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Loon Lake Interview with Simon Nolan What type of music do you like? I like a wide variety of music from garage type music the stroke thrsugl to mega pop music like Beyoncé. At the moment I have been listening to a lot of hip hop music like Dr Dre, the weekend and Kanya

Do you like your brothers in the group? Of course I like them, just like you like Salvatore. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves though.

What type of music genre of do you like? As said above, probably my favourite genres would be indi, garage and soul.

What is your favourite song on the radio? My favourite song on the radio right now is by unknown Mortal Orchestra and it is called funny friends.

What type of music artist do you like? I love The Stokes a lot. I love arctic monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Dirty Projectors and Feist a lot also.

How old were you when you started singing? I guess I started singing when I was a little kid, maybe as soon as I could talk.

Do you like playing instruments? Yes I do. If I couldn’t play the guitar I would have a lot of spare time on my hands.

Who inspired you to sing and play instruments?I instruments? think John Frusciante from the red hot chilli

Do your brothers like singing? I think he enjoys singing now but I think when we first started he was a little hesitant to sing in front of others.

All About Loon Lake Loon Lake is a band. The people in the band are Sam, Dan, Simon Tim and Nick. In the band 3 of them are brothers and 2 of them are friends. Loon Lake likes to play music for fun they love music and they are very talented people. They all love their music and they never want to stop singing they love music and singing a lot. All of the people in Loon Lake like a lot of similar things. Loon Lake sometimes comes together and they think of ten songs for their album and they don’t care how long it takes them. Simon is a teacher at Wembley primary school and his brothers teach guitar at the same school as Simon. All of them don’t care if some of their songs are not good they just make it better and they stick with it. Loon Lake doesn’t want to be

like other bands they want to make there band the best and not to make there band sound like bands they know. In terms of gear they like more vintage sounding amps and pedals with a bit of quirkiness about them and beats have to make you want to move, even if it’s just a little bit. They like performing on stage and they like live shows. Loon Lake don’t like getting tied they like to be energetic and make the audience happy and interested to what they do. Loon Lake also sometimes likes throwing money to the audience so the audience loves them. Loon Lake says that there is no leader they all are leaders.

Superstar Singing Kids

‘The The best singing school in the world…’

TOP8 best albums Katy Perry: Katy Perry is a young talented girl she is good at singing and I think a lot of people like her songs and I think she is getting more popular every time. She was born October 25 1984 she was born in Santa Barbara California. She started singing when she was in prep and realised her first album in 2001.

Jason Derulo: Jason derulo has good songs and he a good singer and I think a lot of people like him he is young as well and his song sound good. Jason derulo was born September 21, 1989. He started singing when he was 16 and his first album came out in 2009.jason derulo’s new album will be realised in September 27 2011.

Lady Gaga: Lady gaga was born march 18, 1986 she performed her first album fame in 2008.3 of her popular album born this way, Judas and the edge of glory those three albums were selling everywhere. Some people that inspired her were Michael Jackson, Madonna, glam rock, Freddie mercury and David Bowie. People like her and some people think she is a freak.

Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez was born July 24 1969 people called her j lo as her nickname. She is an America actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer and television producer. She has awesome songs one of her cool song is hit on the floor her first movie come out in 1997 it was called selena. Her latest album is hit on the floor and it was realised April 19 2011

Jessica mauboy Jessica mauboy was born 4 August 1989. She is a song writer, singer and actress. In 2006 Jessica mauboy was the runner up on fourth season. Some of her songs are great and I think she has a lot of fans. Jessica mauboy is only 22 and she is still young and I think she will be a singer for a long time.

Jessie j Jessie j was born on 27 of March 1988. She is an English R&B artist. And she is a soul recorder artist. She won a British award in 2011. Jessie j studding the brit schools for a lot of years. She is only 23 years old she is still young and she has a long time to sing still. Her new album is called [nobody perfect]. She joined a girl group at the age of 17. She is cool and she is a good singer.

Jay Sean Jay Sean was born 26 of March 1981. He is a rapper and a beat boxer he is a cool singer and he has cool songs. He was born in London. When his album called dance with me came out he was 12 on the UK singing chart in 2003. He was sighed on the virgin records having 12 UK top ten hits a solo artist singer in 2004. He liked listening to R&B and electro pop. He is cool and awesome.

Guy Sebastian Guy Sebastian an Australian and song writer. first winner of platinum and singles

was born on the 26 of October 1981. He is pop singer, R&B singer and a soul singer He won Australian idol in 2003. He was the Australian idol in 2003.he realised six top 10 multi-platinum albums. He also realised 10

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The coolest J lo cd ever

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