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Monzel Report The

Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel

November 2012

The History of Veterans Day Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of WWI. Legislation passed in 1938 officially named November 11th as the day “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day”. In 1954 Congress, after having been through WWII and the Korean War, amended the Act of 1938 by striking the word Armistice and inserting the word Veterans. With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor American Veterans of all wars. To find out more about the history of Veterans Day and other military observances, go to: Commissioner Chris Monzel and history-of-veterans-day.html Dr. O’Dell Owens, President of Be sure to check with your community for Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, discuss the vari- area Veterans Day celebrations and obserous programs available to students. vances.

Hamilton County Updates Commissioners to Vote on 2013 General Fund Budget Last month, County Commissioners held a series of public hearings regarding the 2013 general fund budget. “ Input from the public is greatly appreciated and plays a key role in helping us make the tough decisions during the difficult economic times facing the county,” said Monzel. Commissioners plan to vote on the finalized budget prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. For review:

BOCC Holiday Schedule In observance of Veterans Day and the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the Board of County Commissioners will not meet on Monday, November 12th, and Wednesday, November 21st, respectively.

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

During the late 18th century, white settlers to the Crosby Township area were met with high resistance from Native American tribes. In 1787, the Northwest Ordinance was passed, giving the go ahead for settlement of the area. The Native American tribes were eventually defeated on August 20, 1794, and an agreement for settlement was reached with the prominent leaders of the Native American Tribes. The sale of this land was facilitated by a new land office opened in Cincinnati on April 6, 1801. In 1803, the area was named Whitewater Township. The area was divided later in 1803 and the land that would become Crosby Township was formed with over half of the original land that composed Whitewater Township. The Crosby Township area was later divided in order to form what is now Morgan and Harrison Townships. For more information about the history of Crosby Township, go to:

Commissioner Monzel presents a proclamation to Mary Haag in celebration of Red Ribbon Week—a national drug awareness campaign to promote intolerance for the use of illegal and prescription drugs. To learn more about a Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati, go to http://

Hamilton County Happenings 103rd Thanksgiving Day Race The 103rd Annual Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race will take place on Thurs., Nov. 22nd at 9am. Go to for more info.

Crosby Township 6th Annual Reindeer Romp The 6th Annual 5K Run/ Walk will take place on Saturday, December 8th at 9am. All proceeds will benefit the Crosby Kringle Chest, which provides Christmas toys for children in need. For registration information go to: 20Application.pdf Contact Commissioner Monzel 513.946.4409 138 E. Court St., Rm. 603

Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Did you know? November is National Military Family Appreciation Month— a time to honor the sacrifices of our military families.

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