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Evaluation Question 4How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

due to brightening the picture whilst giving it a warm glowing feeling.

One of the very first technologies I used within my media a-level consisted of the internet. Before creating and producing and of my research and planning tasks I was told to create a blog on This was a useful task as it allowed me to keep all my notes, planning and ideas on one resource that was easily accessible. Similarly I found this was helpful due to not having to rely on folders and loosing bits of papers, therefore it helped when keeping all my work organised. Although this was a new experience as I had never used the programme before it took me a while to understand all the different features and elements such as video transitions, lighting changes, video effects etc. However once I had played around with it I gained a clear understanding very quickly. Similarly the program has had many benefits when underlining and emphasising my multimedia skills due to uploading my tasks in a variety of ways, for example Prezi, Powerpoint, Slidshare, Issuu etc. When I first began my A-Level in Media I was lucky due to having previous experience. As I took Media Studies for GCSE I gained a basic knowledge and understanding on all of the relevant software and tools. Therefore this was beneficial when coming to start my A-Level course as I was one step ahead of many others in my class. One of the first tasks we were made to complete included making a front cover for a school magazine. Therefore the relevant software that was needed to do this consisted of InDesign, Photoshop and a camera. This Primarily task was reasonably simple due to the teachers only needing to see the basic such as

including a masthead, barcode, sell lines, main bleed etc. Although I was aware of how to use many features of the software there was always extra support from my teachers, video tutorials etc. Although I had the basic knowledge I did not put 100% into this task and made a very standard piece of work, however this was appropriate when referring to the improvement I had made from AS to A2 as I was able to emphasise the improvement and changes I made when producing a digipak and music advert. Furthermore when shooting all my photos for the ancillary task I used a Canon 550D. This camera was effective when getting the quality I aimed to achieve as it was equipped with a cinematic shutter speed with a 1.8 aperture lens. This lens was effective when getting a shallow focus effect, however this was beneficial when achieving a professional look. This helped when producing an effective album advert as it allowed the audience to focus primarily on the artist due to the background being out of focus. Therefore this engaged the audience as they can link it to personal identity as they can make relations from the artists body language, facial expressions, clothing, make up etc. After taking the photos I was pleased with I placed them on the software appropriate being Adobe Photoshop as this allowed me to edit and crop the photo accordingly. The crop tool was the most important tool when cropping my photo to the size of the digipak and magazine advert. Similarly the effects that I was able to add to my photo were interesting as it gave a professional and attractive vibe to it. When adding an effect I finally decided with a vintage, instagram look

Showcasing my work in a variety of ways was vital as it allowed both my teacher and my examiner I had further knowledge of different programmes instead of consistently using word displaying essay formats. One of the main internet resources I used when uploading my work in a variety of ways included the use of Prezi. This was an effective form of displaying my work due to engaging the intended target audience in an entertaining way e.g. using an abstract presentation. To finalise my presentation I had to get the embed tool as this is what allowed me to place my work onto my blog. This was beneficial as it was a form of back up as I could access my work on two different internet sites. Additionally I had a tendency to use Microsoft PowerPoint when analysing and producing some of my research and planning tasks. This was because I found it quick and easy when creating tasks in a timed condi-

tion as the programme is very easy and straight forward to use. Although it is time effective making a Powerpoint the uploading of the document isn’t as effective as you are not able to directly import it onto your blog. There are two ways of importing it onto my blog including through Scribd or Slideshare. At the beginning of my course I uploaded the majority of my work on Scribd however during the year it encountered many problems meaning I then turned to Slideshare as this worked perfectly. Scribd was a website where you could upload digital documents on a library that allowed published presentations to be viewed and accessed. To finalise my presentations I had to get the embed tool as this is what allowed me to place my work onto my blog. Similarly Slideshare was a successful internet resource as it allowed me to view worldwide publications on a range of different topics for example ‘Who are Indie Pop target audience?’ Further into my Media A-level I was given a task where I had to produce a music video. This task

had to be completed in the final year of my course. I used many programmes when completing this and came across many in which I believed were more successful than others. For example I found Vimeo was particularly good as it allowed me to publish and upload my music video in HD. However I didn’t realise this success straight away as I handed my first draft on YouTube. Although YouTube is a very successful video sharing website I found the quality of the video wasn’t all that good as when the screen was maximised the viewing went very blurry however Vimeo utilised the high settings and presented a high quality music video. Similarly due to making my music video on Premier Pro I was aware that I was unable to directly export my projects straight to blogger. This was because all my file sizes were generally over 100MG and files over this size were disallowed on blogger. Therefore after researching different formats of showcasing my video I finally came across a program in which I was satisfied with.

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