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Monzel Report Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel

October 2011

Monzel Resolution Prohibits MSD Spending For Streetcar Sewer Changes Commissioner Monzel introduced a resolution that would prohibit any Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) ratepayer fees from being used to pay for the moving of sewer lines in the metropolitan Cincinnati area in order to support the building of the City of Cincinnati streetcar line. The resolution states that, “MSD may not spend any funds, from any source, whatCommissioner Monzel discusses senior soever, on planning, design, or construction of any improvements or modifications programs with 101 year old Roselawn resident. to its facilities, or any other facilities to accommodate construction of the streetcar.” “I believe it’s important to spell out that MSD ratepayers will not subsidize a If you know someone in need of elder streetcar project that will be an economic boondoggle to this area,” Monzel said. care services, contact the Council on “the proposed sewer line work is not part of the consent decree work that ratepayers Aging of Southwestern Ohio at: are already responsible for.” 513-721-1025 Cincinnati City and MSD officials estimate that sewer line work associated with the streetcar project would cost ratepayers in the range of $3 million to $7 million dollars. Commissioners Greg Hartmann and Todd Portune have indicated they Contact Chris Monzel support Monzel’s resolution. The Commission is expected to vote on the resolution ph: 513-946-4409 email: at an upcoming board meeting.

Monzel Hears Township Concerns and Solutions The Hamilton County Township Administrators Association invited Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel to the group’s September 20th meeting to get their members’ perspectives Commissioner Monzel talks about Ohio’s changing on challenges and opportunities budget climate during a recent roundtable facing local governments through- discussion with local Township Administrators. out the county. “They’re obviously concerned about the ailing economy, cutbacks in state and federal funding, and what they must do to meet the needs of their own individual communities,” Monzel said. “I was impressed with their creativity in addressing these challenges.” Townships represented include; Green, Colerain, Columbia, Anderson, Delhi, Symmes and Sycamore.

Resolution Passed to Protect General Fund From “Double Dipping”

Hamilton County Commissioners passed a resolution prohibiting funds from being taken from the County's general fund for accrued leave payouts to rehired employees in other departments unless they meet certain criteria. If the employees are rehired to their same positions, the county will require they return at a salary at least 25% less than the salary in place at the time of their retirement before the County general fund will pay a portion of the accrued leave payout. The Commission already has a policy in place that does not allow employees in departments directly under their control to retire and then be rehired. This resolution is Community Profile directed to those county departments under The City of Norwood the control of other elected county officials. Originally named Sharpsburg after the early settler John Sharpe, the area now th County department heads can continue to known as Norwood was settled in the early 19 century as a coach stop along the rehire “retired” employees at their same salaMontgomery Road turnpike near the present day intersection of Smith Road. Sharpsries, but the 25% in salary prohibited by the burg was informally referred to as “Northwood” due to its location north of Cincinresolution would have to be paid through nati and its heavily wooded countryside. The village was incorporated in those county department’s operating dollars, 1880 and officially became the City of Norwood. The City of Norwood, the second most populous city in Hamilton County, is char- and not the general fund. “The resolution acterized by older homes and tree lined streets. Currently undergoing economic and will produce significant short and long term social changes due to recent retail and business development, Norwood maintains its savings,” said Commissioner Chris Monzel” Commissioners believe this restriction distinction as an ‘independent community in the center of a major metropolitan area’ will discourage county department heads and is home to a unique blend of residents and various businesses. To learn more from continuing the rehiring practice. about what the City of Norwood has to offer, go to

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