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professional and how that impacts final decisions on boundary principles. Session #2 – “Idaho Code for Surveyors” was presented by Bruce Anderson PLS. Bruce’s presentation was a whimsical look at Idaho statutes and how the Board of Registration looks at these regulations Session #3 – “LiDAR Mapping” was presented by ISU graduate Gwen Inskeep. Gwen focused her presentation on her senior project. This project consisted of mapping 3/4 of a mile of urban roadway using ground based LiDAR.

Auctioneer Brian Benson

Scholarship Auction This year’s auction was terrific fun for all who attended. Stewart Ward PLS, Travis Hanks PLS and Jeff Swann PLS are credited with an exceptional job this year. They introduced a new idea of selling patents to each section in a township. Each patent allowed the owners name to be in a raffle to win a Ruger 22 package. This was so successful they had to sell an additional township and a second Ruger package.

Session #4 – “MCPD Project” was presented by Rayce Ruiz, PLS, Kindra Serr, ISU GIS Center staff and Rodney Burch, PLS. This session focused on the introduction and uses of the MCPD web application. MCPD is “Multistate Control Point Database. Summary Again a special thanks to all those members of the Eastern Section who made this conference a success. Also, a special thanks to ISPLS Executive Director, Katy Dang for her wisdom and gentle guidance to keep us all on track. GSS

At the live auction, auctioneer Brian Benson returned and created a fun atmosphere with his playful banter with the bidders. Again, we thank Brian for helping to make this such a fun event. The auction ended with the awarding of a 40 year commemorative Remington 870 shotgun. This process was fun for all who attended, bought a hat for a chance at the grand prize. Because of Stewart’s efforts, those who donated items, and those who opened up their wallets, over $11,000 was raised for our scholarship fund. Friday Presentations Friday sessions included concurrent session for attendees to choose from: Session #1 – “Boundary Disputes and Discrepancies” was presented by John Stahl PLS. This included attendees such as Title Companies, Assessors and Real Estate professionals. John focused on how each of these professions interact with Surveying

Survey Olmypics finals: Timed Setup: Fielding v. Roberts. spring

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Gem State Surveyor Spring 2014  
Gem State Surveyor Spring 2014