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The makeup: For the makeup it needs to be brilliant, magnifico! So it cant be messy. To do this your will need: Lipstick Eyeliner Mascara Blush and Eye shadow See #2 so you don’t

The hair: For the hair you will need to pull it back into a bun so to do this you will need the following hair products and accessories: Hair brush Hair spray Styling moose Hair elastics Bun nets and Bobbie pins See #1 on how to make it perfect!!!

See #2 so you don’t screw it up!!!

The tights: The tights will need to be white or tan and they need to be a perfect fit.

The shoes: You can buy good quality shoes from all good dance wear stores.

The outfit: If you need a flowing dress you can purchase one from most good dance gear stores. If you require a tutu hopefully this will be supplied by your dance school, if not you can buy one at the same place as the flowing dress. A skirt and a leotard, well you can pretty much find that anywhere.


Ballet Look


#1 The Hair #2 The Makeup Step 1-

Lay all the make up out on a clean working space Step 1First make sure that your hair is out and well brushed with no product whatsoever (yet).

Step 3Then twist your hair round and round with the help of the styling moose to keep it in place

Step 2Now clean your face and dry it well, make sure there is no dirt on your face before you start applying anything.

Step 3Start by putting on some blush (not to much, only a thin layer)

Step 4Step 4Step 2Now tie your hair back into a pony tail using one of the hair elastics.

Continue to twist your hair until it forms a knot at the back of your head. Then use one of the bun nets to secure the bun in place.

Now gently apply the mascara and the eyeliner

Step 5Now carefully do the lipstick and eye shadow, now you’re done!!!

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We created a survey on what your favourite styles of dance are. We asked 14 year 6 students at Wembley primary school and the results of this test are shown above. 50%of the student voted for Hip Hop, clearly a popular style among that age group. Contempary being the second most popular, then ballet and tying in at last place is jazz and others.


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