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Enchantment. . . Issue #1

Photography Magazine


Issue February 2012 By Gemma Earnshaw

The One And Only

Hollywood Issue

“Any Drinks Sir?”

“Only The Best Champagne I Hope”

Breathtakingly Beautiful..

. .Champagne Madame?

That’s what I Call a True Beauty. Your eyes Wispered, “Have We Met?”

Sparkle Sparkle..


The Playful Conversation starts, Counters All Your quick Remarks..

“Meet Me Outside?”

. .W ill She Turn Up?

“Its Nice Of You Too Join me”

Just as i thought i Couldnt find the man of my Dreams.

I See Sparks Fly, Whenever You Smile..

“If I Tell You i Love You, Can I Keep You Forever?”

“Im Sorry, I have To go.. ”

“What? No! Please Dont Go.. ”

There was me Preying that, This was the very First Page Not Where the Story Line Ends..

Dont You Think Im Too Young To be messed with..

The Girl In The Black Dress, Ran The Whole Way Back.

All I Can Say Is..

I Was Enchanted To Meet You..

Come With Me? Spend The rest Of Your Life With me..

“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return”

“How Wonderful Life Is Now Your In The World”

Extended Project  

A photography magazine, HollyWood Glamour

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