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PERO’s Bridge, Bristol

Pero’s Bridge, BS1 5D8. A pedestrian bridge in Bristol City Centre which links Queen Square & MIllennium Square.

This short booklet aims to demonstrate how an area of public space is highly affected over the course of a day by time and members of the public. The area of focus for this project is Pero’s Bridge, in Bristol City Centre. This public space is surrounded by some of Bristol’s key sites, such as the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol Aquarium, MIlennium Square and Bristol Planetarium. This editorial shows the changes in Pero’s Bridge over a 12 hour course which spans from 10:30am to 10:30pm. The tally used throughout the pages is representative of the number of people on or crossing the bridge at the corresponding time. We have also made record of observations such as sound, atmosphere and overheard conversation.

One woman crossing the bridge.

A violinist playing gentle music. Four members of the public crossing Pero’s Bridge.

- one pushing a pram - one cycling - one jogging

Busker playing violin quite quietly, sound of traffic from a distance, birds singing. Bins empty.

A new busker settles and plays guitar, singing Buena Vista Social Club Ten members of the public crossing Pero’s Bridge - one on the phone - one cycling - one awknowledges the busker

‘What city was it? Chicago or New York?’

‘New York’

One couple holding hands, Busker is playing a song he has already played.

Everything has quietened down a bit. Busker still singing and playing guitar in Spanish. Playing the same song he has already played, again. Man walking away and shouting very loudly.

‘Thank you, have a good day!’ ‘where are you from?’ ‘Spain!’ Busker stops. Can hear laughter and a baby crying. Busker starts again.

Footsteps over bridge, seagulls, traffic from a distance, conversation. sound of a pram rolling across Pero’s Bridge.

No buskers. Lots of members of public sitting along the harbour in the sun.

The sound of bicycle wheels, conversation, laughter, birds tweeting, seagulls

Low murmur of public leaving restaurants and bars.

Empty bike racks ready for next day.

General rubbish collected from Pero’s Bridge area at the end of the night.

Document written & produced by: Camille Lapham-Flores Gemma Coates

community service  
community service  

we had to produce a publication based on plublic space. This was done in pairs and we decided to forcus on peros bridge in bristol.