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WInTer 2013

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For The Long IsLand Woman

taylor dayne tells it to the heart of long island

getting organized

lisa gatti

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Beauty Issue New Year, New You! Ignite The Passion

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Winter 2013


PUBLISHER Ta n y a L e e

WInTer 2013

Complimentary Issue


F e aT u r e s 16


For The Long IsLand Woman

taylor dayne tells it to the heart of long island


STRONG ISLAND WOMAN L I S A G AT T I getting organized

feng shui tips

lisa gatti

beauty, fashion

strong island woman


wellness beauty | fashion | fitness | business finance | nutrition | inspiration | dining family life | home decor | and more!



FOOD&NUTRITION Fabulous, Tasty Snacks You Can Throw Together in Minutes! Enchiladas/Pizzas

Super quick and super tasty. Place flour tortilla on a medium hot frying pan, sprinkle with shredded cheese, cover with another tortilla. Flip when cheese melts slightly and heat for another minute or two. Serve with salsa and sour cream. If you’re feeling more “Italiano”, spoon on some marinara sauce and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese when the tortilla is on the pan. Remove when cheese has melted, then cut into quarters. In a glass parfait bowl, layer any

Numberless Layer Dip combination of some or all of the following items: re-fried beans, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, freshly diced tomatoes, chopped black olives, cooked taco meat or chicken. (You can also fill individual Tostitos “Scoops” with any of the above food items and top with cheese and an olive slice). “Fiesta time” in no time!

Brown Sugar Brie

Place any size firm, whole Brie cheese on a baking dish and coat with a few tablespoons of firmly packed brown sugar and coarsely chopped pecans. Bake until sugar melts. Serve with bagel or crackers and Voilà, elegant appetizer extraordinaire!

Pinwheels Lettuce Wraps

Lay out some clean, fresh Boston Lettuce leaves and fill with tuna salad or chopped chicken with peanuts, Craisins® and a little mayo or cream cheese. Healthy and delicious!

Give a fun and decorative spin to boring sandwiches. Simply place some cold cuts like ham, turkey or roast beef and cheese slices with some lettuce on a tortilla, roll it up, place toothpicks along the roll and cut into small “pinwheels”.

n Lidia Szczepanowski | Everything Lidia, Inc. |


LOVE continue...

Continue the special evening by lowering the lights and moving into darker chocolates and some silky red wines. Try the fruitier merlot grape, which will bring out the sweetness in the cocoa. Smell the chocolates to stimulate your senses, match the vanilla and honey notes to the aromas of the wine. You can easily sip and nibble your way through this bottle with your special someone.


first... Valentine’s Day brings images of sharing chocolate and wine with the one you love. What could be more romantic than presenting fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate, matched with an elegant sparkling rosé. Your Valentine will know a special evening is about to begin.


Ending the evening with bittersweet and dark chocolates paired with more intense red wines is a match made in heaven. These bittersweet chocolates tend to pair well with very robust reds, such as a California Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon. These darker chocolates tend to bring out the best of the fruit flavors in these higher tannic wines. This Valentine’s Day, indulge with decadent chocolates and luscious wines to share with your sweetheart. A simple rule to follow when pairing wines with chocolate is to match lighter, more elegant flavored chocolates with lighter-bodied wines; likewise, the stronger the chocolate, the more full-bodied the wine should be.

As your second course for romance, move on to a smooth milk chocolate with almonds to serve with a toasty Chardonnay. Sip the wine, and hold it in your mouth, notice the wine’s complexity, and which flavors come to mind. Now take a small bite of the chocolate, let it sit on your tongue. When it just begins to melt, sip the wine again and swirl together with the chocolate. n Lorraine Pomes



plus long island’s health & wellness

Beauty Issue New Year, New You! Ignite The Passion

We’ve all been there…caught by surprise when friends or relatives drop by unexpectedly. No need to fret! Pop open a bottle of wine, and whip up some magnificent hors d’oeuvres and appetizers using items you probably have in your pantry and refrigerator. Suggested foodstuff to have on hand: • Large Flour Tortillas • Bagel Chips, Ritz crackers, Tostitos “Scoops” Chips • Cheeses: i.e. bag of shredded Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Brie, Sour Cream • Perdue® Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast • Salsa and Marinara Sauce • Canned Tuna, Olives, Re-fried Beans, Nuts, Craisins®




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For Memories That Last a Lifetime SpeCiaLizing in

wedding bands & engagement Rings 14k, 18k, Platinum Custom Made Jewelry Top Dollar Paid For Your Gold & Diamond Jewelry GIA, EGL, UGS, ETC

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on most of ouR la laRgest selection of jewelRy in the stoRe

3 Locations! 1083 Old Country Rd. • Westbury, NY 11590 • 516-333-1200 869 Old Country Rd, Westbury, NY 11590 • 516-876-0101 252 West Jericho Tpke. • Huntington Station, NY 11746 • 631-629-4669 West of Rte.110 across the street from King Kullen

Hours: Sun. 11am-6pm, Mon.-Thurs. 10am-6:30pm, Fri. 10am-3pm, Sat. Closed

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luscious lips fast, safe,

affordable for all ages Over the last few years, lip rejuvenation has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. This is mainly due to the fact that the most commonly used technique is relatively easy to perform, and is available and affordable to the masses.

liprejuvenation Subconsciously, when we make a first impression, these focal points become a factor. Estrogen levels maintain a relatively “childlike” and youthful facial structure during puberty and during final maturation. The more estrogen a woman has, the larger her eyes and the fuller her lips, characteristics which are perceived as more feminine. Surveys by sexual psychologists have found that universally, men find a woman’s full lips to be more sexually attractive than lips that are less so. As we age, several changes take place in the appearance of our lips. Some changes are the result of natural aging with associated hormonal changes, while others may be due to medications, illness, climate, sun exposure and smoking. The good news is that this can now been corrected in a quick, affordable procedure that is safe and relatively painless. The result of the procedure is seen immediately. Lipstick may be put on following the procedure which only takes about 15 minutes to perform. The cost varies based on the “filler” used, and should be in the ballpark of $600-$800. In most cases, the procedure needs to be repeated annually.

The basis of lip rejuvenation is to create a more youthful, healthier appearance while maintaining the correct aesthetics of the mouth. Correctly performed, you should get comments like “you look great, new makeup?” or “I love the lipstick you are wearing”. It should be a natural look, but unfortunately, there are many of us that equate lip enhancement with what we see on TV. Let’s understand a bit about lips. Studies show that when engaging another person, the primary focal points are the lips and the eyes.

Remember, because we each have our own lip structure, not everyone can have Angelina Jolie lips! Though there is no agreed upon ideal, generally, the lips should be symmetric and the lower lip fuller than the upper lip by 20-50% depending on age, facial structure and your personal desires. The procedure, when performed correctly, should also help correct drooping corners of the mouth and smokers lines. This same procedure, utilizing “fillers”, is also a great solution for young women that have thin lips who would like fuller lips and a more sensual appearance. n Wayne Wertheim, M.D. Medical Director Island Medical Laser Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 516-299-5500 |

Winter 2013

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Ombre locks Ombre is hot hot hot for Valentine’s Day and beyond. This dip-dye look features deeper, richer shades of brown and auburns, which are showing up more this season on TV, the big screen and fashion runways. For a lower maintenance and less costly technique that delivers the same results, hair is highlighted with a color-melting technique that infuses a graduation of tone where darker roots slowly give way to a lighter, sunkissed shade on the ends. Medium browns lazily soften into sandy blondes; warmer tones are highlighted with deep caramel that melts to a golden blonde. For a little edge, try piece-y, brighter tones just at the ends of the hair, or framing the face. “Peek-a-boo” ombre is also an update to this style. Use lighter shades on the underneath layers while keeping outer layers of hair darker. The lighter shades kick out with movement, and strut their stuff in hair that grows longer than the nape of the neck. n Adriana Vater | Spa Adriana Salon & Spa 631-351-1555


spa adriana product pick Keep true to your hair’s natural texture with a frizz-control system that lets you show off your curls. Aveda’s new Be Curly curl-enhancing system is perfect for wavy to super-curly locks and won’t weigh down your hair. One key benefit of Be Curly is that it boosts shine on even the curliest of curly ‘dos! It also includes Aveda’s green ingredient promise, to use naturally derived ingredients and promote environmental sustainability. Photo courtesy of Aveda™



fuller hair © Aveda Corp.

is yours

new botanical therapy treatment for thinning hair Get a head start of fuller hair with our professional in-salon treatment. It helps create a healthy scalp environment for an enhanced experience with invati™ solutions for thinning hairhelping to reduce hair loss* to keep the hair you have longer.

Book your appointment today. *Due to breakage


For appointment 631-351-1555

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The north wind, as if a scorned lover, bellows out a frigid roar, leaving the trees naked and trembling. In these cold days and nights, we retreat indoors, seeking refuge from the bitter elements, as if hibernating, in wait for the warm caress of Spring to return. Some of us seek comfort in the arms of a lover by the fireplace, protected from nature’s fury. Others long for the ideal companion who does not judge, does not demand, does not disappoint, one who appreciates our strengths and accepts our weakness, one who knows when to give advice and more importantly, when to listen.

make your

statement Your business is different, so why not your promotional products? Many enamel colors to choose from!

However, love is often fleeting, difficult to catch, and perhaps more difficult to sustain. After all, songs about heartache top the charts because we have each felt its pain. Yet despite this heartache, we pick ourselves up and try to turn the corner one more time, looking for the one who takes our breath away, not for a minute or two but for a lifetime. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” “Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses.” – Lao Tzu. Yet despite its ability to attack and scar, love is still the truest of all the rewards in life, so we continue to let it define us. This Valentine’s Day, while you seek to find romance with someone new, or rekindle the passion with the one who once took your breath away; remember to also renew your courage to seek a better you, a better world, a better

tany a

tomorrow. Love thyself first and the rest shall follow. Inspire or Be Inspired!

salon quality nail polish with

your logo

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by Cathy Berger

This winter season, the sales outnumber the snowflakes. With bargain signs everywhere, where do you start? 90% off is a pretty tempting draw. Just remember, regardless of what something costs, how good you look depends mainly on how wisely you choose. Here are 9 tips to out-smart those sales:

Don’t buy anything at 50-70% off if it is not something that you would want at regular price. Exception: If it’s a hot and obvious trend that looks totally fabulous, buy this thrill and enjoy knowing it will have a very limited life.

Attack the bargain racks like you’re shopping for groceries–with a list of what you actually need for your wardrobe. Advanced tip: What you buy should go with at least 2 pieces you already own. Try before you buy when the sale price is marked “Final Sale”. Many ultra bargains are not returnable. Don’t spend if you’re not sure.

Photo © John S. Vater

Take garment care into consideration. If it is something you’ll have to dry clean with each and every wear, then your bargain may no longer be a bargain. If it looks inordinately delicate and you are afraid it won’t hold up to cleaning/washing, maybe it is best left in the store. Poor workmanship doesn’t hold up at any price. You can’t go wrong with high quality basics from designers that you normally wouldn’t/ couldn’t spend the money on.

No matter how inexpensive, it is not a great deal if it doesn’t fit with your needs. It will end up being a cheap find stuck in the back of your closet. Save that money and put it towards something you can’t wait to wear.

Is it a flattering color; does it suit your figure or physique; is it the proper length? By the way, these are questions to ask yourself before ANY purchase.

A real steal is a garment you truly need in a color you’ll wear often. Basic colors like grey, beige, brown, navy or black are easy to coordinate with other items and stay in style forever.

Despite these tips you’re the proud owner of a new mistake? Swap your unwanted “treasures” with friends who can use them! n Cathy Berger Founder, Fashion Societé 347-574-4600 | 516-777-0820 | fashionsocieté.com

Thursday • May 9, 2013

FASHION SHOW Casting Call at walt whitman shops

for Women Models Ages 21 to 101 All sizes to compete for a spot in the upcoming fashion show featuring

APPAREL Registration begins at 6pm ,casting call at 7pm Visit To Pre -Register Or For More Information .

gemmagazineli com


hosted by

Sponsored by

Society of Italian Americans & Friends, Inc.

For The Long IsLand Woman




Q &

taylor dayne

by Sara Fingerman Taylor Dayne celebrates twenty-five years in the music industry, and is still as vibrant and talented as ever. From her top hits such as Tell It To My Heart to Love Will Lead You Back, Dayne made music history with her strong vocals and outgoing personality. Last October, Dayne was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and still continues to “wow” her audiences.


As a child, who did you enjoy listening to on the radio?


: I grew up here on Long Island, and was a true product of my environment. The hip Top 40 radio station at the time was WABC. The 70’s were just jaw-dropping in terms of talent and music. I enjoyed the eclectic sounds and artists that filled the Top 40. From The Carpenters to Bill Withers, Three Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, Ohio Players, Marvin Gaye…


I appeared in was Mel Brooks’ “Archie and Mehitable”. In 2001, I played the role of Amneris in “Disney on Broadway’s Aida”.


I had the honor of watching your live performance at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Gala this past October. I felt very connected to your performance because of your energy and beautiful voice. Tell us your most exciting experience as a live performer.


: What is your favorite childhood memory about Long Island?

: The beauty of live performance is the energy of the room, the connection with the fans, and the reciprocity.



What music do you listen to today and who inspires

: We moved from the Bronx to Baldwin when I was super little. The beaches were only 25 minutes away off the Robert Moses Causeway. When I was sad, I would ask my Dad to take a drive to the beach, because at night, all the little bunnies would be eating the grass along the road and I would count them. I also enjoyed the pool in the summertime.

: I listen to an eclectic mix, some days, it’s classic rock, then I throw on KISS FM. Some days, like on a Sunday for instance, I put on K-EARTH for some 70’s music, just for the nostalgia of Sunday morning in the 70’s.



: Did you always aspire to be in the music industry or did you ever want singing to just be a hobby?




Are you excited about your induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame?


: I’ve always wanted to be in the music industry. I had my first solo in kindergarten, and then again in 4th grade. I was in my first band in tenth grade, then my solo career at 20.

: To mark 25 years of making music and standing out in NY and LI as one of the artists that broke through and have had a successful career in music is a milestone, and a very exciting and important moment in my life.


Q: A:

What are you working on today?

I understand when you began your music career, you recorded tracks from musicals like “Man of La Mancha”. When you visit New York, is there any particular musical you enjoy?

I’m touring a lot and re-releasing my greatest hits with new music and production.



: Actually, I never really enjoyed musicals all that much except for a handful of extraordinary ones. “Jules Stynes”, “Gypsy”, “Funny Girl”, “Peter Pan” and “Fiddler on the Roof” are a few of my favorites. During my childhood I was exposed to tons of theatre, as my parents were avid members of every off-Broadway theatre. The first musical

What advice would you give Gem Magazine LI readers about pursuing their dream?


: Dreams are meant to be held very close to your heart, kept in sight and to work tirelessly towards. Goals are set to be achieved as dreams continue to inspire you.

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the interview

workplace “Bring Your Beauty A-Game”


Wondering what you can do to give yourself that extra edge at an inter view? Have you ever had one where you felt it went ver y well and not gotten the job or at least a call back? Potential employers base a great deal of the inter view on first impressions and overall appearance. Let us discuss how do bring our “Beauty A-Game”. First and foremost, consider the following next time you are on an interview. I want you to think of the interview process as a first impression strategy. We do not want to just barge in and blow them away, we want to perform a covert operation and then let them have it. One way of doing this is having a buttoned down appearance and giving them that professional WOW factor from start to end. Note: they do not expect this when you come into work every day. In an interview, you are judged by not only your experience and skills, but the way you make your first impression, and the effort you take to present yourself. So, enough business chatter, let’s talk beauty.






They need to be covered. Many large corporations such as banks, insurance companies, marketing firms and even restaurant chains do not allow tattoos to show. If you can hide your tattoos comfortably using clothing, make sure you do it. If they are on your hands, wrist, neck or any other area difficult to cover with clothing, you will need to use makeup at least for the interview. There are a few products out there that can cover, but they are not really mainstream, so do not walk into a retail beauty environment expecting a miracle. However, it is possible, so there are no excuses. I, myself have a few techniques and have mastered the art of tattoo coverage, so I am here for you ladies that need it.

Complexion: Clear and healthy skin represents energy and professionalism. Be

programs give victims of sexual assault and violence a forum where they can share their personal stories of tragedy and triumph to help build confidence and selfesteem in themselves and others. In the past, actors, musicians and others in the community have taken to the stage to act out true stories of violence against women. For many, telling their stories gave them a “voice” for sure to wear the appropriate coverage for your skin the first time. “We have stories from women who were concern needs. If you have minor skin concerns such ashere children, victims of domestic violence, asabused a pimple or there or redness, a concealer and sexually assaulted and brutally attacked,” tinted moisturizer combination will work great.said If you Lidia. “People in concerns tears. It’s such a powerful thing.” have moderate to majorare skin as hyperThese stories, orskin, “virtual canmedium also pigmentation or acne-prone youvoices,” may need to be found that on the NOWSA’s full coverage. However, does not meanWebsite you will have to look “heavy”; you can find several well-matched and ( natural looking foundations at Voices your local retailer. “Designer for abeauty Cause” is an Once you have evenedannual out your usefashion a touchshow of your redskin, carpet favorite blush color on event the cheeks give youfashions a rosy glow. wheretodesigner are modeled by celebrities, pageant title holders and other Nude andmembers natural with a thin line of black or of the community. brown pencil and some mascara. Avoidand using mascara on “Comedy Voices” “Golfer’s the bottom lash line, as itare is more appropriate evening Voices” similar events thatforraise and more formal occasions, not professional attire. It can awareness about violence against women deepen the appearance of the eyes, which you do not want and teens. for everyday. Important note, stay away from shimmer and Building Self-Esteem sparkles and no contour/dark color necessary. We want A key ready-to-work part of the NOWSA’s bright eyes! mission is building selfesteem for women. “So many of us lack confidence,” said Lidia. “We’re hoping that if we can instill this in young girls it will stick with them for the rest of their Try to match the color of your lips to a lipstick lives, and help with every decision they make. “



85 Main Street • Stony Brook 631-689-2992 •

Affordable Seamless

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as close as you possibly can. The more natural the lip, the © NasKaras softer and more professional your appearance. You willphoto still look great and your lips fully defined.


I am not an expert, but I know the Diana Ross or Lady Gaga look is not a good idea. A French twist or pony tail would work fine. Keep the hair out of your face so they see that eager, flawless and naturally beautiful face. That is the key. As I was always taught by the best, it is about balance. That is what beauty really is, all things working harmoniously together to enhance natural beauty.

n Matthew Ambrosio Beauty Educator and Makeup Executive |

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How ExErcISE HELpS KEEp US YoUNG! Are you interested in acquiring any of the following: heart disease, diabetes, stroke, memor y loss, depression, anxiety, brittle bones, flab, muscle weakness...? If not, read on. The medical field is increasingly informing us to exercise more to help ward off disease and premature aging. They tell us that the two most critical elements of aging are the ability to keep moving, and thinking the way you want to. As we age, we start to lose muscle mass. Research has shown that at about the age of forty we start to lose 1% or more of muscle mass per year. Along with the muscle mass, we also lose our strength. Think about your parents and how much less they can do now in comparison to ten years ago. Carrying the groceries in or taking out the trash may be too strenuous for them. Instead of retirement being a time in their lives where they can enjoy a quality life, they are just trying to get through their day in the most possible pain-free way. The question is, how can we make this better for everyone? The answer is simple‌exercise. Strength and cardio-vascular activity! Making an effort to maintain your strength is crucial for keeping your muscles young and strong. Physical activity is the best antidote known for aging. Maintaining your physical function is KEY to feeling and looking our best. Exercise not

only keeps your muscles strong, but your bone’s density as well. The more you strength train, the more your muscles and bones grow. Just as important as strong muscles and bones is our cognitive function. Exercise keeps the mind young. It does this by lowering stress and anxiety. It keeps the blood flowing to your brain and this will energize your mind. An active lifestyle will also help you sleep better at night, which will in turn help you think more clearly throughout the day. Exercise gives us an overall sense of well being. It not only makes us look and feel better, but makes us think better too. It is the best tool known to mankind to keep us youthful in mind, body and spirit. So what are you waiting for? Why not start today? n Carol Burke Power of One Fitness Studio 631-757-6937

seamless tape

hair extensions

So, what is all the talk about? It’s seamless hair extensions! For years, clip-ons have been number one, but finally there’s a new kid in town, and taking over fast.

Affordable Seamless

HAIR EXTENSIONS pluS SO cAp uSA EXTENSIONS $8.00 pER STRANd with this ad, not valid with any other offers or prior services, expires 3-31-13

Hair extensions are perfect when you want to enjoy that long hair and tired of waiting to let it grow. However, some are hard to put in and hard to afford, but the latest innovation is seamless tape hair extensions. When you compare seamless hair extensions to others, it’s more costefficient and least damaging to your hair, and imagine… in less than an hour you can have what all of Hollywood is wearing. Seamless tape extensions use the same tape that is used for toupees. There are no tools to use, can last up to 2 months, but can be reused up to 3 times with just a new tape. They can easily be removed with a bond remover, which causes much less stress on your hair. You need to make sure you see a professional when getting this done, so that you know you are getting 100% real hair. Some will say 100%, but will actually be 80% real and 20% synthetic. Just remember that when playing with extensions, it is very important to talk to your stylist so you will know how to take care of your Hollywood hair.

$5 Off cHEmIcAl SERvIcES with this ad, not valid with any other offers or prior services, expires 3-31-13

$25 Off keratin straightening with this ad, not valid with any other offers or prior services, expires 3-31-13

10% Off hair styling products with this ad, not valid with any other offers or prior services, expires 3-31-13


Here at CSI Salon, we continue to bring all the newest, latest trends to all of our clients. So, when you are ready to have the hair you always dreamed of, please call or just come in for a consultation, so we can figure out together what will work for you. n Grazia Cooney and Colleen White CSI Salon & Spa | 631-320-1554 |

SuNdAYS 9-1pm!

767 Horseblock Rd, farmingville

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The Salon & Boutique at The Westhampton Bath and Tennis Hotel and Marina has teamed up with top stylists who have styled the tresses of beautiful brides featured in both local and national TV and print publications, such as BRIDES Magazine, Instyle Weddings, and WellWed. The Salon’s intimate and private location is located inside the impressive grounds of the Westhampton Bath and Tennis Hotel and Marina located on the prestigious Dune Road and steps away from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only location where top stylists and make-up artists can prep you for that special event or wedding in the Hamptons. The Salon offers an extensive on and off-site service menu to pamper and style guests who are attending exclusive events and weddings in the Hamptons.

Some of our services include: • Manicure • Pedicure • Special Event Hairstyling • Bridal Services and Packages • Hair Coloring • Hair Extensions • Haircut & Styling • Treatments & Texturizing


20% OFF ANY SERVICE BOOKED UNTIL MAY 31, 2013 To book an appointment, please visit our website or call 631.288.2500 ext. 2816

Westhampton Bath and Tennis Hotel and Marina | 213 Dune Rd. Westhampton Beach, New York 11978


HEALTH&WELLNESS how a diagnosis of

PCOS doesn’t

have to define your life

Unfortunately, as many as five million women in America are battling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) ever y day. I am not the only one this affects. This is my stor y and how I didn’t let it ruin my life. One day in the summer of 2010, I was brushing my hair, and noticed clumps of hair in the brush. I’ve always had very thick hair and of course, wanted to know what was causing this issue. I was also having terrible acne flare-ups, and it started to become difficult for me to lose weight. I had very irregular periods, sometimes I would skip four months or it wouldn’t even come at all. I went to my gynecologist, took the tests, and it was confirmed. So, what is the clinical definition? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) disrupts the menstrual cycle, which can lead to fertility issues. Caused by excessive testosterone and insulin, PCOS can produce various symptoms, such as irregular periods, weight gain, acne flare-ups, and hair on the face, chest or back. Here are some tips on how to control your insulin levels. This research has helped me the past few years, and will hopefully help any GEM readers that are also diagnosed with PCOS.

Watch Your Diet

Refined carbohydrates, like white bread, white rice, pastries, candy, etc., can create insulin resistance, one of the main problems of PCOS. Choosing whole grains, increasing lean protein, and eating more vegetables can help to decrease symptoms and stabilize hormone levels. You should also try to avoid trans-fats and saturated fats, opting instead for virgin olive, flax, cod liver, and fish oils.

Exercise Daily

For women with PCOS, exercise is a NECESSITY. Research indicates that regular exercise may improve PCOS and increase fertility. I started off slowly, on the treadmill for an hour a day in the beginning. After a while, I began going to cycling and Zumba classes. Now, I am doing that with weight training as well.

Reduce Stress

Did you know that chronic stress from any source, like your job, boyfriend, husband, even finances can upset the

balance of your hormones and cause weight gain across your mid-section? Work on ways to deal with your stress, including getting enough rest, eating well, and sharing your feelings with someone you trust.

Know You Are Not Alone

Former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham had four children with soccer legend David Beckham, and is very open about having PCOS.


Don’t be afraid to call your healthcare provider with additional questions. n Sara Fingerman Contributing Writer Gem Magazine LI,


Jasmine Wolber-O’Keefe a woman making a difference HSA, FSA, CDHP, HDHP oH my! For Jasmine job as Director of for With theWolber-O’Keefe, end of the yearher approaching, it’s time Development for Support the Kid for Cancer, Inc. is an act providers and patients alike to familiarize themselves of love. non-profit organization that helps children withThe some new healthcare acronyms. undergoing treatment who area in financial need Notcancer long ago, patients paid deductible ($100was started by her brother Nicholas. He was diagnosed with annually) and coinsurance (20% of the bill). Then, a rare form of soft tissue cancer in 2005 at the age of 22. copayments ($20 per visit or $5 per prescription) were Nicholas was treated at Cohen’s Children’s hospital where introduced. he had a lot of close contact with families of children with Today we’ve a confusing array receiving of medical cancer. He started thegot organization in 2010, a payment sometimes referred to as 501C3 status inarrangements, 2011. Unfortunately, Nicholas passed away Directed Health (CDHP). These plans laterConsumer that year but his legacy livesPlans on through Jasmine. provide someofcontrol over how healthcare are For the family 18-month-old Athena who isdollars suffering fromspent. a form of leukemia, the donation from Support the Kid for Cancer, Inc. Savings meant a mortgage Health Accounts payment. (HSA) asks patients to Inguess addition to year monetary donations, organization THIS how much to putthe aside for healthcare givesexpenses the families information, and to guess how NEXT year. Notreferences always easy transportation toneed! treatments. “I’ve been around a lot of much you’ll these children myself, and I’veand seenonly a lotwant of families going Think you’re healthy insurance through a lot,” Jasmine said. “It’s healing to be able to coverage for emergencies? High Deductible Health help these people. It was hard to lose my brother to the Plans (deductibles from $500 to $5,000) may be right disease. It feels good to be able to give something back in for you. All healthcare costs are paid by the patient his honor.” until thethe deductible is met. Inc. Providers whofifty treat these Support Kid for Cancer, has about patients to beThere awareare of also these plans and volunteers in need New York. chapters in may Southern and Northern California and Texas. Each chapter

want to consider them self-pay. What does this have to do with the holiday season? Patients and providers alike should have a specific strategy in place. Think about: ∙ Funds remaining in your HSA/FSA? Will they carry over to next year? Can you spend those dollars without has beenthem? started by family and friends. All four chapters losing hold fundraising events. Recently, Ifthe organization held “Bi∙ Met your high deductible? yes, are there any Coastal Awareness” with events in Stony Brook, San Mateo services you can have done this calendar year? If and Temecula, CA. The Texas chapter held a Christmas no, can you postpone services until next year when it pub crawl. There are also smaller events such as a telethon applies towards your deductible? held at SUNY Old Westbury this past April. This year, the ∙ Reached a benefit (for U.S. example, group will be attending thelimit Burton Open dental Snowboarding services)? Can you wait until the these new annual is Championship in Vail, CO. Through events limit and ones applicable? like it, the organization has raised about $50,000 since its The bottom is that consumers foryear inception and has line helped 16 families. Theare goalasking for this ismore to help 16 more. control, and they’ve got it! Like any other financial Jasmine, a you’ve newlywed, designer and project for opportunity, got to understand it and manager use it Cedar Knolls Homes in Ronkonkoma, spends about 15-20 wisely. hours a week working on the charity. “Being able to meet these beautiful families and knowing that we can help a n Susan M. Montana child and their family battling cancer, in even a small way makes it all worthwhile,” Jasmine said. 631-244-5661


n Dana Klosner |

For the Smile You’ve Always Dreamed of…

Huntington Village Dental, PC A comprehensive General Practice with an emphasis on overall preventative care, oral wellness and cosmetic restoration for the entire family. Look years younger with our complimentArY Smile mAkeover conSultAtion!

Friend us on Facebook for special promotions and discounts!

Dr. Richard Rongo & Associates 32 Woodbury Road, Huntington, NY • 631-423-7022

How To Choose An Orthodontist You Deserve A

SPECTACULAR SMILE! Our Mission is to create a memorable journey to Spectacular Smiles for each and every one of our patients. Innovative orthodontic treatments for children & adults

Inna Gellerman DDS Children & Adult Orthodontics

165 Main Street Huntington, NY 11743 631.427.8444 |

Start by asking if the orthodontist is an American Board Certified Orthodontist. Orthodontists who become Board Certified undertake a rigorous and voluntary examination process with The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). The certification process demonstrates the orthodontist’s passion for remaining at the forefront of proficiency and excellence. Dr. Gellerman has always been a Board Certified orthodontist, and she recently completed the recertification process, which must be done every ten years to maintain a high level of professional excellence. The recertification program requires clinical examinations and case presentations of difficult cases, so Dr. Gellerman selected the most challenging cases of the last ten years to convey the quality of care and technical expertise provided to patients. The presentations were made before a panel of nationally-known peers in orthodontics who hold the highest standards for patient treatment and care. Her presentations were very well received, and members of the panel were very interested in the cases from Dr. Gellerman. Orthodontics is a highly specialized area that is always changing, and requires keeping up with new medical science and treatments. To ensure that you or your family member is getting the best possible orthodontic treatment, choose an orthodontist who demonstrates their commitment to patient care by making ongoing education and certification a priority. To find out if an orthodontist is Board Certified, visit the American Board of Orthodontics website at The “General Public” section includes an easy-to-use search function. n Dr. Inna Gellerman | Spectacular Smiles Children & Adult Orthodontics 631-427-8444 |

CLEANSINGCONCEPTS 309 Madison St Suite #4, Westbury 516-640-5322 269 East Main St. F1, Smithtown 631-656-6313

Cleansing Concepts is Long Island’s exclusive facility for cleansing and detoxification. Our goal is to relax, restore and renew the body, so that your quality of life is greatly enhanced, giving us longer, healthier and happier lives. By detoxifying the body you not only eliminate harmful toxins, but you reduce inflammation that causes disease. We focus on your individual needs and support you through the cleansing process. The services offered at Cleansing Concepts include Colon Hydrotherapy, Bio Mat Enhanced Ionic Foot Bath Treatments, Far Infrared Sauna Therapy, Fit Body Wrap Weight Loss Treatments and De-tox Clay Supplementation. We use the most advanced equipment on the market that delivers a safe and effective cleanse. Some of the benefits of cleansing the body include weight loss, skin health, improving digestive health, reducing stress, and boosting the immune system. In our Smithtown Sanctuary, in addition to our de-tox treatments, we are offering Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation Workshops, Essential Oil Treatments, Healthy Cooking Classes, Healing Circles, Organic Skin Care and Guided Juice Cleanses. We will also be offering “Healthy Happy Hours”, monthly and weekend retreats,

where you can come and spend the day rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit. Our warm and friendly staff is here to make your cleansing experience the very best. Cleansing Concepts has been the leader in the Holistic Wellness field for over 4 years. We have been voted Best of Long Island in 2011 and 2012, and in 2013 we are continuing to bring our clients incredible services at affordable prices. In the world we live in today, it is impossible not to be affected by toxins on a daily basis. It is so important that we educate ourselves on how to prevent health risks and learn how to naturally treat what ails us. “We are here to help you reach your wellness goals and build lasting friendships along the way”, says Vanessa Galati, owner of Cleansing Concepts. The future of your health begins here!

Long Island’s #1 Facility For Cleansing & Detoxification saFe | eFFective clean | private Ionways Alkalized Water Available!

Helping You look & Feel Your Best! Increased Energy Improved Digestion Weight Loss • Waist Line Reduction Improves Skin Appearance Blemish Reduction • Relieves Back Pain Disease Prevention

269 F1 Cleansing Special!

3 pack of colonics $180 $25 infrared sauna sessions $25 Foot Baths

309 Madison st suite #4, WestBurY 516-640-5322 neW location 269 east Main st. F1, Smithtown 631-656-6313 •

HEALTH&WELLNESS WHAT IS YoUr rESILIENcE ApTITUdE? Rockaway Beach neighborhood of Queens, New York. Photo courtesy of (Reuters / Andrew Burton)

Surviving and Thriving with Heart, Soul, Spirit, Purpose, and True Grit As women, we shoulder a lot of responsibilities. Nowhere was that more apparent than during our recent time of crisis this past Fall when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our homes and lives. Suddenly our natural instincts to love, nurture, protect, sustain, and uplift ourselves and those around us kicked into extreme high gear. We went into automatic survival mode where we were tested mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Mustering up the mental and physical metal so necessary to foster survival during such a monumental crisis is never easy. However, we were able to do it with grace, strength, tenderness, and tears. Just realizing our fortitude and what we’re made of is extremely comforting. When we step up to the plate to protect ourselves and our loved ones from Mother Nature, our instincts propel us to go to maximum lengths to ensure that we’re all safe from the elements and sustained by the very basic needs - shelter, food, water, and sanity. To varying degrees, we were indeed tested to see what we are made of-some much more than others. When we finished tending to our basic survival needs, we were then thrust into quite different responsibilities of finding ice to save our food, maintaining communication with the outside world, and making sure our homes were safe. Suddenly, getting home before dark was important with no street lights working. Making sure we had enough gas in our vehicles to secure our basic essentials was important too. For so many, however, just getting to a safe place or higher ground was necessary to survive. Abandoning homes, losing pets and precious mementos became absolutely heart wrenching, however it was necessary to survive. When the magnitude of what just happened settled in, our hearts went out to those who lost their loved ones, homes, pets, and possessions. Once we were re-connected visually to assess what happened, heroic and heartwarming stories unfolded of people just helping people. The grassroots effort of volunteering is alive and well. As the rebuilding efforts begin, the landscape of our area is sure to change, however, the collective soul of its people, their true grit and spirits will not. We’re all made of something inside that just can’t be broken. Surviving and thriving is what we do best and the world has now seen exactly that in full force. n Marianne LiBretto, L.H.M.C BioLogical Wellness | 516- 997-5852

Have you ever wondered what your resilience aptitude and potential is? Agreeing with each of the statements below indicates top resilience! 1. 2.

I don’t let little things bother me I am grateful for simple things like family, having enough to eat, love, etc. 3. I make decisions easily 4. Spirituality, or belief in God, plays an important role in my life 5. I don’t mind asking for help when I need it 6. I embrace change 7. I always try to put problems in perspective and see “the big picture” 8. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong 9. I always bounce back after a big let down 10. I consider myself an optimist What you can do to improve your resilience aptitude right now: Think of three examples of bad things that happened to you in the past that ultimately turned out for the best. Now apply any insights you might have from these past events to your current life circumstances. Is there something going badly now, that eventually might turn out to be for the best? Like a relationship, job or financial situation? Move in new directions and practice your resilience! n Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. | 516 623 4353

your holiday exercise plan by Lauren Geldmacher Make a holiday exercise plan now, don’t wait until the new year. If you fail to plan, you will. Without a plan, your plan is to fail. Your first step to success is to not skip

The Real Woman, The Gift Of Love

workouts or sabotage your diet. Make a plan to balance your diet and nutrition as you have always done. Keep your goals realistic and reasonable; to stay and maintain is a woman? through the holidays.What It’s always good to raise your

A piece of art, a gift of love,

standards to even lose some weight during holidays and Not just a filmy goddess, reverse your thoughts of gaining. Who looks down from above.

As the holiday season gets hectic, plan your workouts and your meals She according yourasbusier schedule. may betothin a twig,

More often Anticipate your schedule, writeshe’s downnot, your goals and She comes in all sizes, tasks ahead of time. Make your own appointments in your

personal private training wnbf pro figure competitor Lauren Geldmacher help with • meal planning • posing instruction • group personal training




Huntington Village 631.549.1059 Get Started TODAY with a FREE consultation! Late night hours starting Feb. 4th: 631-707-3939 Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5 |

To her there is a lot.

schedule for your workout time and stick to it. If you slip at a holiday party or gathering, simply get back to it again. Fat or thin, Don’t let one small slip Short derail or you from your goals. Make tall, the best choicesShe’ll possible, within your calorie always be looked at, deficit at

In any mall. in versus calories out. holiday parties. Remember calories Make the choice between good and better and think about Her face may be pretty,

portion sizes of higher calorie choices. A calorie surplus Very often she’s considered plain, actually gets stored as fat. Small amounts Her name can an exotic one,of anything, not only bad food will getbracelet stored as fat Jane. if it’s not over your Hernot baby read calorie deficit. If you keep your calories in line and stick

This woman stands the rest, to your workouts, you who will not haveabove additional weight gain Accepts just how she looks, over the holidays. Fill up on lean proteins such as turkey, No Botox, implants or uplifts does she want,

chicken, fish and always add some vegetables. Always She doesn’t look at remake yourself books. go easy on any dessert. Your success this season willanything be in consistency. If If she wants to change at all, you stick to your and be consistent, hers, the holidays will The plan decision is completely

heron lifeyour to live in her own not beat you.It’s Stay schedule, keepway, your portions Whether she wears six inch high heels oryour spurs. under control and don’t let the holidays defeat goals. In conclusion, if you make a plan, stick to your plan, your This woman of today’s world, plan will be successful! Has her very own special way,

She works, she plays, she’s a stay at home Mom,

n Lauren Geldmacher And she does it every day.

Personal Trainer/ WNBF Pro Figure Competitor Fitness Loft of Huntington | 631-707-3939 by Jerilyn Young

• Imagine a life free of worry and anxiety • Easy and effortless relationships • A healthy, well-adjusted mind and body • Reduction of stress and anxiety • Anger control • Increased self-esteem and boosted morale • Balanced work and personal life • Goal attainment and effective prioritizing skills • Understanding communication styles and resolution of conflict Eileen Lichtenstein believes inner strength and being centered are the KEYS TO LIFE and business success. Her programs are geared to empower all people and help promote optimum wellness and productivity. She is a former faculty member of Hofstra University and former biofeedback practitioner, and is currently a certified Anger Management Specialist by the U.S. Courts, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner, and Peak Performance Success Life/Career Coach. Eileen is the author of Soar! With Resilience®, an interactive manual which provides the core material for her training programs. Tranquility and success is just workshops/coaching away! • • 516-623-4353

Late Lat 4th: 12-5 12bott leav art f

Pal-O-Mine Equestrian

Lisa Gatti

Eight wide-open acres of farmland just a half-mile from the LIE…only in Islandia, NY, is Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, a therapeutic equine program that facilitates growth, learning and healing. For the hundreds of clients who visit weekly-children and adults with disabilities, those who have been abused or neglected, veterans and the economically compromised, Pal-O-Mine has become an oasis of hope.   Looking out her office window, Founder and Executive  Director Lisa Gatti keeps a watchful eye on a 12-year-old rider trotting along in the arena. A car accident at age 2 left the girl in critical condition, and although her doctor advised “pulling the plug,” her parents never gave up

hope. Against overwhelming odds, this fighter of a child  has overcome enormous struggles. Today, ten years later, she is out there on this beautiful field, navigating around  obstacles with her trusted quarter horse that has become her best friend.   “The horses put her on a level playing field, an  opportunity that so many kids with challenges never get,” said Lisa. “It makes no difference to her horse that her feet are in adaptive stirrups or her hands are holding reins made especially for her. She’s riding independently out there. Our clients experience that feeling of self-worth often for the first time in their lives.”   A non-profit 501©3 organization, Pal-O-Mine is a safe 

Our horses help youth who want to believe in themselves. They help kids who can’t speak, see, or hear to find new ways to connect with the world and build confidence. haven for so many. “Their horses become their best friend, someone they can share their stories with, to cry to, to enjoy happiness with.” Lisa started Pal-O-Mine in 1995. The idea came from a Danielle Steel novel she read in college, when she realized she could combine her passions for horseback riding and teaching. After learning how her work inspired Lisa, Ms. Steel sent Pal-O-Mine an $8,000 check signed with “Good Luck!”, becoming one of Lisa’s first financial  backers. Pal-O-Mine uses horses to help treat and heal physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. The horses teach trust, responsibility and loyalty. Pal-O-Mine contracts with alternative schools to facilitate character education curricula for elementary through high school-aged students that encourage positive behaviors. The curricula meet academic standards, and all of Pal-O-Mine’s teachers are certified. For children with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida, “The horse’s movement gives input  to a patient’s vestibular system, improving hand-eye coordination, balance, gross motor control and trunk control,” Lisa said. “Our horses help youth who want to believe in themselves. They help kids who can’t speak, see, or hear to find new ways to connect with the world  and build confidence.” “These are incredible kids and adults with so much courage,” said Lisa, talking about the difference Pal-OMine has made to the lives of their clients. “It could be that a student who was never able to hold up their own body for more than a minute, can now sit up for 15 minutes. That’s huge,” she said. Pal-O-Mine works with a wide array of at-risk groups. For victims of domestic violence, the horses represent their freedom, and they learn confidence and how to  set boundaries. The Horses Healing Veterans program is tailored for our military suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or traumatic brain injury. There are programs for children who have been bullied, for young adults with mental illness and for those who struggle with alcohol and substance abuse. Horses do not discriminate; they live in the moment and are acutely aware of their surroundings and environment, making them the perfect tool to address presenting issues. Pal-O-Mine is not state-funded, which means they rely

solely on donations. Anyone can adopt a horse, or a rider, or a school district to help keep Pal-O-Mine doing the wonderfully innovative and effective work they are doing. With 400 students working with 19 therapy horses weekly, Pal-O-Mine’s 150 volunteers and six full-time paid staff are busy. But they’re all dedicated to giving back. “Everyone wants to be here because of a love for the animals, the environment, and our clients. All of us get back so much more than we give,” said Lisa. “It’s so nice to make a difference.” Visit, (631) 348-1389. Hillary Call

FOOD&NUTRITION Fabulous, Tasty Snacks You Can Throw Together in Minutes! We’ve all been there…caught by surprise when friends or relatives drop by unexpectedly. No need to fret! Pop open a bottle of wine, and whip up some magnificent hors d’oeuvres and appetizers using items you probably have in your pantry and refrigerator. Suggested foodstuff to have on hand: • Large Flour Tortillas • Bagel Chips, Ritz crackers, Tostitos “Scoops” Chips • Cheeses: i.e. bag of shredded Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Brie, Sour Cream • Perdue® Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast • Salsa and Marinara Sauce • Canned Tuna, Olives, Re-fried Beans, Nuts, Craisins®


Super quick and super tasty. Place flour tortilla on a medium hot frying pan, sprinkle with shredded cheese, cover with another tortilla. Flip when cheese melts slightly and heat for another minute or two. Serve with salsa and sour cream. If you’re feeling more “Italiano”, spoon on some marinara sauce and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese when the tortilla is on the pan. Remove when cheese has melted, then cut into quarters. In a glass parfait bowl, layer any

Numberless Layer Dip combination of some or all of the following items: re-fried beans, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, freshly diced tomatoes, chopped black olives, cooked taco meat or chicken. (You can also fill individual Tostitos “Scoops” with any of the above food items and top with cheese and an olive slice). “Fiesta time” in no time!

Brown Sugar Brie

Place any size firm, whole Brie cheese on a baking dish and coat with a few tablespoons of firmly packed brown sugar and coarsely chopped pecans. Bake until sugar melts. Serve with bagel or crackers and Voilà, elegant appetizer extraordinaire!

Pinwheels Lettuce Wraps

Lay out some clean, fresh Boston Lettuce leaves and fill with tuna salad or chopped chicken with peanuts, Craisins® and a little mayo or cream cheese. Healthy and delicious!

Give a fun and decorative spin to boring sandwiches. Simply place some cold cuts like ham, turkey or roast beef and cheese slices with some lettuce on a tortilla, roll it up, place toothpicks along the roll and cut into small “pinwheels”.

n Lidia Szczepanowski | Everything Lidia, Inc. |

EALT EALT H H H H Paint the Mall Red Paint the Mall Red


at walt whitman shops SAT. fEBRUARY 23, 2013 • 12-6pm

at walt whitman shops SAT. fEBRUARY 23, 2013 • 12-6pm Event Exhibitor Tables Available! Visit

Event Exhibitor Tables Available! Visit


GEM MAGAZINE For The Long IsLand Woman


HEALTHY BODY & MIND and blood clotting. When does the madness stop? Never, as calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium are all found in good amounts inside this baby! Go Okra! Want more? What woman wouldn’t? Okra is an amazing source of folates. One serving computes to 22% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). And what does this mean to us? By eating your RDA of folic acid everyday you can significantly decrease your risk for certain defects in offspring, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Well, sign me up!

OKRA Happy New Year, my fellow nutrition followers! What better way to begin 2013 than in a healthy direction. Let’s start the new year by learning about Lady Fingers. What? Mikey T has got you pondering already. Now, I’m sure you can gather I am not talking about those light and sweet sponge cakes. It’s my dear old Louisiana favorite, okra! Don’t judge a zebra by her stripes just yet, even though it may be the top hated vegetable in the world; either because of its “slimy” juice or its odd appearance. Okra is a

He Too Just Wants To Be Loved low calorie “super veggie” that only contains 30 calories, 0g fat, 7g carbs, 2g protein, 3g fiber per cup. They are notably included in cholesterol control and weight reduction programs by nutrition professionals. Are we keeping score? If so, we just scored a touchdown…with okra! And bring on the vitamins! Okra is rich in vitamin-A and B-complex group, with vitamin-C largely packed in, and by now, we know why they are so important. The pods are also a great source for vitamin-K which is needed for bone strengthening

So how about we decide to rotate your snack foods once again? We all crunch away on celery, it’s delicious and nutritious. Yes, even the little ones get it zip-locked into a brown bag lunch. Okra is an amazing “switch-a-roo” with actual nutritional status. Roast up these pods with a little olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper for 15-20 minutes at 425◦. Serve with a fun, spicy ginger sauce that heated up my family over the holiday season: 1/3 cup tomato paste 1 tbsp white vinegar 1 cup cold water 12 small chilies, chopped 3 tbsp ginger, grated 3 tbsp garlic, crushed 1 red onion, chopped 2 tsp sea salt 1 tbsp thyme, chopped Toss everything in a saucepan and simmer it for 15-20 minutes, keep an eye on it. Let it cool down, and puree in food processor, that’s it! Save it, store it, eat it! n Michael Nack Follow me on Twitter @PTmikeyT

New Year...New You

The founders of Proactiv created a New Skin Care Line that is “SPANXS” for the skin. Get rid of your lines and wrinkles.

A Whole Approach for a Healthy Lifestyle Dr. Stephen Atkins, founder and owner of Atkins Wellness Solutions, prides himself in giving medical advice that differs from all other doctors on the Island. Located in Huntington, Atkins Wellness Solutions works to rebalance the body by using formulas and nutrition products. Dr. Atkins believes that disease starts at the cellular level, so clarifying the body is the first step to a cure. His main focus is the digestive system, but has treated patients that suffered from autism to cancer and many other health concerns. Dr. Stephen Atkins has a passion for what he does and has been involved in holistic medical solutions for 30 years. He had a practice in Manhattan and worked in an emergency room prior to his current job. He also trained with a world renowned homeopath as his mentor. Atkins now brings his knowledge of how to achieve a healthy lifestyle to Long Island. “Other companies use supplements, but I would rather explore the root of the cause and balance the body,” exclaims Atkins. This is what makes Dr. Atkins stand out compared to all other doctors on the Island. He would prefer to find solutions that allow the body to heal itself rather than prescriptions. To try out this unique experience, contact Dr. Stephen Atkins at 631-470-2499, visit his office at 75 Prospect Street in Huntington, or visit n Danielle Yurkew

Just ask Kathy Geiss, Executive Level I Independent Consultant, how to “leave the aging to the wine & cheese!” All items have a 60 day, empty bottle, no hassle money back guarantee. For products For Kathy 516-578-8183. Business opp:

A Whole Approach to a

Healthy Lifestyle!


Wellness solutions Integrating Homeopathic Medicine & Clinical Nutrition We specialize in and create programs for: • Custom Homeopathic Remedies • Optimal Nutrition & Healthy Aging • Weight & Cholesterol Management • Nutritional Support to fight Cancer • Detoxification • Digestive Issues • Food Sensitivities...and much more

75 Prospect St., Suite 114 Huntington, NY Dr. stephen Atkins, Ph.D

“Good Nutrition is not an alternative therapy. It is a fundamental part of health.”



LOVEHURTS Get Divorced or Stay Together? Many couples today have lost their connection, fallen out of love, tried everything their marriage counselor suggests…and still can’t find that spark to re-connect, forgive, forget and move along together. Unfortunately, in this economy, divorce can be more costly than most people can afford, even two professionals. Between housing, day care, insurance and just life in general, moving apart now adds huge financial burden! Can couples be civil enough to work out a formula that can work? Of course they can, schedules must be structured and the finances treated as a business partnership. So, if people are mature and healthy, not jealous or very wounded, couples could live together to raise the children and take care of the family and not suffer, emotionally or financially. Obviously, this concept does not work for every couple getting a divorce. But, in some very special cases, this may become the new trend and a practical solution to couples unable to afford moving apart. n Suzanne Wachtel CSW Individual and couples counseling 631-525-3646

Handling Your Teen’s Relationship Break-Up The end of a romantic relationship is hard even for an adult. When you’re a teenager it’s even tougher: hormone changes make emotions run high, every slight is seemingly exaggerated and peer pressure makes it even worse. Parents can help make this transition a little easier. Here’s what to say – and not to say – when your teen’s having trouble: Worst Things to Say to a Teen When a Relationship Breaks Up: • “You’ll get over it” • “There are other fish in the sea” • “You’re too young for a serious relationship” While these statements are meant to make your teenager feel better, they actually make them feel worse by dismissing their feelings. What your teen needs are comments that validate their self-worth and let them know that your support for them is unwavering. By far the most important statement you can make to your teen is the following: “Tell me more.” Be a good listener. Turn off the TV, set aside one-on-one time so your teen can get what’s bugging them off their chest. Teens need to feel heard – it helps them understand that they matter, and that helps rebuild their selfesteem in the aftermath of a break-up. Watch for signs of depression including isolation and lack of interest in friends or activities. Concerned? Call LICC’s hotline at 516-679-1111. n Hillary Call Long Island Crisis Center Volunteer | 516-679-1111 |




Theresa Statz-Smith Being Well Means Being Heard Theresa Statz-Smith For All Your Legal Needs

5 easy steps to a better marriage

Executive Director, Long Island Arts Alliance Executive Director, Long Island Arts Alliance For the past two Technology is meant to years as its Executive For the past twoGranted, increase efficiency. Director for Long Island COUPLES BOOTCAMP Arts Alliance (LIAA), its also Executive ityears doesas and decreases save your Revive, marriage, Theresa Statz-Smith “Repair, Reconnect, Re-energize and Director for in Long Island has made it her goal face-to-face person have a four way! Re-negotiate” YOUR MARRIAGE to shine a spotlight on Arts Alliance (LIAA), contact. the cultural arts events “Repair, Revive, Theresa Statz-Smith 631-270-7771 445 Broadhollow Rd., Suite 124, Melville, NY that are happening right 5 easy steps to a better marriage Instead of purchasing here on Long Island. Reconnect, Re-energize has made her Lidia isitalso thegoal CEO of Everything Living in the shadow of a goods in the community, we Lidia,®Inc., a multi-platform lifestyle Suzanne Wachtel, CSW and Re-negotiate” enterprise which includes Stylish Safety Personal Protection and metropolitan city, Long to shine a spotlight onhome shop online. We stay Individual, Couplestruggle & Family Counseling Island arts and culture organizations constantly Safety Awareness Seminars and Products, a Radio Talk Show, Speaking your marriage the cultural arts eventsrather to promote their own world-class programs. Suzanne Wachtel, CSW and download a Interview video Engagements, Coaching and is devoted to educating, training, Psychotherapist Arts Alive LI showcases the superb talent and that are happening right challenging inspiring women to live safer, more fulfilling and remarkable cultural resources than go to the and movies. Our Long Island has to offer also Counseling Psychotherapist Individual, Couple & while Family 631-525-3646 lives. To book a seminar or for more information email fostering economic development through the arts and here on Long Island. children are glued to video games, rather than playing tweet me @sooziesview 631-525-3646 enhancing the quality of life for all local residents. or call 516.558.7131. Living in the shadow of a Instead of spending the costly amount of money to take outside with their friends. tweet me @sooziesview the family to the city to see a play, go to a museum, or metropolitan Technologycity, hasLong enabled us to have more choice, and attend a concert, locals are now discovering the wealth Island artstasks and in culture organizations struggle of cultural arts events that exists right in their own complete a much shorter time.constantly In many cases community by simply going to to promote their own world-class programs. Despite these dire economic times, Theresa justifies we have a greater relationship with the technological funding for the arts because it “feeds” our children in so Arts Alive showcases the superb and software, than LI with other human beings.talent I am concerned many ways: How do we inspire and engage that child to cultural LongofIsland hasand to offer while in school? And to create a life worth living? What about theresources undercurrent isolation impact on also future stay keeps that at-risk child in school: it’s when they learn to fostering economic development through the arts and love to sing a song, or play an instrument, or kick a ball. generations. That keeps an at-risk child at school.” enhancing the quality life for all residents. We know the typicalofscenario oflocal working parents Theresa talked about one of LIAA’s flagship Instead of spending the costly amount of money to take programs: Scholar-Artist Awards. “It’s based on the same Rosemarie Kluepfel both stressed to the max juggling home and work idea as the Scholar-Athlete Programs in our high schools the family to theEach city to seehas a Mortgage play, totheir a museum, Consultant where we honorHave the artistAinLegal the schoolQuestion? and bring that responsibilities. child a TVgoin room or FEATURES: NMLS# 40311 the wealth artist to the level of the athlete.” In partnership with attend a concert, locals are now discovering Public Relations, Marketing claiming• Low theirdown ownpayment independence. This reduces Newsday, New York Community Bank Foundation, and of cultural arts that exists right inhomes theirand own school districts, high school faculty nominate their top arguments, but events what has happened to sharing • Available for primary residences, second & Editorial Services artists for the honor. They must also maintain excellent community by simplyproperties going toare learning to Where the discussions of the academics. “Ultimately, twenty are designated andnegotiate? investment as Since 1996 and an additional twenty receive the Despite dire times,inTheresa justifies Scholar-Artists day’s eventsthese around theeconomic kitchen table, a technologyAward of Merit. Area universities offer scholarships, funding for the arts because it “feeds” our children in so 631-270-7771 445 Broadhollow and there is a big Newsday photo shoot to launch the Rd., Suite 124, Melville, NY Veterans Suiteetc.)? 12, Islandia, NY free zone (no1757 Ipods, Ipads,Hwy., texting, program and a Gala at Tilles Center closes the program many ways: How do we inspire engage that Direct: 631-881-5110 Cell: 631-662-4576 One of the most healing toolsand in being well is child to cutto in May.” As counsel for individuals, businesses and professionals, our elite team stay in school? And to create a life worth living? What not For moreofinformation about LIAAwork and Arts Alive go to maximize your recovery and trusted attorneys diligently through this undercurrent ofBanking isolation. Isolation means • Licensed Mortgage Banker NYS Department NMLS# 2289 their website at keepsheard. that at-risk school: it’s when learn to to resultsPhd while finding creative solutions to complex challenges. n Frances McGarry, being Beingchild well in means being heard.they Being heard Online WithFor Fran All | Your Legal Needs Including Personal Injury, love to sing a song, or play an instrument, or listen kick atoball. First requires another person to take the time and Medical Malpractice and Business Matters. That keeps an at-risk child at school.” you. One of the first steps in being heard is to ensure that talked LIAA’s you Theresa are listening to about Youofcan onlyflagship start with you. programs: Scholar-Artist Awards. “It’s based the same Find Out How The Sit down on a couch and use these tips toon practice idea asheard the Scholar-Athlete Programs in our high schools being by listening to others: Long Island Professional where we honor the artist in important the schooltoand bring that • Mary, that sounds really you.” (Validates Women’s Network artist to the level of the athlete.” In partnership with the other person.) Newsday, New you Yorkcorrectly, Community Foundation, and Can WORK FOR YOU! • “If I heard you Bank are saying...” school districts, school facultyfirst. nominate their top at (Summarize whathigh he/she is saying Stop chomping Visit Today artists forget theyour honor. They must maintain excellent the bit to thoughts out soalso quickly.) academics. “Ultimately, twenty are designated as • “It sounds like you’re feeling...” (Similar to above Scholar-Artists andtoan additional twenty receive the skill except you appeal their emotions, which is a great Award of Merit. Area universities offer scholarships, to develop.) Long Island and• there a bigdid... Newsday photoangry”, shoot to launch “Whenisyou I felt really rather thanthe “You Professional program a Gala at Tilles Center closes the program Women’s Network make me and angry.” (When you use “I” statements you will in May.” notice the other person can hear you more easily, as they For more no longer feel information accused.) about LIAA and Arts Alive go

Communicate with Intelligence.




to their website at

n Alyse ParisePhd LCSW n OnFire Frances McGarry, Psychotherapist and Certified Business Coach First Online With Fran | | 631-689-6272


Long Island’s PETS Get Help


Volunteers unload food donations at Pet Supplies Plus. Northport resident, Bettie Hamilton, Halo’s VP Marketing & Product Development and Anthony Rossano “Big Ant” of Rescue Ink Photos by Mike Venezia, Eye Alone Photography

Homeless Long Island Pets Get Help from Ellen and, a website dedicated to feeding homeless pets, and Ellen DeGeneres’ pet food company Halo, Purely for Pets, helped five Long Island animal shelters and rescues kick off the new year with a large donation of healthy food. The donation was part of the Freekibble. com and Halo Holiday Kibble Drop, where, throughout December, semi-trucks delivered 500,000 meals to 69 shelters and rescues across the United States, many in areas hard hit by Superstorm Sandy. On Long Island, Bobbi and the Strays, Almost Home, Rescue Ink, Bide-a-Wee and the Shelter/Rescue Partnership received a collective 65,000 meals for the pets in their care. The Kibble Drop stopped at Pet Supplies Plus in Oceanside, where the organizations came to pick up their donations. Shelters and rescues impacted by the storm are still struggling to rebuild and replenish their supplies. “Sandy devastated us,” says Diana Seoane Beiro from Bobbi and the Strays. “We lost so much – supplies, medicine, food, everything. This boost of

(food) inventory is great. It enables us to help others as well.” was founded by 16-year-old Mimi Ausland, when she was just 11. Visitors visit or its companion site,, and answer a pet-related trivia question. For each question answered (right or wrong), donates 10 pieces of Halo Spot’s Stew to pets in need. and Halo believe the holidays are a great time to make large donations like this. Organizations that feed the pets in their care high quality food like Halo, say it makes a notable difference in the pets’ health and well being and even their adoptability. In a recent survey of 85 shelter professionals, 71% said that better food quality “definitely helps” dogs and cats to get adopted. Helping homeless pets find their forever homes is a cause important to Halo co-owner Ellen DeGeneres. “Pet adoption is something I’m extremely passionate about. I believe that by working together, we can find good homes for the millions of homeless and abandoned pets out there,” she says.

Dogs love to be entertained with a tasty chew treat. In many pet stores, you can find a variety of natural and synthetic varieties, from knotted or bone-shaped rawhide, to animal parts like ears or knuckles, to assorted straight or spiral sticks in a wide range of sizes. All of these are designed to occupy our pets, exercise their jaws and stimulate their senses. If you look a little closer when selecting chew treats, you will find a growing edible variety designed to promote dental health and, in some cases, provide nutritional benefits. What a great idea! Our pets can get their “chew on” while gently scraping plaque off their teeth and ingesting beneficial ingredients to help their immune system, freshen breath, promote a shiny coat and naturally calm anxiety. Halo offers Spot’s Chews, natural and healthy edible dental treats in a variety of flavors and appropriately sized for toy, small and medium-sized dogs. Made with whole grains, nutrient dense chia and assorted beneficial fruits, these heart-shaped chews are highly digestible, low fat and satisfying. Unlike animal part chews that may have a strong smell, all Spot’s Chews have pleasing aromas identified by their names: Minty Fresh, Yummy Pumpkin or the newest addition: Nutty Banana, offering a natural antioxidant blast from ingredients like pomegranate. All are formulated free of wheat gluten, corn or soy. When feeding any edible chew, keep in mind that your pet is ingesting additional calories, so adjust his food intake accordingly to keep him at a healthy weight. Follow feeding instructions, monitor chewing and always have fresh drinking water available. n Bettie Hamilton a Northport resident, is the VP of Marketing & Product Development for Halo, Purely for Pets.

D e D i c at e D t o F i n e c r a F t s m a n s h i p


Saracino Construction Corp.

All Phases of Home Construction General Contracting & Construction Management


Construction Management Custom Built Homes Home Remodeling Patio & Brick Work New Roofs & Siding Custom Kitchens & Baths Complete Architectural Design Commercial & Residential Licensed & Insured Montauk to Manhattan

HOME&GARDEN though unseen, they still create clutter in our space. In addition, eliminating excess furniture expands the natural path of energy moving throughout the room and into the next. Moving unwanted pieces from one room to another does not eliminate the clutter, it relocates them. Other forms of clutter are dust and pet hair on furniture and floors, unclean windows, sinks, ovens, spoiled food in refrigerator, and chipped and faded paint on walls.

Getting Organized In The Living and Work Area

Feng Shui TipS Your living and working space reflects how you feel about yourself. Because we spend our waking hours in our space, it is important to create the right environment.

The spatial arrangement of the furniture also contributes to our wellbeing. For example, in the ideal work area, the desk should be facing the door and is set back into the room, allowing for as wide a view as possible of your surroundings. A solid wall behind the desk provides a sense of safety while you work. Take the time to be aware of your space. Our environment affects how we feel when we live and work.

aromatherapy oils

Feng Shui teaches us that energy needs to circulate and flow easily in order to allow balance and harmony into our environment. This enables us to clear our thinking, improve our mood, and keep us focused. When we are confused, overwhelmed, or incapable of moving ahead, it might mean that there is too much clutter in our space, and it blocks the flow of energy. By organizing our space effectively, we attract balance into our living and working area. It is important to discard items that no longer serve us. Items displayed on tabletops and desks should be easily accessible and necessary for everyday use. Closets, drawers, and cabinets are notorious hiding places for outdated and forgotten objects. Even

Infuse your home with natural scents in order to engage the senses. While fresh, welcoming scents in any form can create the ambiance you want to achieve, it’s best to use natural variations.

n Evelyn Chin | Evelyn Chin Designs 917-593-8102 |

HOME&GARDEN When purchasing a home, coming up with a down payment plus the closing costs may not always add up. If you have limited funds on hand, or don’t want to deplete your entire savings account, a seller’s concessions may be the answer. A seller’s concession is a set dollar amount or percentage of the purchase price that a seller agrees to contribute towards your closing costs. This would reduce the amount of money you would need to bring to the closing table when purchasing a home. Typically the allowable amount is between 3% and 6% of the purchase price. These contributions allow some of the closing costs to be financed over the life of the loan, but be sure to consult a mortgage specialist to evaluate if a concession would be beneficial or allowed, as there may be restrictions. Seller’s concessions can not be paid in cash to the buyer, so any unused portion will revert back to the seller, so calculate accordingly. Your mortgage specialist may be able to include your request for a seller’s concession in your pre-approval letter, so when working with your realtor and/or attorney, it can be part of the negotiations. Seller’s concessions, when used properly, might be the help would-be buyers need to purchase a home sooner rather than later, because less out of pocket funds are needed. First time home buyers, who often need assistance in purchasing their first home, may want to utilize a seller’s concession as well. A seller’s concession may be the difference between dreaming about owning a home or the American Dream of Home Ownership. n Rosemarie Kluepfel NYS Licensed Mortgage Specialist NMLS #40311 | 631-881-5110


This information is not intended to be an indication of loan qualification, loan approval or commitment to lend. Other limitations may apply. ©2012 Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation NMLS ID#2289. Licensed Mortgage Banker N.Y.S. Banking Department. EQUAL HOUSING LENDER.

Selling Your Home in Winter - Advantage or Disadvantage? Lawns are covered with fallen leaves, and the first snow of the impending winter has lightly covered the ground. Days are shorter, with limited sunlight and the house is colder, so the oil burner has kicked on. Through these dark days of winter, the weather conditions can make selling a home even more stressful, but sellers needn’t hibernate ‘til the Spring. While it is difficult to create the curb appeal of the Spring/Summer when the flowers are in bloom and the trees are filled with leaves, it is not impossible; and making the effort to showcase the house inside and out can likely close the deal. Throughout the winter months there are fewer showings, but that can be more to the seller’s advantage. If buyers are motivated because of relocation, or if they have already sold their home and need to find a new home, they are serious buyers. The slow market provides more attention from agents and less competition from other homes, so take advantage of this and make sure your home stands out from others. Some tips for preparing a home for sale in winter: . Keep walkways and driveways clear of snow and ice. Try to keep snow in front yard untouched, it just looks nicer

. Check outside lighting - is it adequate and inviting? . Hopefully mailbox, front door and general appearance of the home has been maintained . Walking through the front door, sellers need to create a warm and inviting environment . Heat should be adjusted so buyers are comfortable, and if there is a fireplace, keep it turned on to create a cozy ambiance - it gives off some light also . Make the most of the available light - wash windows, clean blinds and keep curtains open all the way . Turn on lights, light scented candles, creating a relaxing feeling . Make the home turnkey - not a turkey. A Staging Consultation from a Professional Home Stager can prepare a List of Recommendations to further prepare the home to show at its best, and better than all the rest! So, don’t feel it’s not worth listing the house ‘til the Spring - if buyers love the home when the weather is cold and gloomy, they’re going to love it the rest of the year! n Barbara Quitonil Creatively Transformed 631-766-7711 |

Home Is Where The Heart Is The following are some definitions and quotes about HOME as they relate to a residence: A place where one lives; a residence: domicile, house The social unit formed by a family living together Pennisetums

The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household An environment offering security and happiness A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin A familiar or usual setting: congenial environment; also: the focus of one’s domestic attention: Habitat “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...but how much love we put in that action.” -Mother Teresa “Any old place I can hang my hat is home sweet home to me.” -William Jerome “Home wasn’t built in a day.” -Jane Sherwood Ace “We know that when people are safe in their homes, they are free to pursue their dream for a brighter economic future for themselves and their families.” -George Pataki “Where thou art, that is home.” -Emily Dickinson “Seek home for rest, for home is best.” -Thomas Tusser “A man’s house is his castle.” -James Otis n Lisa Albinowski

Licensed Real Estate Broker, SRES, CBR Realty Connect, 631-793-7329

Designing Your “Resilient” Landscape: A Lesson Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Take a walk around your neighborhood on one of these brisk winter mornings and have a look at the surrounding natural scenery…what do you see? Fallen tree limbs, piles of leaves, crushed flowerbeds, and barnacle-encrusted nautical debris washed up on the sands of the north and south shores…countless ruined gardens, messy yards, and damaged landscapes. Long after hurricane Sandy swept over us with her incredibly devastating winds, rains, and tidal force, our community remains locked in a strange state of disarray. Cleanup and recovery efforts continue here on Long Island, despite the fact that the “perfect storm” struck us many weeks ago. Moving forward, Long Islanders must take this storm as a learning experience. Take this opportunity to dream up your ideal landscape to replace your former outdoor space. However, consider having a “resilient” landscape installed, one that will better withstand any future destructive weather events. Try a cleverly designed outdoor space that includes hearty flora, high-quality hardscape features, and other components of your garden that are installed in smart ways. For instance, by restricting the flora in your landscape exclusively to areas with quality soils and proper drainage, healthy native plants will be less likely to uproot in future storms. Try planting slightly smaller, more “flexible” species of indigenous trees, and heavily prune away dead wood from existing ones. Garden Rooms also suggests planting ornamental grasses. Try miscanthus and pennisetums, which are beautiful as well as coldtolerant, easily withstanding our New York winters. Covering bare spots in your garden with grasses and other low-growing plants helps to keep soils together and also allows for maximum absorption of rainwater. Such smart outdoor designs work with nature to safeguard against future damage! Who knows what the next storm will bring! n Mary Rosenvinge Garden Rooms and Landscapes Northport 631-754-8065 |


Here We Are Mid-Winter “

Things to carry: a shovel, some sand or gravel, old cloths, a few mats, and something to put in front of the wheels for traction.

Kevin Albinowski



How well is your vehicle performing in this cold climate? I’ll bet some of you are having battery issues about now. Slow cranking, no cranking, or nothing at all. Cars can be cranky (ha ha), but this is no joke if it’s you. When this happens, there’s not much you can do without some assistance. You’ll need a battery boost, a tow, battery replacement, or in a pinch, a push-start (if you have a standard transmission). You’ll need a few hands to push the car, keep it in 2nd gear, roll the car, then release the clutch pedal quickly (key is on during this). The car should jerk or lurch forward, then start up. If it starts, get it checked out fast. Of course, if you check your battery every so often, you’ll stay out of trouble. How about some ways of getting out of the snow? I’m not talking about 2 to 3 feet, just a few inches to maybe 6-8. I’ve used this method quite often. Your tires are spinning, but you’re not moving. First thing to try is rocking–give a little gas then let off, then gas again. You may get free this way. My best way without digging is shifting from reverse to drive while slight throttle. First reverse, and as the car approaches its farthest point, shift to drive. If it stops, continue…you’ll get farther each time. If this doesn’t work, try moving some snow away from the wheels (front and back) with the shovel you have in the trunk, right? Then try rocking again, and that should work. Please don’t be too aggressive with the throttle, and be careful not to shift it into park while rocking. Things to carry: a shovel, some sand or gravel, old cloths, a few mats, and something to put in front of the wheels for traction. Or you can buy snow tires. All-season tires are not snow tires; these have a more aggressive tread. Have a safe winter, drive carefully and be safe and warm.

President: Keystone Tire & Auto Repair







We have many banking sources that need new accounts. Lenders will be approving deals on premise all during this promotion.

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BUSINESS&FINANCE While the holiday season being over might mean just taking down holiday decorations for some, it could mean an unhappy new year of debt for others as credit card bills begin rolling in. While the damage may already be done, there are some strategies that can be used for confronting holiday debt head-on.

start... Start the new year with the “I am in control of my finances� mindset by assessing the total amount of debt that you are responsible for and create a plan for aggressively repaying it. Next, evaluate what money is going in and out each month and modify expenses and spending where possible to achieve a realistic approach for tackling the debt.

next... continue...

Take stock in using holiday bonuses or monetary gifts you might have received during the holidays to pay off lingering holiday debt. Although this might not be the way you envisioned spending your gifts or hard-earned bonus, using them for debt can be the key for buying peace of mind for that Happy New Year. .

Start putting money away weekly or monthly for a financial cushion while repaying your holiday debt. This cushion can also be used for unexpected expenses that may come up later in the year. When spending in the New Year, only use credit cards for special circumstances to maintain a low balance, which is especially important while repaying existing debt. If you use a credit card, make sure you are prepared to pay off the entire amount.

finally... Finally, discuss repaying lingering holiday debt with your significant other to ensure you are both on the same page and can work as a team in resolving the debt. Approach your household budget and spending as you would a business and be aware of what cash flow is needed in order to keep it functioning. Working within a budget can help you realize what purchases you cannot afford and where expenses can be potentially eliminated for freeing up funds that can be redirected toward repaying holiday debt. Whenever possible, use cash instead of credit for everyday expenses to ensure you stay within budget.

n Leslie H. Tayne, Esq. | The Law Offices of Leslie H. Tayne P.C. |

Cancer Insurance Taking The Burden Off

Statistics show that 1 in 3 women will experience cancer in their lifetime. If you or a loved one should be stricken with this disease, can you handle the financial costs treatment Call meof today to discussand yourrelated options. expenses? How will you Some people thinkmortgage, Allstate only your car. Truth pay your rent, orprotects auto insurance if no is, money Allstate can also protect your home or apartment, your boat, is coming into your household? motorcycle - even your retirement and your life. And the more

Call me today to discuss your options. Call mepeople today think to discuss youronly options. Some Allstate protects your car. Truth is, Some people think Allstate protects your car.your Truth is, Allstate can also protect youronly home or apartment, boat, Allstate can also protect your home apartment, boat, motorcycle - even your retirement andoryour life. Andyour the more motorcycle your and the your life. you Andcan thesave. more of your world- even you put in retirement Good Hands®, more of your world you put in Good Hands®, the more you can save.

of your world you put in Good Hands®, the more you can save.

Cancer insurance could be the answer. For low MICHELE MARTIN annual premiums, cancer insurance can help defer (631) 261 4200 the cost of treatments, transportation, lodging, meals, 1028 FT. SALONGA RD and childcare. It can help cover your out-of-network NORTHPORT expenses, deductibles and gaps in your existing health benefits. Cancer insurance pays direct to you, the insured, not the doctors, hospitals or treatment Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company,These Allstate Indemnity Company, and Casualty Insurance facilities. benefits canAllstate helpFireyou with the Company. Life insurance and annuities issued by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Lincoln, additional costs you willNorthbrook, experience while under NE, Allstate Life Insurance Company, IL, and American Heritage Life Insurance Company, Jacksonville, FL. In New York, Allstate Life Insurance Company of treatment, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company. getting well, and not on your financial situation.


Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, subject to terms, and availability. Property andInsurance Casualty Insurance Allstatequalifications Indemnity Company, AllstateAllstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Life Company, Allstate Indemnityissued Company, Allstate Fire and Company. insurance and annuities by Lincoln Benefit Life Casualty Company,Insurance Lincoln, Company. insurance and Company, annuities issued by Lincoln Life Company, Lincoln, NE, AllstateLifeLife Insurance Northbrook, IL, Benefit and American Heritage Life NE, Allstate Life Insurance Company, IL, and Insurance Company, Jacksonville, FL. In Northbrook, New York, Allstate LifeAmerican InsuranceHeritage CompanyLife of Insurance Company, Jacksonville, FL. In New York, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company. New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company.

n Michele Martin Michele M. Martin Insurance Agency, Inc. | 631-261-4200


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by Alyse Parise

I have been wondering what makes me happy. Not just happy – really happy. I know that you can’t fully experience happiness unless you’ve also experienced pain. Part of being human, is dealing with the contrast between good and bad, light and dark, pleasure and pain. When I try putting happiness into words, it seems complicated, because I live a multi-faceted, busy, life as a business owner, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, with so many things competing for my attention. Yet the happiest people are usually living “simple” lives. They love and accept every facet of their lives, whether on or off the grid. I am happiest when I’m spending quality time with friends or moving my body in nature. I am even happier when I can integrate friends, nature and being active in a stimulating environment where I learn something new about myself and others. This could be in a selfdevelopment workshop, a gathering of kindred spirits or hiking in a new place. Yet weeks can go by and I haven’t even contacted a friend, or carved out time for a hike. Can you relate? Research shows that 50% of how happy we are

a new year, a new you


is determined by our genetic makeup. Only 10% is from our circumstances, which includes job, money, health and social situations. 40% is based on creating intentional activities, which relates to finding new experiences and adding variety to our lives. So what’s happiness? Cuddling your cat, bonding with friends or colleagues, helping a stranger, traveling, volunteering. What I do know is that intrinsic activities generate more happiness than extrinsic ones. Intrinsic activities come more from an internal desire and are part of the 40%. Examples include personal growth, relationships, helping others and if you can add in an aspect of novelty, all the better. Extrinsic are more outwardly focused, requiring adulation from others and include aspects of money, image and status. Even though spending hours working may seem fruitful, does it make you really happy? The bottom line is you need to figure out where you feel in flow, in the zone or happy. Then go do “it”! n OnFire Alyse Parise LCSW Psychotherapist and Certified Business Coach | 631-689-6272

by Paula Klee Parish

Every January, the gym I frequent is packed. So what happens in February and March? Where did all of those people go? The problem is not in making a decision. The problem lies in our discipline and dedication to the decisions we make and how we plan to execute them. This is the difference between a life choice and status quo. As an example, let’s make a decision to “be a healthier you”starting now. This decision can become a “life changing decision based on what you do after you make the decision”. Too many people overrate decisionmaking and underrate decision-managing. There are two possibilities in making a decision: Manage incorrectly and having average to poor results. Manage correctly and having great results. We need both decision-making and managing our decisions to get off the ground and stay-the-course. Now, let’s get to how we can make your decision “to be a healthier you” actually work. The Disciplines You Practice Today Will Give You a Better Tomorrow

Making decisions has no real value without the second, which is practicing good discipline. Let’s face it: Everyone wants to be thin, but nobody wants to diet. Everyone wants to live long; not many want to exercise. Everybody wants good health, yet few want to work hard. Successful people conquer those feelings and form the habit of doing the things unsuccessful people do not like to do. The bookends of success are starting and finishing. Decisions help us start. Discipline helps us finish. Most people want to avoid pain, and discipline is often painful. But we need to recognize that there are really two kinds of pain when it comes to our daily conduct. There’s the pain of self-discipline and the pain of regret. Many people avoid the pain of self-discipline because it’s the easy thing to do. What they may not realize is that the pain of self-discipline is momentary, but the payoff is long-lasting. The pain of regret is a life-long agony that only gets worse as we age. n Paula Klee Parish Social & Community Psychology and Master Life Coach |

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LOVE continue...

Continue the special evening by lowering the lights and moving into darker chocolates and some silky red wines. Try the fruitier merlot grape, which will bring out the sweetness in the cocoa. Smell the chocolates to stimulate your senses, match the vanilla and honey notes to the aromas of the wine. You can easily sip and nibble your way through this bottle with your special someone.


first... Valentine’s Day brings images of sharing chocolate and wine with the one you love. What could be more romantic than presenting fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate, matched with an elegant sparkling rosé. Your Valentine will know a special evening is about to begin.


Ending the evening with bittersweet and dark chocolates paired with more intense red wines is a match made in heaven. These bittersweet chocolates tend to pair well with very robust reds, such as a California Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon. These darker chocolates tend to bring out the best of the fruit flavors in these higher tannic wines. This Valentine’s Day, indulge with decadent chocolates and luscious wines to share with your sweetheart. A simple rule to follow when pairing wines with chocolate is to match lighter, more elegant flavored chocolates with lighter-bodied wines; likewise, the stronger the chocolate, the more full-bodied the wine should be.

As your second course for romance, move on to a smooth milk chocolate with almonds to serve with a toasty Chardonnay. Sip the wine, and hold it in your mouth, notice the wine’s complexity, and which flavors come to mind. Now take a small bite of the chocolate, let it sit on your tongue. When it just begins to melt, sip the wine again and swirl together with the chocolate. n Lorraine Pomes




Mick DuRussell Rush Limbaugh

Radio Local Radio talk...Everyone is jumping ship at WABC/WPLJ. Clear Channel’s new purchase, WOR 710/New York is adding right wing mainstays RUSH LIMBAUGH, SEAN HANNITY and MARK SIMONE to their revised lineup, leaving the once-mighty 77WABC with a few weaker hosts like GERALDO RIVERA and DON IMUS and some syndicated fare (and lots of infomercials)… There’s a new program director coming in to handle “The Shark” (94.3 WWSK). Look for air shift to be added soon... Look for KJOY to step back to some of the music they recently


dropped... 94.7 WLIX-LP/RidgeMiddle Island is following a trend to add a “soft” sound back into AC radio... TOM D’ANGELO, a Long Islander who resides in NYC, is in negotiations for a possible reality TV show about a night club singer, sort of a take on the old Rat Pack meets DANNY THOMAS...ALVIN REID, the owner of the Lenox Lounge in NYC, has signed a new lease on a new location for a more fun than ever Lenox Lounge. He was ousted from the current location, which closed on New Year’s Eve, when his rent doubled. Seems a group from ROBERT DeNIRO’s boys is opening a new restaurant in the old Lenox Lounge location...

Emma Walton Hamilton & Julie Andrews

The long-standing girlfriend of a very famous rock guitarist, who lives on Long Island, is bragging publicly that her superstar boyfriend has just arrived with neatly folded laundry, especially for her. How domesticated...


Justin Bieber

Watch for the grand opening of the newly renovated SUFFOLK THEATER in Riverhead on March 2. Lots of world famous acts already lined up. Opening night on March 2 will be the Grammy Award winning VINCE GIORDANO and The Nighthawks! Coming events include special movie screenings, a Dinah Shore tribute, a Danny Kaye tribute, The Women of Rock and Roll, etc... I’ve been told screen legend JULIE ANDREWS is now living permanently in Sag Harbor. Since her husband BLAKE EDWARDS passed away in 2010, she has been spending much time with her daughter EMMA WALTON HAMILTON who lives in Sag Harbor and is an author, editor, co-author of 17 children’s books with her mother... JUSTIN BIEBER paid a surprise visit to the Party 105.FM studios in Ronkonkoma recently! …OLD HOLLYWOOD - a movie actress friend of mine tells me that her co-star ELVIS PRESLEY was actually a blond, but dyed his hair throughout his life! He was also a great practical joker on the set and a perfect gentleman...Until next time, happy trails!

Elvis Presley

n Mick DuRussell, The Showbiz Wizard, is an entertainment writer based on Long Island


ignite some passion Pan Seared Cajun Scallops

6-Sea Scallops 2-Tablespoons of Cajun mix 1-Tablespoon Butter 1-Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil In a medium pan melt butter and oil, combine cajun spices in a bowl and coat uncooked scallops. Gently place scallops into oil butter mixture and pan sear ‘til scallops become white in color. Serve and enjoy!

Sliced Filet Mignon Dusted with Chef Eddie G Rub

1-4oz Filet Mignon 2-Tablespoons Chef Eddie G Rub 1-Tablespoon Butter 1-Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lightly dust the filet mignon with Chef Eddie G Rub. Melt butter and oil together in a medium pan, once the oil/butter mixture has melted, sauté ‘til desired doneness. Carefully slice and enjoy!

Chianti Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

2-Cups Chicken Broth 2-Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2-Tablespoons Butter 1/4 Pound of Assorted Wild Mushrooms, sliced 1-Cup Chianti 1-Cup Arborio Rice 1-Garlic Clove, Minced Melt butter and oil, then add garlic on medium heat. Before garlic browns, add mushrooms and sauté ‘til soft. Add rice and let liquid absorb, add chicken broth and red wine. Turn temperature down and simmer gently, stirring risotto ‘til grains become creamy. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve scallops and sliced filet mignon over risotto. Enjoy! n Chef Eddie G | |

GEM Passion Cocktail Makes Two Cocktails

1 ½ oz Passion Fruit Liqueur (Passoa was used in this recipe) 1 ½ oz Triple Sec 1 ½ oz Watermelon Pucker 3 oz Pink Lemonade Sparkling Water Blood Orange In a large shaker with ice, add the passion fruit liqueur, triple sec, Watermelon Pucker, and pink lemonade. Shake until cold and pour into two martini glasses while leaving room to add sparkling water. Garnish with a slice of blood orange for added flavor and color. This cocktail created for GEM Magazine readers by

Sara Anne’s Business Networking Tips

steaks seafood cocktails fine wine

- A “success suit” will lead to a successful second meeting. I’d suggest a navy blue pinstripe business jacket coupled with a skirt or dress pants. Keep your hair back in a ponytail or away from your face. - Lead with your smile. Smiling can be contagious, and if it is warm and inviting, it is easy to talk to you about closing that next big deal. - Engage your prospect with a story from your travels, or a hobby. Networking events are usually held at catering halls or restaurants, so be yourself and business will casually get mentioned. - Networking events almost always have a theme. Listen to the presenters, you will learn something new every time! - Download CardMunch by LinkedIn to your iPhone or Android device. Not only will it scan your business card, it will sync the card to your LinkedIn account! - Follow up with an e-mail after the event. It will keep your prospect engaged, and keep you fresh in their minds. n Sara Fingerman Contributing Writer Gem Magazine LI,

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GREEK RESTAURANT 260 Islip Ave, Islip, NY 11751 631-650-0620 Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11am-10pm • Sunday 3pm-9pm • WE DELIVER! APPETizERS HOT Spinach Pie - $5.95 Saganaki - $10.95 Spinach Casserole - $8.95 Mozzarella Sticks - $7.95 Buffalo Wings - $8.95 Keftedes - $8.95

Stuffed Mushrooms - $8.95 Kalamari - $8.95 Zucchini Sticks - $7.95 Chicken fingers - $8.95 Falafel Appetizer - $6.25 Octapodi (octopus)- $14.95



Antipasto Platter - $13.95 Hummus - $6.25 Hummus Falafel Platter - $9.95 Tzatziki - $5.25 Skordalia - $5.25 Taramosalata - $6.25 Feta Cheese & Kalamata Olives - $8.95 Melitzanosalata - $6.25 Dolmades - $6.25

SOUPS CUP BOWL Avgolemono - Chicken, egg, lemon …$2.95.....$4.50 Soup Of The Day-............................$2.95.....$4.50 SALADS SMALL MEDIUM LARGE Greek Salad......$6.95.............$8.95...............$10.95 Horiatiki Salata..$8.95.....................................$11.95 (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, fresh peppers, feta cheese, grape leaves anchovies, & house vinaigrette) Greek Goddess..$8.95...........$10.95..............$12.95 (chicken souvlaki over salad) Might Aphrodite..$11.95.............$12.95...........$14.95 (Shrimp Kebob Over Salad) **Extra Shrimp - $5.95 Poseidon Salad..$12.95 $13.50 $14.50 (Broiled Salmon Over Salad)

GREEK SPECiALTiES Pork Souvlaki - $7.45 Chicken Souvlaki - $6.95 Chicken Breast - $6.95 Gyro - $7.45 Chicken Gyro - $6.95 Greek Sausage - $6.95 Grilled Vegetable Kebob - $6.75 Falafel - $6.95 Any Burger In Pita (Veggie, Turkey, Beef)...........$5.75 -Feta, American, or mozzarella cheese...ADD $.75 -Grilled Onion...............................................ADD $.75 -French Fries................................................ADD $2.95 -Onion Rings................................................ADD $3.75

VEGETARiAN SPECiALTiES Grilled Vegetables..................................$13.95 Stuffed Grape Leaves.............................$13.95 Falafel Dinner.........................................$13.95 Spanakopita Dinner.................................$13.95 Stuffed Mushrooms.................................$13.95

GREEK ENTREES MEAT Souvlaki Dinner........................................$14.95 Gyro Dinner..............................................$14.95 Loukaniko Dinner......................................$14.95 Opa Combination Platter............................$18.95 Moussaka.................................................$15.95 Grilled Lamb Chops...................................$24.95 Grilled Pork Chops....................................$15.95 Grilled Roumanian Steak...........................$22.95

CHiCKEN Chicken Souvlaki Dinner........................$14.95 Chicken Gyro Dinner..............................$14.95 Chicken Lemonato.................................$15.95 Chicken Santorini...................................$16.95

PASTA Shrimp Athena.........................................$21.95 Pastitsio...................................................$16.95 Meditteranean Chicken W/ Pasta..............$17.95

SEAFOOD Broiled Tilapia..........................................$16.95 Stuffed w/ spinach and feta.....................$18.95 Whole Broiled Bronzini.............................$19.95 Broiled Filet Of Salmon............................$18.95 Broiled Stuffed Filet Of Flounder..............$21.95 Shrimp Shishkebob O/ Rice Pilaf.............$21.95 *Substitute Rice Pilaf, Potatoes or French Fries with Grilled Vegetable Kebob or Sauteed Spinach for and additional charge of $2.50*

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