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Congressman Chabot Supports the People’s Balanced Budget Amendment Standing Room Only Crowd kicks off nationwide push Cincinnati, OH, February 14, 2012. In front of a standing-room-only crowd and in a message to the public, Congressman Steve Chabot signed on his support for the People’s Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). So far, citizens from 21 states have signed a pledge saying they will not send money to or vote for any candidate until that candidate has agreed to pass the People’s Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). Representative Chabot plans to introduce this on the floor of Congress in February. This new nationwide initiative, which includes a new website——was launched at the EmpowerU meeting Monday night. Dan Regenold, managing board member of EmpowerU, is spearheading this drive to get our budget under control. “We intend to make our elected officials listen to the voice of the citizens,” said Regenold, who wants to improve our position and security in the free market. Chabot thinks the effort is a big deal: “Unveiled at the meeting was an idea, which if successful, could change this country—for the better.” Among other elected officials who supported the BBA by signing the pledge is South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson. Other local officials/candidates included: • Tom Brinkman, Candidate for State Representative, Ohio 27th District • Chris Monzel, Hamilton County Commissioner, Ohio • Tony Rosiello, Green Township Trustee, Ohio • Alex Triantifilou, Chairman, Hamilton County Ohio Republican Party • Brad Wenstrup, Candidate for U.S. Representative to Congress, Ohio 2nd Congressional District • Mike Wilson, Candidate for State Representative, Ohio 28th District • Tracy Winkler, Candidate for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, Ohio The event Monday night was also hosted by Southwest Cincinnati Tea Party Leader George Brunemann. He and Regenold discussed the current federal budget and debt. They answered questions, such as “What is the budget and how did we get here?” and “How can citizens make a difference?” The People’s Balanced Budget Amendment will: • Balance the budget in 7 years • The deficit will be reduced by 1/7 each year after passage • After the budget is balanced, Congress can spend no more than the average income of the previous 3 years • Congress can operate at a deficit during an emergency that is declared by 2/3 majority vote in both the Senate and the House of Representatives A running tally of Senators, Representatives, and presidential candidates who have indicated support for the People’s Balanced Budget Amendment is available at Users can take the pledge on the site, and are able to search all over the United States to see who’s taken the pledge. The site will also allow groups to sign the pledge as a block of people and will make it easy to get friends and relatives involved. Join the discussion on Twitter: #BBA About the People’s Balanced Budget Amendment The federal government is addicted to credit and is destroying our country with its insatiable appetite for spending. Seventy-four percent of the American people favor a balanced budget amendment. Why can't our elected officials get this done? EmpowerU Managing Board Member Dan Regenold and Southwest Cincinnati Tea Party Leader George Brunemann are heading a nationwide initiative to bring the amendment to the attention of our lawmakers. Visitors to the website can pledge to be a part of this great experiment to see whether concerned citizens can force the Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment!

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