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Iris Vegan, a young, impoverished graduate student from the Midwest, finds herself entangled with four powerful but threatening characters, all of whom threaten to overwhelm her fragile ego, as she tries to adjust to life in New York City. She is living alone, writing a paper about a 19th-century fictional heroines entitled, ‘Fictions within fictions’. In the first story, Mr. Morning entangles her in a weird job: she has to decipher the personality of a woman from her odours, objects and past existence. Every clue leads her towards the pitiful story of a murdered woman. In the second story, Iris shares her life with his mate, Stephen, who has a friend photographer, George. George asks her permission for a session of photographs in which she tries to be very sexy. She feels attracted towards him progressively. George turns out to be in love with Iris.

The Blindfold