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The Company Approval Requirements: In order to become an approved Gemora Contractor your Company must comply with the following:

Our Vision Our Business has been designed and is approached to assist the Professional Team on a project such as the Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Engineers, and Client with the sourcing of solutions within their project and to assist with the specification stages at no additional fee. This approach is based to exceed the expectations of the Client on a project and to provide integrated turnkey solutions, with a hands on approach in project management within the specified solutions through our Approved Contractors and Information Site.

Our Service sWe provide the following services to our Contractors, Manufacturers and Distributors: -

Specification of your product in the project Daily info on Tenders in your specific field Leads to quote via Gemspec and Gemora website Notification of new Projects we monitoring Marketing of your Business to Professionals: Architects, Engineers etc. Networking among other Approved Contractors Preference on Government Contracts and other (CIDB, BEE, NHBRC etc) Contractors get capped to Five per Region or National Status Updating of info on Companies Vendors Lists CIDB Registrations


Registered Organization Tax Clearance Certificate Valid VAT number CIDB Registered NHBRC Registered (If builder) ECA (If Electrical) SABS (If Manufacturer) BEE Rated Valid Website

If you don’t or can’t comply, there is still the option of Monthly Advertising via GEMSPEC. For more info visit:

Service Evaluation and Terms We have such confidence in our systems and and service that we invite you to monitor us for a period of 30 Days free of Charge. If you are not satisfied for any reason, our service agreement allows you the flexibility to discontinue our services at any time.

Payment Options and Prices To start receiving all these benefits a monthly fee of R 1450, 00 is charged. For non Approved Contractors a fee to advertise via the GEMSPEC site is charged at R 750, 00 per month. The following payment options are available:  Debit Order Facilities  Credit Card withdrawals  EFT Payments A reduced fee is also provided to Companies paying for advanced contract periods.


Business Model:





Estimates from Suppliers or Contractors to Professionals Specifications Samples Solutions to Professionals requirements on a project After Sales Follow up / Customer Satisfaction Complimentary Project Management during the project Pre and Post site inspections Protecting the Client and Contractor during a project No Fees Charged to the Client



STATEMENT – DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY President Motlanthe approved Consumer Protection Bill 30 April 2009 President Kgalema Motlanthe has signed into law the Consumer Protection Bill. The primary purpose of the new Act is to prevent exploitation or harm on consumers and to promote the social well being of consumers. The Act seeks to create and promote an economic environment that supports and strengthens a culture of consumer rights and responsibilities, whilst through the measures adopted therein; it seeks to promote fair, efficient and transparent market place for consumers and business. The Consumer Protection Act will introduce general principles of consumer protection and serves as an overarching governing statement on consumer protection matters in South Africa. The Acting Deputy Director General in the Department of Trade and Industry, Ms Nomfundo Maseti, says the primary purpose of the Act is to protect consumers from exploitation and unfair practices in the marketplace from unscrupulous businesses, and to empower consumers to make wise purchasing decisions. It achieves this by introducing, amongst others, a system of product liability and improved redress. “Producers, distributors or suppliers, will be liable for any damages in the form of death, injury, loss, or damage to property and economic loss, to the consumer or third party. This Act decriminalises certain conduct and subjects it to administrative sanctions, while also enables consumers to demand refund if the goods are of inferior quality. “Consumers may return the goods to the supplier, without penalty and at the supplier’s risk and expense, if the goods fail to meet the required standard”, added Maseti. Consumers are now empowered to cancel contracts if not satisfied with the terms of contract. Further, consumers will have a final whether they would like their contracts to be renewed or not. Consumers will now be protected from the unscrupulous businesses that tend to induce them to waive the obligations and liability of the supplier in terms of agreement. For the first time, the Act promotes consumer activism by providing for accreditation of consumer groups for lodging complaints on behalf of consumers and provide for possible financial support for activities such as consumer advice, education, publications, research and alternative dispute resolution through mediation or conciliation, noted Maseti. For implementation purposes, the National Consumer Commission, which is an enforcement /investigative body on consumer protection issues, will be established after 12 months from the date of signing of the Bill by the President. The National Consumer Commission will commence implementation of the Act after the period of 18 months from the date of signing of the Bill by the President. It is envisaged that the provided time period will afford business reasonable time to align their trading practices for the purposes of complying with the Act. The Act replaces, in a new and simplified manner, existing provisions from five acts, including the Consumer Affairs (Unfair Business Practices) Act of 1988, Trade Practices Act of 1976, Sales and Service Matters Act of 1964, Price Control Act of 1964, and Merchandise Marks Act of 1941 (specifically Sections 2-13, and 16-17). For more information, contact: Department of Trade and Industry Tel: 012 394 1650 Issued by: Department of Trade and Industry 30 April 2009

What does this mean for Consumer and Service Provider?

1. South African consumers are the most protected consumers in the world. If you are consumer facing, this is not good news. However, as with many challenges it can also be seen as an opportunity. You are required to comply with the law, so why not do so and use the marketing opportunity to tell your customers how much you protect them. The businesses that comply first might well be viewed favourably by consumers. 2. If your goods are shrink-wrapped (such as shrink-wrapped software) you might run into problems with regards the consumer’s right to inspect goods. The definition of goods includes intangible goods such as software. 3. If you have fixed term agreements with your customers you may be required to give them notice prior to the expiry of the fixed ter. 4. All agreements with consumers must be in plain and understandable language. 5. The general theme of the Act is to protect the poor and the vulnerable and is in a way the Bill of Rights for the consumer. 6. The Act alters the common law to be more favourable to consumers. By default, you give the consumer various warranties and indemnities. The warranties that you give in your agreements are no longer the only warranties that apply. 7. The Act also applies to legal services provided by attorneys so it impacts on attorneys directly too. The ambit of the Act is very wide. Depending on what is contained in the regulations, a lessee may be viewed as a consumer and therefore lease agreements may need to comply with the Act. The Act does not apply to employment contracts. A franchisee will be a consumer and therefore franchise agreements will have to comply. 8. The court will be given the power to redraft your contracts, terms of business, terms of sale and other consumer related terms. 9. Courts must interpret standard form contracts in favour of consumers. 10. Promotional competitions will be governed by this Act, rather than the Lotteries Act. The way in which promotional competitions was dealt with in the Lotteries Act was (with respect) a mess and it is a good thing that those provisions are being repealed. At least now we will have more certainty. You must prepare competition rules before you run in competition - be they online or offline. 11. If you are currently ABC (Pty) Ltd, trading as XYZ, you will have to register the business name XYZ. 12. The consumer protection provisions in the ECT Act are not repealed and therefore there is a potential overlap. 13. You are going to have to revisit your refund policy. 14. Your marketing campaigns are going to be affected and conducted in accordance with the Act. 15. Mechanisms are put in place to enable consumers to enforce their rights.


GEMSPEC is an information site, including all Gemora approved suppliers who conforms to the Consumer Act and who strives to provide first class service and products the first time. This site also enables the Professional team or Client on a project to source their own information without lodging a project with Gemora Projects. For more information, please visit.


THE CONSUMER Advantages for the Consumer, lodging a project with GEMORA PROJECTS: -



The Consumer receives integrated information for all their project requirements at once i.e.: estimates, specifications, samples meetings with service providers all through one of our appointed Project Managers, who will guide and assist them through their project. The Consumer is assisted free of charge and with no additional fees, or costs on top of the requested quotes, with complimentary project management, with pre and post inspections, assuring the best every single time. The consumer is exposed to accredited and registered contractors in Southern Africa The Consumers rights are reserved in terms of the Consumers Act of 1999.


Advantages for the Contractor to become Gemora approved Contractor: -

The Contractors business is exposed to over 4500 Professionals’ in Southern Africa The Contractors business will receive preference to Estimates due to the fact that they are willing to conform to the Consumers Act. The Contractor receives additional exposure through our Project Managers who markets their business on projects, thus giving them added Consultation free of charge. The Contractor receives free leads and possible installations Free Daily Tenders Protecting the Contractors business from “over night brigades”. The Contractors rights are protected in terms of the Consumers Act of 1999

Who makes use of Gemora? -

Architects Engineers Interior Designers Quantity Surveyors Developers Investors Home Owners Business Owners Contractors Services Providers Manufacturers etc.

What businesses are listed with Gemora?

Due to the strict criteria and assessments which a company has to conform to join with Gemora, we limit the organizations to one Contractor per service provided. In terms of product listing with GEMSPEC multiple listings are done to ensure affective and accurate information to the professional’s requirement s on projects, aiming that the correct product is specified every single time “Hassle Free”.


Manufacturers of: Concrete, Electrical, Building Products etc Installers of: Air-conditioning, Walling Pavers, Security etc. Civil and Construction Contractors Electricians

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