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ho doesn’t love a bit of eye candy?! I was fortunate enough to shoot 3 amazingly beautiful women for this issue. Marketing 101 will tell you “sex sells”, just ask Don Draper! Though fortunate as I was to meet these ladies, their inclusion in the pages of Canei goes way beyond the surface level of looks alone. I don’t think I’ve met any adult who at some point has not been conscious of what they eat, how they look, or what size they are. This can be seen in the millions of gym memberships in the United States. But less than 20% of those memberships are used regularly. Modern Internet marketing courses teach us that we have an average of 3-5 seconds to capture an audience’s attention. Even just 50 years ago, our television commercials were 2-3 minutes per com-


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Gene Fox

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mprovement we can’t skip over them fast enough on our DVR’S. These last two points make it so impressive to me that these ladies have dedicated so much time to their fitness and health. The dedication it takes to workout even when they don’t feel like it, the perseverance to prepare their meals when it’s easier to just eat out, and the belief in the long, repetitive process even when results are slow forming, put me in awe of anyone that attains a peak level of fitness. Bekah built up her body AFTER having 4 babies, Ruthie while maintaining a full college course load, Elena amongst the scrutiny and prejudice that came from her own Persian family. To rise above these challenges and maintain the daily discipline to make their bodies better...I can’t think of a more CANEI attitude than that.

I like to pretend I’m way cooler than I actually am!

Nothing is impossible...the word itself says “I’m Possible!”

-Audrey Hepburn

I need to extend a HUGE thank you to our Make-Up Artists and hair stylists for this shoot, Marina Boichuk and Tatyana Myadzelets. Their amazing talent, patience and personality were what shaped this shoot into the success that it was. We listened to great music at obscene volumes, danced (if you can call it that) and made some great pictures. Did I mention how great their work is? It’s amazing! If you get a chance to work with them, I can’t say recommend them enough. Thanks also go out to Heidi Fish for the killer swimwear she provided for this shoot. Her suits have graced many magazine covers, including Sports Illustrated. We all felt priveledged that she was so accomodating and willing to help out.

Also a big thanks to...




“Brick House” Baker

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Bekah’s Inspirations

by Bekah Baker


here were a few things that motivated me to get into fitness. The first one was being told that I could NEVER have a tight, toned, fit & sexy body again after birthing 4 kids! I was out to prove the naysayers wrong! I was also sick & tired of being sick & tired, of having no energy & feeling like life was happening to me instead of me making life happen. After a major health scare with one of my kids, I realized that time is precious & not promised. I wanted my kids to have the BEST mom they could possibly have. And in order for me to give them that gift I had to take care of myself & change my lifestyle. I began competing in National Physique Competitions as a way to hold myself accountable & also to give me a great outlet for my competitive nature! I recently had a major dream come true when I signed a contract with an amazing athletic modeling agency, Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited. Being ready to shoot at a moment’s notice is now what keeps me on track to keep eating clean & working out. I LOVE being in front of the camera & showing a healthy, strong, curvy physique that others can be motivated & inspired by! In the next year I hope to book lots of modeling jobs & create lasting relationships with SLU clients. I would like to be a spokes model for products & supplements I use & love. I also plan on competing at the national level in NPC competitions along with hosting local bodybuilding shows. I think the number one thing that keeps people from achieving their goals is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of being wrong. Fear of other people’s opinions. Fear of the countless “what ifs” can literally paralyze people physically & emotionally. I feel blessed to have learned in the past couple years that you don’t have to pretend you’re not afraid but rather face the fear & move forward anyways. To actually think through the “what ifs” & realize that doing nothing & not moving is a guaranteed way to

Bekah is a 35 year old mother of 4. She is happily married, and has been for years! 5


Fear of the countless “what ifs” can literally paralyze people... a Gfox Imaging Magazine


stay the same & never grow. What if someone says NO? So what? No one died right? Have some perspective! Life is short – Go for it! I believe deeply in God & I believe He wants us to leap out in faith so He can show up & make our dreams multiply beyond what we could have even imagined! But we have to make the choice to leap. He won’t push us off the cliff. It’s OUR choice! Also, surround yourself with those who support you & will keep you accountable. You deserve to live your best life in your best body Fabulous, Fit, Fearless & Free!


y kids are my greatest inspiration. It was after my 2nd born son, Justin, recovered from being on life support after a severe asthma attack that I decided life was too short to give my kids a mom who was living any less then at her best. Life truly is so precious & as long as God blesses me to be the mother of my kids I want to be the best one I can! Also from a physical standpoint I’m proud of having stretch marks over a 6-pack! They’re my street cred! They prove my journey. For me personally, carrying life within me was the most incredible gift God gave me. I choose to use my kids as my

motivation to be fit instead of my excuse to be fat. They are so proud of me & have a great grasp on eating healthy. They are educated about healthy carbs & proteins & drinking lots of water. They will be set up for success in their adult years & have the energy to do all the amazing things I know they were put on this earth to accomplish! There have been a few people who have really helped me along my way to discovering about a lifestyle of health & fitness. Ron was my very first trainer & really fanned the flame of my desire to be strong & look like an athlete. Luka, owner of Vigor Ground then guided me to an incredible level of physique & mental strength I didn’t know I possessed. His passion is contagious. He made me believe I could do anything & that so many things truly are as simple as mind over matter. My current nutrition coach & trainer CJ Harris has truly been a Godsend. He has patiently & painstakingly guided me out of major health obstacles, helped me bring a physique to the national stage I didn’t think I could ever attain & taught me SO much about what my body’s individual needs as far as optimal fuel sources & how to train

for the aesthetic body I desire, versus training for excessive strength leading to higher injury risk. I have been blessed to have a great supporting cast in my quest to become the BEST version of myself I can be! My favorite cheat meal reads like a Jamaican buffet! My Papa is Jamaican & my mom the BEST Jamaican cook around! I love ackee & salt fish, callaloo, bamie, fried plantains, johnny cakes, rice & peas… Yes… I will HURT myself with my Mom’s Jamaican cuisine! My ideal relaxation day would be anywhere there is that magical combination of water & sun! I LOVE the sea, sand & sunshine. We don’t get any of those 3 here in the lovely green state of Washington but when I’m able to travel back to my Papa’s homeland or similar locations I feel this deep sense of peace, contentment & sheer joy! I realize that this journey called life will have many ups & downs. As soon as you think you’ve figured it out here comes a curve ball!! I love the thought that although many times you have no control over what happens to you, you always have control over how your choose to 7


respond to it! Yes, life happens! Speed bumps come at the MOST inconvenient

But learning to find balance & keep a positive perspective will help you grow & learn from those times!

frustrating circumstances. As long as you come out a better person & share what you’ve learned in order to help others, then I think NO experience is a waste. Growth & sharing brings purpose to both the victories & the pain. I’m continually challenged to continue to grow towards the ultimate woman God created me to be & I’m really excited to see what the future holds!

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“Fabulous, Fit, Fearless


Free!” 9




Harrison a Gfox Imaging Magazine


A n I n te r v i ew w i t h Ru t h i e with Gene Fox and Ruthie Harrison

What first motivated you to get into fitness?

I grew up on a horse farm, so I was always pretty active working on the farm. I played basketball, cross country, and ran hurdles in high school but after I graduated I really missed the dedication sports required. I started training with weights after my first year of college as an outlet for the stress of school, I completely fell in love and never looked back! I took fitness to the next level during college, competing in NPC in 2011 and quickly earning my IFBB Pro Card in 2012. With lots of hard work and dedication I found the success as an athlete that I had yearned for. Competing isn’t a future goal for me. It was fun for a while though!

What motivates you now to keep going in fitness?

What fitness really taught me is that my true strength is so much greater than I had ever thought, in my body and in my mind. It has to be to commit to a rigorous training schedule. Working out trains your body AND your mind to be strong. Thats what makes me keep pushing myself. I love developing that strength and seeing myself mature. Besides being a personal benefit, sharing health and fitness with others through coaching,

Ruthie is a 24 year old Engineer from Whitehall, Montana. 11 Mechanical

being a fit role model, and fitness writing brings me great joy. I love to see others transform the way I did and learn to love healthy, happy lives!

What are your 1year, 3year, 5year goals in fitness and in life? My 1 year fitness goal is to do 5 pull-ups and to book a big fitness modeling job like Nike or Adidas. My 3 year goal is to hopefully be modeling full time, learn to surf, and to really build muscle in my shoulders and glutes! My 5 year goal is to be running a joint health/fitness empire of training programs, website, articles, clothing and more with my Nutritionist sister, Sarah.

What do you see as holding most people back from acheiving their goals?

The #1 thing stopping people from achieving their goals in fitness or life is doubt. Followed closely by procrastination. Don’t sit around and think about how you might fail, go show the world for you will succeed!

Who or what inspires you the most?

My biggest inspiration in everything is my mom; for her strong work ethic and her tender loving heart. Her dedication really


a Gfox Imaging Magazine


Wor trains AND y to be S

rking out your Body your Mind STRONG.

inspires me to be my own personal best every day!

Who do u want to thank/credit for acheiving your goals?

Without a doubt, the biggest reason I have accomplished any of my goals is Jesus Christ. I am a devoted Christian and I can say that God has always answered my prayers and been there for me. God works quite often through people though, so a bunch of credit goes to my coaches and teammates (when I competed) - especially Diana Becker, Melissa Gee and Greg Rask - for supporting my dreams and cheering me to victory. I am thankful to my sponsors, Zipfizz Healthy Energy Mix, PowerCrunch Bars, and my trainer CJ’s Body Management Group for their continued support.

And as a fitness model, I have to thank my talented friends April Greer and Jamie Eason for helping me see my own potential and reach it. I am forever in your debt! My family deserves a huge thank you for all their sacrifice too in helping me reach my goal.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

An awesome superpower would to be super-witty How cool would that be? I’m getting pretty close ha-ha.

If you could have one genie wish, what would you wish for?

To have all my loved ones live close enough so I could see them every day.



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What’s your fave cheat meal? My mom’s lasagna, with burnt cheese.

What’s your ideal relaxation day look like?

It starts with reading Bible in bed sipping coffee, then a tough spin class and lifting. The rest of the day would be out exploring a new secret island with my closest friends, and ending the day watching the stars churn by. Hey a girl can dream!

What is your favorite karaoke song to perform?

I am terrible, but I get a kick out of rapping old Eminem songs like “Lose Yourself.” I know, I’m weird haha.

Are you a good dancer? Fave dance?

I am not professionally trained in any dances, but I think dancing is so freeing! It doesn’t matter if I’m good, I love to just move and freestyle. I was obsessed with the beauty of the the movement in dance movies such as “Step Up.” My favorite scripture about training: “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.” - Hebrews 12:11-13



El en a i s o n t h e Ho t S e at with Gene Fox and Elena Tavakoli

What motivated you to get into fitness?


am naturally a very driven person that likes to do what the norm runs from, for being too difficult. After graduating with my first degree, I started a career in a totally unrelated field. Over time I drove myself to stress and unhappiness. Although I was making a good income, I wasn’t where I envisioned myself to be. I knew I was in need of a positive outlet until I figured out my next move. I wasn’t raised to sell my full potential short because of present financial security, fear of the unknown, or temporary sacrifice. So I got comfortable with being uncomfortable for a minute there, knowing it was just for a season. Fitness turned into my escape, my counselor, and a visual proof that anyone can mold and shape not only their bodies, but also their life, into how they truly want it to be. All

dedication, consistency and patience! I believe that is the formula for success. it takes is

What motivates you now to keep going in fitness?

a Gfox Imaging Magazine


I am now in a totally different place in my life, but I still workout regularly and eat clean. Although currently I am not training for a competition, thanks to my own determination, fitness friends and coach’s support. Exercise and a healthy diet has turned into a way of life for me. It’s something I honestly cannot picture life without!


“Happy Feet”

Tavakoli 17


What are your 3-7yr goals in fitness and in life?

In the next 3-7 years I see myself with a completed Masters degree, starting my own International exporting company and as a world known fitness competitor.

What do you see as holding most people back from achieving their goals?

I think it’s easy to get stuck, but what truly holds people back is when they cozy up in their warm and safe comfort zone with a fear of failure, and no motivation or passion for life.

Who or what inspires you the most?

a Gfox Imaging Magazine


I am inspired by people that have the courage to work towards their dreams without any outside support, I am inspired by people that are willing to cry, bleed and climb to live a purposeful life, I am inspired by people that also have a heart for others. To name a few specific individuals that I look up too: my father, Rosa Parks, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa and Gandhi.

Persian Kabob Koobideh with Saffron Rice... and don’t forget the garlic yogurt sauce. YUM!

Who do you want to thank/credit for acheiving your goals?

Whats ur ideal relaxation day look like?

First and foremost I would like to thank God. In the process of figuring out my career and adulthood, I realized the most important things in life are not materials or income. It is about the moments, relationships, health, family, adventure, and achieving the “impossible”. I also would like to thank my biggest supporters AND critics: my traditional Persian parents! Even though they don’t always agree with my decisions, they have always stood beside me like bulldozers, and accepted me for who I am at face value. For that, I can’t thank them enough! The Lord and my parents have bestowed in me an immortal power to believe in my passions and pursue my dreams, no matter what anyone thinks. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my faith or mother and father.

Browse the internet for inspirational business and health related articles, go out for some kind of outdoor adventure like hiking, kayaking, bowling, dirt biking, rock climbing, snowboarding--depending on the season or take part in a community volunteer event with friends and/or family. Hit the gym and come home to unwind to a movie or documentary.

What are your favorite karoake songs to perform? Oh that’s a given, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Are u a good dancer?

Heck yes, I’m a good dancer! I know how to shake my hips middle eastern style.

I would want to blink and appear somewhere else within a second like “I Dream of Jeannie”.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?



Make sure to check out the Behind the Scenes Video from this shoot!

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