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Evaluation Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?


n this evaluation I will be writing about how effective the combination of my main product and ancillary text are and will relate to many key features including, house style, main bleed etc. The three products I created consists of my music video, magazine advert, and digipak which all act to promote the sale of the album as they all have the same intentions and purpose. All of the three previously mentioned have a house style that is visible throughout making the album have a recognisable theme. Firstly my music video has many different purposes including aiming to achieve the interest of the audience throughout by providing a narrative through the use of performance, aswell as amplifying the lyrics and message of the song allowing the majority of the intended target market to have some sort of personal identity which gives the music video as a whole an emotional vibe. I do believe my music video does the above due to keeping the audience engaged through the constant changes of location and the progression of the narrative. Similarly I think the constant link between lyrics and visuals is a vital feature which influences the audience when maintaining engaged due to primarily focusing on the message of the song. Moreover, the purpose of my magazine advert is to promote the album as well as contributing to the image and style of the artist. Therefore to advertise and promote my album successfully I have to include eye catching features such as a bold title, main bleed, sell lines, reviews etc. As this would be advertised on bus stop, billboards, music magazines etc. I had to ensure that I made it clear what the magazine advert was promoting, therefore I included sell lines such as ‘available on vinyl’ informing the audience with different viewing platforms. Furthermore the inclusion on the review quotes and five stars at the top left and right hand side of the page is a convincing way of influencing the target audience to buy the advert due to positive feedback. Moreover by using particular parts of the house style such as the black and white theme is effective when allowing the audience to interpret the same message due to all black and white parts within the narrative connote flashbacks emphasising loneliness and

isolation. Therefore the message and tone of the music video is still current within the music advert. House style and theme: Additionally creating a house style and theme was vitally important when producing my music video, magazine advert and digipak as I wanted to create a common link allowing the audience to maintain engaged with the message and emotion of my song. Similarly by creating a common theme allows the audience to identify the genre of my music as this is an important aspect when creating successful coursework. Due to the theme of my music video being about isolation and loneliness it was important that I maintained this emotion when creating my digipak and magazine advert. Therefore when taking the appropriate pictures I ensured that I used props that illustrated love however placed them within an isolated location such as a massive empty field. Likewise I ensured that I portrayed my artist alone therefore all my photos didn’t include a male protagonist as I wanted to highlight a break up.

break up has caused highlighting the effect between the two protagonists. This message is displayed through the artist’s emotions and emphasised from the use of close up shots portraying individual facial expressions. The inclusion of emotions is vitally important when making a successful narrative as it engages the audience’s attention and influences them to keep watching due to having a constant switch from a narrative to performance. Likewise the use

the advert. I believe by using a simplistic theme being a house style of white black and blue is effective when portraying the most important aspects of the advert. For example highlighting the most important pieces of text in blue such as the name of the album and the song allows the audience to focus primarily on this. Therefore this allows my magazine advert to become eye catchy and visually effective. Similarly I included a featured five-star rating and quote such as ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Breath-taking’ written by popular music companies such as NME and MTV in order to give the album a sense of success due to being highly rated by successful music institutions and companies. The target audience will appreciate and be satisfied with this piece

Music Video:

Furthermore the main purpose of my music video is to entertain and engage my target audience. Maintaining the audience interest is vitally important and is key when creatinga successful music video. When aiming to maintain the audience’s attention I created a narrative which allowed the audience to identify with the artist. This was because the audience began to sympathise with the artist due to the theme of a break up being portrayed throughout. Similarly the lyrics also acted as a major influence when maintaining the interest of the audience as they developed a deeper meaning. Furthermore my music video illustrates the theme of devastation and loneliness that the

of flashbacks can also be associated with the theory of Andrew Goodwin as it primarily focuses on the change of moods and emotions due to having a before and after effect allowing the audience to interpret a bigger picture. Magazine Advert: In addition to my music video I had to produce a magazine advert. The purpose of my magazine advert is to promote and raise awareness for the album allowing many audiences to identify with the genre and the artist. I believe my magazine advert has done this successfully due to using a range of conventions promoting and selling

of information as they will feel like their money is being well spent due to receiving good feedback from critical companies. Not only do the reviews benefit the audience they also act as a benefit for the artist as they are able to utilise this when using it as a form of promotion and advertisement. Digipak: Lastly to finalise my coursework I created a digipak. My digipak like my magazine advert kept to a simplistic theme meaning I used photos that didn’t contain too many items and objects and

kept to a basic font allowing a wide range of audiences to read it clearly without any difficulties. Similarly when choosing my font it was important I took time when thinking about what colours to use. In the end I decided to use the colour red as this immediately connotes love, passion, hurt, anger etc which all link with the original meaning and message portrayed throughout my music video. Furthermore the choice of location within my photos was also vitally important. For instance I wanted to display the heart in an isolated field to illustrate depression, loneliness etc which all are relation to the break up my protagonist has been through. I felt it was important to display the heart on the front cover of my digipak as it allows the audience to interpret a mixed amount of emotions and messages and can also allow the audience to personally identify with these given emotions. However although I believe it was important to use the aforementioned prop on my front cover I was also aware that throughout the CD spreads I had to use a range of images when wanting the audience to maintain engaged and interested. Therefore it was important that I used the face of my protagonist as the entire album is based around her. Due to the protagonist being the primary focus it meant that I had to display emotion through facial expressions and body language, therefore this is why I decided to use a close up shot as this focuses directly on emotions and meaning.