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The Alumnae Magazine of Genazzano FCJ College December 2016

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GLS Breakfast returns to the MCG


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Karen Jebb Principal

A Message from the Principal It has been said that each of us has a story to tell, and our lives tell that story most powerfully. Across this year I have become more and more familiar with the rich story of this College and all girls from Prep to Year 12, the girls and little boys in the ELC who have been part of it. It is an exciting story, full of much challenge, many triumphs, humour and wonderful personality. It is a story which I think has great relevance for our world today.

I know the girls love hearing the stories of the Sisters FCJ, discovering more about the energy and dedication needed to provide such remarkable possibilities for the education of young women. Your stories too, are important to them. Your lives and experiences are also an inspiration to them as they begin to tell their story, to write their page in the history of Genazzano FCJ College and the world.

In a world which at times seems so fragile and insecure, Genazzano FCJ College and its young women deliver a story of hope and optimism, of compassion, service and deep faith. In my daily work with the young women who attend the College, it is wonderful to witness their ability to be so welcoming and open to others, to be so willing to accept the many challenges that their learning brings, and maintain their enthusiasm and cheerfulness even at times of great stress and pressure.

I am grateful for all that you do for the College, and continuing to be our proud ambassadors. I thank you for the gift of the lives that you live, for the example of strong womanhood that you provide for our current students, and the endless opportunities that are available to them. In many ways you make it easy to be the new Principal, given the honour of representing such outstanding attributes and achievements, whether they be extraordinary lives made ordinary, or ordinary lives lived extraordinarily well.

Of course this is a tradition they have inherited from the very many women who have come before them, you the alumnae. It was you who established and maintained the lively spirit that is Genazzano, and through your actions at school, and lives lived since, have inspired our students to continue to build Genazzano FCJ College as a place where all students might achieve their very best.

May God continue to bless you and yours, and I look forward to hearing many more of your stories and sharing these with our students.

The young women of 2016 continue the tradition of this College as a place of warmth and well-being, where each student is respected and valued.

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Kevin Frawley Chair of College Council

A Message from the Chair of College Council 2016 has been a significant year in the life of Genazzano FCJ College. At the beginning of the year we welcomed our new College Principal, Ms Karen Jebb. Karen has immersed herself thoroughly in all aspects of College life, and has experienced first hand the passionate involvement of our parent community. The warmth and strength of the College community in supporting the education of our daughters has always been, and remains, one of the hallmarks and key foundations of our College. As I indicated to the parent community at Gen Welcomes in February, College Council is committed to the delivery of high quality education which is broadly based, contemporary and authentic in its Catholic identity. We seek to equip our girls to reach their full potential grounded in, and able to express their Catholic identity in meaningful ways, based on the Ignatian principles and charism of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus. As Chair of Council, it has been my privilege to work more closely with the FCJ Sisters, and to learn more about their education ministry, both in Australia and abroad. In July my wife Cathy and I travelled to France with Karen Jebb and others from Australia, England, Ireland, Canada and the USA on an FCJ pilgrimage conducted by the FCJ Sisters. Our pilgrimage retraced key parts of the life of Marie Madeleine d’Houet, prior and subsequent to her founding the FCJ Order.


It was inspirational to learn more about the life and work of Marie Madeleine, a woman of means and substance from a privileged background, and her considerable efforts, despite many obstacles, to provide for the education of those less fortunate, and her desire that each child be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Some two hundred years later, Marie Madeleine’s aims and ideals remain relevant today, as we strive to provide a meaningful education for our girls, within a moral and just framework, and with an authentic Catholic identity, to equip them for life and leadership in an increasingly secular world. Consistent with the principles of the FCJ Sisters, at the beginning of the year College Council reaffirmed our guiding principles for the education ministry of Genazzano. In particular, Genazzano will remain, as it has always been, a non-selective Catholic school, which embraces the individual needs and talents of all of the young people entrusted to our care. While we will always delight in and celebrate the often remarkable achievements of our students who excel, our primary aim is to maximise the potential of each student, both educationally and personally, by providing a broad range of academic, extra-curricular and social justice programs, and by seeking measurable improvement in individual learning outcomes.

My inaugural year as Chair of College Council has brought with it considerable rewards. It has been my great pleasure to attend a broad range of College activities. In each case, I have been continually amazed and reminded of the talents of our girls, in a broad range of educational, artistic, musical and sporting endeavours. It is a great privilege to witness their achievements. This reflects not only the considerable talents and efforts of our girls, but also the dedication and support provided by our teachers, who are to be commended.

Council looks forward to continuing to support our Principal and all College personnel, the education and welfare of our girls and furthering the education ministry of the Sisters FCJ at Genazzano. We wish every Genazzano family, past and present, a faith filled, happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Catherine Etty-Leal (Worsnop 2006) Alumnae President

A Message from the Alumnae President I would like to take this opportunity to thank all alumnae who participated in 2016 events. It was, as always for the Alumnae Association, a busy year filled with laughter and lifelong friendships. It was wonderful to see many new and regular attendees at events, and I look forward to welcoming many more in 2017.

The annual Genazzano Loreto Sacré Cœur (GLS) Breakfast returned to the MCC members’dining room this year, providing a wonderful venue and enjoyable breakfast featuring three amazing women. Monique Van den Boom (1997) was a brilliant speaker and representative of the Genazzano College Alumnae.

A highlight of the year was the Genazzano Day Mass and Luncheon. It’s always a pleasure to see the College filled with past pupils in celebration of its founding day. This year many took the opportunity to tour the College grounds and I’m sure they appreciated the many changes that have occurred over the years, even though that feeling of being a ‘Gen Girl’ always stays the same.

The GLS Committee will rest this event in 2017, with a view to staging a combined schools event in 2018. We thank the alumnae for their attendance over the past 14 years, and welcome suggestions for the future from the community.

In August we recognised the achievements of media personality and film maker, Jane Kennedy (1982) as our 2016 Outstanding Alumna Award recipient. It was wonderful to welcome Jane back to the College both on the night of celebrations and again the next morning when she addressed the students at assembly.

This year we welcomed Ms Karen Jebb, our new College Principal. It has been a pleasure getting to know Karen and we have been appreciative of her support of the Alumnae Association. I look forward to working together again in 2017.

Finally I would like to thank all those who support the Alumnae Association throughout the year. They include Ms Linda Sprott, Ms Sharyn Hanly, Sr Maryrose Dennehy FCJ and all the Sisters FCJ, the Alumnae Committee: Ms Fiona Dickson (outgoing), Ms Sarah Cass, Ms Melina Abbey, Ms Anastasia Abbey (outgoing), Ms Majella Pinnuck (outgoing), Ms Emily Biasotto, Ms Sophie McGrath (incoming) and Ms Claire Walpole; and a special thank you to all Alumnae, who inspire and encourage the endeavours of the Association. I look forward to seeing you all in 2017!

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g en az za no f c j col l eg e


As the College Captains for 2016, our aim was to encourage the Genazzano community to ”Make Your Mark“. We wanted to take this year beyond its exciting opportunities and challenges to create an environment in which every individual student could thrive, excel, and be themselves. When we say ‘Make Your Mark’, it means to make a difference, big or small. It is about us as a community of students making a positive contribution. When we launched this campaign in early 2016, we worked across all levels to create a giant artwork featuring the handprint of every student in the school, which now hangs near Student Services, and serves as a tangible reminder of each girl’s pledge to make their mark this year. Each time we walk by, we are reminded of the power we have to make a difference within the walls of Genazzano and beyond the school gates, and there are 1100 girls who want to make a difference along with us. The canvas provided the blueprint for a fantastic year, with each school event giving every Gen girl an opportunity to make their mark. Whether it was a dramatic performance, battling it out in a debate or every girl participating in the Athletics Carnival, we are proud to have been a part of this amazing year. Consistent with our slogan of ‘Make Your Mark’, we wanted to emphasise how, as a school community, we are also a team united by the lottery of life that resulted in us being connected through the ‘School Upon the Hill'. We wanted to emphasise that no student is alone on the journey to making their mark in 2016. In a team of over 1100 girls, there are teachers, families and alumnae, who walk beside them. Teams rely on every member to play their part, and we believe we all have a vital role within our school community. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve the Genazzano community as Captains in 2016. ‘Make Your Mark’ is not an idea that stops with our captaincy. We hope that Gen girls of today and the future continue to be inspired by their potential to make a difference in the world around them.


News From The Sisters On Sunday 11 September, three FCJ sisters celebrated significant milestones in their lives as sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus. Srs Ann Mary Connolly and Margaret Olsen, celebrated their Diamond Jubilees, whilst Sr Mary Kennedy celebrated 65 years of religious profession. The carefully prepared Eucharist, during which the three sisters renewed their Vows, was celebrated in the Genazzano Chapel.


As the Society of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus will be 200 years old in 2020, some remote preparation has already begun, to mark our bi-centenary. To this end, in 2015 and also this year, all the sisters have been given the opportunity to make a pilgrimage, either in France or ‘At Home’. The aim of these pilgrimages was to explore who we are as FCJ sisters today and to foster our interconnected relationships as we visited the sacred spaces associated with Marie Madeleine d'Houet, our Venerable Foundress. Srs Maureen Merlo and Margaret Claver Hayes made the pilgrimage in France last year. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to France in May this year with Sr Rosemary Crowe. Later in 2016, several other sisters belonging to our province, Srs Denise Mulcahy, Benedicta Quinlan, Anne Morrison and Mary O'Shannessy, travelled to Paris and onto Issoudun, where Marie Madeleine lived and worked for some years, after founding our Society. Some of our younger sisters, from Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, who were joined by our province leaders, Sr Judith Routier, Sr Margaret O’Donohoe and Sr Elizabeth Brown also took part in a pilgrimate later in the year. The three groups included FCJ sisters from the provinces of the Americas and Europe. This provided an opportunity for many reunions which added a great deal to the joy of these gatherings. Sr Barbara Brown Graham, who now lives in London, joined each of the pilgrimages in her role as Assistant to our General Superior, Sr Mary Claire Sykes. Sr Maureen Martin, who has been in Paris now for over a year, also joined one of the pilgrimages and enjoyed meeting the many FCJ sisters. The ‘At Home’ pilgrimages took place in November or December 2016. A particular feature of these pilgrimages, was to meet some of the descendants of our foundress, Marie Madeleine d'Houet. These members of the d'Houet and De Bengy families, were invited to

L-R: Dr Mary Grogan with Sr Maryrose Dennehy at the Jubilee.

This is a program of spirituality and renewal, usually made by sisters belonging to the Ignatian tradition some years after making their final Vows. an evening meal with the FCJs in Issoudun and some travelled a considerable distance to be in attendance. Over the last two years, members of staff from Genazzano FCJ College and FCJ College Benalla, along with some of our Companions in Mission and Council members from the two colleges have taken part in a pilgrimage, together with their counterparts from FCJ schools in Europe and CIM from Europe and the Americas. This year, Ms Karen Jebb, Principal of Genazzano and Ms Joanne Rock, Principal of FCJ College Benalla joined with Mr Kevin Frawley, Chair of College Council at Genazzano and his wife, Mrs Cathy Frawley, alumna of Genazzano and Mrs Moya Dalton, a long-time staff member. All had joined our community at Kew or Benalla, for a simple ceremony of blessing, before leaving for Paris and then again on their return. All felt they had gained a greater appreciation of the FCJ charism from their experiences.

All three sisters were members of the Genazzano teaching staff during their years of active ministry. Together with our Companions in Mission, the sisters were joined by their families and friends. Fr Barry Moran, a long-time friend of the FCJ sisters, from his time as parish priest of Frankston was the celebrant of the Eucharist on this day. Most visitors were able to stay and enjoy afternoon tea with the celebrating sisters. Five sisters from our province of AsiaAustralia are currently making their Tertianship in London. This program of spirituality and renewal is usually made by sisters belonging to the Ignatian tradition some years after making their final Vows. The sisters, who have already spent time outside their own countries are Beta Suryawati, Fransisca Setiati, Inez Sri Winarsih and Wati Irene from Indonesia, and Vanessa Reposar from the Philippines. They are enjoying this experience, and gaining both human and spiritual benefits. On behalf of the FCJ sisters, I would like to thank the students, parents and alumnae for their generous financial support of our ministries in the mission areas of our province. I also thank the staff who assist in these fundraising activities. The sisters in their turn keep the students and their families, the Alumnae and the staff of Genazzano in their prayers. I’m personally grateful when anyone connected with Genazzano community advises me of alumna who have passed away, allowing us to remember them in a special Eucharist. I wish all who read this, a very happy Christmas, many blessings for the New Year and a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e




We commenced the year with our Academic Awards Ceremony, in celebration of our College Dux and five other students who achieved an Australian Tertiary Entrance Rank (ATAR) of 99 before an audience of teachers, family and students in Centenary Hall. The purpose of this award ceremony is to recognise and celebrate academic excellence and achievement. Students who achieved the highest study score per subject were also recognised at the event. Our College Dux, Madeleine Kerr, attained an ATAR of 99.80. Madeleine commenced at Genazzano at the age of five and has been an outstanding member of the College since beginning in her Prep Year. Along with Madeleine, the highest academic achievements attained in 2015 were: Giulia Falvo ( 99.3), Emily Rickard (99.3), Georgia Apostolou (99.15), Jessica Spurio (99.1), Olivia Camilleri (98.9), Annabelle Choong (98.85), Sienna Waldron (98.8), Rachel Macfarlane (98.6), Annelise Pereira (98.6), Bridget Connelly (98.45), Caitlin McClusky (98.45), Vasiliki (Victoria) Koutoulas (98.35), and Olivia Lynch (98.0). Perfect study scores of 50 were achieved by the following students: Irene Ryan (Food and Technology), Olivia Camilleri (Health and Human Development), Caitlin McClusky (Health and Human Development), Annabelle Choong (Health and Human Development), Jacinta Ryan (Music Performance), Amelia Costigan (Theatre Studies) and Freya Halse (Theatre Studies). In their speeches, the girls made reference to the wonderful support they received from all their teachers and family throughout their learning journey. It was clear that success in learning is often the result of a successful partnership between the College and home.


Premier’s VCE Awards Recipients At the beginning of the year we also celebrated Freya Halse (Year 12), Amelia Costigan (Year 12) and Claire Warrillow (2015) achieving top study scores for their Theatre Studies Written Examination and their practical Stagecraft Examination last year. Their hard work and dedication was rewarded with each receiving the 2016 Premier’s VCE Award. Student work was showcased with Top Acts Monologue presentations from Amelia Costigan, Freya Halse and Phoebe Richardson at the Arts Centre Melbourne.

We congratulate the girls and their teachers on their outstanding performances.





1 Madeleine Kerr and Ms Karen Jebb. 2 Academic Awards: Giulia, Emily, Jessica and Madeleine 3

The Rickard family


Phoebe and Millie showcase at the Arts Centre Melbourne

5 Premier's VCE Award: Claire Warrillow (2015) receives her award from Ms Judith Graley MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier.

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g en az za no f c j col l eg e

2016 Valedictory Awards


The Moore Stephens Award for Accounting

The O'Connor Memorial Award for English

Ruby Randles

Lauren Lambrineas

The Genazzano FCJ College Alumnae Association Award for Art Production

The Genazzano Fathers’ Association Award for Further Mathemetics

Cecilia Stewart

Samantha Weston

The Barbara M. Nogaki Award for Biology

The Genazzano Father's Association Award for Further Mathematics

Bridget Miles (Yr 11)

Natalie Frattaroli

The Choong Foundation Award for Biology

The Allan Buckley Award for Further Mathematics

Isabelle Zupan (Yr 11)

Tegan Carvallari (Yr 11)

The Gladys Holzer Award for Biology Samantha O'Connell (Yr 11)

The Fuji Xerox Award for Further Mathematics

The Dr Gemma M. Kirwan Award for Chemistry

Rachael Kay

The Genazzano Alumnae Association Award for Health and Human Development

The Mackay Family Award for French

Amelia Lewis

Amy Catanzariti

Amy Catanzariti

The Carmel Murphy Award for Italian

The Norma de Gruchy Award for Chemistry

The Michelle Foley Award for French

Lorena Stents

Lorena Stents

The Morna Fazio (Grogan) Award for Japanese

Lauren Lambrineas The Campion Award for Chemistry

The Di Palma Family Award for Food and Technology

Samantha Pereira

Ciara Hannan

The Kaye Coghlan Award for Drama and Theatre Studies

The Glover Family Award for Global Politics

Chloe Hunt

Ella Morgan

The RTG Award for Product Design and Technology

The Christine Martin Award for History: Ancients

Adita Singh

Tharidi Walimunige (Yr 11)

The Rotary Club of Balwyn Award for Economics

The Cullen Family Award for History: Australian

Lily Pappas

Rachael Kay

The Three's a Crowd Award for Media

The Gabrielle Walsh Leonard Award for English Language

The Katrina Wakeling (Hastings) Award for Physical Education

Molly Jones

Emily Zdilar

Lucy Davies

The Joan Connellan Award for English

The Genazzano Mother's Association Award for Health and Human Development

Rachael Kay The Jennifer Russell Award for English Samantha Pereira The Mary Corcoran Award for English Amy Catanzariti The Diane Foster Hogan Award for English Amelia Costigan The Helen Santamaria Award for English and Literature Zoe Gleeson


Melanie James The McLaughlin Family Award for Health and Human Development Seerat Ohri The Spicer Family Award for Health and Human Development Gemma Steedman

Brooke Yii (Yr 11) The Michael Wilson Family Award for Latin Jacinta Ryan The Denise and Frank Donovan Award for Literature Anna Martinez The Gabrielle Trainor Award for Legal Studies Wen Wen Lui

The Genazzano Mother's Association Award for Mathematical Methods Catilin Law (Year 11) The Sister Margaret Mary Kennedy fcJ Award for Mathematical Methods Lorena Stents The Sister Maria Bell fcJ and Bell Family Award for Mathematical Methods Samantha Pereira The Sir Murray McInerney Award for Music Performance Samantha Pereira







The Celine Khoury Award for Philosophy

The Peter and Jenni Bolton Award for Christian Leadership and Service

The Ann Lorkin Award for Faith in Action

Hannah Macdonald (Yr 11)

Jessica Ting

Lily Tawk

The Sister Dolores Kirby fcJ Award for Physics

The Brian Reid Award for Christian Leadership and Service

The Principal's Award for General Excellence

Rachael Kay

Zoe Gleeson

Samantha Pereira

The Dr Denis Clarke Award for Psychology

The Suzanne Mania Award for Christian Leadership and Service

The Sister Maryrose Dennehy FCJ Award for Faith in Action

Julia Yoannidis The Psyhogios Family Award for Psychology Anna Martinez The Peter's Family Award for Religion and Society Amelia Miklavec The Margaret Tutty (Chamberlin) Award for Studio Arts Emma Vergano The Sister Anthony Buckley fcJ Award for Specialist Mathematics Samantha Pereira The Choong Foundation Award for Visual Communication and Design Natalie Baring-Gould The Peck Family Award for Christian Leadership and Service Liana D'Eramo The Gannon and Danaher Award for Christian Leadership and Service Julia Yoannidis The Genazzano Fathers’Association Award for Christian Leadership and Service Chloe Holgate

India Mason The Christina Cassar Memorial Award for Reliability and Endeavour Alesha Kendall The Joan Crowe – McPhee Memorial Award for Sporting Excellence and Team Spirit Helen Crews The WATPAC Award for Music Significant contribution to Music Lorena Stents The Dr Jane Connor Memorial Award for Outreach to the Community

Erin Donoghue The Genazzano Friends of Sport Award for Sportswoman of the Year Eliza Straford


Jacinta Ryan

2 Amelia Costigan winner of the Diane Foster Hogan Award for English presented by Ms Michelle Jennison. 3 Molly Jones winner of Three's a Crowd Media Award – presented by Ms Joanne Saville. 4 Lucy Davis winner of the Katrina Wakeling (Hastings) Award for Physical Education presented by Ms Lisa O'Halloran.

Madeleine Meehan

5 Samantha Pereira winner of the Jennifer Russell Award for English presented by Ms Michelle Jennison.

The Genazzano Alumnae Mary Winter Award for Loyalty

6 Amelia Miklavec winner of the Peters Family Award for Religion and Society presented by Ms Mary Fahey.

Alexandra Jones


Jacinta, Lorena and Samantha perform.

The Genazzano Past Mothers’ Association Award for Reliability and Endeavour Olivia Schiavone The Jennifer Russell Award for Excellence in Music Jacinta Ryan The Marie Madeleine d'Houet Award for Courage Stephanie Zambuni gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e


As we walked in the footsteps of Marie Madeleine d’ Houet we witnessed the celebration of spirituality and the strength and identity faith has given, and continues to give so many people in the Kimberley. We came to the Kimberley as companions on a journey. Due to the vision of Sr Rosemary Crowe fcJ many years ago, we had the privilege of being a part of this 28 year history of the Kimberley Exchange Program for Genazzano FCJ College. The message of the Exchange was clear; we were embarking on a program of reconciliation and justice. Throughout our trip we met, sat with and listened to the Aboriginal elders and the children as they shared their stories about culture, family, identity, spirituality and country. We immersed ourselves in a very special program that allowed us to learn and experience Aboriginal culture and their story; the story of the First People of our country. Throughout this immersion program we experienced two-way education – we worked with children in the schools and shared our stories with those we met and, at the same time, we learnt to understand and appreciate the oldest culture in the world. In Broome, we attended school with our host sisters at St. Mary’s College and attended the 50th Jubilee Mass for the Broome Diocese. We heard the elders from the different communities speak in their own language during Mass and we witnessed the powerful message of the men from Kulumburu accompanying the procession of the sacred scriptures with dance and music. Our journey also confronted us with real issues. Whilst visiting the Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service we learned about the high incidence of diabetes in the Kimberley. As we watched a dialysis machine in action we also saw the impact of loneliness and loss of family and community when patients were so far away from home.


We witnessed the effect of displacement from rural communities. The gathering of mobs in the parklands in Broome told the story only too well. The local people well aware what loss of home and country means to each person. We were invited to sit with members from the Stolen Generation and, as we journeyed further across the Kimberley we had the opportunity to quietly reflect as we stood before the Prison Boab Tree in Derby. A highlight of our program was visiting the Ngalangangpum School, a small Catholic school in Warmun. We saw firsthand that having a living faith can make a difference in a learning environment.

To everyone in the school, Narbin (God) was very important. The teachers taught the children the Narbin ways. Each day there was Narbin Time; prayer time. When Narbin was being spoken about, the children would be quiet as Narbin was an integral part of their personal and spiritual lives. The purpose of our journey is always clear: ‘to observe, to learn, to grow, to love... and then return home.’ (extract from an Aboriginal proverb) As companions we listened, reflected and returned home having a better understanding of what reconciliation truly means.

Twilight Open Day 2017 Tuesday 28 March 2.30pm – 6.30pm Open Mornings 2017 9.30am – 11.00am Wednesday 22 February Wednesday 24 May Wednesday 26 July Wednesday 23 August Wednesday 25 October

301 Cotham Road Kew VIC 3101 Telephone 03 8862 1000 registrar@genazzano.vic.edu.au genazzano.vic.edu.au

g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Investing in Education Bequests and Donations Generations of outstanding young women have grown, developed and acquired the skills necessary for future success. Genazzano FCJ College is a strong and vibrant Catholic community that has continued to thrive for over 127 years. It remains today a generous community whose members have, over the years, contributed significantly to ensure that our College continues to excel. We ask you to please make a gift to our Annual Giving Appeal. With your support, we can achieve and together we can maintain the strength of our College and community and build a better future for all students. Karen Jebb Principal

Building our future

Library fund

Genazzano FCJ College engenders a deep loyalty and passion from within its community. As parents, Alumnae, teachers, grandparents and friends, we work together to nurture close connections within the College to ensure this community continues to thrive.

The libraries, an important resource for students and staff alike, continue to offer opportunities for members of the College community to nourish their intellectual growth. Gifts to the Library Fund accelerate the renewal and upgrading of our libraries, and offer valuable new resources.

It is this connection that inspires so many to support the ongoing development of Genazzano. Your gifts assist with physical improvements to the College, as well as providing life-changing opportunities for young people to become a part of this very special community through the Scholarship Fund. In 2015, our Annual Giving program raised in excess of $500,000 for the Building, Library and Scholarship funds and Awards. We are grateful to all those who made a contribution to achieve this result. Thank you for your generosity and your continuing love for our College. We seek your support and ask you to please make a gift to our Annual Appeal. You can nominate to donate to our Building, Library or Scholarships and Bursary funds.


We are grateful to all those who made a contribution to achieve this result. Thank you for your generosity and your continuing love for our College. Building fund The College Building Fund ensures that our magnificent buildings and expansive garden surrounds can be maintained for future generations. The Building Fund supports the continued maintenance, restoration and future development of our College buildings. Furthermore, it strengthens our objective to provide facilities that serve to fulfil the College’s vision for its Student Learning and Wellbeing program, for both current and future students. This would not be possible without your continued generous support.

Many families have taken up the offer to purchase books for the library with a nameplate recognising the donation placed inside the book. Over recent years, donations have also contributed to significant improvements in our library environment, including soft furnishings, a casual meeting area and improved technology and software for students. The entire College community benefits from every dollar the Library Fund receives. This fund supports our objective to ensure the libraries are exciting learning environments, offering a combination of advanced research technologies and study facilities with casual/social spaces.

Scholarships and Bursaries fund The valued reputation of Genazzano is one of the primary reasons parents enrol their children here. It is also true that many parents and alumnae would love to educate their children at Genazzano but, for economic reasons, they are unable to do so. Scholarships allow the College to enrich and diversify the student community, providing a benefit for all students. The Scholarships and Bursaries fund gives opportunities to those students who, ordinarily, would not be able to attend the College. Please help us offer educational opportunities to young women who, as Genazzano graduates, will in time transform our world as the leaders and influencers of tomorrow.

For more information on Bequests and Donations, please contact Mark Glover, Business Manager on 8862 1001 or mark.glover@genazzano.vic.edu.au Please kindly donate to our 2016 Christmas Appeal by visiting our website at: www.2016christmasappeal. genezzano.vic.edu.au

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g en az za no f c j col l eg e

GenWelcomes 2016: Another Night to Remember The essential elements for a great night came together on Saturday 13 February – perfect weather, good conversation and delicious food in the company of new and old friends – resulting in another memorable GenWelcomes! The effort of parents and helpers from both the GMA and GFA was very much appreciated, not just on the night but in the weeks and months in the lead up. So much planning takes place, with nothing left to chance. The only element out of our control is the weather, but again the sun shone in the afternoon during set up, leaving us with a beautiful mild night and just a drizzle of rain at the end of the evening. More than 530 parents and guests were treated to a sit-down meal in the Circular Drive, preceded by Mass at All Hallows earlier in the evening, celebrated by Fr Brendan Reed. On arrival at Genazzano, guests were warmly welcomed by members of the GFA and presented with a cooling drink before moving to their allocated tables. The night was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the strong community that exists at our College and extend a warm welcome to our new Principal Ms Karen Jebb. It was a magical night under the watchful eye of the Wardell Building, showcasing its best features under the spotlight. The success of the evening depends on all parties working tirelessly together. Thanks must go to the College staff, the GFA and the GMA.


Reflections – My life at Gen began with a broken leg! DR JANE MAYO CAROL AN (CONROY 1966)

My world at Genazzano began at the age of three when my mother fell down the church steps and broke her leg! My eldest sister was in Year 12 at the time, and given the arduous task of walking a cranky child to school each day. I can remember my early introduction to school was spent looking at picture books and threading beads at the back of the classroom. I spent three years in Grade One at Grange Hill before graduating to the official navy blue uniform, the white Feast Day dress with ubiquitous grass stains, and then finally taking part in classroom activities. I clearly remember my sewing and hand-made baby clothes for those less fortunate was lamentable, and my cooking skills were not much better! I was hopeless at games and music but very much enjoyed elocution lessons and reading. In 1988 I became Junior School librarian for a year, at a time when books were plentiful and activities lively. This experience was in stark contrast to my student days in the library. Senior school opened my eyes to the value of hard work and I was encouraged and loved by Mother Maryrose Dennehy who, with gentle pressure, suggested more study was necessary! Apart from becoming a Child of Mary and loving Physical Culture, I was not a prize winner or a leader until Matriculation, but made some wonderful school friends during those formative years. These friends have supported me and my family through thick and thin for over fifty years. On my first day in Year 12 in 1966, the year didn’t get off to a good start. I was late for school and on arrival duly reprimanded by the Superior, Mother Euphema King who greeted me with “glad to see that you have deigned to give us your presence”. She then proceeded to announce that I had been chosen as School Captain and Captain of Cardinal! At recess I raced home to tell my mother the news, and while surprised, she was more concerned about the effect this would have on my studies. A family conference was held and it was decided I would switch to humanities subjects. I remember I was the only student in the

calls. We marched in the St Patrick’s Day procession carrying our pennant while the Xavier boys heckled. Our retreats and walking with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima were endurance tests, but visits to our then small Chapel were always special. I participated in Parliament of the Youth, enjoyed collecting mission funds for the babies in Africa and joined the Y.C.S.

Latin class held by Mother Angela Mockler on Friday afternoons after school, scraped through Geography, English and English Literature and received an Honours in Australian History. Mother Columba O’Sullivan became my daily life line, smuggling me into her office near the Chapel and supplying me with biscuits while she dealt with phone

At the end of the year there were no Valedictory events, just a Final Assembly with only one award given out, the Mary Winter Prize for Loyalty, and I was the recipient. I left school without a backward glance, ready for an exciting future, however I was delighted to return to the school chapel to celebrate our wedding and share this special occasion with family, friends and the Genazzano community. The Class of 1966 met earlier this year to celebrate our 50 Year Reunion, and those ‘Gen girls’ are still my firm friends in good times and bad! gennarr at i o n s


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Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening Each year, the Genazzano FCJ College Council makes an award to an Outstanding Alumna, recognising the contributions of a very special past student who had the courage and confidence to go out into the world to really make a difference. This past student has demonstrated a love of learning, and through service to others, and is an inspiring role model for young women. On Wednesday 10 August, before a crowd of almost 300 past and present students, we presented Jane Kennedy (Class of 1982) with the Outstanding Alumna Award in recognition of her contribution to the Australian film and television industry and her service to others. In addition to her career in the media and a long list of television and film awards, Jane has been a board member with the George Gregan Children’s Foundation, funding playgrounds for children’s hospitals around Australia. She was an inaugural ambassador for e.motion21, a dance and fitness group for children and teens with Down Syndrome and she has been closely involved with The Learning for Life Organisation, which aims to improve the quality of life for autistic children.



Jane was a student at the College from Prep to Year 12, serving as College Captain in her final year. She has a myriad of achievements and so it was a delight to welcome her back to the College to receive this Award. Jane was joined on the night by her beautiful family, parents Ray and Jill Kennedy, sister Carrie Kennedy (1985), partner Rob Sitch and children Mia, Joshua, Max, Bailey and Andy. Jane also attended the College Assembly on Thursday morning to address all current students where she spoke about her fond memories of her time as a Gen girl, her gratitude to the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, the importance of being kind to each other and validating it’s ok to be different! Jane is an excellent role model and her words will inspire our girls and young women to pursue their passions and dreams for the future.



1. Ms Jane Kennedy with Mr Kevin Frawley and Ms Karen Jebb 2. College Assembly with Ms Jane Kennedy. 3. College Captains: Lorena Stents and Madeleine Meehan

Savour being a schoolgirl. In the big wide world you’re a grown-up and everything changes. So have a bash, sign up for clubs, find your mojo, and don’t be disillusioned.

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Jane Kennedy



As an integral member of the beloved D-Generation comedy troupe and Working Dog production team, Jane Kennedy has made a remarkable contribution to the cultural landscape of Australia. But amongst a catalogue of some of the best-recognised radio, television and cinema productions of recent decades, it’s perhaps not surprising to hear Kennedy quickly nominate her involvement in the iconic film The Castle as her fondest professional achievement. “We were just making a film about a happy family that was facing some hard life issues,” says Kennedy now. “It came from a real place and it was organic and I think people from all walks of life could relate to it. I mean, this was a family with kids that think their mum and dad are all right! We’re not into dark comedy or anything depressing. We like the old fashioned world of entertainment and bringing a bit of joy to people’s lives. “We thought it would be this daggy little movie but it’s taken me around the world. To watch the success of that film has undoubtedly been a highlight of my career.” Kennedy was first heard on radio at 3UZ before moving to the-then EONFM, where she read the news during the D-Generation’s fabled morning programme. As their friendship grew, it became apparent that Kennedy could offer the team something they lacked – a female voice. Literally.


“I was able to show them I could be of some help … instead of them doing female voices in sketches because there was no other girl perhaps they could use my voice!” From those humble beginnings the union flourished leading to a raft of creative landmarks including TV shows The Late Show, Front Line, Thank God You’re Here and The Panel, along with movies The Dish, Any Questions For Ben? and, of course, The Castle. Performing is at the centre of Kennedy’s reflections on her school days, which began in 1970 as a Prep student and continued uninterrupted through to Year 12. “I was bit precocious; drama was a really big part of my life at school, along with choir and music. We would do concerts that were a bit funny and silly. All that prepared me for my life in comedy. We dressed up as KISS once and terrified some of the younger students! “We were encouraged to be self-motivated, and we were given the time and resources to put on a play, for example.

“On reflection I can see that taking risks was encouraged. The only job I’ve ever known is in the entertainment business and it really did evolve from school.” Kennedy was school captain in her final year but with typical humility she declares it was only due to nobody else wanting the role. “I guess it was because I didn’t mind standing up and giving a speech or two,” she says drily. “I organised the school ball, and there was a real sense of responsibility (about the role). “I had a really happy school life. I probably didn’t realise it but I was really lucky, and I had terrific teachers and nuns who were very influential. It was a very kind school and it enforced kindness in the girls. It’s an environment that encourages you to think of others. Compassion is a real part of the school.” Kennedy and her professional and life partner Rob Sitch have five children, the eldest of whom is currently in the middle of her own high school years. Kennedy enthusiastically offers words of encouragement for the girls who are fortunate to be in receipt of a Genazzano education.

“Your school years are gone so fast, even though you don’t think it at the time. The school is on your side, it is wanting to make you the best you can become.” So what is it that sets a Gen girl apart? “Gen girls are funny,” says Kennedy. “I see that still today. They’re smart (and) have an extraordinary moral compass. I find them great company. I think it extends from (the school) having such wonderful pastoral care. Over the years I’ve maintained some fantastic relationships.” “I can’t believe how big the school has become, the facilities it has are just extraordinary. When we go past the school, my kids can’t believe how big it is. Just driving through those big gates and up that big driveway … I think how lucky I was to have had that opportunity.”

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GLS Breakfast On a beautiful spring morning in Melbourne, the students and alumnae of Genazzano FCJ College, Loreto Mandeville and Sacré Cœur, came together on 7 September 2016 at the 14th Annual GLS Breakfast, in celebration of three inspirational women. Held in the hallowed grounds of the MCG in the MCC Members’ Dining room, the event was attended by almost 300 women and a handful of men! Although an early start, we were treated to amazing speakers, each with a different story to tell. The first was Dee Madigan (Loreto), Creative Director and owner of Campaign Edge Advertising. Dee began her professional career as a teacher and joined the world of advertising in 1996. Next to speak was Libby Lyons (Sacré Cœur), the new Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, responsible for driving change through working with employees and Government to improve women’s workforce participation, and reduce the gender pay gap. Libby has worked in both female and male dominated industries, heading up BHP Billiton’s Corporate Affairs for its Olympic Dam project! Libby is a passionate advocate for equality, however her enduring message was the call for all women to be champions for each other and provide ongoing support. Monique Van den Boom (1997), while the youngest of the trio had her own unique story. She takes us back to her Genazzano school days, when she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she “grew up”, and while recognising some people fall naturally into a career, others don’t choose their pathway; it chooses them. It was the insight of Genazzano Careers Counsellor, Ms Lele, that opened her mind to the allied health sector and gave clarity to a Year 10 student who was unsure about where life would take her. “I had the vague idea of medicine but I didn’t really want to be a doctor or a nurse,” says Van den Boom. “I also enjoyed making things, doing craft and taking a hands-on approach. The way


 -R: Madeleine Meehan, Ms Monique Van den Boom, L Ms Karen Jebb, Lorena Stents and Ms Catherine Etty-Leal.

Genazzano encourages driven, motivated, independent women. The school was supportive, you didn’t have limits. Ms Lele walked me through the things I liked doing was fantastic, and the reason I discovered prosthetics and orthotics. I always say to my dad it was because of her and Genazzano that I’m doing what I do. I owe her a massive thank you.” Van den Boom went on to complete a Bachelor of Prosthetics & Orthotics with honours at LaTrobe University, and for the past 13 years has worked in the UK and Australia along with several volunteer stints as Prosthetic Director for a not-for-

profit organisation in Haiti. Of this work, Van den Boom displays both optimism at the progress being made and a delight in her ability to make a difference. “I’ve been to Haiti three times, where we provide a prosthetic service to people. I first went there just after the big earthquake and it’s been one of the best experiences career-wise and personally. I’ve made some fantastic friends and when you’re there you realise you are surrounded by people who are there for the same reason. “We barely scratch the surface (of the need), but the goal is to establish a sustainable clinic, train the locals and have it going when we’re not there as well. It’s a very important personal achievement for me, and it’s nice being in a job where people are grateful!” Van den Boom began her Genazzano journey in Year 7, and was one of only three girls from her local primary school to attend the College. “Year 7 was a big year. Not just attending a school that was much bigger (than the local primary school) but also the independence that came with travelling on public transport by myself. I lived in East Doncaster so it was a fair commute.”

However, her early worries were quickly put at ease. “I have three older brothers and no sisters. Being surrounded by girls was important for my parents and I absolutely loved it. I do recall being apprehensive going into Year 7 but very quickly I felt supported. “Prior to me, no one in my family had gone to Gen. I think my parents just wanted a school that provided a solid curriculum. I was into music at the time and the school had an excellent reputation in that area.” Reflecting now, Van den Boom strongly credits the College with her adventurous spirit. It allowed for an exploration of

what you might like to do, and it built your confidence. While I find myself being very driven, Genazzano definitely drew it out of me. It’s a big part of my personality now, taking risks and being fully involved.” With the education sector’s recent emphasis on encouraging girls to consider STEM careers as viable pathways, Van den Boom is happy to report that females are very well represented in her profession. “If you took a snapshot of prosthetics, say, 30 years ago, it would have been all males. But that’s mainly because the profession originated from boot makers, it was like a trade.

The demographics now reflect more females and a much younger group. Clinically, the focus has changed where there are patient-oriented assessments. You now see more females in those (higher management) positions.” In finishing, Van den Boom describes the way she helps her clients achieve their goals and accept their new self-image. As she explained, it’s not just about providing a device for a missing limb, it’s listening and helping them adapt and achieve their goals. Taking on the world has led Van den Boom into what she describes as an incredibly rewarding career.

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Alumnae in the Media

DR BRENDA NIALL (1948) Niall's biography, ‘Mannix’, won the $25,000 National Biography Prize for its nuanced and personal portrait of a complex man who was Archbishop until his death in 1963, and is mostly remembered as a fierce anti-communist cold warrior of the 1950s and ‘60s.



Prof Baker is a Professor of Music Therapy and Associate Dean (Academic) at the Faculty of the VCA and MCM.

Fiona received an Australia Day Medallion in for her outstanding performance on special projects and in the performance of her core duties with Airservices Australia. Fiona graduated from Genazzano in 1987, having been House Captain, Prefect and Dux of English in her final year.

She is most renowned for her research and clinical practice in neuro rehabilitation, particularly her use of song writing as a means to facilitate therapeutic journeys. On International Women’s Day this year, Prof Baker spoke at the University of Melbourne on the topic of “Pledge for Parity”, celebrating and recognising the achievements of women from the university. Felicity was also mentioned in The Age (Melbourne) recently, where it was announced she would receive funding from Universities Australia for her song writing therapy with dementia patients, which showed people with dementia can learn new things. The grant will allow her to expand the program in Melbourne and replicate it in Germany, where she is keen to establish if there are any cross-cultural differences.

Fiona contributes actively to the aviation sector, seeking to promote Airservices, the profession of air traffic control and the role of women in aviation whenever she can. Fiona’s youngest son was born with Angelman Syndrome (AS), a rare severe neurological disorder. Fiona was a founding Board Member of a not-for-profit organisation (FAST) that is dedicated to funding research to find a cure for AS. FAST recently won the Microsoft social media competition UpgradeYourWorld, earning $US50,000 for research.


PAULINE MCKENZIE (HAYDEN 1962) Victorian Barbados Woman of the Year, Pauline McKenzie, raised eight children and has devoted her life to helping others, assisting those will disabilities, displaced persons, single mothers, pregnant teens, refugees and children in detention.

On 26 January, two members of Genazzano’s Alumnae received Australia Day honours in recognition of their achievements. Governor General Peter Cosgrove approved the annual honours list, which he said were “a source of courage, support and inspiration” who have made Australia a “stronger, safer and more caring nation”. “For over 40 years these honours have helped to define, encourage and reinforce our national aspirations and ideals by acknowledging exceptional Australians,” General Cosgrove said. “Today, we add a new group of names to those we should all admire”.


Jane received a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia, for service to the community as an historian, archivist and author. She was one of the 35 Catholic lay and religious clergy that were honoured on Australia Day. Dr Carolan recently obtained her PhD and has completed a history of Loreto Mandeville Hall in Toorak, and prior to that a detailed record of Trinity Grammar. She graduated in 1966 having held the position of College Captain.

SARAH BANTING (2011) Congratulations to Genazzano Alumna, Sarah Banting, who was given the last minute call up for the Rio Olympics, as coxswain for the Australian Women's Eight.




Recent Genazzano graduate and boarder, Catie Nesbitt, chose to defer university this year, to spend some time helping others in need. Catie is living and working in the small town of Chifunga, in the African country of Malawi. Catie is working as a medical assistant in the local health clinic, Health Clinic, through Worldwide organisation Latitude Global Volunteering.

DR BERNADETTE TOBIN AO (1963) Genazzano FCJ College congratulates Dr Bernadette Tobin for her inclusion in the recent Queen's Birthday Honours Day list, where she was named an Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia. Dr Tobin was recognised for distinguished service to education and philosophy, to the development of bioethics in Australia as an academic, and as a leader of a range of public health advisory and research councils. Dr Tobin was a past student at Genazzano and her achievements were recognised by the College in 2013 when she was presented with the Outstanding Alumna Award.

RUTH BORGOBELLO (1994) Pioneering new ground as the first Australian-Italian feature co-production, Ruth was writerdirector of The Space Between, her debut feature film which premiered recently at the Italian Film Festival. Ruth graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2002. Her graduate film, 'Claudia's Shadow', won a number of awards and screened at the Tribeca Film Festival among others. Her followup short, The Gift (2004), gained a cinematic release in Australia. 

MARIELLE SALOM (2015) After graduating from Genazzano FCJ College in 2015, Marielle Salom chose to celebrate by volunteering, rather than going to Schoolies. Instead she chose to volunteer at a school in an Indigenous community in Beagle Bay, near Broome in WA.

Angela Crean (University of Sydney) received a ‘2016 L'Oréal – UNESCO For Women in Science Australian Fellowship’ which will allow her to conduct a proof-of-concept study supporting her transition from pure evolutionary research to practical applications in human reproductive health and medicine. The potential impact of Angela’s work is significant and could provide the opportunity to make infertility treatments less invasive.

“I want to encourage Australians, particularly school leavers, to choose volunteering in Indigenous communities over Schoolies,” she said. “I saw it as an opportunity to give something back. I helped out with the school’s Christmas concert, worked as a Teacher’s Aid and spent a lot of time with students during recess and lunch.”

CHLOË MCCARDEL (2002) Marathon open water swimmer Chloë McCardel has set a new record for the number of English Channel swims by an Australian. Her 20 Channel crossings beat the Australian record of 19 set by Des Renford in 1980. Chloë has now been immortalised in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, at just 30 years of age.

HON JUSTICE MAREE KENNEDY (1980) Highly respected County Court judge, Maree Kennedy, was appointed to the Supreme Court of Victoria on Wednesday 28 June 2016. She was admitted to the Victorian Bar in 1990 and was appointed as a Senior Counsel in 2002. In 2007, the Honourable Justice Kennedy was appointed as a County Court judge, and helped to establish the Commercial Division of that Court. She was Judge in Charge of that Division from 2011. The Honourable Justice Kennedy graduated from Genazzano in 1980.

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2016 College Tours


Thirty-six excited Creative Arts students along with five Creative Arts teaching staff gathered at 4.30am on Saturday 17 September to board a bus to the airport. We were travelling with the Science and Technology students for the first part of our journey to Washington DC. Our flight over the Pacific and the International Date Line was long but comfortable and we arrived in Washington in the afternoon of the same day. We were given a brief tour of the capital of the USA then settled into our hotel to rest before dinner. Whilst in Washington we visited the Arlington Cemetery where we saw and toured the Capitol building, Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Memorial. An opportunity to visit museums at the Smithsonian Mall was a highlight for many. A photo stop at the White House and a visit to the Newseum completed our time in this beautiful city. We farewelled the Science Tour and headed up to New York on a bus. New York City provided us with so many highlights and so many inspirational moments that each student on the journey had their own special memory.


Some of the more memorable moments were: seeing the Broadway show “Matilda”, a baseball game at Yankee stadium, New York at night from the top of the Empire State Building, the Chelsea Art District and Highline, Top of the Rock to capture a day time view of the city, a bike ride around Central Park, a dinner cruise on the Hudson River, a tour of Harlem including the Apollo Theatre, walking to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting MOMA and the Met art museums, to name but a few. The tour provided students in all the Arts Studies with a folio of memories to draw from for their artistic inspiration and ideas. Many will use their experiences as stimulus for their studies.


At the end of Term 2, the Music Department travelled to Europe for a 14 day visit. Students were able to experience an array of different cultures, musical heritage and languages. We were very fortunate to visit and stay in the following cities: Bruges (Belgium) We performed in the St Salvator Cathedral and celebrated mass. Students enjoyed this beautiful town which is built around canals with buildings dating back to 1450. Another highlight in this town, were the chocolate shops and the excellent fries! Munich (Germany) We travelled to Munich from Bruges and the students enjoyed the visit to Neuschwannstein Castle (Disney Castle) and subsequently the performance in the church of St Peter and Paul in Oberammergau. Oberammergau is a small town known for its Christmas shops (even in summer). Salzburg (Austria) This city is best known for the Sound of Music. We visited Mozart’s birthplace and performed in one of the oldest churches in Salzburg. Highlights were the Sound of Music Tour and a performance of the string quartet in the Mirabelle Castle.

Vienna (Austria) The grand City of Opera and composers! It is also well known for its contribution to the annual New Year’s Concert (from the Musikverein). We attended mass sung by the Vienna Boys Choir and members of the Vienna Philharmonic (with music by Anton Bruckner). We also performed in the Haus der Musik and students enjoyed exhibitions in many musea (these are free for students under 18 years of age).

We left Prague to return to Melbourne with nothing but amazing memories. I would like to thank the students and parents for their support and hard work in the lead up to the trip. Thank you also to the teachers who prepared the students so well with their repertoire. We look forward to the next trip and hope some of our younger students can join us.

Prague (Czech Republic) This city is built alongside the Vltava river and nicknamed ‘the City of a Hundred Spires’. Many buildings date from the Baroque period. The students did their last performance in the St Nicholas Church (Old Town Square) and on the last evening we enjoyed a magnificent performance of Verdi’s La Traviata in the National Theatre.

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On 9 September, a group of 15 excited girls and three teachers embarked on the European Humanities Tour for 2016. We were lucky enough to visit London, Paris, Nuremberg, Berlin, St Petersburg and Moscow, where we experienced the rich history and culture of these beautiful cities. We started in London, where we were greeted with uncharacteristically sunny weather. We visited many significant historical attractions such as the Tower of London, The British Museum, Churchill War Rooms and Hampton Court Palace. We also had the opportunity to experience London’s cultural atmosphere by having lunch on Oxford Street. After our time in London we took the Eurostar train to Paris, where we had the opportunity to visit our sister FCJ School and the living quarters of Marie Madeleine d’Houet, complete with some of her possessions. Other destinations included The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur, The Carnavalet Museum, La Conciergerie, SainteChapelle, The Louvre and Versailles. We also saw important landmarks such as The Arc de Triomphe. Our next stop was Germany, and Nuremberg. Here we experienced an authentic German dinner, and visited the Nazi Rally Grounds and War Trial rooms. These sites helped us to truly understand the impact the Nazi Party had on the citizens of Germany. After this we boarded the bus to Berlin, where we visited the Reichstag Building, the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall, The DDR museum, The Jewish Museum and toured on bikes through the beautiful streets. Being here really helped to reinforce what we had been learning in history throughout the school year. From Berlin we flew to St Petersburg. We had been very excited about visiting Russia and were certainly not disappointed with the colourful buildings, many waterways and bridges.

We visited the Church of the Spilt Blood, The Yusopov Palace, The Hermitage Museum, The Summer and Winter Palaces and attended a traditional Russian folk dance concert. Moscow was our last stop, and we made the most of it by visiting The Red Square, The Kremlin, St Basils Cathedral and The Armory Museum. We picked up some unique Russian souvenirs for our family and friends, and by then our wonderful three weeks had come to an end. We are immensely grateful for this amazing learning experience and for the hard work our teachers and parents put into making it possible.



During the first week of the holidays we travelled to New Zealand as part of the New Zealand Netball Tour. The tour group consisted of 19 Year 11 and 12 students accompanied by Mr Wesson, Mrs Kennerley and Ms Williams. Our 10 day tour saw us travel to Auckland, Hamilton, Otorohonga and Rotorua where our netball skills were improved and challenged by the talent of the tall and athletic New Zealanders. We participated in two representative tournaments and played against four schools.

The two teams won and lost matches and every game we played was a new opportunity to represent the College with great sportsmanship, a love of netball and the opportunity to make new friends. We visited Westlake Girls High School, St Cuthbert’s College, Otorohonga College and Waikato Diocesan School. Our one night stay with St Cuthbert’s College families wasn’t long enough as we enjoyed catching up with familiar faces from the 2015 tour to Melbourne and Genazzano FCJ College. Recovery and team bonding activities were very important while we were playing such intense games of netball. We went to the beach for cold water therapy, did active recovery using rollers, stretching, ate nutritious foods and most

importantly, had adequate sleep. We also enjoyed the views from Auckland’s Sky Tower, a ferry ride to Devonport and lunch at St Heliers Bay. Our trips to the Waitomo Caves and Zip-lining through the native bush in Rotorua were highlights. Even though it was raining at Mount Maunganui we still managed a trip to the hot pools to help with our recovery. Our welcome (powhiri) at Otorohanga College and overnight stay on the Marae meant that we could sing our song (waiata) that we had been working on for several weeks. The Netball Tour was one of the best experiences we have had full of laughter, challenges and new friendships through a love of sport and cultural immersion.


The inaugural Science and Technology Tour went to the USA in the September holidays. The students were immersed in many behind the scenes workshops at Universal Studios, Disneyworld and SeaWorld. They also participated in a three day robotics program at the historic Kennedy Space Centre. ‘Wow!’ does not begin to describe the experiences they had!

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Information and eLearning Technologies News First Place for GenTech Students at the RMIT Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) Nao Robot Dancing Competition Our Year 5 GenTech students, Audrey Culliver, Anna Stone and Asha Kennedy have spent the past two terms programming the College’s NAO humanoid robot. Their hard work and persistence paid off, with first place in the Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) NAO Robot Dance Competition, held at RMIT on Thursday 1 September. It was a tense five minutes before the judges viewed the students’ work, as some final adjustments needed to be made. However, the months of problem solving saved the day, as the girls realised some of their code was being overridden by a semi-autonomous function, which they switched off at the last minute. Right on time, the code and the NAO was ready to go and the students won!

Top Right: L-R Asha, Anna and Audrey


Genazzano in the news Genazzano AFL Umpiring Academy This year, Genazzano FCJ College had the opportunity through the AFL to implement the first female in school football academy. This program involved training every Tuesday afternoon with coaches from the AFL Umpiring Department, Yarra Junior Football League and the Victorian Women’s Football League. The girls took up positions of either Boundary, Field and Goal umpiring with these associated leagues. It was daunting for some at first, however as the weeks progressed these students took on more responsibility each game. Students took complete control of junior football matches, and at times they were the sole field umpire. Other girls volunteered for the Victorian Women’s football league where they ran the boundary, running up to 14km in a game and waving the goal flags for some of our State’s best female players. The girls were provided numerous opportunities to umpire at Etihad and the MCG in the Auskick program, these games including both semi-finals at the MCG. LISA O’HALLOR AN GENA ZZ ANO/AFL UMPIRE CO-ORDINATOR

Friday Night School on ABC Lateline For the past 20 years, for two hours each Friday night, inner-city Richmond comes alive in a frenzy of studious activity, with Friday Night School. It is a program that brings together migrant children and students from some of Melbourne's most elite schools for a weekly tutoring session. Over the years, Genazzano FCJ College has been a part of Friday Night School, helping hundreds of families.

The moment we ran out at half time along with 12 eager and excited kids trailing behind, I knew it was going to be a memorable experience. I enjoyed guiding the kids throughout the game and seeing their smiles when they kicked the ball. The energy from the crowd encouraged and energised everyone as the realisation of umpiring on the Etihad ground hit, feeling very surreal. It was a great experience as umpires in training because it gave us an insight to what its like for the elite, umpiring on the big stage, and this has inspired me to want to be an AFL umpire one day. It was an extraordinary and unforgettable opportunity to be able to umpire the Auskick at Etihad Stadium and would love to do it all again! BRIDGET TE FOX YEAR 9 ON HER EXPERIENCE UMPIRING AT ETIHAD

Throughout the year I have been fortunate enough to participate in the Victorian Women's Football League as a boundary umpire. By doing this, I had a fun part time job where I was being paid to run and get fit. However, the real bonus was not what I expected, I was challenged by a new issue every game whether it

On most Fridays, up to 200 student tutors attend to teach up to 200 younger children. Many tutors have regulars they teach each week and schools have a waiting list of students who want to help out. The Friday Night School program was recently featured on ABC’s Lateline, on Wednesday 6 April 2016. One of the Genazzano student tutors, Isabelle Zupan, was featured in the program, as she has been helping Reyana with her maths each week.

be the other umpire coming late so I had to run twice as far, being yelled at by passionate supporters or by making sure I stuck to my guns and made a firm decision on a hard call. When I started football umpiring I didn't think I would have the opportunities I have. I have been able to umpire elite athlete women at an exciting time in women's football. Many of the women I umpired will represent women's football in the new AFL league. Another exciting moment was the opportunity to boundary umpire in the Victorian Women's Football League semi and grand finals in front of a large passionate crowd. I have had a great time running the boundary and look forward to next season to do it all again. MAR A LUNN YEAR 11 ON HER UMPIRING EXPERIENCE.

Isabelle says their hard work together is starting to pay off. “I come because I like doing community service. I find it’s really, really rewarding and also because Reyana is my regular I come because I can't let her down,” she said. “She's improved so much with doing times tables. Last year we were doing addition and subtraction. “It's so rewarding to see Reyana grow up, becoming such a great young woman.”

“I've been coming here for a year and a half and I initially worked on my maths because I'm not really good at that,” Reyana said. gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e


As usual, Sport played a major role in College life in 2016. Rates of participation remain strong and the number of sports offered or participated in has slightly increased. We now have around 650 students competing in 24 different sports in over 70 different teams and age divisions. In particular, the Saturday Netball program at Boroondara saw more than 470 Gen girls playing in 46 teams throughout the winter season. Over the last 12 months our wonderful achievements include, but are not limited to: • The 2016 NZ Netball Tour travelled across the Tasman in July to play in rep tournaments and against selected schools. • Snowsports saw the first ever Genazzano team qualify for Nationals in Alpine GS, Ski cross and Moguls. Year 9 student Bridget Henry finished with a silver medal in the Alpine GS (our first medal at National level in Snowsports) • In Track and Field a team of Gen girls qualified for the National Finals in the Track and Field Knockout competition. • Victorian Schoolgirls Netball Championships • McDonalds Cup Basketball Championships • GSV Representative Team Members: Netball: Clare Vearing (Year 11) & Mrs Sarndra Kennerley (coach) Cross Country: Molly McCarthy (Year 9)

30  30       

Alumnae Golf Day CATHY GILBERT (1963)

The Annual Genazzano Alumnae Golf day was held on 9 May at Greenacres Golf Club. Despite heavy rain on the last few holes, everyone enjoyed the day, and we were pleased to be joined by past players for lunch. The winner on a count back was Jean Bowman and runnerup was Ellen-Nora Connors; nearest the pin was Ellen-Nora, and longest drive was won by Bronwyn Wraith. We note with sadness, the passing of Lady Pat Connelly in August this year. Pat was our Genazzano representative for many years and life member of the Inter School  Golf Committee. Our silver golf trophy, which is played for each year, is named in her honour in recognition of all that she did to promote alumnae golf. The  Inter School Golf Challenge played with teams from thirty independent girls schools was played at Metropolitan Golf Club in April and the Genazzano representatives  were Bronwyn Wraith, Margaret Batrouney, Vanessa Cariss and Cathy Gilbert. Our Alumnae Golf Day will be held on 15 May 2017 at Greenacres and all golfers are welcome to join us. Please contact the Alumnae Office if you would like to enter. Tel: 03 8862 1200 Email: alumnae@genazzano.vic.edu.au Right: Winner Jean Bowman with Runner-up Ellen-Nora Connors.

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Genazzano Day Alumnae Mass and Luncheon 2016 On Sunday 1 May, the Alumnae Association celebrated GenDay with a morning Mass, followed by lunch and a tour of the College. The aims of our Alumnae Association are: • to foster loyalty and affection for our old school; • to support the Sisters FCJ; • update and build our database to improve contact lists; • source and reconnect lost Alumnae with the College; • identify and support meaningful and mutually beneficial engagements; and • develop fundraising opportunities. We are grateful to the Alumnae Association for their close connection to the College. So much of what we have and do would not be possible without the generosity of our alumnae donors. Many passionate past students attended GenDay, shared stories confirming how they loved being a ‘Gen girl’.

32  32       

Alumnae Assoc Committee Members: Claire, Melina, Emily and Catherine

College Captains Emily Biasotto (2012) and Lois Fergus (1948)

Three generations at Gen, the Rainford family, Emily, Vicki and Avril

Bill and Concetta Roberts (1961) with Ann Rennie (1975)

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We Remember

Lady Patricia Connelly (Holschier 1938) WRIT TEN BY ANNE-LOUISE CAMERON (NEE CHANDLER 1975)

Patricia Annie Connelly was born on 22 September 1920 to George and Louisa Holschier, in the farming district known as the Riverina in New South Wales. She was the third daughter and middle child of what was to become a family of five children. She spent her childhood in a beautiful pastoral property in Womboota, 30km north of Moama NSW. Her early years living on the homestead of Paringa Vale, while remote and isolated were compensated by her hard working pioneering parents who raised their brood with strong Christian and family values. They often travelled many miles on a Sunday in a horse and buggy to attend a Catholic mass with a visiting priest and Patricia and her siblings always enjoyed socialising with other neighboring families.

Her four unmarried aunts lived in Windsor and they provided the family connection and support as she adjusted to the distance between her and her loving family in the Riverina. While at Genazzano she was a delightful and ambitious student who developed a love for maths, music and sport. Her love of music, especially piano was fostered and encouraged and she retained many of the textbooks for the remainder of her life. She enjoyed tennis and other sporting activities and cherished the opportunities to excel in her favourite pursuits. She developed a strong passion for both the arts and sport which stayed with her all her adult years. While at Genazzano she was welcomed into the homes of many school families who were far more privileged than she. One family even provided her with a beautiful blue dress to wear on social occasions, a gown she treasured. The Christian values instilled in Womboota continued to prosper during her years at Genazzano.

When she had completed her primary schooling in her remote bush classroom in Womboota, she yearned to further her education and was sent to St Joseph’s Brigidine Convent in Echuca with her older sisters.

Upon completion of her Genazzano education in 1938, she entered nursing school and after three years, she was posted to Mount St Evans, a private hospital in Melbourne where she nursed for six years.

The family made the difficult decision to send Patricia to boarding school at Genazzano in Melbourne, to expand her opportunities and complete her education. After a shopping expedition with her mother in Melbourne to purchase her uniform, she commenced her final years of schooling at the 'School upon the Hill', in Kew.

The years spent at Genazzano and then St Vincent’s were valuable and rewarding experiences. She developed a resilient and generous character, which were desirable attributes in future years when she married Ray Connelly, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne in 1948.

Lady Connelly travelled extensively throughout Europe, on a quiet but effective campaign promoting Melbourne as the venue for the 1956 Olympic Games to the European Delegates. While on this trip she was privileged to have a private audience with Pope Pius XII. After the sudden death of her husband in 1949, Lady Connelly took up the threads of her life again with strength and courage and devoted herself to helping others. She worked tirelessly for many charities which included St Paul’s School for the Blind, The Victorian Women’s Sporting Association and the Villa Maria Society. She was also a generous Patroness to the Australian Boys Choir, The Royal Botanic Gardens and the Arts. Lady Connelly was Genazzano's Alumnae Golf representative for many years, and the perpetual silver trophy is named in her honour. Her home was always a welcoming refuge for her many nieces, nephews and siblings and she remained generous to her parents in their final years. Sadly missed by all who knew and loved her.

1 Pat Holschier 1937 2 Class of 1927 3 Tennis 1937 4 Tennis trophy presented by Dr Rowan 5 Pat Holschier 1937 6 Wardell Building 1937 7 Tennis champs and runners-up 8 Boarder's Picnic at Sorrento 1937 9 Building the Wardell Theatre 10 Boarder's picnic at Sorrento 1937 11 Lady Connelly Trophy

34  34       












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Community News Deaths

Bryan Desmond Barmby

Lady Patricia Connelly

Angela Gehrig (1984)

Husband of Marcia. Father of Julie Ruffy (1976), Lisa (1980), Paul and David. Grandfather of Lucy (2011)

(Holschier 1938) Daughter of George and Louisa Holschier (both dec). Wife of the late Sir Francis Raymond. Sister to Frances (dec), Sheila Mearse and Dorothea Chandler and Harry Holschier (dec). Sister-in-law to Bob (dec), Elaine and Don (dec).

Daughter of Rene and Helen Gehrig. Sister of Joe, Helen Darrer (1979), David, Philip, & Michael (dec.). Aunt of Olivia Darrer (Year 10).

Alessandrina Bergamin Mother and mother-in-law of Delia and Alex Pannunzio. Grandmother of Bianca (2004), Veronica (2006) and Julie (2010). Arthur (Arturo) Birri

Dorothy Ann Coyle

Father and father in law of Ivana and Nicholas Psyhogios and grandfather of Julia (2010), Olivia (2012) and Chloe (Year 11).

Aldo Dal Forno

Terry (Helen Therese) Blackwell

Father of Sally Derham and father in law of Alistar Singh and grandfather of Harriette Singh (Year 10) and Adita Singh (Year 12).

Alumna of Vaucluse FCJ College, Richmond. Wife of David. Mother of Kylie (1991) and Jacqueline (1991). President of the Mother's Association in 1983. Louise Brodie (1981) Mother of Mark. Sister of Mary Anne Johnston (1978), Jenny (1979), Gabriella (1984) and Paula (1986). Aunt of Annie (2006) and Leah (2015).

Past member of Genazzano Maintenance Staff. Harry Derham Oam

Margaret Isla Dickson Williams (Dickson 1963) Wife of Paul, Mother of Adelaide and Dominic. Phillip Raymond Ellis

Grandparents of Amelia Johnston (Year 8)

Husband of Maureen, father of Mark & father-in-law of Janet (Hill 1975) & grandfather of Madeleine (2005)

Mary Bernadette Cameron

Peter Mornane Forrest

Bev and John Byron

(Gowans 1960) Wife of Andrew. Mother and mother-in-law of Georgina and Nick, Charles and Sam, Hamish and Emma. Sister of Rosie (1962).

Husband of Helen (nee Spring 1941 dec). Loving father and father-in-law of Annie (1969) and Rod, Peter and Marian, Anthony and Angela, Helen (1973) and David, Kate (1978) and Geoff, Bernadette (1979) and Tom, Joe & Andy and Gerard (dec). Grandfather of Anastasia Batten (2014), Eliza Forrest (Year 11), Aimee Forrest (Year 9) and Tom (ELC).

Alfred Cattanach

Salvatore Frazzetto

Former staff. Wife of Norm (dec). Mother of Stephen, Damien, Brendan, Timothy and Helen Witt (1985) Eleanor Amalie Cameron

Husband of Daphne (dec). Father & fatherin-law of John & Nanette (both dec. past parents), Mary (1969) and Tim, Margaret (1970) and John, Stephen & Lisa, Julie (dec. 1974), Anne-Marie (1976) & Philip and Camille (1979) & John. Grandfather of Claire (1993) and Eli Hylton (1994)


Grandfather of Claudia Gregory (Year 7) Pina Galante Wife of Aldo. Mother of Jordan and Celeste (2013)

Janet Gibson Died 16 January 2016. Wife of Gregory Gibson, Mother of Natalie Innocenti (1983), Katie Elias (1985), Michael, Annie Gibson (1989), Margaret (1993) and Elizabeth Halliday (1995). Geoffrey Gleeson Husband of Pat (dec). Father & father-inlaw of Anne & Matt English. Grandfather of Annabelle (2005) & Caroline (2007), Douglas and Peter. Anne Greenhalgh (Pickering 1957) In the UK, sister of Helen Pickering (1962). Frances Hammett (MacDonald 1948) Loved wife of Arthur (dec). Sister of Mary Lukatis (1943) and Ne Barry (1949). Mother of Christine (1973), Genevieve Stout (1975) Paul, Leo, Andrea Cridland (1983) and Adrian. Grandmother of Belinda Kelsey (1998), Bianca Limb (2005), Lucy O’Dea(2005) and Dominque O'Dea (2011). Jack Hart Father of Annemarie Attwood (1980) John Gregory Hayes Husband of Mary (Cox-Thomas 1944) and father of Christina (1978). Geoffrey Stephen Hoare Husband of Maureen (Gorman 1958). Father of Meg (1985), Rebecca (dec) and Tim. Matthew Edward Hulls Son of Lois (Creed) & Frank (dec). Brother of Jane (1972), Rob, Cassie (1975), Mark, Anne and Lizzie. Father of Carla.

Hon John Keely QC

Barry Murray

Ian Francis Xavier Stoney

Husband of Maureen, father of Mary (1971), Tom, Annie (1973), Richard (staff John Paul College), Cate (1979), Geraldine (1981) and Michael.

Husband of Marlene Murray (Field 1950). Father of Susan Witham (Murray 1976), Helen Murray (1983) and John Murray. Grandfather of David Witham, Kate Witham (1996) and Megan Witham (1997), Peter and Andrea Murray and Matilda and Pruella Anderson.

Husband of Janet and former husband of Barbara. Father, father-in-law and grandfather of Paul, Quinn and Seth; Tim and Mary, Maggie and Patrick, Damian and Francesca, Julien and Ethan; Kate (1989) and Garth, Ignatius, Gabriel and Francesca; Louise (1990) and Chris, Ruairie, Ned, Danny, Harry and Robbie; Carrie (1995) and Matt.

Kevin Kirwan Former staff member and husband of Margaret. Mary Leoncelli Mother of Carlo, Anne Singleton (1967) and Paul. Keith Lodge

Rebecca (Betty) Nechwatal Wife of Otto (dec) and sister of Pat. Mother of Maria (1966), Stefan, Michael, Gabriella (1973), Joe, Paul, Bernadette (1981) and Rosie (1978).

Myrtle Taylor Mother of Mel Fernandes, former staff member.

Husband of Patricia (Morgan 1950), Father of Fiona (1976), Celeste (1981), Megan (1983) and Natasha (1987). Brother of Dulcie Thomson (1940), Gwenda Carrucan (1942), Brenda and Pauline Lewin (1952). Keith was the architect responsible for the Genazzano FCJ College Centenary Hall and Swimming Pool complex.

Fr Patrick SSS Negri

Elizabeth Mary Triado (Feehan 1945)

Uncle of Lisa Negri and Rob Bischof (GFA President) and great uncle of Natalie (2011), Shona (2013) and Sylvie (Year 11). A good friend to Genazzano for many years.

Wife of Raymond (dec.) Mother of Anthony, Julian, Anita (1972), John (dec), Maria (1976), Betta (1978) and Paola (1980). Sister of Margaret (1941).

Rita Nugara

Margaret “Meggsy” Maher (1956)

Irene O'Connor

Sister of Philippa (1957).

Member of the Genazzano Mother's Association and President in 1974. Mother of Trish Hammond (1963) and Debbie O'Connor (1975)

Husband of Margaret Naomi Troup (Murphy 1951). Father of Christine, Magdalen (1979), Cynthia (1985) and Veronica (1989).

Maureen McLeish (Anderson 1966) Sister of Pauline Fels (1958 dec), Mary Williams (1960), Carmel Minney (1965), Christine Hughes (1968), Clare Pearce (1969) and Catherine Raines (1970). All boarders. Sister to seven brothers.

Mother of Tina Natoli (Gen staff)

Dr Gordon Troup

Margaret June Tunbridge Mother of Robin (1967) and Christine (1971).

Frank Paoli

Robert (Bob) Umbers

Husband of Rosa, father of Mikaila (Year 12)

Husband of Joanne (McClusky 1969).

Leah Pauley

Adrian Valmorbida

Family of Sr Maryrose Dennehy.

Brother of Nadia Valmorbida (1974)

Died 6 June 2016. Wife of Tim. Daughter of Stephanie and David. Sister of Patrick, sister-in-law to Katie, aunt to Benjamin.

Diana Perini (2005)

Phan Vinh

Daughter of George & Rosa, sister of Laura (2002) and Kristopher.

Husband of Nhi and father of Kim Thien Ton Nu (Year 10)

Janette Anne (Jan) Menadue (Masciorini 1949)

Wilma Dorothy Reed (Quin 1941)

John William Whitehouse

Loving wife of Jack (dec). Mother and mother-in-law and Nin to Peter, Tony, Mary, Jack Max, Mark, Mick, Megan, Bella, Mimi, Tommy, John, Kelly (1986), Eliza (2015) and Casper.

Twin brother of Mary Louise O'Brien (1954 dec) and brother of Ellen Nora Connors (1958).

Louise Elizabeth Rosalind McMillan (Foxley 2004)

Passed away in Queensland, sister of Brenda (1938). Jozefa Menten In Belgium, mother of Mr Jan Blazejczak (Genazzano Director of Music) Rosalind Miller (1947) Daughter of Angela & Harry Miller (both dec.) Frances Moran (O'Donnell 1961) Sister to Catherine O'Brien (1962 dec.), Clare Entwisle (1967), Mary McCleary (1971) and Anne O'Donnell (1974). Pamela Patricia Mulcahy (Blundell 1954) Wife of Peter. Mother and mother-in-law of Michael, Hilary, Kate, Henry, Erinne and Rob. Grandmother of Declan, Emmet, Sinead, Niamh, Pierce, Ellen, Lachlan, Eddie and Hamish.

Naomi Denise Rowan Wife of Noel (past student & College solicitor). Mother of Dana (1975) and Virginia (1976). Peter Savedra Husband of Eileen (former staff) Jeffrey Shaw Husband of Linda Cornehls and father of Alexandria (Year 7). Beverley Martha Smith (Boscolo 1945)

Rosemary Wilson (Howells 1954) Wife of John (dec) Mother of Anthony, Philippa, Daniel, Rachel and Anna. Sister of Fr Ian Howells. Barry Woods Husband of Mary-Helen (Santamaria 1959). Brother-in-law of Cristina Shannon (1957) Anne McIlroy (1968 & current staff) Bernadette Tobin (1963), Catherine (dec), Bob, Joseph and Paul. Mira (1978) Zarzycki Brother of Mark.

Died 15 May 2016. Wife of Cyril (dec). Mother of David, Tony and Jon. Sister of Maxine Mathieson (1948)

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Community News Reunions


Class of 2014 First Year Reunion


Held on Friday 4 December 2015 at Genazzano FCJ College.

Class of 2011 5 Year Reunion


Held at The Boulevard Kew on 8 October 2016.

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Class of 2006 10 Year Reunion



The class of 2006 met on a sunny Sunday afternoon in April at the College. There were approximately 60 from the class in attendance. We started with a tour of the school followed by drinks and nibbles in the Madeleine Centre. Even though it had been 10 years since we'd left school, it was as if we'd returned to our final days of year 12 – full of laughter and excitement!


Class of 1996 20 Year Reunion


Held Saturday 12 November 2016 at Genazzano FCJ College.

Class of 1995 20 Year Reunion


Held on Saturday 28 November 2015 at Genazzano FCJ College.

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Class of 1991 25 Year Reunion Held on Friday 22 July 2016 at Genazzano FCJ College.



Class of 1986 30 Year Reunion



Held on Saturday 15 October 2016 at The Railway Hotel, Windsor.

Around 60 of the Class of ’86 gathered excitedly in October for a festive catch up – including 15 of the original Grange Hill Prep class of 1974. How could it have been 30 years since we last strode out of the well-loved school upon the hill ?!

children and families. We are volunteering in our communities. We are in business, (including dealing in high-end French antiques in China!), and in fashion, design and retail commerce, as well as a wealth of other areas.

In a night of warmth, friendship and the sharing of life’s stories, we were enriched by our diversity. We are living and working in a dynamic and varied range of fields, occupations, callings and countries – including in the law, medicine, health services, and veterinary science. We are in the arts and entertainment, in media and communications, in education (including working in remote Indigenous communities), and in the home with our

We remembered fondly those we have lost, and those who were absent due to illness or distance. And by the time last drinks were called around 2am, we had agreed to meet again in 3 years – five or ten is too long to wait! It was a wonderful night, imbued with a strong sense of our shared history. Thanks to those who came, and we look forward to putting out the call to see you all, and others, again in three years!

gennarr at i o n s


g en az za no f c j col l eg e

Class of 1966 50 Year Reunion


Held on Saturday 21 May 2016 at QPO Restaurant Kew. LIZ GASPARINI

A very happy afternoon was spent by more than 40 women of the Class of 1966 in late May to celebrate 50 years since we left Gen. We were delighted to have Sr Catherine Flynn (our grade 5 teacher) join us for the occasion and we all appreciated her specially prepared grace before lunch. One of the girls wrote later that ”the sense of approval in the room was palpable......“  Many friendships were rekindled and there was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere which everyone enjoyed.  Huge thanks to Mrs Sharyn Hanly and her team in the Gen Alumnae Office who helped to make our day so special. Marg Farnfield did a brilliant job with the room and table decorations, a great group of girls worked very hard to update our very out-of-date database, and the staff at QPO were faultless.  We look forward to staying in touch and to our next reunion in five years time. 


Grange Hill Prep 1966


Held on Sunday 11 April 2016 in the Grange Hill Library.

Class of 1961 55 Year Reunion Held on Thursday 27 October 2016 at QPO Restaurant Kew


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Community News 1

Weddings & Engagements


Laura Toscano (2010) married Max Murray (2010 OXA) on Saturday 18 June at Xavier Chapel. Among Laura's attendants were her long-time Gen friends, Grace Purcell and Catherine Henderson.

Gerard and Melanie Considine welcomed their first child, Bernard William, born 9 April 2016 in Clare, South Australia. A grandson for Janet Considine (staff).

Monique Van den Boom (1997) and David Boal welcome a son Ezra VandenBoom Boal on 2 July 2016 weighing 3.64kg.

Megan (Considine 2004) and Steven Duckworth, a daughter Evelyn (Evie) Mae born 26 August 2016, a sister for Grace and granddaughter for Janet Considine (Staff).

Carissa Cater (nee Wong 1993) and Darren welcomed their first child Bronwyn Samantha Cater, Chinese name Bo Wen (Treasure Cloud). Born 5 February 2016.

Catherine Etty-Leal (Worsnop 2006) & John welcomed Nathan John. Born 17 May 2016 weighing 3.29kg.

Michelle Henson (Miller 1999) and Max welcomed Audrey Anne Henson, born 23 September 2016. Granddaughter for Beryl Miller (staff).

Emily Hart (2006) married Christopher Barrell on 21st November 2015 in Mount Martha, Victoria. Veronica Pannunzio (2006) married Peter Stranges of Chelsea VIC, on the 13 February, 2016 at St Monica's Catholic Church, Essendon. Amy O'Connor and Chris Murphy (OXA) announced their engagement on 30 July 2016. Amy is the granddaughter of Irene O’Connor, past parent and President of the GMA, and niece of Patricia Hammond (1963) and Debbie O’Connor (1975). Chris is the son of Bernadette Murphy (Reis 1975) and the grandson of Nancy Reis (Naughton 1936).


Bianca Limb (Stout 2005) and Tom had a baby daughter, Isobel Sinead Limb, on 2 June 2016. Monique Milenkovic (Milesi 1995) and Jac proudly announced the arrival of George in November 2015. A brother for Sophia 5, Oscar 3 and Thomas aged 2.

Olivia Constantinou (Freemantle 2002) and David welcomed their daughter Lulu Rose born on 11 August 2016.



1 Marriage – Emily Hart married Christopher Barrell 2 Marriage – Laura Toscano and Max Murray 3 Engagement – Amy O'Connor and Chris Murphy

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1 Births – Monique and Jac Milenkovic with Sophia 5, Oscar 3, George and Thomas aged 2 2 Births – Nathan John Etty-Leal 3 Births – Bromwyn Samantha Cater 4 Births – Evie Mae Duckworth 5 Births – Ezra VandenBoom Boal 6 Births – Max, Beryl and Michelle with Audrey 7 Births – Bernard Considine 8 Births – Lulu Constantinou 9 Births – Isobel Sinead Limb 10 Baptism – Annette Galante (Paroissien) with daughter Sofia and Sr Maryrose Dennehy at her daughter’s recent Baptism in the College chapel.



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Genazzano Archives: Church Vestments BY JULIANNE BARLOW COLLEGE ARCHIVIST

Our FCJ Sisters treasured the sets of Roman vestments worn by the priest for Mass and Benediction, and they were carefully looked after by generations of Sacristans. In Our Lady’s Hall (Wardell) we have the special sacristy cabinet with wide shallow drawers used to store these vestments. This cabinet was originally found in the Sacristy off the Old Chapel, which is now a small kitchen off the Principal’s offices. These Roman vestments are now treasures of our College Archives. Pictured are members of the Embroiderers Guild, back in 1997, repairing a Benediction Cope. The collection requires special care and conservation, and in this case the ladies are repairing damage to the hem of the cope through the application of a net covering to support the fragile fabric. These vestments were viewed by a group of Year 12 students recently, which triggered their thinking about the religious lives of the Sisters, and their understanding of the spiritual and cultural life of past times. We handle with care the beautiful vestments, which are handed down to us as part of our heritage as Genazzano students, and the collection represents tangible items of great beauty in this digital age. Margaret Ferguson, a PhD student, visited the Archives in September and gave our collection some perspective in line with similar collections in Australia. The sources of fabrics and embroidered panels from France and Belgium were discussed, and we could understand how the Sisters brought some of the vestments to Australia in 1883. The records in the Annals of the FCJ Society tell us of the loving gifts from the FCJ Sisters in France and England to the new foundation in Australia.

Description of a typical collection of Roman Vestments BY MARGARET FERGUSON

A set of Roman vestments includes the chasuble, stole, maniple and the burse and chalice veil. The maniple was retired from use after the Second Vatican Council and it is rare to see a burse and chalice veil today. The other garment still worn is the cope. This is a large semicircular cloak with a decorated ‘collar’ attached to the back of the neck across the shoulders. The front edges are usually decorated with embroidered panels and closed with a decorative clasp at the neck. The cope is worn by priests and bishops for ceremonial processions; it is not a Mass vestment. Liturgical motifs, such as the IHS monogram were used within ecclesiastical embroidery. The deep lace edgings on albs also went out of style after Vatican II, modern albs are plain. The Genazzano collection includes beautiful albs and a variety of lace styles, used to trim albs. The Second Vatican Council (19621965) simplified the dress of priests and bishops. A priest can only wear Roman style vestments when celebrating the Tridentine Rite (“Latin Mass”) from the


1962 Missal but must wear Gothic style for Masses in English from the 1970 Missal. All the symbols and motifs used on vestments have a spiritual or liturgical meaning, as do the liturgical colours.

Genazzano Father’s Association ROB BISCHOF GFA PRESIDENT, 2015-16

It sure has been a spectacular year for the Genazzano Fathers’ Association – we have created and continued to build a strong and vibrant community of fathers and guardians who strive to fulfil their passion to love, laugh and make a difference in the lives of their daughters. We have good reason to be proud of our achievements in 2016: • Holding three father-daughter Masses, with an attendance of more than 200, and raising close to $1,000 for the FCJ Missions • Running three very successful father-daughter camps (for Years 5-8) that helped over 200 dads and girls connect and share unique experiences • Creating fun and special moments at the father-daughter bowling events, and for more than 40 families at the ELC to Year 4 Family BBQ (new for 2016) and Gen Outback events • Supporting College activities including the Talking Careers event, set up for Gen Welcomes, and BBQ support for Open Day • Holding Corporate and Social activities that bring friends and partners together to have fun, build a community of fathers who feel engaged with the GFA, and raise funds for the GFA projects, including the GFA Greetings and Thank you BBQs, Wine-makers Dinner, Footy Tipping Comp, Golf Day, and the Footy Finals Luncheon (with over 300 attending the Footy Lunch, which on its own raised $33,000) • Raising awareness of the importance of a father’s influence and role in nurturing the growth and development of our children, including special presentations at our monthly meetings through the year

To the many Genazzano fathers who have participated in, supported and helped run the GFA events over the year, it is these mighty efforts that have made the year such a success for the GFA. How satisfying it was to see so many new dads bravely taking their first steps into the GFA, and witnessing their joy in sharing special experiences with their girls (and boys in the ELC). The GFA Executive Committee has shown outstanding leadership, energy and passion – Julian Di Battista, Peter Grounds, Nicholas Psyhogios, Jordan Papadopoulos, David Jones and Neville Drake – who have freely given many hours of time and made a real difference to the GFA. Of course, none of our achievements this year could have been possible without the amazing support of the College, with special thanks to our Principal Ms Karen Jebb and all the College staff who have been so enthusiastic in their support.

I warmly welcome the new GFA President, Bruce MacIsaac, and the GFA Executive Committee of Lou Italiano, Peter Grounds, Nicholas Psyhogios, Tim Strafford and Paul White, who I have no doubt, will continue the rewarding journey of ‘loving, laughing and making a difference’ to the lives of our wonderful daughters. Over the past two years my term as the GFA President has been truly rewarding, richly fulfilling and indeed a privileged part of my journey with the GFA and the College. We look forward to seeing many dads join the GFA family in 2017, embrace the journey with our girls as they grow and develop during their time at Genazzano, and help all Gen dads and the GFA to ‘love, laugh and make a difference’ for our children.

gennarr at i o n s


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Genazzano Mothers’ Association CARMEL GREER GMA PRESIDENT, 2016

The Genazzano Mothers’ Association has had another busy year particularly as we have celebrated our 75th anniversary. We organised and coordinated a wide range of events to bring our community together in celebration of our connections and involve all mums and carers in the very rich College life that Genazzano FCJ College offers. The year began with the traditional Welcome Morning Teas and Year 12 Paella night on our return in Term 1. Our morning teas bring together new and returning parents and provide a wonderful opportunity to share a cup of coffee and stories of ‘first day’ nerves. It was wonderful to see so many of our parents meeting for the first time, or reconnecting with old friends. At the end of day one, a large group of Year 12 students, teachers, College Executive and parents gathered to celebrate the beginning of the students’ final year of secondary school, enjoying a meal in the company of so many friends gained over the years. In March, we held our inaugural Ladies’ Luncheon at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. My thanks to Vanessa Crivelli and her team of helpers for organising such a beautiful and elegant lunch. It was a wonderful success with over 130 mums celebrating their friendship and raising funds for the FCJ Mission. This was such a popular event that we are already planning for 2017! Our Year Level Representatives have once again done a great job of organising a wide range of social events throughout the year. Events ranged from family picnics, bowling nights and motherdaughter breakfasts to mums’ morning teas, lunches, parent dinners and movie nights. The variety of events organised ensured that all parents had the opportunity to enjoy a social event with others from their year level.


Our annual ball with the theme ‘African Rhythms’ was held in August at the RACV Club with the venue decorated suitably in African decor complete with elephants, a giraffe and a gorilla. Thanks to the hard work of co-chairs Johanna Nesbitt and Bozena Zembrzuski and fellow committee members, the night was a wonderful success. Our new band, The White Tree, was so popular it was difficult to find room on the dance floor. We are very grateful to the parents who supported our major fundraiser through the donation of goods and services, the purchase of raffle tickets and attendance on the night. This generosity contributed to the $88,000 raised which will go to the College Building works.

Congratulations and many thanks to the executive committee – Jacqui Pirone, Johanna Nesbitt, Jean Losinno, Carmel Carrazzo, Franca Henger and Libby Meaden. Thanks also to the coordinators who assist with the many activities which the GMA oversees; Sonya Morrissey, Lisa Laird, Susan Houlihan, Angeline Donohue, Josephine Lee, Debbie Rossi, Kerri Stiles, Helen Fox, Gilda Riccio, Maddy Galgano, Marisa de Maria, Vanessa Crivelli and Bozena Zembrzuski. And, of course, my sincere thanks go to the many mums who have volunteered their time. Please continue your involvement as your contribution is highly valued. For those who leave Genazzano this year, I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

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The Drama Department at Genazzano is going from strength to strength as we grow and introduce new initiatives and productions to our calendar. We began the year in celebration of the achievements of the VCE Theatre Studies students from the class of 2015 whose excellent results saw three students receive a Premier’s Award and were then invited to perform in the Top Acts showcase at the Arts Centre, Melbourne. Our Alumnae maintain their passion for the Performing Arts, just as many recent graduates do by studying the Performing Arts at tertiary level here and overseas. This year, we established a new group: Friends of The Performing Arts (or FOPA!). The group welcomes Alumnae and parents who wish to contribute to the Performing Arts community at Genazzano or attend events and performances. Opportunities have been created in directing and assistant directing, voice, choreography and design.


Our first FOPA adventure was with Alumnae Director Lucy-Rose Leonard (2011) and Alumnae Musical Director Caitlin Petereit (2014) who collaborated with the Drama Department on our inaugural and highly successful Year 7 and 8 Co-curricular Musical: ‘Annie Jr’. The Madeleine Centre was buzzing with excitement each night before the curtain went up, and the audience was impressed by the maturity and talent of our young performers. Our backstage co-curricular group ‘Gen productions’ provided the technical knowledge and the opportunity to meet new friends! We have recently introduced a Speech and Drama program, which is well attended, allowing students the opportunity to take exams in the Trinity Guild Hall program. Our Speech and Drama teacher, Mrs Tanya Salinas Byrne, is also developing the junior Drama program, with an annual Prep-4 performance incorporating poetry, Shakespeare, song and dance. The Year 5 and 6 performance continues to challenge our young performers, alternating between a popular musical and a devised performance each year.

This year the devised performance was titled ‘Celebrating Australian Women’, reflecting the students’ learning on this topic. When reading the students’ thoughts, we are reminded of the profound power of the Performing Arts in enhancing students’ literacy, confidence and comprehension of their world: “Before this Drama production, I was somebody that didn’t know how to act very well. I left the stage for the last time on Thursday as somebody who is powerful, strong and confident on a stage. That is what changed over that short period of time. As a class, I think we can all say that our lives have changed from that experience, knowing what we are capable of in the acting world.” Sarah Laird, Year 5C. Those wishing to join FOPA or forward an expression of interest in directing roles, can contact the Drama Department via Gabrielle Quin at gabrielle.quin@genazzano.vic.edu.au

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One of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar is the combined school musical with Xavier College. In the year prior, and as we approach Term 3, the anticipation builds as the upcoming show is decided and auditions get under way. This year, the Production Team chose the very elegant and entertaining 'Anything Goes.' It has earned rave reviews for decades and although being a somewhat ambitious choice, it proved to be an unforgettable experience for the cast, and one of the most popular shows ever staged by the students from Genazzano and Xavier. When auditions began, it was evident early on that we were truly blessed with an array of extraordinary talent, who were particularly suited to this type of show. While we had an array of impressive talent to fill the principal roles, we also had a very strong chorus who were eager to improve their vocal technique and carefully craft their stage presence. Our leading ladies, Lorena Stents (Reno Sweeney), Jacinta Ryan (Hope Harcourt), Claudia Harris (Erma) and Freya Halse (Mrs. Harcourt) acquitted themselves magnificently. They embraced new vocal styles, polished their roles and mastered the art of witty repartee. The 'backbone' of any musical production is the chorus – they were outstanding. Not only did they need to sing and act, they were required to master a variety of dance styles including tap! What a thrilling “Broadway” experience it was for our audiences when they watched the cast “time-step” and “shuffle” their way across the stage with such panache. Our Dance Captain, Lexi Nolan, led the speciality dancers and ensemble. Her enormous contribution towards the success of the show was greatly appreciated. You can’t put on a show without a committed crew and we were fortunate to have a team of students who were willing and prepared to rise to the top level of professional standards. I feel privileged to have once again been a member of the Production Team. Upon reflection, it always re-affirms to me the very important role theatre can play within our community.


Theatre provides a very enriching experience for all involved through a commitment to the Production Team, and each other. Long hours of rehearsal build resilience and confidence, and test our patience! Over the years, many past students have told me of their wonderful memories of their musical involvement. I hope that in years to come, the 2016 “Anything Goes” cast can proudly reflect on what was one of the most professional productions ever presented by our respective Colleges.

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Music at Gen


2016 has been another successful and rewarding year in our Music Department, with many events and concerts lifting the standard of music education and performance of our students. The year showcased a wonderful kaleidoscope of performances and the high standard in which our students contributed to musical life. With well over 30 concert performances every year and numerous competitions, our students are able to showcase their musical talents. Throughout dedicated practice and rehearsals, under the tutelage of their ensemble leader, we demonstrate the emotional importance of music. The smiles from students and the enormous pride we have as teachers to instil a love of music, and be part of this life-long journey is extremely rewarding. Our Music staff are committed to excellence and this is clearly evident during rehearsals, concerts and additional time given to ensure that quality and care is never lost.

Ensemble and competition highlights included: • Genazzano ensembles performing at the 'Live Music is Good for You Festival' at the Royal Melbourne Hospital; • Genazzano Stage Band and Big Band perform at the Victorian Schools Music Festival; • A n Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music; • E xcellent results at the Flute Ensemble Competition. The Annual Music Concert at Hamer Hall was a celebration of music and is always a highlight for the students.


We were very excited to perform works that included different musical styles. The evening finished with a performance by both Genazzano and Xavier students singing Händel’s well-known 'Halleluia' chorus. I would like to sincerely thank our Music Prefect, Jacinta Ryan, and her dedicated team of Year 12 students. Jacinta has been exemplary in so many ways and provided us with a true gift of music. She was instrumental in organising and coordinating the 'Sing-Off' and other projects. Her professional musicianship on stage shone through in so many solo performances and most recently during her performance of the 1st Movement of the 3rd Violin Concerto by Camille Saint-Saëns during our Concerto Concert.

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Careers Day


Decisions you make each day – your time and your priorities – affect your career development. It is much more than jobs – it is about how you want to live your life.

Career Development is the lifelong process of managing your living, learning and earning to move to where you want to be. Genazzano students complete Career Action Plans and learn about the five principles of Career Development: • Change is constant • Learning is ongoing • Focus on the journey • Follow your heart • Access your allies. Students in Year 10 embarked on the first steps of their career journey, with Career Exploration Day. Speakers on the day included Monique Milenkovic (1995), who is the creator and owner of The Cupcake Queens (above).

Monique opened her first store in Williamstown in 2010, and in just six years has become the biggest cupcake distributor in Australia, with nine stores across Metro Melbourne and a booming online service. She is also ambassador for the Nicholas Jac Milenkovic Foundation, in memory of her son and has raised over $25,000 in support of the Royal Children’s Hospital. Monique spoke to the students about her career journey, studying at Genazzano, her first full-time job and starting a family, through to starting her cupcake business. The GFA ran their annual 'Talking Careers' evening for students and their families in Years 9-11. Alumnae, parents and friends of the College gathered in groups to talk about their occupations, their journey and what it’s like working in this role. Presenters on the night included an accountant, architect, dentist, doctor, event manager, forensics/IT specialist, lawyer, marketer, speech pathologists and others. If you would like to be part of our careers events, please contact Judy O’Donohue on 8862 1081 or judy.odonohue@genazzano.vic.edu.au



Our Boarding House, Hopetoun Hall commenced 2016 with 40 boarders, a full house! Our girls came from across Australia and overseas. We commenced the year with our traditional Boarders Closed Weekend. This is an important event that provides an opportunity for all boarders to come together. The purpose of the weekend is for all boarders to develop as a community and learn about one another while having fun. This weekend included a Hollywood themed dress up with team events and games a visit to Werribee Zoo and then onto Eastern beach at Geelong for lunch and a swim. Boarders attended numerous school events this year together including the Genazzano and Xavier musical. They joined with Xavier boarders for some events including Mass and BBQ at Xavier and the boarders social. Gen boarders also attended Matilda the musical and participated in Saturday night activities in the house. Year 11’s enjoyed their leadership day in September with presenters Ms Jebb and Genazzano alumni and Olympic rower Ms Sarah Banting. Year 12s celebrated their end of school with a special formal presentation and dinner in the Boarding House this was a lovely and somewhat emotional celebration. On the eve of their last day, the Year 12s hosted a house party for all boarders. With a theme of Alice in Wonderland, dancing and a photo booth it was a great way to celebrate. Boarder parents share a unique bond with their children in boarding school. The Friends of Hopetoun Hall (FoHH) is our boarder parent group that has been managed by Kerry & Darren Smith and Kaye Pinnuck this year. We have been very grateful for all the support and activities FoHH group has over seen and organised and especially thank Kerry, Darren and Kaye.

All new boarders experience a period of adjustment as they navigate life away from family and moving into a community. Boarders learn to live with others including sharing a bedroom, they must manage their personal routines and responsibilities including doing their own washing, organising themselves for school and working in teams for house duty. Boarding is fun but it can be challenging at times, but there are always other boarders and staff on hand for support. The rewards are great in terms of personal development and making lifelong friendships, something we know is a common by product of boarding life. Our boarders of 2016 have been a wonderful and supportive group of girls who are to be congratulated on a successful year in the Boarding House. gennarr at i o n s


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On entering the ELC we are met with the powerful image of children with enormous energy and potential, incredible curiosity that makes each child search for a reason for everything, who also have the strength and potential that comes from being able to wonder and be amazed. Each child in the ELC is a constructor of knowledge, competencies and autonomies. This is evident during the group morning meeting. At the commencement of each day, the children’s voice is encouraged as the teacher poses questions to share knowledge between adults and the children. So to, at the end of each day, the children are asked to reflect on what they have learnt and enjoyed during the day. The adults document the child’s ‘voice’, substantiating their different points of view, the exchange of information and the ideas of the child which extends their interest in learning. Our ELC4 children have embarked on a wonderful trail of discovery this year. An interest in nocturnal animals led them to investigate night animals, discovering facts about their habitat and their natural instincts. 'Wild Action' came to visit and provided a hands on approach to the children’s learning allowing each child the opportunity to hold a native animal. An investigation into space led to many interesting facts about the galaxy and universe and the discovery of twin planets. Seeing the sky through a huge telescope captured every child’s imagination. A simple question about who discovered Earth, led to an investigation on Christopher Columbus, Spain, Italy, sailing ships, floating and sinking and is the world flat or round? Salvador Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ art piece inspired the artist in each child as they created their own clay replica of a melting clock. The lifecycle of ducks, chickens and silkworms provided a hands-on learning experience as the children observed the birth of chickens and provided care for ducklings, silkworms and the chickens. 62     

Our ELC3 children have developed a strong sense of identity in their new environment and entered a world of imagination and curiosity this year. Focusing on supporting the strong image of each child as a competent, autonomous child who believes in their capacity to belong, each child has embraced the ‘Star of the Day’ project. This project allows the children to share their favorite activity, story book and song with the class throughout the year. The ELC3 children have inquired about nature, exploring Mr McGregor’s garden, planting carrots, picking strawberries and collecting fruit scraps for the worm farm. This led to us investigating and identifying mini beasts in their natural habitat, which included plant foliage and nature walks. Our young environmentalists explored ten ways to save our planet and discovered healthy eating habits. These budding scientists have explored colour mixing and potion experiments resulting in wonderful art work using color.

Our ELC children are fortunate to be able to venture into the beautiful Grange Hill facilities and immerse themselves in further learning during specialist classes such as Art for ELC4, Music, Library and Mandarin. We are very grateful to the specialist teachers for their expertise and for the enthusiasm they share with the children. As our young ELC students transition into the next phase of their educational learning, we reflect on each child as capable, self-believing, knowledgeable, curious and able to reach their potential.


What a fun filled, fabulous year of learning and engagement it has been for our Early Years students at Grange Hill. An exploration of ‘Our Story’ with a focus on family, local and Australian history was our focus early in the year. It was therefore apt that our 'Grandparents/Special Friends Day' and our much loved 'Old Fashioned Day', complemented our study of family trees and the historical environs in which Genazzano FCJ College is located. Highlights for Term 2 included Gen Day, Mother’s Day, Chess Club, Lit Fest and of course the ever popular Pyjama Story-Telling Night and the Year 3 students receiving their Sacrament Of Reconciliation in our beautiful Genazzano FCJ College Chapel. Our Prep to Year 2 students experienced first hand a Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony at the Botanical Gardens, they learned how Indigenous Australians use various plants and natural materials for a variety of purposes and they were educated the great respect Aboriginal Australians have for their environment and how they truly were the custodians of the land. Land was also a focus for the Year 3 and 4 students as they examined rock types and soil erosion and an excursion to CERES revealed the impact of erosion on our environment. The Early Years students were off to Rio, metaphorically speaking, in the lead-up to the 2016 Olympics. They were then led on a colourful journey of the world learning about continents, countries, mascots and symbols. Our Grange Hill girls were privileged to meet three Olympians, among them Genazzano staff Mr Matt Welsh (swimming) and Ms Jane Robinson (rowing). A trip to the MCG and the National Sports Museum fuelled the students’ interest in Australia’s rich sporting heritage and this was followed by a fun filled Grange Hill Olympics Day, where the girls were kitted out with their own Olympic Games Accreditation Pass! In Term 3 the Year 4 girls received their Sacrament of First Eucharist and our students displayed their talents at the Annual Music Concert and 'Les Jeunes Artistes'.

In the latter part of the year, the students in Year 3 enjoyed their 'Zoo Snooze Camp', which included a visit to the Melbourne Museum for the Jurassic Exhibition and the amazing March of the Butterflies. Heavy rain didn’t dampen their spirits and the dark clouds disappeared just in time for their Night Safari. The Year 4 Camp at Marysville brought out the adventurous spirit in our students when they attempted canoeing and rock-climbing. Upon completion, the wide grins were priceless. However, the 'Camp of the Year' award goes to the inaugural 'Overnight at Gen' involving Year 2. The opportunity to stay overnight at Grange Hill guarantees many fond memories of the mansion! A much anticipated, and student planned midnight feast may have seemed a good idea earlier in the night, however the girls were quickly asleep after an action packed day exploring with Aboriginal Elder, Ian Hunter. Underpinning all our learning at Grange Hill has been the commitment of the Early Years staff, working in conjunction with Dr Judith Paphazy, to explore and measure the concept of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s FLOW Theory. The team investigated various means of gathering data to reflect the students’ optimum engagement during classroom learning experiences. Witnessing first hand the look of concentration and being ‘lost in the moment’ is a joy to behold and the collective disappointment when the bell rings at the end of class is the best reward for any teacher.

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Alumnae and Friends Playgroup


What a fabulous year! In 2016, we have seen children at the Genazzanno Alumnae and Friends Playgroup grow, form friendships, paint pictures and share stories, to say the least! Play is how children learn and play is what we do best here at playgroup! We provide opportunities for children to play and develop both physically and mentally. Playing with friends assists both social and emotional development. There is no doubt the children love to play, and more than anything, they love it when their parents and carers join in too! Playgroup offers the perfect environment to engage in play with your child. It’s also a lovely time for parents to nurture new friendships and chat over a cuppa, all while the children are happily occupied! Playgroup allows children to become more familiar with routine whilst being on school grounds. In Term 3 our playgroup was fortunate to schedule a session in the ELC 3 room, a great chance for the children to see what the big kids get up to! During the year, we have ventured out of our sunny activity room, roaming through the school library and enjoying the playground!


Joining a supported playgroup has many benefits in relation to a more gradual and successful transition to the first formal phase of education. Every week playgroup includes structured activity in the form of indoor play, pack up time, snack time and group time with learning time, story time and music time finishing with everyone’s favourite… bubble time! We have a fun 'art ’n’ craft' activity and an interesting and sometimes messy, sensory activity. Some of our favourite activities at playgroup are: playing with the dolls in their prams, hanging clothes on the clothes-line, playing shops and ‘cooking’ with play dough or kinetic sand. Earlier this year we had a special visit from Ms Kristina Murray, a local author. Ms Murray brought along an activity for us and read her book, 'Max’s Marvelous Glasses'. At the end of Term 2 and 3 we made fairy-bread and popcorn which we watched pop! The children all love coming to playgroup.

The supported playgroup at Genazzano FCJ College is open to children aged six months – three years. It operates each Tuesday morning from 9.30am – 11.00am during term from the Grange Hill Hall. For all registration enquiries please visit the website and complete the online registration form: http://www.genazzano.vic.edu.au/ our-community/alumnae/alumnae-friends-playgroup or call the Alumnae Manager on 8862 1200 or alumnae@genazzano.vic.edu.au We welcome new and existing families and we encourage you to bring a friend. We look forward to welcoming you in 2017.

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This year, GenAquatic has really lived up to its vision of being an inclusive and welcoming swimming club, where swimmers receive world class coaching in a fun environment, thus enabling them to achieve their full potential in competitive swimming. The coaching depth is growing, Headed up by Mr Amon Soerink with the assistance of former Olympian and World Champion Mr Matt Welsh, and Mr Caradoc Markey also a previous national level swimmer, Ms Grace Cisar-Wright and Mr Jacob Cushing. The club thanks Ms Heidi Smith who has coached for six years and has moved on to other opportunities. Some of the highlights are: • 23 swimmers competing in the All Juniors Competition, which is comparable to the state championships for the under 14 years old, last year we had 15. Of these, six swimmers progressed to the semi-finals and five qualified to the finals. Our swimmers received six places, four firsts, a second and a third. • At the 2016 Age State Long Course Championships, GenAquatic finished within the top 17 Victorian clubs. At the Age Australian Championships GenAquatic showed that we are a force to be reckoned with. The club was represented by two swimmers from GenAquatic and placed us sixth for a Victorian club. Taiga Yoshida had a terrific meet breaking two Victorian records and winning two gold medals. All up GenAquatic managed six finals throughout the week long event.


• Victorian State Short Course Championships this year, overall GenAquatic finished 13th, last year we were placed 30. GenAquatic had some fantastic results with the males placing 4 in Victoria overall. Almost every swim resulted in a personal best time. Taiga Yoshida smashed the 100 meter freestyle record which has stood since 2006. • Our 2015/16 captain Hannah Macdonald’s swim in Perth to Rottnest Island, a 20km swim across the channel. • Congratulations to Allegra Mattioli as our 2016/17 GenAquatic Captain and Hannah’s rise to Sports Captain of the Genazzano FCJ College for 2017. • Our Head coach Amon Soerink appointed assistant coach to the State team who travelled to Canberra in the September holidays. • Ongoing summer training at Hawthorn 50m pool to ensure our swimmers are accustomed to long course racing.

These results have not been achieved without significant hard work from the Aquatics Manager, Andi Smith and our Head Coach Amon Soerink who has a growing a reputation around the swimming circles using science rather than just “more laps” to improve has created a great environment. The club particularly appreciates the support of Ms. Karen Jebb (a keen swimmer herself), Mr Mark Glover and Mr Matthew Wesson. Finally, we encourage students at Genazzano FCJ College who wish to pursue competitive swimming at GSV, interclub, state or national level to come and join.


Former Olympian, Matt Welsh, has joined us as the new Performance Mentor in Genazzano’s Sports and Aquatics department. Below is a piece written by Matt, outlining his thoughts on working at Gen: After spending more than four hours at a pool every day for over 13 years, you would think I wouldn’t ever want to set foot in an aquatic centre again! And I admit that I thought the same, but how wrong I was! The Genazzano community has been very welcoming and fantastic to work with. So far I have met many at the school through my involvement with numerous PE classes, the GenStar Wellbeing Program, GenSwim (our learn to swim program), GenAquatic (our resident swimming club) and of course with the Genazzano Swim Team at the recent Centenary Swim Meet.

I have a great affection for Genazzano as my two daughters are at Grange Hill and my wife is an Alumnae. I too spent many hours at the Genazzano Aquatic Centre in preparation for the Olympics and that training yielded me three Olympic medals and a few world records. So you could say that Genazzano holds an important place within our family. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be back at the Genazzano pool and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for swimming and sport with the next ‘Gen’eration. I look forward to seeing you all on the pool deck soon.

There was something missing in my life being away from the pool and now in my new role as Performance Mentor with the Aquatic and Sports departments at Gen, I feel like I have come home.

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We had an enthusiastic start to the 2015/16 rowing season welcoming 7 new Daniher crews into the programme. Having completed their “Learn to Row” sessions, the girls had their first competitive row out of our boat shed at Hawthorn against Strathcona one Friday evening. It was an ideal opportunity for the girls to test their newly acquired skills and have some fun without the pressures of a large regatta. Our senior crews commenced their season at the Head of the Goulburn Regatta and for the first time we had a Canty “octo-scull crew” compete. All girls enjoyed the chance to practice their skills over the 7.2km course. Once again Genazzano was invited to co-host the Junior State Championships Regatta in February. A talented and hard working sub-committee organized a very successful event supported by our parent body, which resulted in excellent feedback from Rowing Victoria and the wider rowing community. The annual Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta in March had the girls journey to Geelong for the weekend. This regatta is the culmination of months of preparation and hard work. All our crews performed strongly with many putting in their best performances for the season. To finish the season, our 1st and 2nd eights, along with our 10A’s travelled to Sydney to compete in the Australian Schools Rowing Championships at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. It was an extraordinary opportunity for these girls to row at an Olympic venue with other crews from around Australia. 68     

I would like to acknowledge and thank Nicky Vergano, our wonderful past president who handed over the reins at the end of the season. Nicky was a very hard working and engaging leader for our rowing parent community. Thank you also to our hard working committee who ensure our various social and fundraising activities run smoothly. Looking ahead to the 2016/17 season, we are very fortunate to have Jane Robinson as our new Rowing Coordinator. Jane will be working with Sue Andrews, our Junior Coordinator, and Michelle Yann, our new senior coach, alongside a skilled group of coaches. Combined with a talented and enthusiastic squad of rowers, we look forward to another exciting season for Genazzano rowing. GO GEN!

Reunions In 2017

2017 dates

Becoming a Genazzano girl is the beginning of a lifelong connection, and reunions are a fantastic way to strengthen friendships and bonds.

Open Mornings 2017 Time: 9.30am – 11.00am Wednesday 22 February Wednesday 24 May Wednesday 26 July Wednesday 23 August Wednesday 25 October.

Potential reunion dates for 2017 are: • 5 Year Reunion – Class of 2012 – Saturday 14 October • 10 Year Reunion – Class of 2007 – Saturday 22 April • 20 Year Reunion – Class of 1997 – Friday 10 November

Twilight Open Day:

• 25 Year Reunion – Class of 1992 – Saturday 5 August

Tuesday 28 March 2.30pm – 6.30pm

• 30 Year Reunion – Class of 1987 – Friday 5 May

Alumnae Events

• 40 Year Reunion – Class of 1977 – Saturday 18 November

Genazzano Day Mass and Luncheon: Sunday 30 April

• 50 Year Reunion – Class of 1967 – Sunday 18 June

Alumnae Golf Day: Monday 15 May

• 60 Year Reunion – Class of 1957 – Sunday 26 November

Alumnae AGM: Wednesday 24 May Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening: Wednesday 30 August

• 5  0+ Golden Alumnae Lunch – Combined classes to 1967 – Thursday 18 May

Memorial Mass: Sunday 12 November

• One Year Reunion – Class of 2016 – Friday 1 December If your class year is celebrating a milestone in 2017 and you would like to volunteer to help organise your reunion, please contact the Alumnae Relations Manager on 03 8862 1200 or via email: alumnae@genazzano.vic.edu.au

Alumnae & Friends Playgroup A facilitated co-educational playgroup for Alumnae & Friends will continue again in 2017, occurring each Tuesday morning during Term from 9.30am – 11.00am in the Grange Hill Hall. Cost is $25 per term.

The Alumnae Relations Manager will provide organising committees with promotional and administrative support including class lists, invitations, online and print promotion, as well as venue and catering suggestions. The Alumnae Association assist by making a small financial contribution to your function.

Please register your interest by emailing playgroup@genazzano.vic.edu.au or by completing the online form at: www.genazzano.vic.edu.au/ our-community/alumnae/alumnae-friends-playgroup

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