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here was a time when handbags, jewelry and shoes were the hottest fashion accessories a woman could own, but times have changed. The rise in fame of heiress, Paris hilton, saw a whole new trend burst onto the scene – the “pocket pooch”. As Paris and her pup graced the pages of the tabloids, women everywhere flocked to the pet store in an effort to imitate the fashion sense of their idol. Before long, no self-respecting young woman would dare to step out without their very own pintsized Fido tucked neatly under their arm. But fashion is forever evolving – one day it’s in and the next day it’s out. While it’s easy to trade in that handbag or pair of boots for a newer model, it’s not so easy to do with a pet. Dogs and cats are living, breathing things that rely on you to take care of them. They’re not something that can be tossed aside when the novelty wears of. So before you add furry friends to your fashion repertoire think carefully and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, because you’re not making a commitment for a season, you’re making a commitment for the lifetime of that animal. And remember – adoption is the best option!

• Jodi Record, Little Animal Shelter, 631-368-8770

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have seen women melt at the sight of a kitten and go head over heels for little puppies, but it isn’t often that such emotions are expressed at the sight of a LIZArD… but the times sure are a’ changing. The latest and greatest exotic pet is the Bearded Dragon! This native of Australia looks a bit intimidating at first, almost like a little dinosaur, but these cold blooded romeos can quickly steal the hearts of their owners. “Beardies” are extremely docile reptiles, full of personality and seem to enjoy their owners company as much as they do theirs. Activities such as watching TV with your “lap lizard” or coaxing your kids to do their homework by letting them hang with their “study buddy” has quickly propelled Bearded Dragons into the main stream pet world and into households across the country. Although taking them for a walk in the park will certainly attract attention, it is strictly optional, and when those cold winter days start howling, you might be glad you opted for a stay indoors pet rather than a cute furry four-legged mammal that demands so much other attention. While Cockapoos may be for individuals who like to step out of the norm from time to time, a Bearded Dragon makes an awesome, original companion. • Jungle Bob, Jungle Bob’s Reptile World, 631-737-6474

L i t t L e S h e Lt e r AnimAL reScue One of Long Island’s oldest no-kill shelters is dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. Through rescue from kill facilities, rehabilitation of sick and un-socialized pets, and a 100% spay/neuter program, Little Shelter hopes to end pet overpopulation and place all dogs and cats in loving homes. Little Shelter is also a part of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. Get help, volunteer or donate: LITTLe SheLTer 33 Warner road, huntington, NY 11743 631-368-8770,

Gem Magazine Long Island November 2011  

Long Island Women's Lifestyle Magazine

Gem Magazine Long Island November 2011  

Long Island Women's Lifestyle Magazine