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Floyd proudly wore our round-neck, exclusively for us. What an achievement! :P

Media Missionary

ou will rarely see him in GenCon or even during the morning service. You won’t even have a chance of sitting beside him during sermons in the sanctuary. Well, he has always been there, and he literally knows whatever is happening down there. Is he god?! Well, I’ll give you a big “no” if you would ask me. This dude is one of the men behind everything you see in that big screen in TFCN – from the video teasers, to the posters of upcoming events, up to the lyrics that flash every praise and worship time. This artisan of God decides to live the keyboard and the computer screen for a while and shares to us his colourful life, of how it was (and still) crafted and painted by the Virtuoso of life. God’s wonderful creation, Jorell Jan “Jei Kyu” Quiben. Jei Kyu is one of the few RiScians (yah, he was a student of RiSci) who came to TFCN way back summer of 2008. It was in Starters where he experienced his first youth service in the church. Jorell is well-known for his ministry as one of the Tech Crews here in TFCN. An 18-year old teen who showed exemplary skills in digital arts, Jorell managed to balance his service in the church and his studies. He is currently taking BS Multimedia Arts and Sciences in Mapúa Institute of Technology. And he is not your ordinary student, for he made it to their school’s President’s List last term. Being part of the PL is not an easy task, because you have to belong to the top 10 students in the whole MIT. With the equilibrium of academic excellence and ministry, he posed a good role not only to his peers, but even to those who are older and already professionals in their own field. But who was this Mr. Tech Crew before he became a servant of God? A regular “good” boy. He was a kid who doesn’t have any of the “common vices” (drinking, smoking, drugs). He actually showed excellence in even when he was in high school. And his field of mastery? Biology. He became part of organizations like the Future Science Club and was even appointed as the president of this club when he was in fourth year. However, he was not - and will never be - perfect. His past was not just filled with brilliance and happiness. A product of a not-so-perfect family, he grew up with sadness and a fragile heart. Also spicing up his life was a little touch of pride, a teaspoon of lust, and cup of bitterness. Despite these, he continued on living, seeking for the love he is longing for and people to whom he can find this love. Just like any of us, he was once lost in a world of darkness without any guide to light his way. But everything changed one Friday when he had his first personal encounter with God. It was in the four walls of his secondary school’s computer lab in a gathering of Christian RiScians called First Fridays for Christ (FFFC). Ever since that day, this lost sheep found the Way and is now fulfilling his duty as God’s servant: to share the Good News through the talents and gifts that was given to him. Now, Jok continues his good works and strives for the same excellence he as he was always doing. The only difference is, he is no longer doing this for himself, but for the glory of God. Lastly, with God’s grace he is not afraid of what may happen next – for he knows that his future is decided.

Congrats by the way to the new breed of yuppies (a.k.a. fresh college grads). We recognized them one by one and gave them a small souvenir present as welcome.


ur yuppies’ group gives it all at four as we celebrated our anniversary with the theme “All-out”, based on the context of Romans 12:1. Fifty (50) of us gathered at the restaurantinspired PGIF for a night of bonding, worship and fun. We are honored to have the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) President Dr. Floyd “Tito Floyd” Cunningham to give us Da Word on Romans 12. Those who work with Tito Floyd know that he says “no” to round-necked shirts—at least in public. He only wears one when he sleeps. He’s always seen in a collared (polo) shirt. Oh no! We got a Sold Out round-necked shirt for him pa naman as our gift. Fail? Not! Tito

We then enjoyed a sumptuous dinner courtesy of all of our own combined love and cooking skills. Yum! “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.” – Romans 12:1, NIV Praise God for blessing us with four years! For Him, we wouldn’t mind to “Give until there’s nothing left to give;)...

"Ngunit hinahampas ko ang aking katawan at sinusupil: baka sakaling sa anumang paraan pagkapangaral ko sa iba ay ako rin ang itakwil”. Isang mensaheng hindi dapat makulong sa rehas kundi ay maibahagi, lalo na sa mga kabataan. Kung ating mapapansin, bilang mga mamamayan ng bagong henerasyon, ay madalas nating naiisip ang mga pansariling pangangailangan natin. Marami tayong bagay na gustong makuha. At dahil dito, kung minsa’y nakahanda pa tayong tapakan ang iba makamtan lamang ang mga ito. Ngunit paano nga ba ang ibang mga tao na kulang sa kalinga? Paano na ang mga taong ni katiting man lamang ng mga yamang nalalasap natin ay hindi nila mahawakan dahil sa pagbagsak ng mundo sa kanila? Dahil dito, napagdesisyunan ng isang grupo ng mga kabataang nasa 12 hanggang 16 ang edad na mas kilala bilang mga “Starters” na iparating sa ibang kabataan ang mensahe ng pag-asa mula sa Panginoon. Ito ay upang maunawaan ng Startersna mas mabuti nating isaisip rin ang kapakanan ng iba na tulad ng sa ating sarili. Isang buong buwan, ang buwan ng Oktubre, ang aming inilaan upang bigyang diin sa mga kabataan ang hindi pagiging makasarili. Pinagtuunan namin ng pansin ang kahalagahan ng pag-isip hindi lamang ng sarili kundi pati narin ang kapakanan ng iba.

By Romano Santos

Wilson, one of the fresh Sold Out also sang our LSS of the night: “Give” by Relient K. We chose this as our theme song for this particular anniv because aside from the cool and soft melody, this represents our commitment to the Lord of being wise stewards of our finances and generous giving of our resources and selfless offering of oneself.

Bago matapos ang buwan ng Oktubre, hindi namin hinayaang walang bunga ang aming mga pinag-araln. Kasabay ng pagdiriwang ng kaarawan ng isa sa mga myembro ng Starters, naisipan naming ipagdiwang ang kabutihan ng Panginoon kasamaangibangmgataonghigitnanangangailangan.Nakasaad

sa ibaba ang kwento ng kaarawan ni Daniel Paulo dela Cruz: “Naglalakad kaming magkakaibigan, ako, si Aaron, si Jb at si Davin upang maibahagi ang pagkaing handa sa aking kaarawan hanggang sa mapadpad kami sa isang tagpi-tagping bahay sa likod ng bagong palengke ng Taytay. Doon ay nakilala namin si aling Nelda, ina ng siyam na bata at hiwalay sa kanyang asawa. Nalaman namin ang napaka hirap nilang sitwasyon sa lugar na iyon at kung paano niya itinatawid sa gutom ang mga anak niya habang kinakalaban ang mundo. Kaya naman hindi na kami nagatubiling iabot sa kanya ang pagkaing dala-dala namin. Gumaan ang aking pakiramdam dahil sa munting paraan ay natulungan naming siya at dito ay nasabi kong, Ito ang pinakamasaya kong kaarawan”. Hindi lamang kami nakatutulong sa mga nangangailangan, dito ay naipupunla pa namin ang magandang balita ng Panginoon sa mga naliligaw ng landas. Umaasa kaming sa ganitong paraan ay matutulungan ng kabataan ng bagong henerasyon na ang pag-iisip sa iba at hindi pagiging makasarili ay mahalaga katulad rin ng sakripisyong ginawa ng Panginoong Hesus upang matubos tayo sa ating mga pagkakasala. Isang paalalang dadaloy sa dugo ng bawat isa.



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the whats and whys of Atheism


e always talk about them, we always share the Good News to them and we always prayed for their souls. But do we really know anything about them? Do we really understand what’s going on with them? Do we know why they won’t believe us? Do we really know anything about Atheism?


what is atheism?

n a panoramic view, Atheism is the rejection of belief in gods, especially Jesus Christ. However, if one would really analyze it, Atheism may be associated to the product of the separation of science from faith in God. Extremists in the faith always did their duty to God. They kept on preaching the Good News to other people and honoring God’s Laws. They retained making disciples, focusing on the traditions and laws, and believing that God made everything. However, as wise and powerful people rose, so did the initiative of the enemy. Ever since the Scientific Revolution, scholars kept on using their God-given wisdom in order to prove things. They are even too clever to almost make everyone believe that we evolved from monkeys. These scientists, because they were so smart, tend to refuse to believe that there is God - that there is actually an explanation to everything. In addition to this mindblowing conflict, the human’s sinful nature kicked in and the devil consequently manipulated the minds of the wise men and made them conclude that there is actually no God, because there is no concrete or physical proof of his existence. Thus came Atheism, originating from the Greek word atheos, which means without god.


why won’t they believe?

ecause there is what they call “lack of empirical evidence”, Atheists find no reason in having faith in Jesus Christ. In simpler analogies, the fact that they can’t see God made them question His Existence. And because they don’t believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, they began to seek for “empirical” or experimental evidences to explain the nature of things. One good example to illustrate this conflict is the belief in the parting of the red sea (see Exodus 14:21-22 and refer to its context). We Christians genuinely respect and honor God’s grace to the Israelites as He helped them escape the Egyptians through the parting of the red sea. Because of this phenomenon, the Israelites were able to pass through the sea and flee from its oppressors. However, Atheists or the Free Thinkers studied and researched to prove that it was not God’s action but the might of the nature. They really proved through studies and experiments that when an Eastern wind would accumulate and become mighty, it may actually divide the red sea in a certain period of time. This is just one of the unending actions of the Free Thinkers to prove that their minds are superior, and that it’s just the nature of the world.

why should they believe? Because God is real, Jesus is Lord, and the Lord lives. In the conflict regarding the red sea, Free Thinkers may have missed some points. Yes, it’s true that it’s not actually God who parted that body of water. But, who sent that wind? Nature? Yes, nature may have sent that wind. But who made that nature? Perhaps, it came from other organisms and natural phenomenon, etcetera, etcetera. However exponential the amount of explanations may be, it will always come down to the sole explanation that a Supreme Being made everything happen and made designed the nature of everything. In the end, Free Thinkers and everyone must realize that Science and Faith is actually mutual and is under the given grace of God. Yes, science may prove a lot of God’s creation but it is God who let those happen. Atheists may have developed the laptop that we used to write these articles, but it’s God who supplied the resources for them to make this. Engineers may have successfully designed the printer to print this journal that you are reading right now, but without God’s wise creation of metals buried under the ground, which else could make this happen? By the end of the day, we must still respect the fact that Science is not really separate from Faith. They are mutual. And they both came from God and were created for God, which makes the belief of the non-existence of God nonsense.

vez nopueto

Missed out all the Full Charge fun while hunting for the greatest treasure at Laiya, Batangas? Well, take off that frown as we put a smile on your face when we bring to you the map to finding the Greatest Treasure! What could be hiding inside that hidden stash? Read on and follow the instructions to find out!



GT Hint! Never forget your bible. Always stay in your group. Always keep your group ribbons. In every station, the station master shall give you a piece of the puzzle once you accomplish his tasks.

Just as the Israelites struggled to find the Promised Land in the book of Joshua, your group shall endure tasks and obstacles in order to find what God has in store for us. Station 1: Tikman

And Pait ng Tagumpay with Allan

In this Station, your group must recite all the books of the bible chronologically. But how can a group remember all of this? That is why you have to bring your bible always. You’ll never know when you’ll use it. Alert! If you don’t comply with this, be prepared for the penalty: the member of the group who will commit mistake will have to drink the Ampalaya shake with raw egg blend. It might sound good but wait till it appears before your eyes. Station 2:

Beh Bote Nga

with Rod Pick one of your group mates and let him lie against the sand with a 1.5 liter coke bottle on his forehead. Now, your group would have to fill that bottle with seawater but with a catch – you can only gather water using a container that you can only hold using your teeth. Station 3:

Hole in the Egg

with Yvez There are three important things in this station. One, your group will be given an egg and it must not crack. Two, you will be only given one needle and it will be used to bore holes (not cracks) on the eggshell. Three, you have to empty the egg, including the yolk.

Alert! Should you break the egg, you have to stay in this station for a very long time while doing tasks as ordered by the Station Master. You do not want to be running back and fourth a 20 meter mark seven times. GT Notice: You may have been neglecting it until now, but one of your group mates are being such a burden in the progress of your group. Do not blame him, because the Full Charge actually set this up. In the book of Joshua, Achan, despite of the Lord’s grace, sinned and hindered the prosperity of Israel. Station 4: The Clash with Jorell Are you aware of Laro ng Lahi? Well this is the station where two opposing teams shall compete. Groups must line up and bind themselves together strategically that they will not break easily. Then, a group may overcome the opponent either after pinning the tail, breaking the bond, or pushing the group out of bounds. Alert! Fight in such a way to win this fight, because when you lose, you will have to wait for the next group to battle with you. Only victorious groups may proceed to the next station. Station 5: Keri mo Te with Reggie Nakabaon ngunit labas ang ulo. Dig and dig deep beneath the sand until a person may sit inside it. Then choose one of your group mates to sit on that hole. Then fill that hole up with sand until only the head of that person may be seen. Do it as fast as possible, the prize is nearing.

The Last Station with Wilson Now, there’s just one last piece of the puzzle. But where can we find it? In this station, the group shall dig and dig around the perimeter to look for the hidden puzzle piece buried beneath the sands. With these, you are actually on the last steps in finding the greatest treasure. Just complete the puzzle and finally realize the treasure that it shows: Jesus Christ. Enough said. GT Supplements: Read the book of Joshua to relate better to this game. The Full Charge patterned this event in this history.

vez nopueto


by: Romano Santos

n its 32nd year of spreading the Good News of salvation and holiness to the people, Taytay First Church of the Nazarene (TFCN) celebrates its anniversary with a month-long series of services this November with the theme “Soar!” The celebration opened last November 7 with the lead of Children’s Sunday lead by Ms. Rhea Soria, Chairman of Sunday School Department and Ptr. Rey Garcia, principal of NCDA - our pre school. Ms. Shallie Tamayo keynoted that Sunday Service and spoke on children and their significance to our present generation. On the 14th, the missionary from Nazarene Missions International (NMI) lead by Mr. Way Francisco TFCN celebrated the Mission Emphasis Sunday. Linda Zaine keynoted the Mission Sunday and stressed the need for every Christians to be missionaries in their own field. The week after the Mission Sunday, Generation Congregation (GenCon) joined the Morning Service on the 21st to celebrate the Youth Sunday together with the whole TFCN family. Pastor Eric Maliwat was the speaker for the said service. The 28th marks the date for the Grand Celebration that will serve as the culmination of the month’s festivity. Together with Pastor Jesse Dedel as the speaker, TFCN will look back on the 32 years that the church had conquered and will soar and face more years to share the faith and proclaim the Gospel to everyone. Through the Years years. Different generations. One church. One Almighty God. TFCN cherishes its 32 years of existence and continuing ministry this month. For years, we had been part of this congregation, but do we really know TFCN from its very roots since it was born, counting 32 years back from now? Well, this timeline gives us a glimpse of the colourful years and experiences that our beloved church went through. Let’s take a look at its history, how it all started 32 years ago and how it developed to what we know now as a church that aims to glorify God and to share His Kingdom to everyone.


1978 - It all started in this summer, in a pioneering ministry in Muzon Taytay, Rizal initiated by the first Metro Manila District Superintendent, Rev. Peter Burkhart, together with Vern and Luz Tamayo who were then only ordinary laymen. Later that year, the very first service took place at the second floor of Community Savings Bank attended by around twenty people. The administration then appointed Pastor Eddie as the first Pastor. 1981 - Taytay Church of the Nazarene merged with Gethsemane Church and met inside the campus of Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS). The official name of the merged Church became Gethsemane Church of the Nazarene. The leading of the Church was shared by the two first pastors, Pastor Eddie Laurea and Rev. Kyle Green. 1983 - Rev. Kyle Green went back to USA and Pastor Eddie Laurea resigned and moved to his home province. Consequently, the Church had no pastor for almost six months. Students from the seminary were invited to preach every Sunday service until Mr. Edmun Matulac was designated Student Pastor Interim. 1988 - The Church was able to acquire a property in the form of land which up to the present the Church building stands. Within this year, the Church officially held the ground breaking ceremony with the Mayor of Taytay as guest speaker. The construction of the church immediately proceeded with the special participation of the Work and Witness Team from Sacramento District in California, USA.

1996 -It was a difficult time for TFCN when there was an exodus of members. Eighteen (18) members remained out of the estimated one hundred in membership. Rev. Vern Tamayo, who was the District Superintendent of Metro Manila District during that time, became the interim Administrative Pastor of Taytay, with Pastor Arlyn Diesta and Pastor Nerio Bulic as Associate Pastors. 2004 - The year of awakening or revival among the youth and its leaders. Praise God its Fun (PGIF) youth center rose. With its rise the ministry of the young people and the youth service came up. Three youth pastors; Pastor Jordan Escusa, Pastor Samuel Mark Tamayo, and Pastor Ezekiel Tamayo headed the work in the said youth ministry. The youth service had been held in PGIF until it was moved up in the sanctuary. That phenomenon took place immediately after the youth summer camp in 2004. God gave birth to Generation Congregation (GenCon),and today gathers an average of more than 200 young people in attendance weekly on Sunday nights, and continues to grow. Present - From eighteen members in 1996, the church today has a membership of over four hundred plus, while holding two services -one in the morning with and one in the evening. Today, the church continues to develop, train more workers, grow small group discipleship and reach more souls. The church has not reached a mega church status yet, but with God on its side and the commitment of its members to Him, that will not be impossibility.

GC mag NOV 2010  

this is a sample magazine that GenCon files tried to publish on GenCon...

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