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The Tiernan interview intricacy


f you have met Tiernan Maclaren, you would know that he is very interested in science (and that he knows a lot about it!). And now I will tell you about some of the things he does! This article will give you

underwater but is hard to light. Have you attempted any experiments lately, did it work and what did you do??? Yes, then no. I tried lighting magnesium powder. It made the room smell bad. But it is the precise experiment that told me that magnesium was unable to be lit. Have you tried any other experiments lately? What happened with them? What did you do?

information about Tiernan’s favourite type of chemistry, two of his most recent experiments and what I mixed vinegar with he likes about bi-carbonate soda and chemistry!!! lemon juice and measured the force. What is your favourite part of chemistry and why? Zymurgy is my favourite type because it gives me a chance to do menial tasks that other people might find boring or repetitive. What sort of things do you know about chemistry? I know a lot, but if I were to share one of the things that I

Tiernan Maclaren


The chemical compound contemplation

ave you ever wondered what a chemical compound is? Have you ever wondered what they are? Have you ever wondered when will I stop asking questions and give you my solution? Well here is A chemical compound is a my answer!!! mixture of atom sized chemicals, an example of a chemical compound would be a very well-known one called h2o(Water) with the h meaning: hydrogen, the 2 meaning that there are two of them and the o meaning: oxygen.

More chemical compounds would be: CH4= Methane (One carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms). CO2= Carbon dioxide (One carbon atom and two oxygen atoms). H2O= Water (Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). Page 5

O c f P

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Oh and... You can’t ever forget the Planetarium...

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The auto inflation conundrum


lowing into a balloon for an inflated one can be really hard sometimes, even if it is just one of them! Now I will try to teach you how to make a balloon inflate without utilising your lungs. This is the



A balloon (Obviously)

balloon inflation experiment.

A plastic bottle (For storing most segments) Bi-carbonate soda Instructions: (Not the type of so- Step one: Put two da you would tablespoons of white drink) vinegar in the bottle. White vinegar Step two: Pour the (What the?!?). contents of bicarbonate soda into the Balloon Step three: Wrap the bottom of the balloon around the top of the bottle. Step four: Lift the balloon upwards so that the

Now appraise (watch) the auto-inflation and pretend that you have just discovered the cure for cancer!

contents release into the vinegar.

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The Scientific Favouritism Endeavour Favourite types of science

Physics Chemistry Biology Others

Hey guys!!! It’s Samuel here and I hope you like the graph that I created. To do it I just did a bit of a survey on most of my class and asked them “Out of these options what is your favourite type of science?” Here are the percentages: •

Physics: 33% of all votes.

Chemistry: 28% of all votes.

Biology: 22% of all votes.

Others: 17% of all votes.

But anyway… What is your favourite subject in science? When you’re ready to tell me post a comment on my website at:

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