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The world of contemporary fashion is more daring than ever before. Designers are constantly striving to push the boundaries of fashion taking the designs beyond the garments into other areas of the creative industries.

Flux. is a concept in which the limitations of fashion are pushed into the world of art through the genre of wearable art. The art of sculpture has created a pathway for fashion to pursue combining the form of sculpture and unconventional materials with the techniques of garment production. Flux. is no exception to this. The exploration of the silhouettes takes you on a journey exploring the growth of the garments through their structured silhouettes and use of 3D shapes within the design.

The Flux. collection contrasts to the fast-paced fashion industry consisting of mass produced garments at a high turnover rate. Instead, this collection takes fashion to a different level by using unconventional fabrics such as vinyl and plastic mixed with gold leather to create carefully constructed wearable art pieces. The buckle fastenings add a creative way of wearing the garments whilst still conveying a fashion element. This detailing adds to the craftsmanship behind the garments and gives the pieces an edgy detailing. The colour palette of black and gold is a contemporary twist on the idea of seeing things in black and white. By sticking to a minimal colour palette the attention remains with the detailing and silhouette of the garment. The harshness of the black against the gold emphasises the strong lines within the structured pieces and therefore the eye is not distracted by an overwhelming colour palette.

The exhibition is an exploration of this concept taking the audience on a journey through the merging world of fashion and art. The video corridor introduces the audience to the concept and allows them to see the pieces in a digitally creative way. It displays the pieces to their full potential with the emphasis on the sculpted silhouettes. The six separate rooms of the venue exhibit the wearable art pieces with a preview of the silhouette through its reflection on the screen in front of the piece. The journey then takes you behind the screen allowing an up close and personal encounter with each piece. The simple decor allows the focus to remain on each piece keeping this contemporary approach chic and modern bringing a new aesthetic to wearable art.

Video Corridoor


Room 4

Room 6



Room 5

Room 2

Room 3

Room 1

‘One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.’ Oscar Wilde


BA (Hons) Fashion Final Major Project.

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