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Music video analysis:

Nickelback – I’d come for you

1: Narrative

The establishing shot here helps to start off the narrative. This is the first shot of the video, which may be unexpected for the audience as you might expected to see the artist first. It also shows the audience that there is going to be narrative to the video. I will use an establishing shot at the beginning of my video to connote the beginning of the narrative.

2: Artist performance

This is the first shot, a very long shot, with the artist in it. The spotlights on the band members helps gives a dramatic start to the music video. From the beginning of the video to this shot it beings to become clear to the audience that the video is going to be a mixture of both narrative and artist performance, I will try to copy this style in my video.

3: Artist performance

This medium close up of the main vocalist starts to give the audience an idea of what kind of style the band have. If this video was the first time you had seen the band you may get the impression that, through there black costumes and unusually hair styles, they are not a main stream band. As my artists are an upcoming band I will use this shot type to help connote the bands style.

4: Narrative

In this scene we learn the relationship between the two characters of the story. The father figure, he, mouths ‘who is that’ to the young girl, connoting to the audience that he is worried about where she is going and what she doing. The medium close-up of the shot helps to show the concerned facial expression of the character. I will use medium close-ups and close ups to express the main characters emotions in my video.

5: Artist performance The artist persona (artist personality and how there branded in the public eye)

The low angle pan here helps give a strong emphasis to the change in the songs rhythm, as the drums pace begins to increase. This is because this is the first low angle pan of the video, which begins at the same time of the song pace changes.

6: Narrative

The deep focus shot here brings a new character into the narrative. This gets the audience thinking about who the character is and what role he is going to play in the narrative of the video. I will use deep focus shots in my video to help show the Main characters past and background.

7: Artist performance

Although this shot is nearly half way through the music video, it is the first time the audience establish the location of the band’s performance, through a bird’s eye view shot. This shot adds to the bands representation of being quite different and showing that they are real people. For example, they are performing on a stage, there is no audience and the audience is able to see the lighting equipment above the stage. This gives a representation that the band are just normal everyday people who do not have lots of money to be creating big fancy locations to film in. I will try to use establishing shots in my video to show the style and genre of the band and how they are down to earth.

8: Narrative

The dark lighting and colours, e.g. The dull green colour of the car, connote to the audience that the location is not very nice, which in turn helps connote that something bad is going to happen. Adding to this, the long shot here establishes the location of the characters and shows the audience that the characters are alone in this location. I like the idea of connoting ideas through lighting and will use dark, dull lighting in my video to add to the sad tone of the video.

9: Narrative

I want to use low angle medium close-ups in my video as I think it enables the audience to see the location of the band as well as the band members facial expression.

1: Band performance

The last shot of this video is a long shot of the whole band, I will use a shot like this in my video as I think it leaves the audience thinking about the band, rather than ending the song with a shot of the narrative.

Nickelback - I'd come for you, video analysis  
Nickelback - I'd come for you, video analysis