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Stories of My Life

By: Owen Lim

About the Author

Owen Lim is a young writer. He has been writing in English for only two years, but he is becoming a great writer. Owen was born in Korea on July, 27th, 2006. He is 10 years old and is currently a fifth grader at Kaohsiung American School in Kaohsiung. He likes to climb mountains with mountain bikes and he also likes to swim. He never wrote a book before and this is his first book. When he grows up, he said he wants to be a math teacher, and the reason he said it is because his favorite activity is math!

Last Time I met My Friend Two years ago, I was living in Korea. That’s where I’m from. My family was moving to Taiwan. So for my last day in Korea, I wanted to see my friend Tae-Wu. This was going to be the last day I see him for a long, long, time. So the first thing we did was go to soccer field and we played 1 vs 1 mini soccer. At first, I scored 1 point. But the moment I wasn’t focusing, my friend Tae-Wu kicked the ball to the goal so it was 1: 1, we ended up with tie. We drank lot of water and we decided to do 5 free kicks. On the first free kick, I scored 1 point and he also scored. On the 2nd free kick, I scored but he didn’t! On the 3rd kick, I scored again but he didn’t score again! It was 3: 1 and I thought I will win because if I just don’t miss last 2 kicks, I would win! It was 4th kick, I didn’t score! But he scored! I was little nervous but I still thought I was going to win because I just don’t have to miss this one! On 5th kick I was nervous and uh oh… I missed! And he scored!

It was 3:3 tie. So we decided have 1 more kick and when I kicked, a strong wind came! So it missed and he did score! It was hilarious because it was 3: 1 but it became 3:4 so I lost! It was so close‌ It was very hilarious, because After a little soccer game, we went to seven - eleven to buy ice cream to eat because we were hot playing soccer. After we ate ice cream, we went to a big park with a jump rope and we had a competition. I did 172 jumps and he did 168 jumps! I won by 4 jumps! Yeah! So it was 1: 1 with soccer and jump rope. That night, I was on the airplane going to Taiwan. I was nervous to leave my country and go to new country, but I was so happy because I had a really good time with my friend, Tae-Wu. Maybe I can go visit him sometime soon.

The Last Time I had Sports Day Everyone likes to play sports together and it’s also fun and healthy! I’m going to tell you a story about Sports Day in grade four. It was Sports Day and I was in 4th grade. I was SO excited that my heart was going to pop out! But I was also little nervous. If I made a mistake, my team will be mad at me, so I was little nervous when I was grade 4. We would have our normal classes and at the end of the school day, it would be SPORTS DAY! Finally, it was time for Sports Day. Our class went to the wooden floors beside the cafeteria and the first game was Throw the Round Thing. Out of the maximum 10 points, my team got 7. The green team got 7 points, and yellow got 7 points too! But the blue team got 6! So Except blue, the other 3 teams were in 1st place and blue was in 4th place! So that means all teams got 4 points and only blue team got 1 point! The next game was Relay Run with a potato bag. In the first round, we won. We also won in the 2nd round, but I made a mistake so yellow got 1 and our team got the last score so we won the first place and yellow got 2nd place and blue and green battled once and green won! So green got 3rd place and blue got 4th place. So our team had 8 points, yellow team got 7 points, green got 6 points and blue only got 2 points! The 3rd game was SOCCER! Everyone screamed, even girls! Soccer had to be two teams, so our team and green team was team 1 and yellow and blue team was team 2. First, it wasn’t like a real soccer game, it was free kick only! Only the goalie could defend the goal, so it was a little hard to defend the goal. Each team had to choose a good goalie so that they will defend it. There were 2 chances for everyone so it was a maximum 20 points. It was 1 point per 1 goal and our team kicked first.

We all got a goal, so we got 10 points, and green also got all their goals, so we both got 20 points. When the blue team kicked, they got 9 goals and when yellow kicked, they got 10 goals! So they each got 19 points. We calculated the the last scores and our team got a total of 28 points! Yellow got 26 points! The green team got 26 points! And lastly, blue got 21 points. My team was winning so far. The last game was Pull the Rope (Tug of War)! All of the students cheered! It was red vs blue so our team and green team was red and blue and yellow were blue. During the first round, first the red was pulling very hard, then the blue was pulling very hard, and I used all my energy and red won the first round! During the 2nd round, red used a lot of energy, so blue won. It was 1:1 tie. Then it was the last round. Four teachers came to each team and we had the P.E. teacher! SO we won easily.

My First Mountain Bike with My Dad One day, my dad told me: “Let’s go mountain biking!” So I went mountain biking with my dad. It was hard to climb and when there was a place to rest, we didn’t rest, because my dad said if you rest, it is harder for you to ride later. So we didn’t rest and we kept going. When we were almost to the top of the mountain, I felt like my leg was going to break! I used my all energy to climb up and finally, I made it up! We rested on the mountain for a while and we also took in a big breath and looked at the awesome view on top of the mountain. After we rested for awhile, we started to go down. It was dangerous, because if you don’t hold the brake, it is going to be so fast! So I held on to the brake and went down. It was hard and dangerous.

Now, we were finished on the mountain and riding on the road. The road was easy for me. But I still had to be careful, because if you don’t be careful, you could bump into a motorcycle or a car so I was careful and came back home. When I got to home, I was so thirsty that I drank a half liter of water! After that, I took a shower and I went directly to the bed, because I was so tired. I feel like mountain biking was very hard, but I feel like I was getting healthy and strong. I hope my dad will take me to mountain bike again!

NightMare I had After Watching a Movie Most of the people don’t like to watch scary movies, because you’ll have a nightmare for a long long time and sometimes, you can’t even sleep. One great morning, my mom, my sister and I decided to go to the cinema to watch a movie. I liked all the movies except a scary movie. And there was a new movie, but the new movie was… A SCARY MOVIE! So we decided to watch it. At first, it felt like it wasn’t going to be that scary, but after I watched the movie, it was so scary! On that night, the dream was about a bunch of ghosts chasing me and if you get caught by a ghost, you can’t move or talk and they bring you to the ghost castle! It was so scary that I ran fast as I could! Then I tripped on a rock. The ghost chased me and he almost caught me. Then suddenly, I woke up! I was sweating like I was right beside the sun! So after I dreamt a nightmare, I just didn’t sleep. On the next morning, I told my mom and dad everything I dreamt. My mom and dad didn’t believe me! I said it was real and after that day, I didn’t watch a scary movie for a long long time. Even if they watch it, I didn’t watch with my family.

My Future In the future, I hope I could be a math teacher because I think math is fun and it’s my favorite activity! So, I hope I could be a math teacher! I hope I can attend Seoul University! Seoul University is very popular in Korea and it’s also in the ‘Top 50 Universities of the World!’ If I attend Seoul University, I would be very lucky and I would also learn a lot of math! When I’m full grown, I wish I could go back to Korea and live there, because I was born there and my cousins are also there, so I hope I could go back to Korea. I think when I grow up and have kids, I am thinking I would be mean to the kids, but I hope I could also be helpful to them and thoughtful to them. If I get married, I wish I could marry with a thoughtful person and I will also be thoughtful to her too! If I get married and have kids, I hope I have about 2 or 3 kids, because if I have 1 kid, he or she will be alone, but if I have 2 or 3 kids, they will play with each other. But 4 is too many, so I hope I could have 2 or 3 kids.

Stories of my life by wooseung (owen) lim  
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