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Football has some of the best athletes in the world. They’re fast, smart and skilled. The players have evolved dramatically from smash em up to highly skilled, like Chris Judd. He picks the ball up and it looks like the players aren’t trying to tackle him the way he evades them. Another is Travis Cloke he just crashes through packs and the ball lands straight in his hands; he turns around and slots it straight through. So here’s who I think is the top three from each club.

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Collingwood 1 Dale Thomas 2 Travis Cloke

North Melbourne 1 Brent Harvey 2 Drew Petrie

Geelong 1 Jimmy Bartel 2 Matthew Scarlett

Western Bulldogs 1 Matthew Boyd 2 Callan Ward

West Coast 1 Mark Lecras 2 Nic Natnui

Carlton 1 Chris Judd 2 Mark Murphy

Fremantle 1 Aaron Sandilands 2 Matthew Pavlich

Hawthorn 1 Buddy Franklin 2 Luke Hodge

Richmond 1 Jack Riewoldt 2 Robin Nahas

Gold Coast 1 Gary Ablett 2 Josh Fraser

Essendon 1 Dyson Heppell 2 Michael Hurley

Brisbane Lions 1 Jonathan Brown 2 Simon Black

Adelaide 1 Nathan Van Berlo 2 Patrick Dangerfield

Sydney 1 Adam Goodes 2 Shane Mumford

Port Adelaide 1 Kane Cornes 2 Daniel Motlop

St Kilda 1 Nick Dal Santo 2 Nick Riewoldt


Faking in Football

Should this be called a free Kick?


We don’t want football turning into soccer, people diving in every direction every time a foot comes near them, it’s wrong. Faking is cheating. That’s what Mick Malthouse said and I agree. Angus Monfries has come out and confessed he was faking

Faking has become more evident in football with lots of people ducking to get free kicks. It’s wrong free kicks are meant to protect players but now players are putting themselves in dangerous positions to get free kicks. Then when the players who’s got his head down gets tackled the player who tackles him might get fined. But it’s a double edged sword the player who has his head down can get seriously injured if he’s hit head on.

Another type of faking is when a player is getting tackled and he takes a dive. It’s not just the players that should pick up their game but the umpires to. They shouldn’t pay a free kick when it’s faking. Sometimes when I’m in the stands even I know it’s faking. Even in the extreme case they should maybe get reported after a series of fakings.

Faking in football is growing more evident. Keep the game as it is and don’t let the game turn into soccer. Faking shouldn’t come into AFL.


He takes Swisse

He doesn’t take Swisse Which

one would you want to be?


Number: 1 Games in career: 221 Goals in career: 269 Height: 177cm

Leon Davis has gone from an ok player to one of the best players at Collingwood. His setting up down the field is amazing and he can also kick a goal. In my opinion I think he’s definitely in the top 5 of Collingwood's best players. He unfortunately missed last years Granny because of bad form, but he’s bounced back. So here’s my exclusive interview with him.


What do you think about missing last years second granny? “ I wasn’t real happy, but I knew I was out of form and I had few side issues and wasn’t really enjoying footy.’’

What were the side issues? “Just family issues” Do you like your new role as a backman? “Yeah I do like playing with the boys down back I think it’s a good role for me I like Running and setting up. But I also like kicking a goal”

Have you heard anything about Mick Malthouse (the Collingwood coach) leaving ? No I’m pretty sure he’s staying at Collingwood. I really hope he does, he’s a great guy.

Do you think Collingwood will make the granny this year? I hope so but there are some tough competition like Geelong And other clubs are rising.

What do you think about the sub rule? I personally think it’s a bad thing there are more injuries happening and clubs are stills getting smashed.


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