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Projects Registration Terms and Conditions 2013-14

Registration Fee The projects registration fee comprises three parts: RAGmin, emergency expenses and tshirts. Together these make up the projects registration fee. 1. T-Shirts £8 As part of your registration fee you will receive a project t-shirt. This will feature the charity’s logo and will be designed by your challenge leaders. They will be great to wear when you are doing any fundraising activities and of course when taking part in the challenge itself. 2. Emergency Expenses £6 RAG projects require a dedicated group of Team Leaders that are your first point of contact both throughout the year and whilst on the project. Emergency expenses are expenses the Team Leaders take out on the project to cover the unlikely events that:  A volunteer should require medical attention and need to be driven to a hospital  Accidental under-payment from volunteers for transport and accommodation  Team Leaders’ phone credit for project purposes.  Other such events. Any unspent expenses will go directly to the charity. 3. RAGmin £31 Leeds RAG, as the official fundraising body of LUU has a full-time coordinator to support the administration and organisation of all events. The coordinator is accountable to the RAG committee. In order to fund this position, and to cover the running costs of the office (printing, telephone, collection buckets etc) RAG must raise this money itself. This is what we call RAGmin. Please see overleaf for the breakdown of RAGmin. In order to maximise the amount of money donated to charity, RAG raises the majority of its RAGmin through a registration fee process. This means that we are honestly able to say that all the money raised for a charity through a RAG event goes directly to that charity (unless stated otherwise).

Project Expenses and Weekend Expenses What are the project expenses? RAG project volunteers will often be required to pay for accommodation, food and transport whilst on project. This amount is separate to the registration fee and is known as ‘project expenses’. The expenses are outlined by the charity hosting the RAG volunteers, and if applicable all participants will be expected to pay. RAG do not generate any income from payment of project expenses. If you have any questions about expenses, please contact your chosen event’s Team Leaders, the Projects Manager, or the RAG Coordinator (in the RAG office). What are the weekend expenses? Where applicable, RAG will source and book weekend activities on behalf of volunteers. The amount volunteers will be required to pay for this is completely separate from the registration fee and project expenses. Participation in weekend activities is recommended but not compulsory. Once booked, weekend expenses will not be refundable. RAG do not generate any income from payment of weekend expenses. If you have any questions about weekend expenses, please contact your chosen event’s Team Leaders, the Projects Manager, or the RAG Coordinator.

RAGmin Breakdown Leeds RAG is an open and transparent society, strictly not-for-profit, and re-invests any annual excess back into the society. Leeds RAG works to ensure RAGmin is kept to a minimum. The RAGmin breakdown below illustrates RAG’s budgeted expenditure for 201314. Membership Package, 6.3%

Office/Running Costs, 3.2%

Committee and Team Leader Training, 7.7%

Fundraising Events, 11.9%

RAG's Full-Time Coordinator, 48.1%

Society Events, 10.0% Publicity and Advertising, 12.9%

Salary for RAG's full-time Coordinator: Our full-time RAG coordinator is required to coordinate the daily running of our society and provide full-time, additional support to us all. As a society and not a body of Leeds University Union, RAG is required to self-fund this role, done so through RAGmin. /// Publicity and Advertising: RAG mags, flyers and posters are some of the ways RAG captures student attention and promote the incredible RAG events and causes that our members support. // Society Events: The Freshers Intro Party to launch our year, money behind the bar at the Christmas social, and the RAG Awards! All annuals. /// Fundraising Events: It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t invest any money in fundraising! We fund our Firewalk to ensure all fundraising can go to charity, subsidise raids and halls events, provide you with buckets and put on RAG Week. /// Committee and TL Training: To ensure we’re professional and organised to run the society we have a handover weekend and Team Leader training day. We also go to conferences to discuss best practice and represent our RAG on a national scale. /// Membership Package: Our members make the society what it is. We have membership t-shirts to make us distinctive when fundraising and around campus. We also look for other fun stuff to include in the membership package each year. /// Office/Running Costs: Printing, telephone, our website host, stationary, etc. Only the essentials.

Registration Terms & Conditions i) ii) iii) iv)

Only RAG members of the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union are permitted to purchase registration for this event. Registration does not guarantee a place. If the number of registrations exceeds the number of places, interviews will take place. Unsuccessful applicants will have their registration fee reimbursed. Successful applicants may only participate in their chosen project once registration and further expenses (if applicable) have been paid in full, in addition to having raised at least the minimum fundraising amount. Registration fees are non-refundable, except under two circumstances: 1. If the event reaches capacity and there is somebody to take your place; 2. Medical reasons, for which proof may be required. Registration is taken as commitment to the event.

Project and Weekend Expenses T&C’s i)

ii) iii) iv)

Expenses are only refundable where not spent; if bookings have been made expenses are non-refundable. If you are replaced by a person on the waiting list, refunds may be available. Payment of expenses is taken as commitment to the project. Subsequent bookings will be made based on your participation and it would be unfair to distribute the cost of a drop out between the other participants. As a not-for-profit society Leeds RAG cannot fund unexpected expenses refunds, nor does it budget for such events. Payment of expenses is structured by the Project Team Leaders, who will not make bookings until the cost can be covered by expenses paid. Participants paying expenses late (unless with good reason agreed with the Team Leaders beforehand) will be removed from the trip and replaced with a person on the waiting list. After the project, if there are expenses leftover equating to more than £20 per participant the money will be refunded. If the expenses leftover equates to less than £20 per participant the money will be donated to the charity. Expenses may be fundraised but this must be agreed with the RAG Coordinator.

Fundraising Terms and Conditions i) ii) iii)

By purchasing registration for this event, you the participant agree to meet the minimum fundraising total for the event by the given deadline. Failure to reach the total by the deadline will result in refusal to participate in the event. RAG has no responsibility for, or access to, money raised through online fundraising sites such as JustGiving. However, money raised on these websites (excluding GiftAid) will contribute to your fundraising total. All money fundraised must be donated to the chosen charity for the event. Fundraising cannot be returned to participants; nor may participants put fundraising towards a future year of the event.

Participant Agreement By purchasing registration for this event I agree to the terms and conditions specified in this document. If I am accepted on to a project and I choose to drop out, I understand I may not be able to have my registration fee refunded, and understand that any expenses I do pay may not be available for refund either.

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