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==== ==== How to let your immune system cure your arthritis problem ==== ==== New MRSA Treatment - So you can get your life back! The "Secret" MRSA uses to Protect itself Has Been Public Knowledge for Over 80 Years... But MRSA Is Still Using It On You! That means your own immune system cant kill it. Just follow this Logic for a second here: MRSA is resistant to antibiotics and your own immune system cant touch it. Unless you understand the basics how can you hope to stop it? How about this one Did You Know MRSA Only Eats Sugar? Let me guess your doctor never told you that. Listen, its been known since before 1930 that MRSA (actually the bacteria that causes MRSA) only eats sugar! Do you know the dirty little trick MRSA uses -its actually chemical warfare- that makes your own immune system roll over on its back like a puppy wanting its belly scratched? That means your own immune system cant kill it! That has also been known for over 80 years and yet seems to be a secret. Its a darn shame more people dont know and not 1 in 100 doctors know what Im about to tell you. Before I do you may be wondering What's the catch? Are you going to try to sell me some stupid book that will solve all of my problems?" NO! I have no book to sell. Heres the story, all of the information on this site is for free because until you understand how and why MRSA works you cant make your plan to stop it. Let me give you a short and sweet lesson on what I learned about Staphylococcus aureus. (Remember, no matter where MRSA is in the body or how bad it is it is always caused by Staphylococcus aureus) MRSA is a blood-born bacteria. This means that even if you just have a small spot on your big toe the real problem is in your blood. MRSA only eats sugar - glucose, actually. This is why most people with MRSA have sugar cravings, because its in their system gobbling up all the sugar. MRSA needs a very specific environment in which to grow. This is why some people get it and others dont. Its about your inner environment. If you or someone you know has MRSA, you have the proper environment. It needs a high acid, low oxygen environment. MRSA has a way of defending itself against the human immune system that other bacteria dont. It produces Lactic acid and our immune system cant deal with it. MRSA continues to eat sugar and produce lactic acid. Ive read this from articles all the way back to 1930. Eventually the human body is overwhelmed by lactic acid and gets into a condition called Lactic acidosis which is just a fancy way of saying there is too much lactic acid in the body. The symptoms of Lactic acidosis are tiredness, depression, constipation, soreness in the muscles, moodiness and just an overall cruddy feeling. Even if the bacteria were completely killed off with an antibiotic or something else the environment is still perfect for a re-infection. Thats why they say once you have MRSA youll always have it. I

say they are wrong and tell you why. What I can offer you I teach normal everyday people the inside secrets about how this bacterium takes over the human body and then give them the tools to stop it. I'll tell you how to short cut the recovery process and also offer three products that no one else has. This may sound extreme but these three products are more important than food to anyone that has MRSA! The number one thing is a product called pHenomenal. Its pronounced like Hey, you did a phenomenal job or that was a phenomenal dinner Its a 100% safe and non-toxic way of removing lactic acid from the body faster than has ever been possible. Now take a look at this site: :

==== ==== How to let your immune system cure your arthritis problem ==== ====

Guarnateed MRSA treatment.  

New MRSA Treatment - So you can get your life back! The "Secret" MRSA uses to Protect itself Has Been Public Knowledge for Over 80 Years......