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“The best thing about music is that you can be yourself and nobody can judge you�. ~ Levi Symons


Symons I

have interviewed Levi Symons. He has played guitar for 5 years. I’ve asked him a couple of questions like his favourite singers, why he started guitar and more. Read this to find out real facts about an instrumentalist. Firstly I started asking him, how did you decide to start guitar? And he said I got inspired by famous musicians and I have always wanted to start. Then I asked, how long have u played guitar for? He replied saying he started in grade 1 so around 5 years and I became really good. I also asked, if anyone else in his group getting taught? He said yes, Ryo got taught the same things as me and we have done allot of concerts together. He also told me what genre of music he likes and why. Levi likes rock music because it has a great vibe. He al-

so likes rap music. His favourite singers and bands are Wiz Khalifa and the Foo Fighters. Although they are two completely different genres they are both Levi’s favourites. The last question I asked Levi was who or what were you inspired by to start guitar? Levi was inspired by famous musicians like Bob Marley and Chris Brown and people he has seen perform. So now you know a bit about how musicians feel. They all have a different mix of tastes in music but there love of guitar is all the same. Levi Symons has recently stopped having guitar lessons but still practices guitar at home as a hobbies as well as playing soccer for Yarraville Glory and hanging with his friends.


o you ever run out of music to put on your iPod? Read this and your iPod will be full of awesome music and entertainment. If you want my advice here it is. First go onto iTunes and open up the iTunes store. Scroll down and look at all the different music and albums that are the most recent and most popular. Click on the demo songs and see if you like any of the songs. If that’s not the type of music you are looking for then go onto Google and type in your favourite genre top 10. For example write best country top 10 songs and it will come up with the best country music. Also you can ask your friends or family that you know has similar taste in music then you and see their opinion and if they have any good songs for you. If that doesn’t work then try going to a music store like JB-HI-FI and looking at all the different albums.

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’m here to talk about why you should by an iPhone. It has everything you will ever need in a phone. Such as internet connection, heaps of apps, utilities like alarms, notes, settings etc. and more. Plus it is an iPhone and iPod mixed together. I know it costs a lot but trust me it is definitely worth it. A lot of my family and friends have iPhones and they love them. My mum currently has a Samsung Galaxy and she hates it. She had a choice between the iPhone 4 and the Samsung so she took the Samsung. They made out that it looked really good and everything but all it turned out to be was a bad version of the iPhone. Because it is touch screen the letters are way too small and hard to press. Although the iPhone is touch screen too it is much easier to press and more sensitive. My dad has a iPhone and he loves it. His only had two but he says that’s the only phone he needs. It’s good for his work, exercising, listening to music and playing games. I would much rather one little thing with all that inside instead of buying a cheap phone for work, an iPod for exercising, buying albums all the time just for music and going on the computer to play games. I know quite a lot of people have cracked the screen but they learnt from their mistakes and made the screen much tougher since the first iPhone. The iPhone has heaps of games. Pretty much every game you could think of. You can also get different backgrounds and covers. The iPhone is great and I can guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

R.I.P Michael Jackson Age when he died: 50 Michael Jackson died on June the 25th 2009 from a drug overdose. There was a big discussion over this some people thought his doctor did it, some people think he killed himself and there is heaps of rumours.

Amy Winehouse Age when she died: 27 Amy Winehouse died from a drug overdose like Michael Jackson. She used ecstasy and cocaine. Apparently she was about to adopt a 10 year old girl before she died.

Kurt Cobain Age when he died: 27 Kurt the lead singer of the ban Nirvana was found dead in his apartment in Seattle on April the 8th 1994. He was found on his bed with a shotgun on his chest.

Bob Marley

Age when he died: 36 Bob Marley died from cancer on May the 11th 1981 from a soccer injury and it caused him to die. It was a bit of a shock for everyone . His whole family shared the same love of music and they were all very simila so you Could only imagine how his family felt.

EXTRAS! FUN FACTS! Top 10 Songs! 1. Someone Like YouADELE

2. Pumped Up KicksFoster the People 3. Yoü and ILay GaGa 4. Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording from "The Voice" Performance) [feat. Christina Aguilera] Maroon 5 5. Love On TopBeyonc é

6. You Make Me Feel...(feat. Sabi)Cobra Starship 7. Cheers (Drink to That) Rihanna 8. Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) Gym Class Heroes 9. Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock) LMFAO 10. Rolling in the

Chris Brown is 22 years old and he was born on May the 5th 1989

e is m a ll n dez u f rs nan r Ma e o n eH n Br u e er G t e P

Lupe Fiasco is African nty e F e is m a st n a l a’s n n a Rih

Nic ki M ina j fi r st son gw as




is o ver

The LMFAO band members are Stefan Kendal Gordy and Skyler Huston Gordy. They are brothers.


This graph shows the results from 6B and who there favourite bands or singers are. People liked other artists the most and LMFAO the least.

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