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Billabong is also an Australian company, which was first established in Queensland Gold Coast. Billabong work and sell their products in these countries; As of February 2012, Billabong has 677 company owned stores worldwideâ‚Ź. In 2011, the company had about 6,000 employees worldwide. The company manages its key international sourcing requirements from an office in Hong Kong. The first map shows us where Billabong island is, which was what Billabong was created from. And the map bellow it shows all the different places that Billabong is sold in (except Russia, Greenland and North America). -United States -Canada -Australia -Australasia -Europe -South Africa -South America -Brazil -Asia & Middle East -Japan

Some techniques that Billabong has used to advertise their products vary from different things. Billabong like most other brands uses commercials to promote their products. Another way that Billabong does to create more advertising and to increase how many more products were sold is by adding more of their shops/stores into places that are hot and have more beaches. This is because Billabong is a surf shop and most of their buyers are surfers or people who need summer/beach clothing. Billabong have also gone online and have ranged their products not only as their own store but in other beachy/surf shops.


GLOBILISATION Research Task- Transnational Corporations (TNC's) Billabong

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