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visions Li April 2012

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Joseph Del Percio

the art of FINE


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visions Li Long isLand’s Magazine of fine design


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Welcome to Visions Li, the Long Island magazine dedicated to fine home design. Each month we will be featuring the work of talented design professionals in our area. With the help of their creative skills and resources transforming your visions into reality can be a most exciting experience. Our first issue highlights the work of Joseph Del Percio. Joe is a true artist, and as you will see, his ability to interpret his clients, vision is undeniably magical. You will meet many more designers in the months to come, each with their own style and approach to home design. Our hope is that you will be exposed to the best of good taste and quality workmanship and use this information to make your visions a reality. Of course there are surprises to come as we look forward to an exciting new Design Show House now its early stages of development. Oh yes, designers have their own visions too! So stay tuned and enjoy with us the wonderful world of design! - Janet Heffernan

visions Li Long isLand’s Magazine of fine design

interior Design by Joseph Del Percio

Visions... The driving force behind today’s design seems to be a Do-It-Yourself mentality that results in a quick fix. For designers dedicated to the art of design these solutions ignore the beauty and utility that results from fine design. The goal of this magazine will be to expose the reader to creative design and the designers who are capable of executing it.

imagine... april 2012






Joseph Del Percio

hat is the function of an interior designer? To transform a home, a room, a space into the best possible interpretation of a client’s vision. With the greatest consideration placed on their lives and lifestyle, the experience and result will be interesting and rewarding for everyone. While many designers feel that the most beautiful projects are those which have the least amount of client involvement, the most success and satisfying results are gained by involving the client in every aspect of design. All design is a collaborative effort and by extracting the ideas and opinions from the client, with a gentle course correction and an inconspicuous eye on editing, the finished project will usually benefit from their specific insight. The designer’s influence, like a fingerprint on a lens, is an everpresent filter through which the big picture is brought into view. This home is a perfect example of how the exquisite taste and generous hearts of the clients greatly enhance both the design and the process. From the moment of inception their focus, with unwavering trust in the designer, was to bring the vision of “An Elegant Cottage” into fruition. Using a mix of antiques, and new and repurposed furnishings, and a warm, cheerful palette. The overall home is completely suited to the client’s lifestyle and aesthetic.


Interior Design by Joseph Del Percio

visions april 2012




the art of FINE


Claudia Dowling During the last decade I have observed a definite deterioration of respect and appreciation for quality interior designers and a disregard for fine design. Whether you live in a castle or a modest home, your surroundings are key to your comfort and well being. The selection of good quality pieces has been replaced with low quality “disposable” imported furniture that has a 2- 5 year life span. I now see an awareness after 10 years of the futility of these purchases and a return to some of the finer products coming into play. Supporting and enjoying the high quality American and European furniture is once again becoming fashionable. Less and less “do it yourself” projects are appealing and a finer quality of design is appreciated.

Located in the heart of Huntington Village, our 5,000 sq. foot showroom features fine American and European furnishings. From classic to contemporary, our staff will help you choose home decor that fits your individual taste and needs. We will assist you in creating spaces that complement your lifestyle. Stop in and let us help you create inspiring rooms. 6

A small or large project can be greatly enhanced by a professional interior designer with experience and knowledge. A good designer will work with items you have that will enhance the areas and add great colors and accessories. My advice would be to interview a few recommended designers, discuss their design fees and view their portfolios to find just the right fit. Once this is accomplished, the consumer will be amazed at the results as progress is made. A lasting investment will be created to come home to and enjoy with friends and family.

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Visions LI Magazine Of Fine Design  
Visions LI Magazine Of Fine Design  

Visions LI Magazine Of Fine Design