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HALLOWEEN POEMS Collective E-book

Creative Writing Around The World E-Twinning Project 2018/ 2019

Jack lanterns sitting on the stoop Skeletons and ghosts hanging on the parch Kids in costumes coming in the street Saying trick or treat smell my feet Or give me something to eat Bags full of candy Watching scary movies on the couch But careful if you see a black cat

By Yamna

One teaspoon of monkey’s blood Two dozens of crocodile eggs Three pints of venom Four glasses of swamp water Five pinches of salt Six gallons of oil Seven handfuls of mosquitoes Eight pieces of rat legs Nine cups of spiders Ten grams of frog skin By Said

It was a terrifying evening when I came from my high school I passed the cemetery on my way I didn’t stop to wish the dead mercy I continued my path suddenly Children came and hit me with eggs and beat me with tomatoes I felt very scared and very disturbed A few moments later, I discovered that this day is Achoura So I fled laughing I thought the dead are angry And they are as children want to take revenge By Wahiba

It is Halloween: It’s Halloween We make our faces And wear odd hats We cry like witches And scratch like cats And thump like elves And jump like golbins And almost manage To scare ourselves By Youness

We are having a Halloween party at school I’m dressed up like Dracula I look cool I dyed my hair black And I cut off my bangs I am wearing a cape I put some make up to have my face white Like creatures that only come out in the night My fingernails too are all red I look like I am recently back from death It’s Hallween and I love that day so much By Hanan It’s Halloween, it’s the day of joy The scary pumpkin in the street Kids go everywhere on their feet It’s hallween, it’s the day of joy They laugh, they sing They run and they play It’s Halloween There are strange costumes Scary make up Skin of snake Bags of candy It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween The day of Joy

By Latifa Ben Akhmij

Treat or trick From house to another In the night in the dark Candles glow over the gloves Like shining stars Pumpkin spread everywhere Make you live in another world Trick or treat Give me chocolate or face the ghost By Asma

A vegetable malicious and big growing and growing quickly evil pumpkin

It was a lovely afternoon in October. I was alone in the garden going for a short walk. I was looking at the flowers and enjoying the fresh air when I saw an orange vegetable, it was big.

Suddenly, I saw it growing and growing very quickly. There was something malicious about it, that’s why I was feeling a bit scared. It had horrible eyes and a wicked smile! How was this possible? But of course, it was This was an evil pumpkin!

Susana Martín Muñoz

A mutant green and ugly shouting and frightening noisily Frankenstein

It was a scary night in October. I was waiting for my friends in my house. Suddenly, I heard a noise in the street, I looked through the window and I saw a mutant outside. He was horrible! He was green and very ugly. Oh no! My friends were coming! The mutant was shouting very loudly and frightening the children. He was walking noisily so my friends heard him and turned back because they were very scared. We think that this mutant was FRANKENSTEIN ! Because it was

Susana MartĂ­n MuĂąoz

Dracula Deadly, bloody Crying, biting, bleeding The shadow of evil Vampire

It was a horrible night in autumn. I was with my friends at a Halloween party. I could hear terrifying voices coming from the garden, because someone was crying and crying. I could see a shadow through the window when I went out to the garden. Suddenly, I saw a deadly body biting and biting. My best friend was bleeding that´s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. It was an EVIL VAMPIRE on

Roberto Verdejo Padial

Ghost invisible, spectral terrifying, travelling, flying the most chilling spirit horror

It was a terrifying night in October. I was travelling by train with my family. I could see a person flying, it was a spectral appearence. All the people who were on the train became invisible. I was feeling scared, because the person who floated was the most chilling spirit. I think it was a ghost, it was a horror ! Only natural because it was

Andrea GarcĂ­a Luque

Mummy fear and terror wrapped in bandages scary and menacing a man in white

It was a terriflying night in November. I was waiting for my friends in the street to go to a cave. When we got there, I could hear a menacing shout. Suddenly I saw someone wrapped in bandages coming out of a tomb. My friends and I looked at this man in white in fear and terror. But we realized that he was our friend Alex disguised as a mummy. Because it was

Aya Zerhouini El Aloui

Bat black and hairy frightening and terrifying chilling night creature

It was a dark day in October. I was with friends at a Halloween party. I could hear noises and I could see a bat outside. I could smell a scent coming from behind the house where the party was. I felt curious and followed it. There was something black and hairy watching me, that's why I felt observed. Suddenly, this night creature approached so I had to run into the house. Then I looked out the window, although I saw nothing frightening outside, it was chilling and terrifying. Because it was

Ainhoa Valero Valero

Dead body terrifying and evil walking and scaring stealthily Mummy

It was a terrifying night in October. I was with my friends. We were hanging out in a park when we saw a dead body. He was evil and he was walking stealthily towards us. A group of boys was running away because that dead body was scaring them. I was feeling very frightened. We think that this dead body was a mummy! Because it was

Gema Funes Maldonado

Zombie dead and ugly walking and eating brains deadly monster

It was an autumn afternoon. I was at home with my friend Hugo. It was nice because we could feel the smell of soup coming from the Chinese restaurant. Suddenly, it was dark behind me. I could see a monster walking to my house. It was an ugly and dead zombie with a deadly look so I wanted to run but I couldn’t move my legs and I thought it would eat my brain … Then I woke up. It was a nightmare on

Adrián Alanís Jiménez

A party terrifying and funny frightening and enjoyable happily Halloween

It was the 31st of October in a small town in Spain. I was at a party where I could hear terrifying voices. I could see shadows but also some tables with sweets. We were frightened but we danced happily. It was enjoyable because it was just a funny Halloween party.

Jose Antonio Medina Alonso

A witch terrifying and ugly flying and doing magic badly monster

It was a terrifying night in October. I was with my friends in a cemetery. I could hear scary songs and the laughter of a witch. I could see a flying broom in the sky. I could smell something coming from the darkness, it was a witch doing magic. There was a very ugly witch that is why I was feeling a presence. Suddenly, we saw a shadow so we left the place running but the monster stayed. Because it was

Patricia Molero Molina

Witch hat large hat but not bright interesting hat and relaxing wart night of fantastic creatures evil witch

It was a happy Monday on the 31st of October. I was with my friends in a park. I could hear things in the night, it sounded like fantastic creatures. I could see black cats at nightfall and smell pumpkin coming from to the forest. There was an evil witch with a large hat that is why I was feeling weird.

Suddenly lightning struck so I ran away because it was

Salvador Calleja Valdivia

Corpse bride evil and spooky terrifying, chilling and horrifying fear, terror and panic shadows in the night

It was a chilling morning. I was alone when I saw the shadow of the corpse bride in the castle. I could hear her steps, she was moving slowly. I could see her white dress when she moved. I could feel the smell of death when she came to me. Suddenly, I knew who she was: an evil bride, spooky and horrifying. I met her because it was

Bรกrbara Ruiz Chinchilla

Skeleton cold and violent drinking and sleeping silently Halloween

It was a cold day in October. I was with my friends at a Halloween party. I heard a violent slam so I went to the corridor to check what it was. I could see a skeleton drinking soda. I felt cold. I took my keys so I could scape silently. The next day my friends told me that it was a joke because it was

Robert GarcĂ­a Rodriguez

Little bones horrific and horrible scaring and running creaky skeleton

It was a horrible night in October. I was with my friends in the park and we could hear horrific voices. Strange people were around us, that is why I was feeling scared. There was a creature with little creaky bones, it was scaring the children. It was a skeleton Because it was

Cristina Funes Maldonado


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Collège Joseph Calvet Saint-Paul de Fenouillet CREATIVE WRITING AROUND THE WORLD E-Twinning Project 2018-2019

My magic potion One teaspoon of newt slime Two dozens of brain of frog Three pints of bat slime Four glasses of blood of rat Five pinches of snake heart Six gallons of rat slime Seven handfuls of spider leg Eight pieces of snake skin Nine cups of unicorn blood Ten grams of cockroach dry ENZO H

One teaspoon of flour. Two dozens of eyeballs. Three pints of men blood . Four glasses of men blood . Five pinches of fairy powder. Six gallons of brandy. Seven handfuls of cockroach legs. Eight pieces of four leaf clovers. Nine grams of salty popcorn. Ten cups of coffee with two sugars.


My Potion : Fillet of powder of trolls In the caldron boil and bake Eyes of phantom and tail of rats Unicorn and gust of wind Hair of fox and paws of wolf Tear of dragon and just a bat For a charm of powerful trouble Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.


My Potion Fillet of frog slime. In the cauldron boil and bake. Dragon’s scale and Snake’s fang. Hair of Princess and four leaf clover. Cockroach’s leg and potatoes. For a charm of powerful trouble. Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.


My potion


Fillet of spider’s silk In the cauldron boil and bake Dragon’s scale and mane of unicorn Fairy dust and hair of princess Cat’s hair and four leaf clover Rabbit’s tail and snake’s fang For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Halloween ! Witch

Bogeyman Vampire Zombie






Biting killing Jack Frankenstein

My Magic Potion One teaspoon of poo Two dozens of spider’s eyes Three pints of pee Four glasses of pig’s blood Five pinches of sheep’s paw Six gallons of cockroach Seven handfuls of licorn’s horn Eight pieces of bones Nine cups of nails Ten grams of eagle’s wings

B. Valentin

Filet of goat In the cauldron boil and bake

Guts of dog and dead rat Eyeball and dead cat Bat’s wing and heart of rabbit Hair of bat and spider silk For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

My magic potion One teaspoon of rabbit’s eye Two dozens of cat ‘s hairs Three pints of dragon’s scales Four glasses of crocodile’s paws Five pinches of snake’s skin Six gallons of frog slime Seven handfuls of spider silk Eight pieces of princess hair Nine cup of princess tears Ten grams of four left clover


Halloween Ghoul, Wolf, Black cat, Zombie Biting, Howling, Clawing, Biting Werewolf, Ogress, Witch, Spider Dangerous, Ugly, Creepy, Enormous KELLY

My Potion by Ines Fillet of a lizard In the cauldron boil and bake, Eyeball and mane of unicorn, Spider’s silk and mermaid’s tear, Frog slime and fairy dust, Tail of rabbit and hair of princess, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Werewolf ,Witch ,Ghost , Scientist mad!

To kill , to frighten, to scream, to bite

Jack , Wizard, Devil ,Frankenstein

Creepy, Mysterious, Ugly ,Ferocious




by Enzo H

Fillet of a big spider, In the cauldron boil and bake; Brain of rat and skin of snake, Heart of princess and blood of fairy, Heart of snake and mermaid’s finger, Dry Cockroach and bat’s wing --For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

Alyson’s potion In the cauldron boil and bake Eyes of rat and tail of cat Legs of spider and insects Pumpkin and tear blood Worm and legs of sheep For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble


Dracula, Bat, Ghost, Cat Biting, flying, Fainting, Clawing Ogre, Witch, Spider, Vampire Scary, Ugly, Spooky, Creepy.


My potion by Nassim

In the cauldron boil and bake Grandchildren’s hairs and centipede legs Gnom’s lollipop and men’s eyes Sugary steak and rat tail Spider legs and lion teeth For a charm of powerful trouble, Like ahell-broth boil and bubble


Halloween poems

15 October 2018 Greek team C2a ICT class(Athanasia’s)

Happy Halloween: spooky night and ghosts outside

Haiku (Dimitris, Kostas, Elli, Katerina

knock for treat or trick...

ACROSTIC (Whole class)


aunted forest just beyond your door


nd you still go for it though all alone?


ittle child full of ignorance


ittle child full of hope


ver the moonlight road the owl’s crow


ho will by your side?


vil creatures through the twilight


verlasting darkness far and wide


ightmare only! Child don’t cry!

Halloween pumpkin huge and round sitting alone left on the ground! Longing a candle to light bright, smoothing the fears of this spooky night

Freestyle‌ with ryme (All class)

HALLOWEEN - ACROSTIC POEMS Horrifying scenes Always bloody and obnoxious Logically deadly Low imagination is not welcome On your food there is a spider Welcome me with candies. Exciting and scary Either candy or toilet paper Never easy to find a costume. Neagu Diana

Pretty things to do at Halloween Unknown spirits may hunt you Many children getting scared Painted walls with ghosts on them Knowing what will come next In the next scary Halloween No one will have a clue Clim Alexander Hello, kids and other fellow people Alex is my name, today is Halloween Lots of tricking and treating Lots of costumes, lots of children Oh, there’ so much fun. Why is Halloween so much fun Every man, every child Every family, every person knows this Night is Halloween, even you know, don’t you? Clim Alexander Hidden spirits At magic evening Lots of monsters Lots of scary witches Our imagination goes wild We scare little children Eat candies and dress up as monsters Even adults celebrate Halloween No costume is too weird. Dumitru Gabriel

People love Halloween Unreal creatures walk on the streets Monsters, witches, ghosts and skeletons are everywhere Parents and children go treat or tricking King of the ceremony, the pumpkin decorates all the houses It is an interesting holiday Not only for children. Craciun Denis Halloween is here After Christmas this is the best festival Lots of people visit haunted castles Lots of children are happy Owning lots of candies Watching people that get scared Everyone loves Halloween Even adults like this Not only children. Craciun Denis Horror Movies Ancient Monsters Lava Warriors Lonely Serial Killers One eyed Manticores Waves of nightmares Evil World Eating Brains Night Reaper Nicula Justin Andrei

Houses are scary All the children dress up spooky Lanterns held to break the darkness Lots of tricks and treats Owls hooting all night Witches and werewolves on the streets Everyone is having fun Expecting goodies for their sacks Noise and laughing tonight! Moraru Beatrice

Horror things in that night Amazing costumes on the street Limited time to collect apples Laugh out loud Owls appear on 30th October Werewolves are coming when you speak ugly Edge away when you see mummies Everyone is having fun this Night. Stefanescu Mihai Happiest day of the year A scary atmosphere Lots of children on the street Lots of candies Owls are hooting Wolves are the best costumes Every child is happy this day Energy and fun all the way ’cause the Night is terryfing. Mirea Victor

Halloween is here! A wind is blowing Lots of scary decorations Lots of tricks and treats Owls hooting Werewolves howling Evil monsters everywhere Every kid will be scared Nothing boring is going on here. Stroiu Robert Gabriel Horror feast All children are dressed in scary costumes Lava feast Limited time to collect candies for some games October feast The winner is awarded several sweets Special treats for everybody Entertaining everybody Neighbours decorate their homes with frightening arts. Stoica Fabian

H-horrifying costumes A-arguing about who has the coolest costume L-lots of kids miming monsters L-limitless ideas O-organising parties W-wolverine is happy E-entering strange houses E-embarrassing moments N-nemo is afraid of fishes wearing shark costumes. Similachi Andrei

Halloween is around the corner Ah, I can't wait for it! Love to scare people Love seeing them cry Only one won't cry tonight Who? you might be wandering Even if I try Even if I want No, I can't succeed in scaring my mom. Andrei Raluca Georgiana Pumpkin pie is my favourite desert Um, it is so good! My mom always cooks it for me. Pumpkin pie is the best desert Know that this is true I hope that you like it too No? You don't know what you are missing. Andrei Raluca Georgiana Hello, autumn All the houses are decorated for Halloween Lovely but spooky decors Leaves all over my garden Old mysterious secrets Witches and spooks Everywhere in our town Everyone is happy Naughty children are knocking at my door. Curelaru Andreea

People on my crowded street Ugly zombies and beautiful fairies Many candies in my big jar Pumpkin pie smell in my kitchen Knock, knock and laughter If you are an easily scared person Never leave your house that night. Curelaru Andreea Halloween is a celebration A day with more inspiration Live with friends Lying your neighbours Oh, they scare me and my friends Well, I will give them candies Emily and Mike want just pounds End of the day, John will go home Now, it’ s time to party. Anghel Bogdan Andrei Horror movies are amazing around this time. ‘Aliens’ is the theme that was chosen by my school this year. Lollypops are the favorite things for kids at this holiday. Leather was the main fabric chosen by my classmates. Older people don’t understand Halloween’s conception. Werewolves are impressive this year, my classmates’s costumes are better than last year. Enstein is our school director’s costume. Enthusiastic is every single person at this party. Nature is the place where my school holds some fun Halloween-themed activities. Budaca Luminita Maria

Pumpkin pies are the best for Halloween. Ugly, yet fun, are most of the costumes. ‘Mummy’ was the best horror movie years ago. Presents are going to be given to kids after the party. ‘Knives and pens’ is the song sung by the band at the party. I can’t wait for the Halloween party. Nate and Jennet are Klaus and Hayley this year. Budaca Luminita Maria

Halloween is here Autumn is also here Learn making costumes Listen to horror music Onions and garlics for the devils Wear costumes to scare them Eating candies Evil is here Never go outside in the evening. Băraru Bianca Mihaela

Pumpkins everywhere Undergrown monsters Masks for people Phantoms in my house Kill vampires on my own In the atmosphere, the Halloween festival Never gets old. Băraru Bianca Mihaela

HALLOWEEN IS A DAY WHEN… POEMS Halloween is the day when… We can eat a lot of candies We can’t vandalise houses We will scare a lot of children We are happy to scare people We won’t kill anybody We have to go treat or tricking We can even go to the graveyard. Dumitru Gabriel Halloween is a day when... We can celebrate, eat sweets and scare people We can't forget this day We will wear costumes and we will feel bad from the sweets We are excited about this day We won't miss this holiday We have to dress in different scary costumes We will be hiking from house to house for sweets. Nicodim Melisa

Halloween is a day when ... We can dress up in different costumes We can’t stay at home without going treat or tricking We will get a lot of candies We are going to scare our friends We won’t sleep at night We have to give candies to other people We will go to a party tonight. Nica Ioana Halloween is a day when... We can enjoy ourselves We can’t go to dangerous and scary places We will go to people’s houses and say ” treat or trick ” We are dressing up in scary monsters We won’t get scared anymore We have to decorate the houses We need more sweets. Moldoveanu Andrei Halloween is a day when... WE CAN dress up as scary monsters WE CAN'T rob a bank WE will collect lots of candies WE ARE going to scare our neighbours WE WON'T stay home WE HAVE to go trick or treating to our neighbours WE will have a great time. Stoica Fabian Halloween is a day when... We can enjoy the horror and terror, not to mention the sweetness, of the old and known tradition of "trick or treat".We can get dressed however we want or even cosplay as a certain character. We can't really use the fake objects of our costumes as an actual weapon, for example if you dress up as the Grim Reaper, you can't just use your fake scythe to hurt others only because you want to get in the skin of your character. We will always love and appreciate this day of the autumn that came from a day of the dead that wass celebrated with a skull made of sugar. We won't give in to the idea that this is not a Romanian holiday, for we enjoy it and it is not like we disturb anyone with it. We feel like we have to keep this holiday alive, even though we have not always been fond of it. NEAGU DIANA

Halloween is a day when... We can scare a lot of people We can't hurt them, though, We will have a lot of fun We are sure of it We won't be mean to each other We have to keep our calm. Andrei Raluca Georgiana Halloween is a day when... We can dress up in different costumes We can’t stay without pumpkin decorations We will say treat or trick to people We are always scared of the ghosts We won’t refuse the candies We have to stay awake all night We make scary noises. Pelin Denisa Halloween is a day when... We can be different than on normal days. We can't stay without being dressed. We will eat a lot of sweets . We are happy as well as terrified . We won't escape without being scared by different types of monsters We have to manufacture a unique costume. We all love Halloween ! Stroiu Robert Gabriel Halloween is a day when... We can dress how we want We can't stay home We will go out all the night We are happy We won't be happy if we don't get any sweets We have to be brave We are excited Mirea Victor Gabriel Halloween is a day when... We can eat a lot of candies. We can't be sad. We will go treat or trick. We are full of sweets and colourful candies. We won't stay home. We have to wear scary or friendly costumes. We eat pumpkin pie and drink hot chocolate with marshmallow and cinnamon flavour. Curelaru Andreea

Halloween is a day when... We can be whoever we want. We can't be too sad to stay home We will go to all houses to ‘treat or trick’. We are happy to celebrate this holiday. We won't give up having fun. We have to keep the tradition. We love this holiday. Fertu Bianca Denisa

Halloween is a day when... We can disguise as a movie character that we admire. We can’t spend the day at home doing nothing when it’s Halloween. We will drink and eat spooky foods made by my mother and father’s own recipes. We are happy to go searching for costumes. We won’t be scared by our parents’s jokes. We have to decide where this year’s Halloween party is going to be. We are going to our neighbours’ houses to treat or trick . Budaca Luminita Maria Halloween is a day when... We can be anything we want We can't scare people too much We will go treat or tricking We won't eat many candies We are children again We have to wear costumes We must have fun. Băraru Bianca Mihaela


It was a beautiful noon of October. I was waiting for my friends in front of my house to go trick or treating with them. I could see all the doors opening one by one and all children getting candies when they said treat or trick . I could smell pumpkin pie, cakes and candies coming from houses. While I was waiting my friends came close to me, pushed me and that is why my costume got ruined. Suddenly, I was under the impression that my costume could not be fixed, so I didn't go treat or tricking any longer. And that is why I didn't have any candy to eat that day, but I know that my friends didn't want to do this , they thought it would be funny to push me Because it was All Hallows' Eve. Dohotariu Alexandra

It was a boring afternoon in the autumn. I was with my friends in the restaurant. I could hear mosters as we were joking. It was very scary. I could see a ghost when the boss came to us. I could smell a dead men's boddy coming from the kitchen. There was a ghost, that is why I was feeling a hand on my arm. Suddenly, it told me a word so I got scared. Because it was All Hallows' Eve. Chirică RareĹ&#x; It was a rainy day in October. I was all alone at home. I could hear steps walking through the house as I was staying with the lights off. It was so silent in the house. I could see a tall black shadow in front of the house when I was looking out of the window. I could smell something like some old cheese coming from the corner of my room. There was blood on the mirror from the bathroom that's why I was feeling so scared. Suddenly, I saw a note on the desk, I read it and realised that it was a prank and it was all fake. Because it was All Hallows' Eve. Dumitriu Lavinia It was a rainy afternoon on October the 31st. I was all alone at home, doing homework while waiting for my parents to arrive. They were supposed to come at 9pm so 3 more hours to go. Then, I heard some heavy footsteps, stepping on the floor of my hallway, as the front door opened and closed. It all seemed to me as if someone had entered my home. Panicked from what I was hearing, I stood up as I was able to feel my heart bumping out of my chest while it started to become harder to breathe due to the fear that has taken over me. Not even my dad's feet sound that way. What was unusual, though, was how the footsteps sounded like they were continuously proceeding forwards, but no hall is that long. I covered my ears with my palms, reducing the intensity of the sound but I was still able to hear them. As my whole body tensed up, I slowly approached the door of my bedroom, gazing at the dark and empty hallway. There stood nobody. Nothing. I suddenly couldn't move anymore and the footsteps wouldn't stop, causing me to enter a state of hyperventilation, which is why I was feeling dizzy. Suddenly, I heard the front door unlock, then open, followed by two pairs of feet: my mother and father. I blinked and I suddenly was back at my desk, sitting on the chair with my head laid over all the books and notebooks. I got up and went to my parents. The hallway wasn't dark anymore, and the creepy footsteps couldn't be heard. This experience took place either because of All Hallow's Eve or because I managed to enter the state known as sleep paralysis. (This story is inspired from my real experiences.) Neagu Diana

It was a sunny morning in October. I was waiting for my friend in the park. I could hear a scream as I was approaching the entrance of the park to see if my friend was near. She was only a few matters away. I could see her face becoming whiter by seconds when she fell face flat to the ground. I could smell a strange scent coming from under her jacket. There was a red stain covering her white dress and a hole in it that is why I was feeling suspicious and unsafe at the moment. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm and started screaming so I got startled and also screamed. It turned out she and other friends put a prank on me. Because it was All Hallows' Eve. Andrei Raluca Georgiana

It was a beautiful midnight in the middle of the Autumn. I was with my family at home. I could hear the children who went treat or tricking . It was a relaxing and beautiful sound. I could see the pumpkin lamps when I looked out on my window. I could smell the pumpkin pie coming from our kitchen. There was a relaxing evening full of laughter and good jokes that is why I was feeling very relaxed and happy. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door so I stood up from my comfy couch. Because it was All Hallows' Eve. Curelaru Andreea It was a peaceful morning in October. I was home with my parents. However, I was decorating the entire house with Halloween decorations all by myself. I could hear people’s scream as if they were there, with me. It was amazing to feel like the winners of the ‘Best Halloween decorated house’. I could see the excitement on my brother’s face when coming back home, he was at school at that moment. I could smell my mom and my dad’s treats, but the main dish, my dad’s pumpkin pie, smelt the most delicious. He is the best at making pies. There were lots of reasons that made me believe that we were going to win, that is why I was feeling amazing and excited. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door, so I immediately went to the door to see who was knocking. At the door was my brother making faces so I asked him what was wrong. All of his expressions were because it was all Hallows’ Eve? Halloween Eve was there indeed, and all our work was ready but a bit too early. That happens when you and your family love a holiday that much. Budacă Luminiţa Maria

HALLOWEEN It was a cold autumn morning . I was waiting for a ray of sunshine in the park in my neighbourhood. I could hear how the leaves fall as a colourful rain covering the alleys. It was a wonderful landscape. I could see the other kids happy when they met and screamed “ Happy Halloween !”. I could smell the pumpkin pies coming from the houses. There were so many people getting ready for that night that is why I was feeling like I was forgetting something. Suddenly, I remembered that I didn’t have a costume so I ran straight to my house and tried to find something for that night. Because it was All Hallow’s Eve. Nica Ioana Maria It was a quiet night on the 31st October and I was alone in my house. I could hear scary noises as screams. It seemed to be a dark shadow walking from room to room. I could see it appearing and disappearing. I could also smell something strange coming from outside the house. There was nobody in the house that is why I was feeling unsecure. Suddenly I realised that I wasn’t alone - I was with my dog so I felt better. Because it was All Hallows’Eve.

Moldoveanu Andrei

It was a scary night in a cold autumn I was alone outside I could hear all kinds of noises It was probably a ghost I could see the shadows of the trees as monsters when I was walking on the street I could smell something rotten coming from the cemetery There were some children wearing strange costumes, that is why I was feeling tense Suddenly, I realized that I was paranoiac so I continued my walk Because it was All Hallows’ Eve . Pelin Denisa It was a scary night in October. I was waiting for my friend at my house to go trick or treating. My parents were at a party very far from where I live. I live very close to the woods, so I am a bit afraid to be alone in my house as I hear unpleasant noises from the woods. My friend rang the door bell, he was dressed as Jack the Ripper, it was the best costume I have ever seen. My friend and I left the house to trick or treat at a few houses as I could smell the pumpkin flavor coming from the houses with the windows open. I arrived at my house , my parents were tired from that party and they had already gone to sleep. My friend and I were also very tired from all that trick or treat so we went to sleep. Because it was All Hallows Eve. Angheluta Alin

It was a weird evening in October I was with my friend in her house I could hear a beating as an open door I could see a black silhouette when I went to see what it was I could smell the smoke coming from a room There was her mother that is why I was feeling so strange Suddenly , she came towards us and greeted us, so I started laughing and greeting her Because it was All Hallows' Eve. Nicodim Melisa

HALLOWEEN Horror movies the whole night Going after ghosts is fun Looking for sweets Looking for haunted houses Going treat or trick Hunting witches

Everyone is scared Monsters everywhere Scary night and scary noises. Moldoveanu Andrei

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