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move over SPOT! By Jungle Bob

There are many animals that conjure up negative feelings at the mere mention of their name. That famous Jim Stafford’s song which proclaimed, “I don’t like spiders and snakes” was a hit for a reason, but there aren’t many people who really don’t like with frogs. From anyone who sang along with Kermit on the issues of being green to princesses kissing their way into relationships with handsome princes, most frog stories are upbeat and end on a very happy note. In nature, frogs are not so innocent. In fact, they are aggressive predators swallowing prey with a single gulp. Some are even deadly, like the poison dart or arrow frogs of Central and South America. The toxins released by these brightly colored jewels of the rainforest have long been utilized by native people to hunt animals high in the canopy of the rainforest by rubbing it on the tips of their arrows or darts. Research shows that the poisons are

actually manufactured by the frog after a series of food chain events. Ants eat poisonous plants, frog eats ants, and people use toxins, thereby showing an example of nature in harmony. However, in captivity frogs are raised on insects that do not produce deadly results, making them safe, easily handled by people and interesting vivarium subjects. Their dazzling colors quickly win over their owners, making them prized possessions and centerpieces in homes and offices. Maybe frogs can replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend?!

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new season, new kitchen By Robert Schene With a new season ahead of us it is time to think about kitchen renovations. Kitchen cabinets could take up to six weeks to get from the manufacturer and another four to seven weeks to finish the job. How about a new bathroom in your home? The spring is boom time for good contractors and there could be a wait on a custom tub or special order tiles. Most people don’t realize that the return on a new bathroom could be as high as 75%. Not bad when you consider that most bath renovations start around $10,000, depending on personal taste, of course. Besides the bedroom, the bath is the most personal room in the home, so why not put you’re personal touch into it? Whether you’d like a soaker tub or multiple heads in the shower, you can make your bathroom a special room in your home. Remember, we, the contractors, can make your dreams a reality.

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