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FALL 2013, Issue 1

Why teens need to cut down on the ‘roids’ Since smoking has been a great ‘trend’

basically any drug or hormone

acids, the constituents of proteins, and

in the past couple of decades and has

substance that stimulates muscle

clears the blood from toxins and

been abused by teenagers, you may

development and boosts testosterone

poisons in the body. Steroid use can

often hear trainers or doctors advise

levels. Steroids are either swallowed or

damage this important organ by

parents to encourage their children to

injected into the muscles. Although

developing tumors and cancers.

go to the gym. According to researcher

they give fast and immediate results,

Steroids may also cause Peliosis Hepatis

Kimberly Horn, students that perform

their internal consequences on their

(PH) which is a rare vascular (related to

physical activity are less likely to smoke

users is much greater than presumed.

blood vessels) disorder of the liver

or use drugs. But what many parents

Anabolic steroids have many negative

where blood-filled cavities are

don’t know is that students that go to

causes including liver damage. The liver

dispensed throughout the liver in closed

the gym or are into exercise can be

has various functions including the

sacs. PH may cause internal bleeding

manipulated to use anabolic steroids

production of bile which eliminates

and is lethal. These liver disorders are

abusively. Anabolic steroids are

wastes and breaks down fats smaller. It

mostly caused by oral steroids which

performance-enhancers and are

also regulates blood levels of amino

are preferred by teenagers more than

For more on ATLAS and ATHENA program: Contact information: 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd., CR110 Portland, OR 97239 503-418-4166 Related links:

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injected ones. The liver also digests them rigidly. Steroids can also increase LDL, commonly known as ‘bad cholesterol’ which can build up internal barriers in the arteries that feed the heart and brain and decreases HDL, ‘good cholesterol’ which protects individuals from

As for the consequences of injected

Parents may face defensive denial at

heart attacks. Heart diseases such as

steroids they include AIDS, HIV and

first, but using a steroid or drug tests,

the cardiovascular disease that

Hepatitis. Because most teenagers

your child then may confess. After

narrows arteries and is also fatal

inject steroids themselves or with the

confirmation, parents should aim to

may also be caused by the abuse of

help of their friends, poor injecting

know the reason behind their child’s

steroids. Male steroid users may

methods are used and apparatuses are

steroid’s use. Common answer may

also begin to realize reduced sperm

not always hygienic which allows

include low self-esteem, manipulation

production, testicular deterioration,

infections and diseases to spread

or pressure. After identifying the

prostate swelling, infertility and

among teenagers extensively. These

reason why your children take

gynecomastia (development of

diseases are also caused because of the

steroids, make sure to introduce them

breast tissue in males). As for

sharing of needles and injections by

to reversible and irreversible effects of

female steroid use consequences,

teenagers. Skin diseases such as

consuming steroids. Knowing where

they include hair loss, a permanent

abscesses (when specific parts of tissue

your son or daughter gets the steroids

deepened voice, breast shrinking

become infested and the body's

from may also solve the problem. In

and unstable menstrual cycles.

immune system attempts to combat

case parents struggle to confront and

There are other minor effects on

it), cellulitis (skin infection caused by

educate their children alone, there are

steroid users such as regular temper

bacteria) and gangrene (death of body

world organizations including ATLAS

swings, personality changes,

tissue) may also occur through steroid

(Athletes Training & Learning to

melancholy, nervousness, lethargy

injections. Looking at all these

Avoid Steroids) and ATHENA

and boosted violence. Teenage

negative consequences, parents must

(Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise

steroid consumption may also

understand that along with

& Nutrition Alternatives), which are

change brain chemistry. What

encouraging their children especially

empirically based programs that

adolescents need to apprehend is

sons exercising, monitoring and

prevent and solve substance use by

that they still have not completed

supervising is extremely important. If

teenage athletes. As supportive

full development which is why

a parent or guardian realizes rapid

guardians and guiders, encourage your

steroid use by teenagers is far more

muscle growth and development in his

children to work out and exercise but

serious that adults.

son or daughter, confrontation and

always monitor how they seek the

negotiation is the best approach.

road of athletics.

Steroid Abuse by Teenage Athletes  
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