the feet will not be felt. Much less or The method has been used in patients with pain after back surgery, but not yet diabetic. The research was done at the Medical Spectrum Twenty. A spokesman for the hospital, the group of patients studied large enough to say that the method works. He trusts that spinal cord stimulation is also recognized as a valid treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain, but the Health Care Insurance Board must still approve. That will take several months, he expects.

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