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Travel Insurance

How to protect your health while travelling abroad? Travelling needs lot of safety in terms of wealth, goods & services and beyond this it’s the safety of your health which matters a lot. Travel insurance offered by insurance companies is much more than just medical protection. It covers you when your camera or phone breaks,

your flight is canceled due to any unexpected situation, a family member perish due to unexpected event and you have to come home, lose a bag, or something is stolen. It’s all-purpose emergency coverage and is the single most important thing you should get but hope to never have to use. And, as it only costs a few rupees a day, you’re foolish not to get it.

Of the various types of travel insurances, travel insurance has more than proved its worth many, many times. It’s the kind of thing you will be very thankful for when you need it but hope you never do. After all, you don’t want to end up like a friend who didn’t have insurance when she was in abroad and struggling to arrange finance to come up to her home country. Critically ill, instead of sight seeing she was lying on the hospital bed in some foreign country and had to pay hefty amount out of the pocket.

Travel insurance is one of the most important part of your journey as it ensures you against unforeseen events you may encounter when you’re in a trip. A travel insurance policy may or may not include pre-existing medical conditions and every policy will vary accordingly depending on your travel insurance company and the insured person.

It will be a tough time for you to get medical travel cover if you have a high-risk, pre-existing condition suck as heart disease, or have been diagnosed with contributing factors towards disease. If asked, you may need to disclose information about the major, existing conditions in your medical history to your insurer, even if you’re not seeking coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Before buying a special medical insurance policy for your trip, you should check with your medical insurer — you might already be covered by your existing health plan. Some travel insurance policies may cover you generally, but with pre-existing conditions excluded. It is not good because chances are that your existing conditions may cause you significant problems or leaves you at risk.

While some other companies will cover pre-existing conditions if you buy coverage within a short time after booking your travel trip. Therefore, it is better to carry out some research to find such policies. Else, even if you have pre-existing condition covered, you may need to undergo a medical assessment and pay an extra premium for travel insurance or an extra-cost options in the travel insurance policy.

Some pre-existing conditions like terminal illness, being an organ donation recipient, having IDS and similar systematic risky conditions will not be incorporated in your travel insurance. Such people will always have risks while travelling as they won’t be able to receive affordable medical treatment for any condition at all. When medical cover is refused, typically the other provisions of the travel cover will still be benefited from.

For travelers over 60 to 70 years old, buying travel medical insurance could be expensive. Compare the cost of a travel medical plan with comprehensive insurance, which come with good medical and evacuation coverage that can otherwise be very expensive. A travel insurance company can help you sort out the options. It is the most usable and worthwhile kind of insurance.

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How to protect your health while travelling abroad  
How to protect your health while travelling abroad  

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