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GHP Hardware: Committed to Provide High Quality LED Lighting Solution Selecting suitable LED tunnel lights and procuring the best quality Led tunnel light case from a renowned supplier will enable you get high-performance LED lights and fittings at a competitive price. You should check the supplier’s competence and credentials and get the best quote for your LED requirements. Read more

Customer Friendly Companies For Your Lighting needs If you are on the committee of your local constitution, you have a civic responsibility towards the residents of your town or locality. You need to make sure that all of the roads and even the inner lanes and by lanes are sufficiently illuminated so that people can walk and drive in a safe manner. LED street light fixtures are some of the best options that are available on the market today. These products are made using raw materials of the best quality to ensure that they are rigid and sturdy. Installing these LED street light housings in your locality will help the residents a lot. Read more

Get High Performance Led Lighting Solution from GHP Hardware

Selecting an eminent LED lighting solution supplier will ensure that you get the highest-grade flood light housing and LED light fixtures of the required dimensions. Whether you require normal COB (Chip On Board) LED flood light or new SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) Led you can easily get the Led light of desired power or wattage at a competitive price from the supplier. Read more

What are Manufacturing Techniques Used for Making Heat Sinks?

When it comes to reliability and stability of LEDs lights, be it a tube light, bulb, streetlight, bay light, or tunnel light, the heat sink is a determinant factor. The junction temperature should be contained within a temperature range for efficient working of LEDs over time, and to achieve, the profile or case of the LEDs lights includes an aluminum heat sink, a heat-conducting device, that draws heat away from the junction and printed circuit board and disperse it to the ambient surroundings. Read more

Outsource Manufacturing of Hardware Products to a Leading Manufacturer in China Die-casting is a process of preparing any metallic structure by pouring liquid metal into a mold that is a hollow cavity in the preferred shape. When it comes to metal casting, die-casts mostly made from non-ferrous metals like aluminium, zinc, copper, lead, magnesium and tin-based alloys are used. Aluminium die casts are used for multiple purposes like electronic connectors, heat sinks, housings and in RF filter boxes. Thanks to its excellent properties like being lightweight and corrosionresistant, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and high dimensional stability. Read more

Gain Maximum Benefits from Outsourcing Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Shenzhen General Hardware and Plastic Product Company is a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of customized Led flood light fixture and other LED light components besides providing precise auto-lathe products, aluminium die cast and extrusion profile. With a team of experienced engineers and quality controllers, the company is committed to providing high- quality hardware components to its clients at the most reasonable price. Read more

Get Customised Led Light Housing and Plastic Moulded Parts from GHP

Selecting the most suitable LED street light fixture and LED Luminaires is essential for getting economical and optimized lighting of streets, parks and driveways. Replacing high-pressure sodium vapour lights with LED street lights can save a considerable amount of energy and money besides providing the desired illumination and peace of mind.

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GHP Hardware: Your Go-to Supplier for Led Fixtures and Plastic Parts

Selecting a renowned and experienced LED lighting supplier will fulfil your specific led lighting requirements in a convenient way. The supplier would provide you LED high bay light fixture and high bay lights as per your requirements and preferences. Led Lighting designers take into account many factors like heat sinks, drivers, optical control, sensors, and other features like lumen output, lamp life, colour rendering index (CRI), correlated colour temperature and others to cater to various high bay lighting needs Read more

Lighting Products To Make Your World Brighter When it comes to spreading brightness on the roads, no electronic product can replace our robust designed LED Street Light Housing. Available in different power and colors, these lights are aluminum die casted and energy coated. These lighting products are equipped with toughened glass, heat sink, and high standard frame to give people smarter, brighter and better streets.

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What features make the street light equipment perfect? The modern streets require the latest technology of lighting system to get the beautiful ambiance with the bright, safe and elegant look. Different sorts of lights are available to make the roads filled with pleasant atmosphere. The LED street light fixtures contribute a lot to the appearance of the streets. The future is going to be brighter, efficient and smarter with LED lights.

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How to choose the best supplier of lighting solutions? Lighting is an essential part of dĂŠcor, but with the expanding expenses of power and concerns about global warming, people are now shifting towards the purchase of cost and energy efficient lighting products such as LED Street lamp Housing, LED Ground Light Shell, and so on. However, in the market every supplier claims of providing the eco-friendly and economical lighting solutions at the reasonable price but only a few actually deliver. So, how to find the best supplier? Read more

Why LED high bay lights are considered a complete lighting solution?

The energy-efficient LED high bay light fixture offers the low amount of bills for people due to its tendency to utilize lesser power. The bay lights can save almost 80% electricity bills, which is a decent amount one can be benefitted from. In addition to this, the long lifespan counts around more than 60 times from other lighting technologies and fixtures such as bulbs, tube light, lamps and much more add another reason of costefficiency, which makes it more popular among people. Read more

Why are aluminum based lighting products considered the best?

There are many metals that are commercially utilized as light installations, pieces, and materials. Nonetheless, at Shenzhen General Hardware and Plastic Products Company, we trust that the metal to be used for the part of a lighting product relies on the item and how it will be utilized. For this, we’re pleased to disclose that maximum we utilize Aluminum profile manufacture products, die cast fittings and heat sinks for our LED lights. Read more

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Supplier of Lighting Solutions Lighting is an important part of the decoration of a space, but with the increasing expenses of power and concerns regarding global warming, everyone aims at purchasing products like LED backlight housing, LED Street Lamp Housing, etc. You can find thousands of suppliers in the market who claim to provide eco-friendly and most economical lighting solutions.

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What are the Key Benefits of LED Tunnel Lighting Case Systems?

Lighting is a basic part of our everyday lives and advancement in LED technology has provided us with the best lighting solutions. When it comes to comparing traditional lights with LED lights, latter is better in all aspects. Among various types of LED lights, LED tunnel lamps offer great energy-efficiency, high strength, high luminous efficiency, long life, and environmental protection. LED Tunnel Light Case protected lights have precise optical design and good transparency to give the best lighting. Read more

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