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September - DeCember 08

InsIde thIs Issue: Autumn Projects GAlA GossIP And much much more!

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Here it is, the third issue of redtop – bringing you the latest goings on at the Roundhouse and discussing the things that get us fired up. The projects are all listed at the back so make sure you read about what’s on this term and get your enrolment form in quickly. This autumn looks set to be great, with some interesting new projects and lots of special events and activities planned. Plus the BBC Electric Proms is coming back to the Roundhouse in October, at the time of going to press the line up was unconfirmed but if last year is anything to go by it will be BIG! This year the Under 18 Electric Proms will be a bit different and coming under the new name of Emerging Proms, offering you the chance for performances and interaction with the big names taking part. Make sure you check the website ( regularly, and if you haven’t already – sign up to join the mailing list so you hear about all the special events and ticket offers available. If you have any feedback about redtop or suggestions for articles for the next issue or if you just have any questions or comments about the Roundhouse as a whole, please get in touch by emailing From

The redtop Team

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The team behind redtop Camilla, Kemi, Lizzie, Mursal, Nilam, Raj, Rebecca, Ruby, Sei-Kee, and Sonita redtop is produced by a group of young people who have taken part in the Journalism project over the Summer at the Roundhouse. Please see page 16 to find out how you can get involved in the next issue.

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roCk & roll CirCuS

a Gala To remember

Tamsin Egerton

sei-kee reports on the roundhouse rock & roll Circus – a fundraising gala to remember.

the roundhouse rock & roll Circus took place in June at the amazing venue that is the roundhouse. Not only is the roundhouse an extraordinary venue, where the likes of pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin once played; it has now become one of London’s leading arts venues. It recently staged the royal Shakespeare Company’s Histories, Fuerzabruta and the bbC electric proms. the Gala was an evening full of music, live auctions, and performances from our very own roundhouse Studio members.

It was also a night full of glitz and glamour – beverley Knight, Nick mason, toyah Wilcox, Suggs and June Sarpong were just a few of the many celebrities who attended. the event was to raise money to help the roundhouse continue its pioneering work with young people. With the roundhouse being a space for many young people to explore their creative talents, the organisation believes passionately in the power of creativity to change the lives of people. the money raised – a massive total of £910,000 will ensure the creative projects and opportunities the roundhouse offers can continue. most money was raised by an auction that took place, with a range of exquisite and extraordinary lots. these included: tea with Alan bennett and michael palin at browns Hotel; an incredible sculpture Pointing North by the award-winning Antony Gormley and a chance to meet Sting and watch the police perform live on their current sold out tour. Also on offer was the bbC experience (a chance to spend a tailor-made day with the team that creates and broadcasts the news); a signed print of Noel and Liam Gallagher and lunch with Aussie cricketers Adam Gilchrist and brett Lee. We would like to say thanks to all those involved for helping the roundhouse continue its inspiring work with young people. It truly was a night to remember.

GoSSip… the roundhouse rock and roll Circus attracted a host of celebrities. We dispatched our roving reporter raj Pander to get the gossip on who was there and who wore what. best dressed was definitely songstress Beverly knight. She was bang on trend, rocking a silver/grey tiered dress, teamed up with this season’s must have chunky bangles, killer heels and the ultimate accessory – a huge smile! No diva-like attitude here people! menswear designer ozwald Boateng showed up wearing Shock! Horror! None of his own designs! I managed to have a chat with him and he told me he was considering sending his daughter to the roundhouse to do some courses as he was so impressed. As was suggs, another celebrity who was impressed with the Studios. He was sporting a Farmer Joe kind of blazer. It was brown/ beige and very Farmyard-esque! the girls from St trinians, actresses tamsin egerton and tallulah riley played it safe wearing LbDs (little black dresses dah-ling!). tamsin wore hers with big curly hair and black stilettos whilst tallulah went with a slick back ponytail, lippie and a denim jacket. Star of Gossip Girl Chase Crawford donned a tux with a slightly skinnier trouser than usual. maybe he was thinking he would look like a dapper James bond. Speaking of bond, during the Gala a pair of tickets to the premiere of the next bond flick was auctioned for a whopping £7,500! ALSO SpOtteD …nancy Del’olio in a canary yellow dress and a matching stole… tessa Jowell walking down the red carpet in a hot pink satin knee length number… and toyah wilcox, who rocked the circus with a cover of Guns N’ roses’ Sweet Child o’ Mine. till next time, that’s all folks!!

by raj


UniVERSITY vs. experience

EDUCATION & THE ARTS In a society where education is arguably the most valuable asset a person can possess, university is now considered to be the peak of the mountain that is our education system. But is it? University education is something we are all taught to strive for and many, with good reason, do. But as the old saying goes, nothing in this life is for free, and that certainly goes for a degree. These days a university education comes with a healthy dose of debt. There are the ever increasing rises in tuition fees and the cost of merely surviving the uni years. So does the security of having a degree under your belt really justify the hefty price tag? It is undeniable that a degree can provide a helpful boost up the career ladder. And putting aside the educational aspects of attending, university can be – dare I say it – fun. Many describe their university years as being among the best of their lives. A time to meet people they otherwise wouldn’t have and to be

stimulated in ways that they could not have been otherwise – and I suppose the cheap beer doesn’t hurt. But how can a university education assist a career in the arts? For artists especially it could be said that hands on experience is infinitely more valuable. Many of the most prominent artists in our times have little more than a handful of qualifications; clearly this has not inhibited their careers. In fact, many renounce education in favour of practical work in their fields. Many look at these flourishing figures in our society and realise that success is no longer measured by the number of qualifications a person holds. So if the hard graft that comes with a university education is not necessary for success, many – myself included – would much rather miss that step out. Some would prefer to delve immediately into their chosen career paths. Skipping the seemingly unnecessary step of higher education in favour of gaining real experience seems infinitely more desirable. But is this necessarily a positive attitude? True, many people have achieved great things without the aid of higher education. But what of those artists who made the choice to pursue an education as well as their dreams? Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the best known comedians of our time – and he also has a degree in History from Cambridge. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, has a First in Ancient World Studies from UCL and Natalie Portman a BA in Psychology from Harvard. In fact higher

education for some is so enticing, that many famous performers return to university even during a glittering career. Just look at Brian May, lead guitarist with Queen, who returned to Imperial College London to complete a degree in physics. In many cases people only discover their passions, drama and music for example, at university. Mark Ronson first made a name for himself in music as a DJ while attending New York University. Actress Jennifer Garner started out studying for a degree in Chemistry, and then changed to Drama after discovering her talent. It is also important to note that University qualifications are not the only ones available. This is particularly the case with performing arts. The BRIT

School for example has helped develop a number of Britain’s up and coming performers. A whole host of today’s vocal stars have come through their doors including Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Luke Pritchard (front man of the Kooks). There are a number of other institutions and projects that aid careers too; such as here at the Roundhouse, offering training and a platform for artists to demonstrate their talents. So whether attending university is the choice you decide to make or not, the important thing is to understand that though it has its benefits, there are a whole host of paths you can explore. This generation has something its predecessors perhaps had little of: choice. Make one which suits YOU.

By Mursal

‘But how can university education assist a career in the arts?’ To find out how you can develop your career at the Roundhouse see pages 16 - 19.


course Profile – journalism

In our own write

Want to take part in the next journalism project? See page 16.

Ruby, a student from the redtop Journalism project explains what the project is all about. redtop magazine is put together by a team of young people aged between 15 and 25. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, some of us are still at school, some are at university and some of us are in employment. We all have different skills and experiences but all of us come with energy and enthusiasm. To take part in our Journalism Project you don’t actually have to be an aspiring journalist. You could just be looking to expand your writing ability and develop techniques that can be put to use in a

variety of different situations. For example, we have learnt the importance of meeting deadlines and thinking analytically. Plus more specific skills such as how to write reviews and features. Each session starts with a look at stories in the news that matter to us, from celebrity gossip to current affairs. Some sessions featured guest speakers, which is useful for us to learn about their experiences. One week a writer from Time Out magazine came to talk to us about her time in the industry and how she landed her dream job at Time Out. One of the most important things she said to us is that you start becoming a journalist when ‘you believe in yourself, take yourself seriously and actually call yourself a journalist’.

For this issue of the magazine we have worked on a mixture of articles. We have covered things that matter both to us and the Roundhouse. Most importantly, we have written what we think you the reader will be interested in. We’ve got opinion pieces, previews of up and coming events as well as information about the Roundhouse. You will also find personal stories about how the Roundhouse has helped us as individuals. We have all found the course to be extremely useful and have gained new skills that we can bring with us to future projects. There has been solid advice for those of us who are looking to become journalists. The Roundhouse offers a unique opportunity to nurture new talent. So look out for our future articles and remember. YOU READ IT HERE FIRST.

Starting on the ladder: how to climb into the world of journalism 1. Start a blog. 2. Write for a local magazine or even the school magazine. 3. Read as many different magazines and newspapers as you can and try to develop your own individual style. 4. Intern at a local magazine to get a feel of what journalism is really like. 5. Come along to the Roundhouse and try our project for yourself.


noTiCe board

Call for SubmiSSionS!

SoundCheCk 15-25 And wAnt to Perform?

Show what you can do with the support of other emerging artists. Submit your work (CD & DVD, myspace, mp3, poem) to tanya Auclair, roundhouse, Chalk Farm road NW1 8eH or email


arTiST/deSiGnerS To deCoraTe The roundhouSe radio STudio We are bored of white walls! The Roundhouse Radio crew need an inspiring space to help to continue to make great shows. If you think you have what it takes to decorate the Studio email for more information. We can’t pay you but we will cover expenses and give you tickets to a show of your choice at the Roundhouse.

CominG Soon

proCeSS A monthly helPInG of fresh PoetIc tAlent. each month hosted by an experienced performer, this friendly event offers a platform for up and coming wordsmiths aged 12 - 18 alongside established guest artists*. Sign up to the mailing list to make sure you get announcements about up coming events first – *Poets wanting to perform should contact

Me & the roundhouse

MY ROUNDHOUSE EXPERIENCE After finishing University and getting a more than decent grade, you would think that getting a job would be easy. Well it wasn’t for Roundhouse Studios member Raj. Here she tells us about her attempts to get some much needed work experience and explains how the Roundhouse helped. Whenever I would take my CV to employers they would tell me I interviewed well, was extremely likeable, and had everything they were looking for… apart from the all important “experience”. Time after time, I was told that I needed more experience, so I decided to head down the path of gaining that Work Experience… For me the world of work experience was a strange one. I knew how to edit, had previously made a short film that had been screened at a festival, and have a Film and English Literature degree. You would think that during my stints of work experience I would be asked to do more than make teas, coffees, buy lunches and empty the dishwasher? I must admit there were rare occasions where I would work with directors and producers on interesting things like casting, rekkies, and shoots, but I stress those occasions were RARE! There were points where I was even dusting, scrubbing, wiping and clearing out rooms. How would that look on my CV? “Yes Sir, I have loads of experience, I can make teas, coffees, take out the rubbish, and more!” I was beginning to wonder just how this “experience” I was getting would actually benefit me. Then I went to work (for free!) on local radio stations. There I started producing and presenting a number of shows including a breakfast show and one specialising in urban music. While this work experience was better, as I had no formal training, it was a case of being thrown in the deep end. It was at this point that I came across the Roundhouse. I noticed that there was a radio course and decided to enrol. It cost just £2 a session, and within my first few weeks here I was working on the BBC Electric Proms, creating daily podcasts and getting to interview the likes of Kano, Sir Paul McCartney

and Mark Ronson. More importantly I was getting support and training from fantastic tutors (all working in the industry) as well as having Producers from BBC 1xtra coming in and telling us how to ensure our shows were banging and how to develop our careers. Now that was what I call getting experience! I’ve been a Roundhouse member for just under a year now, and I’ve developed quite a bit since I’ve been here. I’ve also taken a Video Editing course and learnt how to use Adobe. Usually a one week course in editing can cost between £250-£500 and I would never have been able to afford that, but the Roundhouse course cost just £20. Now I think it is time to give you the really good news – I finally got a paid job! I’m now working as a freelance Broadcast Journalist for the BBC, producing radio shows. I’m still at the Roundhouse too, looking forward to taking new courses and developing myself even further. Find out about the radio projects on offer on page 16.


Women in the music industry

‘The ability to fit into the tiniest of hot pants seems to be as important, if not more so than the ability to sing.’


my Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Duffy are just some of the well known female artists that have emerged over the last few years. In fact a plethora of female artists have burst on to the music scene recently. This autumn will see Martha Wainwright, Amy MacDonald and Camille here at the Roundhouse. Some like Amy MacDonald are just starting out on the scene, while others like Martha Wainwright have been around longer. Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen are probably two of the most recognised of today’s rising female artists. They are

Many of the female artists we now see emerging are part of the Indie music scene. A scene where physical appearance is regarded as less of a big deal than in the pop world. Women in pop music are still under great pressure to conform to a certain image. Simon Cowell unashamedly told some of his female contestants on Pop Idol to lose weight. For groups like the Pussy Cat Dolls, the ability to fit into the tinniest of hot pants seems to be as important, if not more so, than the ability to sing. Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag are both reality TV stars who have happily exploited the media obsession with

from the ‘preferred’ image of women in the public eye. But her charisma and determined individuality leave her seemingly unscathed by jibes made about her size. So my advice to all you aspiring female musicians is to learn to play the guitar, be strong and keep your clothes on! And hopefully the current wave of female artists, whatever music they may be making, can continue to be successful and retain some musical integrity and not have to conform to stereotype of how they should look and behave. We’ve all seen other female artists, such as Kate Jackson of the Long Blondes, draw the line at exposing certain amounts of flesh.

Swap your bikinis for a guitar – it’s far sexier!

By Rebecca often credited with paving the way for the likes of Duffy and Kate Nash. Which of these newer artists achieves longevity in the music business remains to be seen. For any emerging artist the trip to the top is bound to have its pressures. This is particularly the case for women, who once in the public eye, tend to have their appearance relentlessly scrutinised by the media. Both Lily and Amy have already fallen prey to intense media scrutiny regarding their appearance and shed a noticeable amount of weight. Lily infamously turned to her My Space blog to bemoan her failing resolve not to succumb to media pressure. “I used to pride myself on being strong minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look.” she said “I felt like it didn’t matter if I was a bit chubby because, I’m not a model, I’m a singer. I’m afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine.”

looks. They have actually built musical careers based almost totally on their appearance. Both girls’ debut singles were accompanied by music videos, featuring them gyrating on the beach in skimpy swimwear. The fact their singles both flopped miserably can only be a good thing for women in music. Of course, the sex appeal of rock chics, such as PJ Harvey, cannot go unmentioned but here sex appeal does not stem totally from appearance. Here their musical talent has much to do with what makes them so mesmerising and attractive. PJ Harvey’s reliance on her talent above all else is why she has enjoyed a long and successful career. So what happens when female artists are the recipients of media criticism about their appearance? Well, strength of character is clearly needed. Beth Ditto of The Gossip, is a fine example of a woman who couldn’t be further away

When asked to appear in Vogue in her bra and knickers Kate refused, explaining “my mother would be so disappointed”. So my advice to all you aspiring female musicians is to learn to play the guitar, be strong and keep your clothes on! And hopefully the current wave of female artists, whatever music they may be making, can continue to be successful and retain some musical integrity and not have to conform to stereotypes of how they should look and behave. We’ve all seen what an over-emphasis on ooks can do to a career – just look at Britney Spears.

Find out about the music projects on offer on page 17. 11.

Vox Pops

What do people think about their experiences here? redtop journalist Rebecca set out to find what Roundhouse Studios members thought of the Roundhouse and how and why they joined. Karim, 17, 3D Graphics Other info: Studying ICT at college I was attracted to this project because I like Japanese Anime & Manga animations. It has been a good learning experience and I have got to meet new people at the same time. I have advanced the skills I learnt from my college although this is very much a hobby for me. I have got to try out different software that I could use in a career, maybe in promotions. I have thought of going into ICT programming. Over the years I had already done most of the courses at the Roundhouse so when this one came up this year and I realized it was one I hadn’t done I decided to give it a go.

Ruby, 15, Journalism Other info: Taking her GCSEs My experience at the Roundhouse has been a very positive one. I am not sure what I want to do career wise and I have found this course to be a good starting point. I am choosing my A level options at the moment and it has helped me with that. Doing this course has enabled me to learn how journalism works in the real world and understand its place in society. It has made me more interested in studying journalism further, along with business. I found out about the course at school when we were given redtop and we were told it would be a positive thing for us to get involved in. Onder, 17, Photography Other info: At college Roundhouse was doing a Flash Photography course and I thought it was kinda cool. I have now done three or four of the courses here. I hope to do more film & photography and to go to university someday but have not thought about careers. I really like the ethos & vibe of the Roundhouse. The people here are very passionate about what they do, which really does help when you are doing something creative. I am also on the Youth Advisory Board which looks into why people come to the Roundhouse and how to get more people to visit.

Sonita, 21, Photography Other info: Working part time, just finished studying design at college At the moment, I do the Digital Photography and Journalism courses at the Roundhouse. I have previously done the Flash Photography and Digital Animation courses. I like the hands-on teaching approach here, the smaller classes help you progress faster too. I have also just started my own website to showcase my journalism and photography skills. The work for redtop will hopefully be a spring board for me to get into journalism. I have also done stuff for the Don’t Panic online magazine so I can build a portfolio and put all my work together on my website. Daniel, 21, 3D Graphics Other info: Studying engineering at University I decided to do this course because I found I couldn’t learn 3D modeling on my own. I have learnt how to use it creatively and have learnt about the industry as well. I like the course because you get to ask questions directly to someone who has worked as an animator. I did the course for fun and would like to use it to make my own short films. I found it very hard to find courses in this sort of thing and the ones I did find were mostly at degree level and very expensive. This course at the Roundhouse lasts just 7 weeks and has only cost me 14 quid. I do want to go into a creative profession after university and this has given me the opportunity to learn some more creative skills. I hope the practical knowledge I have gained will help me to get into a creative profession.


Roundhouse Talent: Jack Allett The Roundhouse offers young musicians the chance to develop and take their music to the next level. Nilam managed to catch up with Jack Allet and found out a bit more about this up and coming young musician. This young talented chap goes by the alias of Spoono, he is a solo guitarist who recently was selected to play at this year’s Big Chill festival. He describes his music as “experimental” and draws his inspiration from earlier musical influences like John Fahey, Jim O’Rourke and Sandy Bull just to name a few. Jack first came to the Roundhouse and took part in an EMI Sound Volunteer Programme and became even more fascinated with the physics of sound and how sound can be manipulated. When he’s playing music he uses an acoustic folk finger picking style to create his unique sound. His album is called The Private Revelations Of he describes the album as introvert. This talented guy gets his musical inspiration from feelings about life and various musical sounds. You can check out his music at: spoonowoolfe



Club Scene A regular guide to London’s clubs – this issue Drum & Bass ‘Turn that noise down’ is a common phrase uttered by parents of those who play drum and bass music religiously. ‘That’s not music – its just noise’. What misguided chit-chat says Sonita Drum and Bass (DnB) first emerged on to the music scene in the early 1990s. Big names such as Goldie worked hard to make a mark on the emerging scene. Alongside jungle music DnB was a branch off from the hardcore rave scene of the time. It draws on influences as diverse as ragga, swing, reggae and old school hip-hop. Fast beats, heavy bass-line mixes, and intricately produced compilations brought a precision to the scene that was never seen before. In 1993 Goldie jointly set up a Metalhedz record label featuring his own work and that of DnB artists like Dillinja and Adam F. Underground or mainstream? DnB is respected on both levels. Originally spawned from an underground scene, it still holds its ground as an alternative to techno. Though now huge names also fill London’s biggest venues with pocket grabbing ticket prices. As with many dance genres the debate still stands …is it music you can only enjoy in a club? Can you really get that

same vibe in your bedroom? It depends if you are into Hardcore, Liquid, Jungle… the scene continues to mutate and bleed between genres. Dubstep for example is essentially slowed down drum and bass. This too has become an ever-growing music style played alongside grime, hip-hop and jungle. Club Nights: Ram records is part run by arguably one of the biggest names in DnB Andy C, this regular night brings a dedicated crown to The End nightclub in Central London. True Playaz run a monthly (last Friday on the month) mash-up session at super club Fabric. True Playaz boast the most impressive line-up of DJs including: Andy C, DJ Hype, DJ Hazard, Fabio, Pascal, Potential Badboy and Taxman. With a hype set of ravers, this night draws in the hardcore alongside the glow stick wavers. No Rest For The Wicked (NRFTW) is a monthly night held at East London’s Rhythm Factory. Bringing up-and coming talent to London’s only live DnB and break beat night. Room one hosts live DnB bands and room two is a mix of break beat and visuals. Things start to get lively about 1am! SeOne Club (London Bridge) is a huge venue and holds the biggest capacity nights of DnB, Jungle, Liquid and Breaks. Big name legends such as Goldie, Andy C, Hype and Shy FX rolling alongside big name MCs Dynamite MC, GQ, Eskman and SP:MC

main SpaCe: muSiC oCT - deC 08 7 oCT

liVe naTion preSenTS

17 oCT

Sjm ConCerTS preSenTS

omd £30

briTiSh Sea power £16

8 oCT

19 oCT

meTropoliS muSiC preSenTS

liVe naTion preSenTS

The hold STeadY £16.50

Camille £19.50

9 oCT

28 oCT

Sjm ConCerTS preSenTS

amY maCdonald £16.50 10 oCT

SoundCraSh & ninja Tune preSenT

marTha wainwriGhT £20

The CinemaTiC orCheSTra £25-35

30 oCT

11 - 13 oCT

31 oCT

meTropoliS muSiC preSenTS

elbow £20 14 oCT

meTropoliS muSiC preSenTS

dirTY preTTY ThinGS £17.50

16 oCT

liVe naTion preSenTS

SpiriTualized £19.50

liVe naTion preSenTS

Como no preSenTS

Seu jorGe + GilleS peTerSon £22

TwiSTed preSenTS

ShponGle £23.23 1 - 3 deC

Sjm ConCerTS preSenTS

The kookS £22.50 4 deC

karTel and dhp preSenT

faT freddY’S drop £25 14 - 15 deC

vIsIt the weBsIte for uP to the mInute lIstInGs And sIGn uP to our ‘just Announced’ mAIlInG lIst www.roundhouse.orG.uK/loGIn to Be AmonGst the fIrst to Know.

box offiCe: 0844 482 8008

meTropoliS muSiC preSenTS

The fraTelliS £22.50 18 deC

liVe naTion preSenTS

GoGol bordello £19.50

Chalk farm road, london nw1 8eh


Roundhouse Autumn Projects 2008 Don’t miss your chance to join...

If you would like to take part in a project at the Roundhouse read the details below, pick a project and complete the enrolment form at the end. All projects cost just £2 a session. Remember you can also use the Studios facilities independently if you become a Special Member!

Autumn Term Projects: Mon 22 September - Sun 14 December Broadcast & New Media

Animation & Graphics

Beginners-Intermediate This project will introduce graphics and animation using Flash and other tools used in the industry. Participants will get practical experience by collaborating with other artforms and media and working to a brief, either creating graphics and idents for a TV show, animating performance poetry by the dynamic Roundhouse poets, or working to music. Participants may be required to commit to additional sessions to collaborate with other projects and some work may be profiled at the Roundhouse and on other platforms. DA32 Sat 1.30-4pm 16+

Digital Photography Learn the tips and techniques for taking great photographs. Find out what makes a good photograph and how they can express meaning. A selection of the work created over the autumn and spring terms will be exhibited in May alongside a major festival at the Roundhouse. PG22 Tues 5-6.30pm 11-14yrs

Photography and meaning

Over one or two terms you will study a variety of photography practices to uncover the power images have to convey meaning. With a focus on young people you will investigate issues of representation and discover how photography can be a tool for creativity. Participants will need to be self-motivated to produce images outside of sessions, and can develop their work either over one or two terms. Some of the work created will be selected for an exhibition in May alongside a major festival at the Roundhouse. PG21 Tues 7-9pm 15-25yrs

Film: 2012

Intermediate-Advanced Could you be one of the next generation of film makers? Do you have something to say and think film may be the key? Join our growing team of in-house professionals to create a series of films inspired by the brief: 2012. Participants must send in a rough idea/outline with their application and be prepared to pitch their idea to other members of the group. It will finish with an intensive weekend to start the editing process. Participants will develop their filmmaking and production skills, learn to work to a brief and as a team. Participants will be expected to have some experience of filmmaking or knowledge of film. FM46 Wed 23, Thurs 24, Weds after, Sat 13/Sun 14 Dec Edit 6.30-9pm 16+

TV Live

Intermediate-Advanced This project will produce a series of live television shows working to a brief. The shows will play on plasma screens around the building, and may work towards a web broadcast. Participants will become a small production team to create the format of the shows, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the equipment for a live camera edit, and to produce pre-recorded content for the shows. Students will learn to operate as a group. More experienced students will develop production skills, leadership and confidence to produce a creative media product. The students will also learn to discuss and disseminate media relevant to their own practice. FM47 Sat 1.30-4pm 14-19yrs


Have you ever wondered about a career in advertising? BBH, one of the UK’s leading advertising agencies will be leading a 6 week project culminating in an intensive week in BBH’s Soho office where you will work on a campaign to promote Roundhouse Radio. This is an amazing opportunity to find out what it takes to make it in advertising and the chance to learn from industry experts. BZ3 Wed 6-9pm 17-25yrs

Game Design

Beginnners-Intermediate Design games using Gamemaker. Learn how to use sound and develop presentation skills demonstrating your games to the group. Take part in regular playing tournaments after the session. DA31 Sat 10.30-12.30pm 11-15yrs

Roundhouse Radio Live

Advanced Experienced Radio students can join Roundhouse Radio Live. Experience the roles of engineer, presenter, producer and researcher, and learn from industry professionals making live shows on Roundhouse Radio www.roundhouseradio. There will be a selection process for this project. RD29 Thurs 6-9pm 16-25yrs

Journalism: redtop

Intermediate Join the growing team of writers who produce redtop. Learn the skills to write great features, reviews and interviews and find out what it takes to put a magazine together. FM48 Wed 6.30-8.30pm 17-25yrs

Roundhouse Radio

Beginnners-Intermediate Learn to produce the programmes you want to hear as part of the Roundhouse Radio production crew. Interview, present, produce, edit and make jingles and learn how to to make music, spoken word or documentary programmes. RD30 Tues 6-9pm 15-21yrs


MCs Pass the Mic

Woodshed* - Jazz

Learn the basics of Jazz improvisation in a relaxed and friendly environment. Explore Blues, Funk, Afrobeat, NuJazz, and Fusion styles. Brush up on music theory and develop listening skills. A chance to perform with the band at major professional venues and festivals. Work with top UK Jazz musicians. Meet other up and coming players, have fun, freely experiment, and make mistakes! No knowledge of Jazz necessary but some basic skills on instruments required. Vocalists and spoken word artists are particularly welcome *Wood•shed; sheding’ Jazz slang: to practice in private on a musical instrument

Intermediate Enhance your understanding of how to spit lyrics. Improve your microphone technique, call and response, song structure, and learn how to collaborate with other MCs/writers. Learn how to deliver knock-out punch lines, professional flows and develop your stage presence to deliver a first class performance. Work to a brief investigating the theme ‘your world, your environment’. Some experience of MCing/writing/performing preferred but not essential.

MC140 Sun 1.30-5pm 14-21yrs

MC145 Tues 6.30-8.30pm 15-19yrs

MC144 Sat 11am-1pm 13-17yrs

Live Jam

Roundhouse Voices

1 yrs experience Meet other musicians and collaborate as part of a band. All styles and instruments welcome, as long as you’ve got 1 years’ experience of playing. Develop your playing and songwriting skills and musicianship and get the chance to perform and record. The project will lead to a gig at the end of term and you may get the chance to record. MC141 Sat 1.30-4.30pm 14-18yrs

Junior Jam

1 yrs experience Learn to play as part of a band and meet other young musicians. Develop your playing and songwriting skills and musicianship and get the chance to perform. All styles and instruments welcome, as long as you’ve got some experience of playing. MC142 Sat 10am-1pm 11-13yrs

Sing Out

Beginnners-Intermediate Do you sing and want to develop your voice? Learn songs from different styles and traditions. Develop your vocal technique and performance skills, and get the chance to write original material so you can become a more powerful singer and all round musician.

Advanced A vocal ensemble for emerging artists and those with a keen interest. Develop performance skills learning songs from a variety of genres. Develop songwriting and arranging skills and learn to read music. Applicants must prepare a song to perform acapella to audition in week 1. There will be opportunities to perform and play with musicians. MC143 Wed 6.30-8.30pm 18+

Producer Collaboration

Advanced Be mentored by an experienced producer, develop your material to a high standard and learn the skills needed to collaborate with vocalists. The tutor will attend every 2 weeks so you’ll need to be self-motivated to work in-between sessions in order and get material ready to record and mix in the EMI Studio. Participants can draw on vocalists at the Roundhouse or bring in their own. Roundhouse Special Membership will be included in the project allowing participants to work at the Roundhouse in their own time. MC146 Tues 6-9pm 16+

Music Producers

Intermediate-Advanced Develop your producing skills with an experienced tutor and guest musicians. The project will finish with a 2 day intensive session in the Radio Studio with Roundhouse Radio producers to create a mixtape radio show to be broadcast on Roundhouse Radio. Some producers may be invited to feature their tracks on the weekly Roundhouse Radio Live show. MC147 Thurs 6.30-9pm 16+

Music Producers

Beginnners Learn how to create beats, produce tracks and mix to CD/podcast and make music on computers using audio/sequencing software. Develop your creative production skills using music software such as Cubase, Reason Rewired and introducing Ableton Live in this 5 week project. MC148 Sat 5 weeks 1-3.30pm 13-16yrs

Open Rehearsal Band Night

Up and coming bands, artists and performers – use the practice rooms in the Roundhouse Studios to rehearse with a professional musician on hand to offer advice and support each week should you need it. MC149 Wed 6-9pm 13-25yrs


Performing Arts

Acting for Film

Intermediate-Advanced This course is only open to people who have completed the Acting for Film Beginners course at the Roundhouse. Develop your camera technique, analyse yourself on screen, shoot on location and work with material from young screenwriters. At the end of the project you will take part in a private screening for feedback and take home your own DVD of all scenes. DM36 Tues 6:30pm - 9pm 15-25yrs

Script and Screen Writing

Intermediate Learn to write for stage or screen, and work with professional writers to develop your own script. You’ll be working on individual pieces of creative writing and will get the opportunity to practically workshop your ideas with the Acting for Film group or the Acting for Stage Group. This is your opportunity to see your script come to life. The course begins with an intensive writing weekend on the 20 - 21 September where you can get advice from special guest writers, discuss your ideas and really get a kick start. SCRW Tues 6.30 - 9pm 16-25yrs


Beginners Learn to jump, flip and tumble! A dedicated acrocircus class where participants will form a company who will work together to develop the physical ability and skills needed for acrobatics. The project will not only teach you acrobatics but also aims to create high end work on theatrical themes and work towards performance opportunities. ACS Thurs 6-9pm 15-25yrs


Intermediate-Advanced A brand new dance project aimed at challenging the best young dancers in London! You will get to learn street, lyrical, and even bashment! Plus have the opportunity to perform all over! BLZ Tues 6.00-8:30pm 14-19yrs

Roundhouse Poets

It’s poetry, but not as you know it. Learn how to create, craft and communicate so your words blaze both on and off the page. PT22 Thurs 6:30pm - 9pm 15-25yrs

Roundhouse Theatre Company

Advanced The Roundhouse is starting up it’s very own young theatre company. Work with professional writers and directors to create a new piece of theatre which will be performed in January. The company may then go on to work with other national and even international theatre companies. The company will aspire to perform in the Roundhouse Main Space. Participants must be committed and enthusiastic and demonstrate a high level of performance. For your chance to attend an open audition to be part of this exciting new movement, please email josephine.bamford@ or call 0207 424 6794. Those selected from the auditions to make up the company will decide on a name and have strong input into the direction the company takes over the next year. RHT Thurs 6pm - 9pm 16-25yrs

Acting for Stage

Intermediate Work with a professional actor/director as well as special guest artists to develop your acting skills. You will use improvisation and a range of theatre techniques to explore existing and new pieces of writing as well as devised material. You will get the chance to perform and direct and will work on a performance piece to be shown at the end of the term. DM37 Sunday 2:30 - 4:30pm 16-25yrs

Drama, Camera, Action!

Beginners Develop your drama skills and learn to act in front of the camera, film and edit short scenes. This project will allow you to have fun whilst improvising and working on drama scenes, but also find out what it’s like both behind and in front of the camera. You will work with professional acting and film tutors to really enhance your acting skills. DM38 Sunday 2:30 - 4:30pm 13-16yrs

Udiscuss Udiscuss is a series of music business seminars delivered by Urban Development in association with the Roundhouse. Hosted by Rob Kwame (BBC 1 Xtra/Radio One)

Udiscuss: Live N Direct

Udiscuss explores the live music circuit. Learn how to get an agent, manage a band and break into live markets. Speakers include: Chris Greenwood – Cantaloupe Group (Cargo, Big Chill), Susan Collins – Bam Bam Mgmt (Noisettes). Anthony Horner – Hodges – More Than 4 Mgmt (Nate James) Amy Thomson – Xray Touring Mon 8 Sept 7pm

UDiscuss: Paid in Full

Tips on improving cashflow through digital sales, 360 degrees deals, aggregators, spin offs, track licensing, merchandising and other money-making enterprises. Speakers include: Tinku – Muthas Music (Amp Fiddler, Bugz in the Attic), Billy Grant – 2 Point 9 (Jay Sean), Olly Hodgson – Coda Agency, Andy Varley – Insanity Group Mon 6 Oct 7pm

Udiscuss: Urban Regenaration

Digital technology has completely transformed the musical landscape. The final Udiscuss sessions looks at the black music scene in the UK and asks what the future holds. Speakers include: Jasmine Dotiwala – MTV Base, Andy Duggan – Primary Talent, Lorna Clark – 1Xtra, Fusion – Urban Development, Desmond George – GGI Enterprises (Bashy, Nolay), Ghetto – Artist, Bashy – Artist, Mpho Skeef – Artist, Paulette Long – Westbury Music & Urban Discuss Board. Monday 13 Oct 7pm

FREE ADMISSION – Places limited. Places limited. To find out more about Udiscuss visit To apply, contact Enice Obianagha: 020 8536 0630 or register online at

Info and advice space sessions Words & Money

Advice to help you improve your writng and understand how to manage figures. Come and get help with CV writing, apllications and budgeting. Call 020 7424 8777, email or sign up at reception to book a 30 minute session. Every Wed from 8 Oct - 3 Dec 5-8pm All ages


What’s stopping you? Nothing! Are you being held back because you have nowhere to rehearse, or can’t afford Studio time? Did you know that if you become a Special Member you can use the Roundhouse Studios facilities independently at a very low cost? You don’t have to be involved in a regular project to benefit from all the Roundhouse has to offer.


Ableton Live, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Creative Suite, Arkaos VJ (X 6), Avid 3D. Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle Studio Plus, Reason, Protools, Sibelius, Cubase


Sony HRV-Z1 Digital Video Camera, Fuji S6000 Digital Camera, Edirol R-09 Portable Recorder, Tascam HD-P2 Portable Field Recorder, Technics 1210’s Allen & Heath Xone 02 Mixer, Roland SH201 Synthesiser, SE 2200 Condensor Mic, Shure SM58 Mic Special Membership costs just £10 a year. For more prices and information see details below.

Per person Per hour Per half day Per day Band Practice Room The Clore Multiuse Space The Hub Music/Media Production Suite Bloomberg Screening Room Production Lounge 1 PC workstation EMI Music Studio* Radio Studio* Bloomberg TV Studio*

£1 n/a n/a £2 n/a £1 50p £100 £100 £200

£4 £20 £50 £6 £25 £4 £2 £150 £150 £300

£8 £40 £100 £10 £45 £8 £4 £200 £200 £350

*These studios will be supplied with a Roundhouse Trainee Engineer. *These studios have limited availability and require at least 2 weeks advance booking. Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH 020 7424 8477, Email: Opening hours: Mon & Tues, 9am - 5.30pm, Wed - Fri, 9.30am - 9.30pm, Sat & Sun, 10am - 5pm

How to Enrol Step 1:

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• Fill in the enrolment form and enter the names of the projects and the code numbers.

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Roundhouse Studios Chalk Farm Road London NW1 8EH

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